Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Saat horni

perceive the stomach washboard kind because otot-otot bergumpalan my hand begins merambahi hip and go down to aim to the buttocks. then moment my kiss sinks up at the groin tangan-tangan release the radius to merabai the buttocks hill gap. this is new sensation again for kang saridjo. my radius softly merabai exile tai. kurasa dense plume covers the anus lip. moment my radius begins to push that anus lip, little scream kang saridjo heard, " ad. . dden. . ! ! acchh. . . " that is new comfort sign lunges him. kang saridjo sure doesn't avoid. even he lifts a little buttocks and the thigh to give barer road for jari-jarrata fulfill me to play in hole tai that. for me also really burn desire. moment radius tries to lance the anus hole asa narrow, kukulum formerly my radius to get wet my saliva. cusorily anus aroma kang saridjo rush my nose. final kang saridjo genuinely fold the foot up to the thigh nempel to the breast. i am from direction under merangkaki and overbear nyungsep at the groin. i am more menggila menjilati penis kang saridjo. stick and the head then get lumatan from tongue and my lip then channel quick precum- salt my tongue. when do i begin mengulum the penis wedge, my hand finger has begun menembusi the anus. " acchh. . achh. . . deenn. . acch. . . " that voice is really more stimulate my sexual desire. every asa rather sesek my finger kukulum to saturate to wear my saliva. each time anus cement kang saridjo brought my radius kujilat and kurasa the bitter. when does my radius begin out enter that hole kang saridjo then groan comfort. " deenn. . . adenn. . forgiveness denn. . delicious den. . uzz ddeenn. . " next kudorong sloping the foot fold up to fall down to bed. then kudorong again up to kang saridjo know that i want him nungging. he knows to want me. he tries to open wideer the buttocks split by put the head to bed so that the buttocks nungging tall. and kusaksi how does the buttocks full black brown dense scar closed over the body plume. correct in that feather visible the anus hole is dark melebat. duuhh. . really bewitch my libido. i am not can to hold back self. by merangkaki from the hind, kubenamkam my face to that the buttocks split. kuendus special aroma from that place. my nose membenam and my tongue looks. while menjilati the anus hole, my hand reachess the penis stick ngaceng menggelantung. kuelusi with once in a while mengocok-ocok. in tengkurep nungging kang saridjo then menerus merinti and wheeze to like piquancy person. menjilati hole tai kang saridjo really give sensational satisfaction for me. my tongue menusuku-nusuk nudge soft slippery gap in the middle of rimbunan the anus feather. sometimes i am menyedoti. my saliva that slurr with that dense plume dissolves everything remained to kusedoti. when does my passion not again bated i get up. penis that such tense likely enough hard to menembusi buttocks kang saridjo. " kang. . . i am pengin ngentot your buttocks. bolehh. . ? ? " " i am never. but up to. . adeenn. . sajaa. . " laik dog kind has married me visit kang sardi that nungging such perfect from hind direction. kucocok-cocok- end penis to the buttocks and kudesak. " dduhh. . zzaakitt. . dduhh. . deenn. . not ppaa-pa khan. . den? " i am unnecessary answer it. kuludahi my penis head as lumasan sdan kusodok return. little by little final. . blezz. . " adduuhh. . duhh. . ampunn. . ddenn. . . " voice kang saridjo while contort. only around 10 second next the voice difference, " uzz ddenn. . enhakk bangett. . " while then i am menggenjot-genjot, i am peluki the body from hind direction up to my sperm spurts in the anus hole. i am direct returns to fall choked droop at bed. kang saridjo that know me spray my sperm water at the anus hole has comed to fall down at side me, " delicious den. . ? " while merabai my stomach, then groin and my penis. i only menganguk bod. i need to breathe a moment before memuasi kang saridjo. may be by mengisepi the penis up to the sperm water returns spilled to my mouth. kuminta kang saridjo get up to squat to like to want to occupy my face. with return nungging he instructs kontopl to 'menembaki my mouth. i ready for mengulum. kumulai return with menjilati and menggigit-gigit little that tough the stick. the head kusapu with my tongue. the steel hat edge very sensitive moment my tongue nudge it, " duuhh. . duh. . dduuhh. . . " kang saridjo then meracau while pump the penis to my mouth. to give stimulus and taste taste higher several times tangan-tangan also return mengelusi the buttocks holes. in less than 2 minutes then. . " ddeenn. . i want kk. . keluarr. . ddenn. . enhaakk bangett. . swallow pejuh i am 6ya ddenn. . aden want to swallow khan. . den want to swallow pejuh khann. . ? ? ! ! " apparently that is manner kang saridjo increase the passion moment the sperm asa want to spurt menumpakhi my mouth hole. . sodokkan faster. that long big penis is such strong menusuki my mouth up to often nudges my throat. several times i am maked it to choke. i am forced use my hand elbow so that jab that not too in menembusi my mouth. kurasa then hot syringe likely not habis-habis. berliter-litetr sperm kang saridjo spilled spurt in my mouth hole. this is there's nothing spilled out. kurasa that liquid is such thick kind dawet warm at my mouth. i try to enjoy it in kunyahan-kunyahan. kang saridjo return to fall down to side me. " thank denn. . aden want to serve me up to i feel satisfaction not ever kudapat from my wife. . . " while hug then a little overbear to meet my lip in lumatan. long we are mutual pulverize to swop saliva. we are mutual embrace body fully passion. i also mengelusi the hair laik mengelusi my darling hair. i feel how taste compassionate kind person kang saridjo. evening that is us then berasyik passion up to approach morning. i don't know how many times i eat to drink the sperm. in the middle of evening we felt very hungry. we eat instant noodle available at kitchen cupboard. kang saridjo more relax to face me. we are mutual know opponent favorite play it. he is most like moment i am menjilati the buttocks. and he knows me most like menelani the sperm. approach morning he asks me nunging. kang saridjo want ngentot i am from my hind direction. i feel moment magnitude tough stick begin menembusi anal. uuchh. . likely is like pump child is filling hole anal. i try a little shake so that can gulp it deeper and. . blezz. . penis as big as horns banana kang saridjo that sink and slow begin to pump. ducchh. . kang saridjo shrewd as sex player of a kind. he is fully the desire pumps my buttocks while once in a while menariki my hair likes jockey in the horse. that treatment is very stimulates my libido. i enjoy the coarseness. when moment the top begin to approach, kang saridjo memeluki my body from hind while speed up rapid pompaan. jleb, jleb, jleb, jleb. . and i am angguk-angguk by the poke. up to suddenly he is fast pulls the penis from hole anal. . swiftly he is my head achieve and menariknya i look out on to the penis ready spray pejuh. he is penis poke ngaceng berkilatan that is direct to my mouth. he is my force gulps bew the penis out from hole anal. " come on den. . swallow pejuh. . ayoo ddenn. . " and spurt the sperm to my face and a large part to my mouth. i feel to return pejuh thick basin dawet from penis kang saridjo. i am menelani fully my greed. likely very enjoy and not puas-puas kang saridjo cram the penis to my mouth, " ayyoo denn. . drink pejuh. . swallow denn. . eat tuuhh. . delicious kan pejuh. . ? ? "

while lip melumati the breast, tangan-tangan slow decrease that trousers to floor. i leer from lumatan at the breast. live only gunduk big wrapped up brown cotton underwear. may be filthy. but my hand bonchalant mengelus, mencemol and meremas-remas gunduk big that. i agape in warm and the tough that muscle lump. penis kang saridjo really incredible big. i snappish to as soon as possible menjamahi. but kang saridjo exactly reaches my face, watch closely. from thick the lip with the moustache circle that knocks him berucap, " achh. . . aden sharp-looking so. . . " and that thick lip is direct memagut my lip. i greet it vehemently. i feel hair thorns at chin and the cheek menusukki my cheek, my lip. i also angsang banget with the sweat smell merebak from the body. i am pepet stickier my body to the body. i am benamkam my face to the face, the neck. i try menghirupi that body smell. all that like passion symphony. lust comfort bumps into from gap tangan-tangan then knead and membetoti the penis, from my face that sink to the neck while lip memagut, from sweat sticky my body with the body. ahh. . kang saridjo. . why does taste banget siihh. . i moo temporary kudengar kang saridjo and so do. now we same immerse in lust have 'loved sejenis'untuk freeer i have driven to shift to aim bed. correct menepiannya kudorong the body up to sit and kudorong again for sprawling secondly the foot that still menjuntai to floor. i overbear that solid body and direct my mouth meets the mouth whom he greets also fully the desire. he is memeluki my body while menggeram-geram low release the passion push. tangan-tangan not want to live. then meraba-rabai the body part and grope the penis at the opposite of depth trousers. my grip asa very steady. property big stick kang saridjo asa berkedut-kedut and warm in my hand. i am meremas-remas my feeling full slow. final kang saridjo self that remove depth trousers. meagrely lift buttocks then fold his the thigh pulls free that filthy underwear. i am then memagut the chin, the neck, the breast and then go down up to to the stomach muscles. plume melebat outspre the body frontage proselytizer makes me very crazy about. straw and kiss bertubi unbroken kulepas in sweat full body and that man smell. kang saridjo visible not can to hold back comfort whom he gets. he is mengaduh-aduh pelahan afraid heard the friend, while his arms begin to push my head so that then slide down downwards. i feel and know, he is pengin feel how my mouth menciumi and mengulum the penis. acchh. . kangg. . don't worry. . i am ready meet your hot stick. . " ayoo. . dd. . denn. . . i am udah not hold back nihh. . ! , " he hisses. his arms gain strength to push my head. " ayyoo. . den. . i want keluarr. . ! " whew, dangerous. apparently lust push kang saridjo such menggebu. first event for him certain is great sensation. i am fast meet it. before mengulum i am ciumi beforehand jembut then stick and ore peler. smell kelelakian genuinely menengelam i am in my lust self. moment that is kulihat in hole urinate it visible membasah clear. precum kang saridjo wait my tongue lick. and without again orderred my tongue menjulur has met that salty clear liquid. my tongue plays to drill hole urinates kang saridjo. finally. . ? ? he hisses hard hold back taste while his arms piquantly knead my head. kang saridjo not can to hold back remarkable comfort moment my tongue licks. forthwith from the penis gushes hot sperm. that sperm is very thick and elastic. serasa i can bite it. keep nodding around 6 times more the penis ejaculates the sperm to my face. " addeenn. . deenn. . denn. . maapin i am dd. . eenn. . maapin i am yaa ddeenn. . . " likely person has repentanted kang saridjo take outside sperm while desahan moved operative kind so in me. i know. this event is very makes it to 'felt wrong in self. he has thought operative 'less polite in me. but exactly that the voice also that make me more crazy about. kujemput the penis enters in kuluman. kumain jilatan-jilatan in the neck, hole urinate it, the stick. kusedoti the sperm spilled out at jembut. also from cheek and my chin. kuma all sperms kang saridjo that spurt that. " jj. . jaangann. . dee. . nn. kotorr. . . " but who can hold back my desire seething at the (time) of like this. also melatai the groin then the thigh. my penis asa want to spray also its contents. i shall not wait what be done kang saridjo. with menciumi genitals, jembut, groin and my passion the thigh culminates and explode. my sperm spurts spilled at body kang saridjo and my bed. i bawl hysterical bated dog basin that stretch the soul to then fall choked to bed beside naked body kang saridjo. for a few moment we are mutual hush. afternoon approach go home kutahan kang saridjo so that accompany me at home alone. the friends not there suspicious. at first kang saridjo show the hesitation. " i am not yet take leave house person, den, " he said. " n'tar i am bilangin your wife, djo, " sergah the friend makes kang saridjo forced follow my willing. a sure actually he also wants. may be to show to the friends that not there anything at the opposite of that my request. so the friends leaves house yard soon kututup yard door and all at once kugerendel. i hug kang saridjo aim room sleep me to return. i want puas-puas my lust with artisan ac solid and sturdy this. kenikmatan we awali since day a while ago obvious burn our lust desire bed to flare up. so enter our room is direct rolls and mutual memagut. kang saridjo not felt clumsy again. even he is that begin ngomong, " isepan aden last noon bener great, den. i am never feel that kind of comfort. likely pengin again, here" " don't kewatir kang, i also never ne pejuh kentel your kind has. likely kind dawet, can at seruput and at bites. pejuh piquant so kang. may affection again, " " the main, den, what aden may want me may affection to aden" " bener, here. . . " terus bright really i am more 'meet ball from in kang saridjo. he ngikut what kumau. we are direct undresses self each. kang saridjo fall down sprawling at my bed. not ever kubayang previous that is mendepanku now there coolie body kecoklat hitaman sturdy, binoculars, full feather ready i enjoy it. kami still mutual pulverize. my hand sometimes passionate meremasi back meats part or arm or thigh or the calf. really display kang saridjo genuinely burn my libido desire. likely i want to gulp entire the bodies. if membanding the body size, i am 168 cm, 62 kg membanding with kang sarijo may be 170 cm with wt almost 80 kg. really i am dealing with hairy giant. kucemoli the thigh. kang saridjo grimace while melumat-lumat my lip. duh. . . . this lip the smarting. . tiba-tiba he stops. the eye closes. he takes to whisper husky hold back seething. . . " up to aden, dah. . i am ngikut. . . " nampak he wanted to repeating comfort whom he can day a while ago. i am very desire. kuamati a moment that giant body is before kuangkat second the arm to on the head. now kusaksi hairy dense the armpit sturdy valley. i begin slithered, menciumi from the rib bone rises to aim to the armpit. i do with all my desire passion. fully feel mili by mili slithered my tongue. bau that hairy body escorts and push infinite my libido stimulus. my tongue then lick to sweep salty taste from every the body pore. kang saridjo uninterruptedly moo, groan sometimes like to rave because underwrite taste lick and my bite. sampai in puting-puting my tooth menggigit-gigit little that evoke itchy passion in breast kang saridjo. my hand then hold back so that armpit kang saridjo opened wait jamahan tongue and my lip. very mengairah when it is the time for nose in that armpit edge. the aroma that overpower to make my blood flows fast. snappish likely tongue and my lip melumati that section armpit. kang saridjo new feel this kind sexual connection.

second my old person there affair same kakek-nenek at unlucky. they go to 3 days. by accident there repair ac at sittingroom and my room. several busy artisan persons does repair. i am tempted to pay attention one of them. the name saridjo. may be around 40 annual. visible coarse the muscle and sturdy, moustache full the face and beard cukur at cheek and the neck. a agape. this artisan is very section at my eye. really, kang saridjo, such i am memangil, very winsome my lust. on first they begin my work sempat 2 masturbation times. fancying. . acchh. . how does taste if i menjilati that brawny sturdy body. siang that is while 'surfing to site gay at my my room supervises them work. " permission den, i want ukur hole at wall to pair cable, " kang saridjo while menggotong extension ladder steps into my room. " please, kang" i see opportunity to chat same saridjo. direct sweat full body odour nettles at my room. " where want pair it, kang" " there den, above window" duh here person, the sweat ngocor from the body breast bareness. visible the body lumps more realer with that sweat existence. visible the valve sebedar hard black corn seed in the middle of black circle also. i am slobber. my tongue wets lip. want likely menjilati salty the sweat while menggigiti that valve. " necessary helped? " my question while memegangi the ladder. " thank. . " kini confused my face watchings dark brown the calf shines by basang correct the sweat in front of my face. i am really not can to hold back myself. tendon full tough calf and that plume is very stimulates my lust. kang saridjo only wear trousers undershorts likes football player. visible the calf underpins solid the thigh and tough sturdy also. few minutes while try to catch the body smells, i am sempat menggosok-gosok penis at groin. i am ngaceng heavy. penis jut mendesaki my trousers. uch. . gatel. . " hot yes? drink not yet, kang? if not yet may i ambilin, yes. . ? " i am direct moves to take drink without menungu the answer. kudengar at my hind he answers, " not take care, den" but i pretend not hear. i must active assault. es tracle with tumbler kusodor to him. he accepts and direct at tenggak up to ludas. visible the adam's apple fluctuates moment the drink flows to the throat. solid visible the head upturned the neck. ah, how can i menggigiti tuh otot-otot. saat he returns in me my the empty glass says, " sit here formerly, bang. take time out. not take care to hustle. if not finished today yes, tommorow not anything. it to be there nemenin i am at home this" kang saridjo visible stare my face. he knows me so skipper during ortu- bothing;there is no at home. i sit at my bed and kang saridjo at my computer chair. ah. . . i forget pornographic pictures at my monitor sail masing bright pampang. visible naked girl menjilati muscle full black man stomach. sesaat want to chat telpon at kin space heard ring, i move out to lift it. there are some my minute is bertelpon with campus friend. moment i am returning to room kulihat kang sardi melototi my pornographic monitor. apparently he is lechery. i pretend offish so that he not jengak and shy. " violent also here picture, den? " interrupt it. " want? pengin? " ask me while smile nyengir. " yes if pretty kind gini all mans certain pengin, " shout it. kulihat the groin piles up from the undershorts trousers. apparently he is rather pussyfoot. certain ngaceng he. i interesting chair other to sit at side it. kuraih mouse logitech- and kudapat by tens file jpeg ku-kolek from bebagai pornographic site in pampangan acdsee. kang saridjo kaget-kaget watching hot scenes from acdsee this. bothing;there is no gossip. eye kang sardi bulge out, busy my hand memindah-mindah picture. saat there 'shemale brazil pretty nge-'blowjiob feather full black man expressly i am stopping longer. visible how does mouth 'shemale that full by black genitals head coarse muscles circle full the stick. " edaann. . . delicious banget likely time? " " lhoo. . koq here has penis. . ? effeminate, niihh. . " a time bodo with the gossip because i am more interested in the groin gundukkan more swell. i am absolutely not konsen again. but as usual i am not has courage to begin. kulaku only mengutik-utik mouse- while my eye bulges out up at gunduk the undershorts trousers. my heart rumbles and my heart berdegup-degup tight. i am bumped into my passion desire lust hurricane. asa my blood climbs my face and asa bengap. " kk. . kang. . . " low my voice bated. kang saridjo not hear it. " heh. . heh. . . " while the eye not release from my monitor. i more not can calm again. " pengin. . kaanngg? ? " low my voice. dia not hear also, but. . " ah, udah ach, den. i so not hold back. . " he is melengos to my direction and likely without expressly stare my eye. " pengin kang. . ? " in the eye gaze subconsciously i am megulang my question. tatapan eye kang saridjo visible hold back the desire. obvious the face and my face such close to one another up to kudengar fast the breath and gasp and pant. i gaze at it in full hope. my eye asa full of tears. kang saridjo clumsy visible and hesitant. he also leers a moment up at my groin also pile up. mungkin he is not ever know 'sex of a kind'. my nose that rushed the body smell pushes my face more approach to the face. apparently he wants to move to go. but he not will dare to get up because visible the penis ngaceng. i think here's moment it so that he doesn't pussyfoot. while throw smile from my face sembab my hand reachess gunduk that and mengelusi. " aachh. . aden. . shy khan 'ntar melihatin my friends" badan bongkok to menghidari my touch. but my hand then mengelusi and then meremas-remas hot stick and hard at the opposite of the trousers. uuhh. . the big penis kang saridjo this. . my heart then face, my face more hot redden because obtruds my libido. " don't den. . i am not ever beginii. . " he is hesitant, but i am not listen it. remasan then kulaku fully variation up to. " aacchh. . deenn. . . " he begins to moo. and apparently capitulate. " aacchh. . . " the penis asa on-hand more swell hard. " enakk, kang. . ? " whisper me. dia only gaze at my face while contort in taste. . i am more bouncyer. felt to like predator that can big prey. more kuamati coarse solid body kang sardi more i am on fire my desire. i am udah reckless. keringat kang saridjo visible flow at breast legam full feather very stimulate my passion seething. without kusuruh again my left hand speaks to in soft wiper merabai wet in breast and that the plume. my adam's apple fluctuates, my tongue menjilat-jilat sweat so much and that plume. kang saridjo visible submit. apparently he is amazed my manner. but he enjoy it. " aden like man? " i am unnecessary answers. kami return mutual stare temporary long tangan-tangan then menggerilya. kang saridjo watch closely my face. i am his taste will begin lechery white clean my face and handsome. suddenly the right hand steady has reachesed my head and interesting it up to my face nempel to that wet breast. " denn. . i so also desire. finished cutting aden sharp-looking woman kind, " talk it. begitu my face nempel to the breast automatically my lip kisses and suck it. salty true the sweat. lip and my tongue mengecapi. " duh. . . . den. . delicious. . bb. . bangeett. . " sambil his arms hit desire storm kneads my hair and push to shift to other breast part. and i likely sihir make surprise. i follow. even kidly. i am menciumi and menjilati breast kang sardi. i bite little and. . " yaacchh. . . tt. . tee. . erus dee. . nn, delicious bangett. . " voice kang saridjo upturned, wheeze and moo. tangan my left bergelayut in my right hand temporary sturdy the shoulder then moves meliar. merambati go down to stomach, massage and mencemoli stomach muscle and the plume more go down more melebat. kang sardi know what kudamba. he is genuinely submit.

the finger end asa try to open hole anal. oscillate to make circle direction and tickle wall collon. i am melemas rectum and collon so that free favour finger explores hollow in it. then kurasa second favour finger has begun can trace my comfort hole. i wheeze and moo to feel comfort very. i try merileks body and aim direction my anus hole penis favour. slow but certain, i begin to move downwards reached for glans penis that with try the drown into passion passion comfort hole. kurasa kenyerian very. my stomach asa coil around because get favour genitals stick pressure. rectum asa smarting, hot and perih. although i have tried to posed serileks may be, but collon still difficulty pulverizes entire penis favour. my body sweat begins menitik. i gather saliva and meludahkan to my hand palm. kutambah saliva to stick penis favour and surface rectum. then hotly struggle, on the spur of the moment i jerk all out, so that overall favour genitals stick final melesak come into my comfort hole grip. keringat flood my body holds back kenyerian, because penis favour too big mengameternya. furthermore meagrely mencondong body forwards convergently in second slit my foot lipat, i move memajumundur my body above favour groin. rectum kudenyut-denyut so that can give effect crumple up and massage in the style of mother erot, or a kind of empot-empotan in favour genitals stick. gera and frictions whom we do to give sensational effect. mooing and desahan taste full voice escorts trip oars passion delivers us aim stopping place points. " ooohh. . aah. . sshzz. . ngh. . fhs. . aach. . ennghss. . " . kata-kata not have a meaning but stirring heart whoever that the listener decorates every movement and coition swinging whom we do. favour finger mengelus-elus wet my back by sweat. once in a while the finger is handed kemulut and soon kuhisap-hisap and kugelitik the finger end with my tongue. sekelebat presentation memory tivi shake inul daratista make me to spurred to imitate to do to shake ngebor. (but, as honest as it, swinging ngebor in the style of" inul" that can not thoroughly applied. the paragraph, favour genitals quit of grip rectum when shall i swing seheboh inul. final i only swing in the style of mengulek sambel at mortar. by that, penis permanent favour can bersemayam menempatnya, enjoy swing empot kontraksi muscle collon and rectum). favour balance it with twiddle and mendorong-dorong the hip to on. make coitus of a kind this likely as erotic dance at stage loves, meningkah breath snort race and heart tick more hunt. mencipta style variation bes, slow we move be careful change coitus position. watch over so that penis favour doesn't quit of cengekeraman rectum. i drop body to favour body. straighten foot a while ago lipat. furthermore while permanent berdekapan we twist body aside and then turn around. now i lying supine and convergent favour secondly slits his arms reside in between the two slit my thigh that straddle. favour hook second my foot to the shoulder. my waist is rather interested to on. penis favour stills bersemayam in collon. now he begins to move to pump myself. kenyerian that appear in the early penetration a while ago kurasa disappeared change with comfort very. sambil then pump favour mencumbui myself. the mouth by turns menghisap-hisap my milk bipple, trace neck and pulverize my lip. his arms bergerilya trace hollow body and once in a while meremas-remas my breast. favour creats taste coitus rhythm, three four times pull to sink with once scour and press to shake in. favour calculation very correct so that penis doesn't quit of remasan rectum. pubic dense and coarse give sensation addition tickles at my buttocks hunk. countless again how many times breath haul and swishing, moo get out of our mouth as song bouncing movement acapella. seo fly to tall sky and walk without menjejak foot to earth. fly. i am confused. such also with favour. until final, favour vomits up entire the passion desires in my body alcove. i can feel when does the genitals stick guncang-guncang, flutter and pull to send out light comfort liquid persenggamaan. escorted long voice mooing, favour body mengejang and his arms seize tight my shoulder. kupeluk favour body that fall down above my body. kudengar the breath snort stills sengal-sengal. sweat membanjir wet bathroom floor. a prevent favour pulls penis from my body, all right he is bersemayan a moment temporary with jurus empot-empotan collon and rectum i try to give pleasant terminating for favour. " thank, nug" , favour whispers at my ear. " you not yet out kan? " , continue favour. a only smile. and favour doesn't continue pembicaran besides permanent embrace and overbear my body. but not several long then kurasa he oscillates to return to like to want to pull penis. i let it. i shall want to know what melakukannya. kuakui since a while ago i really not yet ejaculation of semen. " here, my rotation is sepongin has you? " , favour word suddenly. ucapan favour really surprise myself. i shall not estimate him will want to make same thing with kulaku to him. " why do you, amazed? you pan udah want ngebantuin i, ripe sih, i, bring oneself to kagak want ngegituin you? " , advanced favour then the offishly. " your tough first comes, actually i am udah naksir you. but funny caw also, kalo new meet direct i invite you maen. iya kalo you want. kalo kagak? well, i am tengsin, man! " , favour pats my shoulder. " but radar at my heart is permanent says kalo you tuh, can make at invite to play beginian, and i am kagak wrong nebak kan? " , continue favour then. " ok deh, favour, gimanan kalo my turn tommorow night aja yes. you a while ago denger kan, outside udah kedengeran sound bell four times. bentar again children in get up. from in ntar we are tengsin" , shout me. kurnia mengecup my lip and then stand to take the clothes scattered over the floor and wear it to return, temporary i am permanent at bathroom cleans favour sperm that still remained in collon. i squat mengejan and kuarasa sperm warm liquid flows out. then kulaku until i am sure all out. while bathe morning i clean collon and rectum. return asa smarting, but kenyerian that kubur by comfort taste persenggamaan of a kind we did a while ago (but for the life of me, i don't know if without sepengetahuan, obvious there are some pair eye other that undress all scenes kulaku a while ago. i am new knows when daytime, at the (time) of eat, dhana, one of the mengantaranya approach me and membisi the willing plays with me. make me tip of a leaf at love fresh vegetable arrives. the paragraph, i also put heart in several persons. from ten that occupant is four person mengantaranya ever dally with me. number ratio prevalensi enough significant). di relocation place meanwhile i only present one month half the long. sempat also i celebrate anniversary in cell. my friend from outside present me european style cake cake. that anniversary insident that give impression aloof for me. repeat year in custody. at the time i am even memfoto with dress blue colour arrest while holds anniversary european style cake cake. ***** seminggu after repeat year me i am mempindah to institution pemasyarakatan class 1. in place this bew me luck not at places at block. but at a room with only six all occupants asik associate follow me. i also amazed, obvious prison life not as eery as kubayang previous. short word, life rhythm kujalani doesn't change, only my place is alive that changes. sa a my friend, wisnu, sempat envious when i narated this my experience moment he comes to visit me. bah, because the enthusiastic he is sempat bop my arm while say, " unfortunate, you, turn bes caw invites me deh. . " . when do i narated scenes in custody. " auch. . " . i am yelled. rupa my voice scream sempat make another visitor turns away to my direction. i so shy embarrassed, and wisnu laugh to watching my manner. wisnu sempat also kukenal with a few one who ever" play" with me. apabila in place my temporary relocation only can be in love in bighttime so at lapas this is freedom more many kumiliki. i can memadu love in the day time. make use clock time visits. for example, when does another occupant out getting visit or bero body, i am permanent at quiet at room berasik masyuk with aka. aka age young figure that interestings my attention. body form proposional. haircut crew cut with film model tuft tin. clean brown skin. say language well mannered, all that can not menyembuyi social background and the education. he is really comes from circle presents and educated. because here i don't speak paragraphs infringement exercise kuhp and of a kind it, so i don't feel important to narated reason aka come into cell. beginning when am i getting aka confineding at memvan with the body fever. likely he is catching a cold. i offered self to mengerik and massage the body. he not objection. moment kusentuh the brow really asa rather warm. " tuh. . , you certain catch a cold, ka. want me kerik your body? " , my word offereds self. aka doesn't answer besides nod while release t-shirt mengenakannya. then he lies to prone. with metal money limaratusan rupiah and balsam balpirik my euca lyptus begins mengerik back aka. hasn't need long time all backs aka like zebra horse skin. only this not black and white, but brown and red blackness. finished mengerik my the back ask it so that membali body to mengerik part in front of it. when turn that body me watching to bear from as a whole body aka bewitch. not thin and also not fat. the stomach not fatty and elastic area the breast. aka recumbent with menyilang second be the head. dense the armpit feather, straight and legam grow berserak menyekitar the arm base. menebar masculine aroma. with position like that keseksi-an body aka clear draw. even less when do i leer up at under, seen the genitals stick hunk silhouette menggelembung at the opposite of trousers hawai-. visible he is not wearing underwear (at prison almost is soing commonplace is see various contour penis is appearing to turned trousers. because always there doesn't wear trousers in). aka smile droopy stare me moment we are not expressly fight to look at. i am embarrassed (moment that is me really felt wrong behavior). but soon kutepis that my naughty day-dream. i return mengerik body in front of aka up to complete. attitude aka that submit and co-operative make me fast finish task mengerik the body. wow, really ruddle black merata at sekujur the body. sete that is me ask aka prone to return. now i begin to massage it. from shoulder, back, aim to waist. then gyrate menyekitar elastic the buttocks hunk and solid. i am meremas-remas that buttocks hunk. depress the stimulating pointss. i know if aka begin to wish for more moment seen him begin to stretch second slit the foot. differ with massaging beginning position that huddle second slits the foot. tangan move up at under the buttocks hunk. my finger tries to open gap between second that hunk while permanent kneads, depress and massage. efek begin asa when from lip aka i hear desahan voice, " ach. . och. . sshhzzs. . aachh. . nghss. . ouch. . " while the body moves mengelinjang to left and to right. perlahan but certain i begin to promoted trousers pipe hawai to on to achieve depth part thigh. longer more upraiseder to on so that my finger can easily feel part thigh in and nudge the penis fruit that seen menyembul and squeezed the body. " opened aja the undershorts yes let easier? " , my word by ear half septum to aka. " up to. . ach. . och. . sshhzz. emmhs. . aacchh. . " , shout aka by ear tremble while mendesah-desah enjoy remasan my finger at the buttocks hunk. ketika kupelorot trousers hawai that, i am almost stop to breathe to see beautiful view pampang menghadapanku. line pubic curly menyeruak from that the buttocks hunk split. as pine plants line at hill manoreh. while then massage and knead me try to open that split. my eye confusedly look for thoroughly latent the anus location by kelebatan pubic. so seen, without permission again, direct my head bows. juxtapose second my nose ear lobe while sip fragrant aroma emitted from zone sensitive that. " shirt. . sshz. . oocchh. . " my body asa on fire. a can not self again. without kusadari my tongue menjulur menjilat-jilat (rimming) hole anal aka. i don't care again with convention and of a kind it. i have felted get green light from desahan voice aka previous. memang, in the begining aka sempat recoil from. startled appear. turn around body stares sharp to my direction, full amazement. when does sudden feel wet my tongue end explore anal. at that moment, actually, i also startled. i am afraid if aka doesn't accept with my deed and then fish stir. but, the luck, doesn't happen matter such as those which kutakut. kebekuan only ephemeral. because after a while aka soon return on course at first. even, now he begins to lift the waist and meyorong the buttocks to my direction. i am more freeer menjilati. decak and kecipak lip voice and my tongue bersahutan by ear comfort groan aka. " ach. . ouch. . shshsszz. . nghhgs. . " sambil then mengelamoti the buttocks, my finger tries to crawls to penis. obvious the genitals stick upright has fossilized. whew, reasonable also the size. can kurasa from overwhelmed my finger hold it. langsung i reached for the body so that turn around direction. now aka supine to my direction with penis perfect erection sembul from iushness pubic curly and dense. section once. sudden aka tug at my body to the direction. he is soon embrace my body and memagut my lip. i feel my lip is bited and menghisap-hisap. then the tongue end menerabas enter to tickle my mouth hole. more give stimulating sensation that arouse. we are berguling-gulingan. mutual depress and embrace. but i still permanent dress. a kind of body contac but there is no penetration. the term sih, petting. a menyelusup head to return the arm. lick and sip aroma kemaskulinan mengairah. aka menggelinjang and moo. afterwards i am beringsut to part under. overpower hunk penis that point upward since a while ago. touch it with thirsty full passion embrace. aka panting wheeze and moo. the finger mengelus and menjambak-jambak my hair. " aaghh. . oogh. . shhzz. . eengh. . ffsshh. . " tapi we still aware that connection of a kind this may not be known by another person or even jailer. therefore, when at first in position lie down, now aka stand, while throw away padangan up at way out. so that i am even also follow the body movement direction. now i stand convergently in second buckling my knee. permanent my head beregerak majumundur meluluhlantak passion desire aka that on fire passion. kuluman, embrace, sepongan kulaku mempadu with hip swinging aka more make atmosphere increases hot. suddenly body aka stiff sudden secondly his arms depresses strong my head up at groin. asa penis send out light spilled manliness liquid ruah in my mouth. " sshhzz. . hahh. . ssfh. . aaghh. . aaghh. . uufh. . " , voice swishing aka tremble moment atomize the sperm. mulut kidly suck, pulverize and mengenyot glans aka so that present sensation empot-empotan perfect. along with explicitly it sperm aka at my mouth, stick penis asa begin to wane and return to size at first. i let aka interesting it from kuluman. dengan my my hand back wipes my lip that hitted ceceran manliness liquid aka. " thanks, nug. ntar evening again yes? " . a doesn't answer except mengedip half eye while throw trousers hawai to the direction. afterwards i am hurrying out room is jointing occupant other that beyond is getting visit. impressing never happen a certain. i am also that after ejaculation of semen a while ago aka didn't catch a cold again. " wes. . ewes. . ewes. . buablas napsune. . "

really, absolutely previous i never will shadow will sip life air at the opposite of bar that called prison. even less, prison term kukenal during the time give crime connotation, coarseness, bitterness, bad luck, with wait exemption distance distance shackles and time. be part from stories series that cling with problem penega law and protection or power development. namun, kumaksud with prison explanation in story here not in meaning according to dictionary definition. a kind of isolation ward that limit individual right freedom. for matters has general must be admitted that fact truth. but for matter" special" prison a kind of passion asylum that like world heaven. how not. at least, axis for me, there i am likely find habitats which during the time always kuimpi. stay in environment really kudamba. coexist with only class man. passion passion time (kgb) my doesn't find a difficulty means to achieve a penuntasan. easily i can get opponent flirt, andaikata scene make love of a kind equated with boxing-match or kickboxing. kenyataan very far differ kurasa at the (time) of i have freedom seutuh as a human at free world. doesn't like moment that, the right lees under the cloak of rule of law. at freedom nature truthfully, i am even face many obstacles bertalian with my passion desire canalization that belong to nyeleneh this. like perkelaminan with kind fellow. di in gaol life, when occupants aimed in choice difficulty overcome biological need canalization menggelegak, woman lack, opportunity and chance existing likely be beatiful favour for me. trying something memfferent. magic sentence kuguna to do encouragement for beginner devotee that still in a condition of hesitation. berawal from only merely help to fulfil desire keingintahuan person hetero until to them really really want deliverance and soul strains canalization. untuk do matter likes this is unnecessary a matter has curative. do to approach and build good connection. that is the key. when does feeling nearness been created so sleep side by side be beginning opener for guerilla (shaped strokes in region sensistif). if passion on fire, usually, there is no denial again in target. this matter is better than does forcing action grusa-grusu and coarse. beside not seorangpun like action and so do trespass social order that there [are]. sementara, person hetero quote sentence as sex adventures correction of a kind melakukannya. toch has only emergency. not forever. not rattan, akarpun roger. such approximately thinking apologia that inferential. but you also must understand, not at moment's notice just because ever try to do adventures story, then inaugurate them (person) as class" differ" . as does i this, borned from nature (by nature) like and enjoy connection perkelaminan kind fellow. ada also, actually, frown upon connection perkelaminan kind fellow, but because passion fervor sulut, toch, they can enjoy it also. at least, with erection proof and appearance coition consequence ejaculation of semen with man fellow, done according to orogenital, body contact also anal intercourse. although after return to their free world usually back to nature. exception for the man who then make" experience" as capital from new life style part at free nature there. be human figure marginal or biseks. sejauh individual that endure to realize fact so life biseks even gay even if properly not again be a troubleshoot. differ when concerned not get fact meant. even less when augmenting with disability canalize libido push of a kind valiantly menerabas image to" normal" denunciated because be in love with kind fellow. so complete class alive suffering biseks and or gay. live in instinct dissimulation berkelamin not ever berkesampaian. the solution, there is no alternative, except try to realize desire and try enjoy in endure alive. kisah kutulis this, again not and doesn't reflect stereotipe prison life truthfully. you may not generalize" alumnus" as one who always or certain like and ever or involved with sex life a kind of this. because in reality, there also very antipathy with sex behaviour such as those which kulaku and kucerita this. untuk denial attitude as in on i hold up to four thumb. respect once with persistence in principle and confidence. they are permanent holds back not bergeming from kegamangan belied, temptation, and desire canalization need push berkelamin menggelora, final enough satisfied with masturbation action and or replaced it with activity other more useful than merely shadow immorality. ada a kind of unwritten agreement (convention) in custody, that sex action of a kind that done without related one of the parties sanctions will give opportunity for transgressor will get heavy punishment from system and environment. other the problem, when does connection sebadan done on the basis of willing with and is not done according to frank/vulgar/show off/show off. only rule run in honour of occupant other not of the same opinion with sex current of a kind. such also with institution, although doesn't justify this action, also can not prevent or prohibit the happening of practices under cover a kind of this. apparently, one of [the] prison room walls can be dumb witness reliable. kisah i am also not yet sure equal to story former the other jailbird. like kujelas at beginning story, that not all former prisoner same opinion with matters kulaku this. there also very defy. of course with reason that vary. this be a fact unanswerable. alam democratic thinking teaches us to mutual respect this different idea existence. but meaningless this different idea existence allows incidence anarchism. by respect values likes here's make permanent convention is taked care. karena that, again i also apologize to them menabu perkelaminan of a kind kulaku in custody. has opposite sex orientation not a aim in my alive. but, i am permanent must give quality in my life than must puruk self just because take care image" normal" faked. besides, i also never force them really doesn't intend. to class fellow or sympathizers penikmat coitus of a kind, consider this story upon which spirit livelihood contemplation. a also doesn't called exercise loves, can be heard it melankonis and cliche for man class life in custody. in love always there romanticism. temporary, prison limited world not kondusif towards occupant fellow romanticism action. to merely canalize unnecessary passion desire is foregone again with rite memantera word series" love" . ha with have a supply willing and sanctions with, place opportunity existence and time – so that is not seen vulgar and show off – all stimulative actions, erotisme and or sex wrestling is very may be to done. it sounds easy. but must with carefulness. intuition hold important role so that not trapped in convention trap actually. berlainan with erotisme, can be done alone. use hand finger or merely menggesek-gese genitals in wall, floor, or pillow even if. by creat stimulative effect in sex organ so that erection and then ejaculation of semen. canalize passion willing that flare up. ***** tempat that used to" imprison" i consist of several blocks with many room or room. room whom i occupy in place this temporary relocation is full ten person. other rooms also full total same. their presence is here with background because that varies. but, usually, because criminal action and medicine abuse psikotropika. so also with status social/marital, education, job, religion and ethnic various. a the things of with my existence at prison, actually, more many at push willing proves existence gossip" world heaven" , besides excessive bernasib unlucky (? ) found bring illegal goods moment done raid at a capital famous discotheque. matter can not kusangkal, menemukannya proof goods at my trousers pocket. originally entrusted friend. but, because basically i am really don't want to involve another person, so i admit that goods my property, i use self. padahal, fact truthfully, i am bot at all like substances use addictive such. merely shadow it even also never, even less mecoba use it. i am really don't want body and contamination my alive with substances sedative artificial such. with concept berkelamin of a kind kujalani this i have felted impure again as human according to kodrati. even less when still augmenting with such substances use. like to what later i am it to be? no way. konskwensi kuterima, ampasnya freedom base realest: bersosialisasi at world outside. although on the other hand, i get other freedom compensation form. has chance vast canalize passion desire instinct inclination of a kind me menggelora. sampai my third day resides in in prison all walk usually. so that at the (time) of midnight, when all lelap in sleep, i am awaken from sleep me soundly. kebelet urinate. i get up to walk to aim toilet, really in in room partition with wall hindrance, in room same. kulihat at corner there there [are] somebody has stood to overshadow me. apparently also is urinating. my opinion sweeps keremangan evening. after near, from the body figure, i am new detects if person favour. i cough slightly, for the purpose of tell my presence to him. but he is likely doesn't hear. doesn't care absolutely towards my presence. merely look around kearahkupun not. still permanent in position at first. stand to overshadow me. a walk to approach and stand correct menyampingnya. i leer towards it. " elueuh. . eleuh. . kunaon eta, euy. . " , yell me at heart. ternyata, favour ngloco/masturbation/merancap/masturbation. my heart berdegup and my blood asa swish to watching sebongkah genitals stick menegang with magnitude. menyeruak from hand finger grip that draw away to retreat. head penis bounce back red glitter keunguan with pointss precum menyembul from ureter. voice bustles hand friction with stick penis that with breath haul that hunt to equip sensational atmosphere evening that. " eh. . , you, kur. . ? " , my throat asa cekat when kuberani self open conversation, speak to it. sementara, favour, only in a flash looks and smile little while permanent let the genitals stick berselancar the cheerfully in gengaman the finger. " pity, atuh, fritterred gitu. . " , i embolden self commentates that the action. " you want? ! ? " , suddenly, with offish style, favour is turning around direction is signalling in me to is sucking the genitals moment that is like meronta-ronta is want to get out of the grip. " yes, this is what i am mean! " , violent at heart. a smile to stare it. without throw away time again, i am soon bow to squat. take over genitals stick from his arms grip. lost my willing at first to urinate. cuping my nose hole developings when mengendus fragrant aroma kelakian that arouse to scattered from favour groin direction. seen more clearer hunk penis mendongak gallantly, menyeruak from iushness pubic dark curly and dense. while sip and enjoy that special aroma, lip and my tongue soon menyeruput and menggumuli genitals stick menegang with muscles sketch texture menyekelilingya. " nyummy. . nyumy. . nyummy" , i am mengelamoti glans likely enjoy ice lollypop delicious. kepala draw away to retreat menimbultengelam head penis favour into warmth and passion fervor passes kuluman my mouth. sound wags and kecipak lip and my tongue bersahutan by ear swishing and favour comfort mooing. once in a while i throw away to look at to on. watching favour comfort face expression. second slit favour hand oscillates to knead hair at the head while the mouth groans and wheeze. mata closed and the tongue end menjulur-julur out from the mouth half open to take outside voice swishing, " aach. . shhzz. ooch. . ahchh. . " . badan menggelinjang confused to left and right balance my flattery more menggila. pada moment same, my finger slides down to trace stick penis. depress smoothly the sex skin. start from glans aim up at under. furthermore bersemayam at that tense the stick base. by emphasis like that, muscle scratches alongside stick penis be clearer is seen. then meagrely my tongue coarse lick sweeps and mengelitik those muscles. progress mudur from under to on and on the contrary. kurnia more meracau, proved from ucapan-ucapan that becoming not clear heard besides only words line, " oouwh. . ochh. . enghzz. . fhs. . sshzz. . enyaak. . ouch. . ruuss. . oowug. . acchs. . " slide down quick from the lip. a startled when according to suddenly, favour hand tugs at and depress my head towards the groin. the body guncang with breath snort hunt it sengal-sengal while vomit up piquant warm liquid memulutku. i am almost choke by the passion lava quick outburst and sempat difficulty breathes because stoppage my nose by kelebatan pubic favour that covers and tickle my nose hole. remarkable taste sensation blend kurasa. i am sit limp at floor. exhaustion. second my lip lath asa thick, and jontor. my tongue asa mute and stiff. sweat grains flow to wet my body. really process lust that tire. belum finished i do cooling down, sudden favour stoops to my direction. i don't expected if then he reachess and embrace me. pulverize my lip. the tongue wildly menggapai-gapai my mouth ceiling, likely want menguras the sperm remainder that still to cling at my mouth. the mouth inhaling in lip and my tongue melemas return my organ at first asa mute and invulnerable. nimble the finger crosses hollow my body, demote trousers boxer kupakai with remove trousers my in me. i am menggelinjang and my body asa sultry on fire favour flattery menggelora. a amazed also in favour. although ejaculation of semen, obvious the genitals stick stills permanent erection. i see penis still to sway upright challenge with the section. while memagut my lip kurasa favour finger crawlss to tickle my deliverance hole. then he order me to stand and put one convergent my foot in bathing tub wall. in that position, gap between second my buttocks hunk opens. rectum asa developing wide. i feel coldness evening rush and menyelusup that gap. a startled when kurasa wet favour tongue end the troublesomely tickles side rectum, temporary the finger without hesitation mengusap-usap genitals stick and pubic. menimpali also with moustache friction and the lip straw in surface rectum. sekujur my body trembles to hold back comfort sensation that evoked. still at bathroom room, we are beringsut move to place not wet. favour soon merebah self. stick penis tense aim to on. while smear penis with his saliva ask me toes above the groin. kurasa wet the finger with saliva begins to smear and stimulate rectum.

just kuperhati that is a pair that eye supervises my gesture. i don't know how long he has done that thing. by accident in this time discussion kristo and the new friends, meno and the gangs about automotive not so interesting my attention. this is kutatap return strong the eye opinion but shade that is up at pothouse table in club that. " guys, i am to pothouse formerly yes. . " said me permission in them. si eye owner soon accost me friendly, " malem brother, want to drink to what? " " up to deh, racikin aja asik. . " ia return with segelas mixed drink apparently never kucoba previous. " gimana, delicious? " " gile nendang abis. . what neh the name? " " title affection cave, bimo's curiosity. as long as boss ga there, i am tambahin takeran special make brother" " wohoo, nice man. but hold on, let me guess, you acres bimo? " " in person sir. . " answer it while show white tooth suite and tata rapih. " so bimo, if i may tau, why was bimo so curious tonight? " i had to original. sumpe, masculine the figure once so that i can not guess the sexual orientation. " oh father caw, kill time aja, only admire kok. . " " admire apaan? " ask me menggoda " admire. . " booming speaker ingredients mr. dj strike hard that crowded room. " why? " ask me to bawl to juxtapose my face in the face tampan ia juxtapose the lip at my ear, " you are my type is abis. . " he said short. kini my turn whispers menelinganya, " sori man, i am spot to that is guy over there. . " answer me while indicate up at kristo then smile to see my whimp. " cute. . yeah, too bad lah. . the name brother addresses? " " haha. . usahaa then. . " " may. . " " joko" " simple and easy menginget. fitnes where brother? nice biceps! " " hey, thanks man. by accident at complex my building there the facilities so ga busy when aja can. anyway, loe self also musical note bad at all! " " thanks. " a membisiki again, " you are gutter some seriously nice ass over there! " kemudian he turns membisiki, " mangka this is ass needs to be taken care off. brother, please bentar aja yuk. . " pinta give code. " you sure? " " from first ngeliat brother enters, i am direct horny abis. . " " bentar yes. . " i type message suite short to kristo. " crazy, loe, kok ngasih tau he is all? " " oh, he's okay with this. . " answer me that make it bengong. sete find somebody to replace the position at his pothouse then interestings my arm enters to into labyrinth internal companies that. with a piece his key is success opens that cellar and light a little lamp. booming speaker still asa at this storage space. bimo soon close door and demote my trousers. my penis stick that still limp that him grasp secondly his arms intimately. " crazy, big banget brother. . ah ga wrong deh my riddle is malem this! " jemari soon play above head penis that begin to react on presentation interestings evening that. " bim. . " bulat-bulat that blunt thing him swallows into the gullet and evoke comfort sensation soon kurasa. the game not lose pretty with kristo make me more enthusiasticer with bartender strong this. he has held my penis that ossify that and gaze at it to like a art result adikarya. " this is i conceive of brother perfect penis. . big, solid, brawny, and the head as big as this tomato, mm. . " ia return to work and mengulum head penis sea created to subjugate need bo matter who. he begins to open the waist belt and demote the trousers. slow he stands to overshadow me and embedding the elastic buttocks strategically in my hard stick so that now that tower stood upright gaze at my stomach on the buttocks press a while ago. " ah, crazy bim, your buttocks is napsuin banget, udah keringetan gini. . " said me while meremas-remas round buttocks bimo. my in a flash saw a lef of black string passed by prohibitive area a while ago. " hey, nice g-string. . " " iya load from formerly ampe now is stilling kepake. formerly before this is me so stripper! " " really? come on try praktekin. . " " beneran neh? " i am menggangguk give it sanctions. kemudian he releases the short trousers. without release black singlet without the arm and let g-string minimalis that perch at the waist, he climbs a table at that warehouse midst. a undo entire my clothes, penis that tense super moment that has swinged with wt to on and downwards is holding back passion passion that is bumping into. kutarik a camp chair kailable to can enjoy the body bearer than side table a while ago. liquid mazi clear begin to drip to warehouse floor. bimo begin meliuk-liuk the body appropriate rhythm dance hall that sesomnate up to to that narrow space. apparently he sendiripun begin to evoke hillock interestings at that minimum loincloth frontage. the body sweat make it golden human was rushed lamplight temaram a while ago. " crazy, sexy banget loe bimo! " iakku while acclaim to follow rhythm. lama-kelamaan the dance begins to aim and signalize keelo buttocks supersexy-. ah, genuinely presentation vip apparently. hole in a flash anus artless that steal to look at and glance to my direction. he folds the body in such a manner while stand so that that hole is seen clearer from return loincloth string that across gate loves that. expertly he mengendur-kencang ring muscles anus so that lip under it that being seen converse with me. perlahan he kneels above that table and set out correct the buttocks before my face while then dances and stimulate indra my sight. bimo stop when that hot hole nudges my nose stick end. dengan angry kugenggam second slit the buttocks and agglutinative my face in clean the buttocks split and stimulate that. that my opinion hindrance unfortunate string is kutahan with my finger so that my smell access in that taste hole is now unimpaired again. ah, so fragrant aroma around hole anus that man. kuusap direct my nose from on up to side under that the buttocks split and sniffed to like dog in season marries. " ahh, delicious brother. . " apparently the naughty passion increase my breath hot air. lidahku-pun begin doesn't want to lose to taste that warm 'doughnut'. i used my finger to open wideer that dark hole aperture so that my tongue can easier rape soft wall taste a while ago. bimo permanent dance so that my tongue poke falls in various place deeper for him enjoy. liquid anus begin outturn and deteksi by my tongue. " brother oath, i am passion banget. . " ia then turn the body so that the back nudges that table leaf. kutarik the buttocks up to nudge table hem a while ago and kunaik second the hairy foot in my shoulder. i leer down. unlucky, he perfomings lip anus that sea suck and invite head end penis to menembus deeper. kugenggam tight stick super-besar that and slow kuperhati how does lip anus get the tomato head finely. when does that head been coverred up according to total kurasa lip anus kontrol with rapih within reason that human lip give suck and wet entire the surfaces. expressly kumain head penis in hole anus narrow this is by memaju-mundur with small-scale action. " come on brother. . i am udah gatel here ampe to dalem. . " protest bimo. protes that is kuladeni immediately and without permission again kuhabisi all sticks penis so that soft the buttocks skin soon greets bebuluan jembut. seperti that kuduga, bimo can not say whatever, keterkejutan on this surprise attack only marked with belalaknya the eye and a moment breath ending in the breast. segera kujilati the bipple that shine and ossify, kumandi with my tongue one by one for the comfort increase. bimo groan again. permainan more coarseer and terrible. if that table weak may be collapse with hard work that must he account. that table foot begins to sound along friction with floor. penis bimo very menegang in my grip. a moment kutarik self to enjoy penis that wait my lip soft caress. i don't know because my game too savage and or really bimo that too desire, a few moment later he vomits up liquid kelelakian in my mouth. salty discharge and thick taste that is kutelan before a part kukembali pass a kiss to owner. kubiar bimo enjoy jet aura that comfort a moment up to stick kelelakian melemas before again i am menembus warm hole at that handsome man body backside. a menggumuli bimo may be more than thirty minute before taste taste that appears and force me to pump hole anus with interest great again. sperm current nan warm begin kusalur from my penis hole to accommodated into anus greedy that. akhir kujatuh this big my body draft is above our naughty game consequence choked the body. penis still planted sweetly in that the narrow hole. once in a while still kurasa tremor comfort a while ago, once in a while still kusembur liquid loves remained in my penis poke. tiba-tiba warehouse door a while ago opened. . " shit" , respons- at the same moment. " hi guys, having fun here? " voice kristo heard at my ear while slow i turn around and see that guests passes that warehouse door. " hi guys, what's up? " answer me to relax while escape from hug bimo. penis that still half tense and smeared sperm menetes-netes of course be attention meno and the kith which actually follow kristo up to to this room. " bimo, kenalin this is cowo i, kristo and that is the friends, meno, agus and tommy! " kedua friend meno apparently doesn't hold back to see position has just been rape'ed bimo that still to straddle with sperm discharge that drip from hole adiperkasa that. agus and tommy soon strip clothes each and hurry to aim up at bimo that still choked with my lust satiation a while ago. good think me, boy account of the age of they certain can meladeni bimo with interest greedy again. tanpa permission, agus direct implant penis the young into hole bimo that kulumasi previous, while tommy hand penis is not circumcised that into mouth bimo. sementara that is opinion meno bot to stir a pag from penis still not take a rest this. " bener kan men. . big banget kan has the brother joko this? " " he is eh. . " answer meno mengiyakan " udah sosor aja. . " timpal kristo " may brother? " " wait me sit formerly, crazy cape banget same the bimo a while ago. . " a sit at camp chair available a while ago before lip meno melumati entire sticks penis and clean ceceran sperm remained there. sementara that is kristo begin to demote trousers meno so that that adolescent buttocks -ekspose beautifully. dari position sit me me widen second buttocks split meno up to access kristo to melumati that adolescent hole more vaster. " honey, i'm preparing your is menner here! " shout kristo while glance to my direction. bebuluan soft can kurasa in my finger merebak buttocks split meno for heating kristo. little yells begin can heard from place table bimo, agus and tommy wrestle. menopun begin can get finger blow kristo that open tune to enterred this my monster 'tractor'. a and kristo then interesting meno to floor to can we are furthermore stimulating. temporary kristo busy serve boy sex region accounts that, i bathe bipple and armpit meno with warm my tongue. repeatedly meno menggelinjang in our game. ketika my brave stick felt ready for give battle again, i interesting back meno, open the buttocks split and slow i am menembus the body from hind. i am berbaik heart with play feeling full in adolescent that stills never mencoblos this. kristopun come along berbaik heart permanently mengulum and explore sex area meno. tak long when meno begin accustomed to foreign thing nan giant menembus alcove anus, kristopun approach and position self so that meno can tuck penis the adolescent in hole professional kristo. di that floor us bertiga line marches mutual menyetubuhi-saling be in love during concurrent. kristo ask trio pair above table to go down to approach us at that narrow warehouse floor. sembari get coarse blow agus in the buttocks hole and busy serve blunt thing tommy in the mouth, now bimo-pun can feel game awesomeness kuluman death kristo that proved that. bimo time first capitulates with give entire souls and the body with the sperm liquid warm outburst into mouth kristo. orgasm incredible he enjoys immediately feeled agus in clips anus bimo that causes iapun join in immediately do beautiful deposit into that hole. tommy begin to bawl full when in the end tongue bimo success deliver it in climax points. sete they take a rest a moment, attention changes focus to group our trio. penis kristo that perch warm in mouth bimo a few moment later ejaculate that worldly comfort is direct into throat hole bimo. and avalanche friction in anus kristo not can to hold back broken down it sperm dam meno soon afterwards. kemudian they tidy self. bimo permission to return to work again. tommy, agus, and kristo permission to return to on again. " lha i am gimana? " ask meno panting because still with passionate it kusetubuhi. " udah, you here same i am formerly" said me to smile full birahi " do i say. . long kalo play same brother joko! bener kan? " timpal kristo. ruangan that quiet sudden sepeninggal four desire full beings a while ago. tanpa release tancapan my death in anus, we are both slow stand and walk slow up at table a while ago. i play the bipple from hind, kuremas hard the breast fruit, and slow kuarah meno in that table side. sete his arms can hold back our load in that table leaf, slowly kulanjut return noble task unfinished a while ago. pity also i am in that boy buttocks is not yet skilled gets wild current keperkasaan this. oh well, what can one do, he is that ask, yeah he must responsible. dari warehouse location walkway road a while ago, kernyitan that table voice begins hardly seen or heard heard return. bimo which is on moment that is presenting mengujung only is smiling mengeleng-geleng the head.

we decide to enjoy worldly scenery that is presented by a tongkrongan bread burns famous at area south jakarta because we are both is not runed to go wheresoever also evening that. waktu show blow 11: 07, but cafe area mixes that even more crowdeder by guests that dress up neat and likely ready associate to another place again. kristo apparently expressly park a3 romba that dark blue coloured is correct in front of area entrance tongkrongan a while ago. while open his window lights a single cigarette and decide to eat at car (not biasa-biasa this, think me). sa one from singlet uniformed official senada (sometimes is signinged by famous person) approach us. solid the body and the thigh that steady is visible sexy once muffled jeans belel tight super. " brother one sate chicken, one fried rice, same one bread burns brown cheese yeah. " " drink it? " " aqua two deh. . cold yes. . makasih brother. . " rupa cute face kristo begins to interesting youth girls apparently still unfinished those school. may be estimated one of [the] candidate vj mtv with style pretend funky- that. tidak how long then segerombolan boy accounts with the modification vehicles begins to arrive while leer up at i and kristo. one of [the] between they (are with enough surprise) to approach car window kristo opened. " sorry brother, crazy peleg- impressive abis. . udah at modi-? this is pake seventeen or eighteen brothers? " " actually cave pake nineteen sih. . " answer kristo enthusiastic. " crazy kaga mentok tuh hit vender? " ngga also sih, kan foots and body kit- also udah change, let all enter finely. . " " whew, pantes a3- ngga such as those which i am tough at magazine yes brother! impressive abis sumpe! not melombain aja brother? " " not lah, lagian this is kan minor new change aja, not yet drastic lah. . " " okay deh brother, i am udah menungguin temen tuh ntar we chats again yes. . may tuh share repair shops contact modi-. good ntar brother not yet go home. . " " okay sip! " reply kristo short. baru he looks to my direction, the boy pretend associate tadi-dengan bald hair in the style of sammy eiffel i'm in love-kembali again. " umm, sorry again brother. abis this is us in going to (he mentions name a club new relative at number dharmawangsa sq. ), may be kalo these brothers is caw there our programme can lanjutin chat it there? " " gimana kang? " ask kristo. " i am sih okay aja. . " " okay guys see you there! say aja the guest meno, i'm on the list" timpal that boy is then. " yeah, see you there then! i am kristo, i'm on the list also. " " yes forgiveness. . , kristo bew returns from london? temen (he mentions name one of [the] owner that hotspot) khan? " " yup, that's me! " aha. i am recall when do i the same age meno formerly (yeah approximately eight year ago lah), my style at that time pretend known sana-sini exactly like boy a while ago. pretend influential and definitive pretend associate. but he is seemed nice enough lah, ngga sepa like several cronies gaul- at that moment. and if my instinct not wrong, he is likely more interested to kristo than car modification mask" strange" - that. " kang, kok mengem. . udah, ga take care jealous same brondong gitu deh. . haha. . " " ngga, i am ngga jealous, even i again mikirin what him can we invite threesome what engga. . " i explain to kristo. " bener kang? he's sexy isn't he? " " well, musical note exactly sexy, but he's cute. . what yes approximately age? " " a bewest passes sma. . hmm, yes udah ntar we are tough aja. . " tidak long then our food comes and kristo begin busy prepare various tissue so that decrease the dirty possibility interior super the car kinclong that. " crazy yes here, heaven banget. funny the guest. . pity average in bring cewe- each. . " advanced kristo while enjoy the fried rice. " the food sih usually aja, still more pleasant at lembang i say, only emang the scenery ruarr usually! haha. . tough deh. . the official aja sharp-looking gitu. . which also binocularss the body. . this is actually military academy graduate the skipper may be time yes? nyari official seger banget gini! " said me. " ah, the elder brother here emang big passion aja. . " " eh, ngaca. inget ga fit i am again tired so that? because udah ga hold back also you are greedy khan at that time? " " yes abis gimana, muffler the term person udah kudu enter repair shop gitu brother. . which still young and sharp-looking gitu. . priority need haha. . " " enter repair shop aja then! " reply me. pretend cemburu " yes but kan at least when does the security guard udah tepar, also direct menjebol the virginity without opposition that mean from the victim" " iya deh. . square. . " " i am tau kok, kalo i am not nginep there kan he is betimes pretend diligent bawain newspaper same coffee makes nyogok elder brother kan? udah addicted to he, same like me! " " hehe. . kok you tau? " " lha herself story. . " " oh yes? " " iya, he said he wants on a certain day kalo there chance, he wants menempok when does he again ngentotin i elder brother, try! " " hmm, interesting, perhaps food for thought. " " tacky ah, live telephone security aja nyari the rahman gitu lho! " " brother. . a while ago so what? " ask kristo while call solid official a while ago. " eat it to what aja brother? " he asks to return. kristo mention dish and drink whom we dine. likely this official belongs to newcomer here so that rather long count it. " sorry brother, minjem bentar yes. . " the advanced while interesting a leaf of paper and pencil to count our 'items purchased' above vehicle roof kristo. dan is like designedly he is 'put'ing heap package in front of trousers jeans- which actually reasonable is interestinging that is correct in window edge that opened. a moment kristo is leering to my direction sea is asking naughty idea sanctions that he is thinking. perlahan but certain he puts the finger approaches that official prohibitive area. so that not too glaring another guests efficiently he feigns involuntary sweep that window edge is correct above that jeans trousers hillock. sete sekira he detects to sit position sleeps that official genitals, designedly kristo hold that misfortune man stick, the penis owner cash startled and the face soon seed in our window aperture. dengan relax kristo say, " whew big also the bird brother. when tuh latest menyervis? " pegawai simple which actually new come from that java then redden the face and embarrassedly he answers. . " mm, actually i still perjaka brother, so yes. . never at. . servis. . " answer it with thick dialect. " lho emang what does brother? " " duapuluh four. . " " whew, ripe udah age duapuluh four only mempake make to urinate only, pity lho goods as big as that. . " " same address brother, girl person aja not has. . " " want menyervis? " ask kristo spontaneous. genuinely reckless my darling is this. " mm, ah, bener aja brother. . ripe skipper brother gini want nyervis i am from village like this? " " udah enclosing eye aja, servis i am definitely more great than girl manapun also deh! exactly that still simple like you this that interesting, address brother the name? " " joni" " sumpe you? style banget. . " " iya not tau my mother the time is possibly again suddenly" " tae mother. . " said me smile at heart. " yes udah brother joni, when here want menyervisnya? " " ah this is beneran brother? doesn't joke kan? " " bener, ripe i am bercandain you sih? " " i am sih the work time-table must it udah finished, so to live nungguin brother both aja actually. . " " yes udah take leave there same the boss, we are tungguin at edge of street there yes! " " bener brother? " " iya cepetan there lho! " reply kristo. ketika joni go away, my turn is that asks to kristo. " lho to, rather than we want to meet meno at club? " " ah, perjaka gitu most bentar also udah spurt kang, as long as there new project ampir as handsome as the this elder brother is lho. . " the praise while ask permission from me. " then want to play where? " " udah at car aja while road. " " yeah dishonest. . you asik-asi same joni. . " " ntar elder brother dapet turn ahe deh same the meno. . " " yes if he likes cowo. . " " ga tough gimana a while ago he nelanjangin i with the opinion? even so he is caw likes cowo, certain later malem so to like! " answer it sure. kami change position and now i am holding rein and menepi car hatch-back that is at the end of relative road lonely. kristo then move to hind chair. a few moment later joni appear after replaced bread cafe nationality singlet burns that with a leaf of the individual singlet. " then brother darling not father here if i play with brother? " he opens discussion after step into area hind seat. " later he is dapet the quotum self, important tonight brother joni my quotum! " " then i must why now? " " udah sante aja, here lho position deketan few lah" kendaraan that is then kujalan pass by housing region lonely. from my rear view see hand kristo begin to fumble hard stomach joni. " jon, you like fitness what gimana sih, the stomach so hard. . hmm. . like brick deh. . " ungkap kristo while open singlet. " iya at home aja i make barbel self from former paint can whom i am cement contents. then i also like karate formerly fit at village. " " ga future can as hard as this kalo ngga pull-up brother. . i am aja still in course of ga dapet stomach as hard as gini. . " kristo bring hand joni up at the stomach self. " oh if that is me wear brother door cushion. " " door cushion? " " iya, kan expensive kalo practice at fitness all, so me gelantungan aja at my house door cushion. " " emang strong the cushion? " " up to now sih still not yet problem like it" answer it while smile. gundukan seen more pile up. adroitly kristo position the face between groin joni and soon memerosot jeans trousers next that boy underwear the rubber really seen mengendur. " whew original, the fragrant seger abis brother. . direct aja yes. . " dengan that kristo direct gulp big bullet kecoklatan that half get up that. the lip sweeps bebuluan coarse at genitals base joni. " hahh. . " joni startled all at once spellbound with skill kristo in coddle penis man manapun also. " umm, uenak banget kang, has the joni ampir as big as has elder brother lho. . " " oh yes? " said me envious from driver chair. " mm. . brother. . brother. . kalo like like this like it momentarily i am future. . " " oh udah tau kalo shall delicious bentar again yes brother? " " iya lah, although i not has girl kan can ngocok self. . " " more pleasant which same ngocok self jon? " ask me from in front of. " yes more pleasant served same this brother. . " he said smile full passion. seperti within reason another beginners, he impresses in a hurry enjoy skill the maestro kristo. head kristo he has holded back secondly slit his arms. the buttocks fruit begins seen to progress to retreat to rape mouth hole kristo the coarsely. but axis card kristo not yet he degrades. " okay, okay whoa formerly, kalo like this its way, when do i ngerasain your penis jon? " cut kristo midway. " lho emang want to how again brother? " " gini lho. . " kristo soon open to tie the waist and memerosot the trousers up to limit of thigh. then he aims second slit hand joni up to sea hold back and open second pure white the buttocks split and that elastic round is wide. " lho, want gimana tho brother? " " udah now you anggep my buttocks hole is that memek most your ideal dah. . pure kan? " " i. . iya brother. . white banget like palace queen. . " " now you are opening wide my buttocks aperture because momentarily i shall sit pleasant above your lap. . " " gimana pleasant brother, my bird person tense begi. . " bless. entire the penis sticks planted in anus kristo always thirsty servis that. " now you mengem aja. let me work yes. . " joni that is feeling the terrible kuluman death jonjot anus kristo only is hushing to enjoy that true warmth. slowly kristo that sit to overshadow joni that is ascending degrades position position. " delicious kan jon? " joni can not say whatever. second his arms embrace breast kristo from hind. his the face countersinks in back kristo that still berkemeja that. his arms begin to share affection with come along memasturbasi penis kristo that begin menegang. " ah, uenak tenann brother. . come on brother. . few again. . " shout joni unashamedly. walaupun forbidden, but like male dog in season marries, joni is beginning coarse is raping kristo that memejam the eye is trying to enjoy game joni amatiran. suddenly body joni menegang, menggelinjang a moment before sprawl in hind seat with sweat fulfils body and the brow. " lho kok direct nembak jon? " joke me. " akuh. . akuh. . udah ga can nahan again brother. . " seketika kristo direct get up to pull that man penis stick forcely so that the comfort honey discharges admits of seen to flow from genitals hole joni. " ahh. . ah. . ahh. . " joni groan little, the body returns guncang-guncang unattended again. tanpa permission apparently kristo mengulum stick keperkasaan joni and while the finger presses to finished remainder persedian 'bulog poke kelelakian joni. that simple man gets orgasm both immediately. " ahh. . ow. . ahh. . " setiap outburst menembakkan joni direct into gullet kristo gulped to like a blood thirsty vampire. joni now visible like within reason somebody that faint only can feel mouth kristo that clean every passion drop that he has gived off a while ago good in entire bodies penis that virgin and or spilled in jembut joni beraroma very special that. slow kristo wear to return underwear and man jeans trousers experimental- that. " delicious kan jon? here, i am my visiting card affection. my name is kristo, and handsome brother that is joko, my darling. ntar kalo want servis again, live telephone aja yes. . ga take care busy search for other. . kalo want to try ngisep big super penis, foregoing brother that is willing kok vacates the time. okeh? " said kristo while tuck the name card in tight trousers pocket joni. not forget him tuck a sheet of money one hundred thousands there as reply service servis muffler all of sudden he desires. " udah yes, makasih banget jon. . " advanced kristo. " we still there promise wants to meet person at club in front of situ. . you go down here aja yes. . " a stop vehicle beside little park lonely that. then we are both forced memapah joni that still to droop choked out from vehicle and we seat at dudu expenditure fence that begin lonely evening that. joni try to stand, but then he is fallen down again and menyender the head to proximate pole. we take leave to him and we take leave to him. " gimana to? asik? " " reasonable lah, although still amatiran gitu. . kalo udah will hit servis i certain tommorow nagih again deh. . hahaha. . ntar i ajarin slow let him possible great lover! kan later if my satisfied the wife also proud join in in the love affairs education. tae haha. . " samar-samar that little public square begins seen in our opinion. kristo still to impress ribet fix the clothes while doesn't lose the busy soon clean interior the car now defiled passion discharge joni. " duh dirty so sih the joni tea! spurt ampe everywhere gini. . " the advanced clean without take notice kekehan tawaku.

explanation: all insidents and characterization in this story a work of fiction merely. enjoy. " damn, i am look gorgeous! " myself praise self while watch closely shadow in mirror. seorang handsome boy berbusana suit complete stare me is toes in that mirror. while take gadgets that replace my office bag function, i smile to see the naked body that droops choked in that giant iron bed. air ac calm iknya sun morning that illuminate naked body kristo that stills to asleep. from the groin interrupt is seen former ceceran my sperm kutanam up to thrice on the previous evening. perlahan i come near him and i kiss the brow. " morning angel, get up yuk, you there meeting with ad agency this morning. . " " hmm. . morning charlie! " (lho as in hollywood film). ia slow open the eye and kiss my lip. " damn dude, my is ass still hurts! " protest it. " i am told you, it's a big baby down there! " answer me proud. " ah father, want again. . " he said lusted while touch joko my little. " also there meeting this morning pity father. . later day finished meeting you telpon i am deh. . we'll make some arrangements yes" " ah tired here. . " " udah, prey bathes, ntar mengomelin your father is lho kalo late" " i am know. . i am know. . i am kan udah big. . you same aja like papa-mama-" " okay deh, ciao bello! " " ciao father! " sebuah light kiss kuberi in the brow before i alight from topmost floor that condomium. " so fresh this morning den. dapet new girl yes? " greet driver kantor-. " ah engga, emang like it today fresh aja sir. . " reply me to smile to keep a secret insident actually. " yuk, road. . " belum until high noon, my telephone has ringed from kristo. " kang. i am confused deh ni, want to chosen agency which, the exercise one good at the concept, one good at media spending, one good -pengerjaannya, and one again good mengharganya. usually ngurus gini-gini-an at your office addresses sih? " " yes myself lah. try you udah who aja contact? " ia give several names contact persons from several company periklanan that he has met. " ah, he is mah the subordinate the aryan there, udah direct aja ask menghandle aryan why? " " oh can yes? " " yes depending how budget you also sih, must it sih udah big enough to at handle aryan deh. . " " ah confused ah, i chat it at your office aja may ga? " pinta with spoiled tone. " mm, may but there the condition. you bawain i am batagor at walkway half wtc gimana? " " ah the sir this boss, kalo same client eats at hotel, but kalo self stingy so" " lho say, this is bo matter stingy, but stomach problem, emang from formerly like it simple gitu lagian! " " okay deh wait me yes. . " tidak until one clock then simple face (and mupeng)- pampang in front of my table. hook the key berlogo four circles in a row that is almost fallen down from table end. " ow passion once sih kris. . " protest me to interrupted the kiss dasyat. " oh ok, sorry, boss eats formerly deh. . " " well gitu. . " ia get plate from latent cupboard and configuring basin my food a good wife. " please raden brother. . " " unfortunate you yes. . " " well, temporary you eat. . i also want to eat. . ehm. permission. . " ia is pushing office chair that i am occupying that then is enterring be table between my groin. adroitly he opens belt and risleting my trousers and interesting my chair to position at first. " crazy you. . " " i am udah miss same this. . " he said from under table. saya so confused between hungry passion batagor and slow my passion hungry passion begins to rise. " udah enjoy aja kang. . anggep aja delivery service plus, hehe. . " suara inhaling by passion full inhaling begin heard from table space under the bed so that i must harden composition result violin arrangement volume vivaldi in orchestra spring from four season suite. lidah expert begin kurasa play at head aperture hole penis. the lip begins clever adapt with solid body and big joko kecil- that. secretly he learns to gulp intact entire kelelakian. ah, so taste likely. tiba-tiba heard knock in my work space door. " day sir, sorry, i want signature. . eh, sorry to harry sir, i am not knowing if father is eating. . " " ga father cin, here i am tough formerly" answer me when am i sure that kristo know that there is guest not invited and he will not be seen from opinion cindy, my secretary. " lho kok smiles sir? " " cindy. . cindy. . i formerly want angry, but kok than tired better smile aja. i kan udah menginformasi that document has liked this kan there [are] the format and you are tired there is no need to ngarang self again. " " oh iya sir, sorry, so necessary i am kopi- from archives document? " " ga take care deh, than play around with. here, i am direct signature" " makasih sir. " said cindy roomy while leave room. " here, i am isep direct sir! " advanced kristo naughty while show proof kepiawaian the mouth shaped at least ceceran my sperm water remained in the lip ends. " crazy you, rather than stop formerly. " " udah kepalang account darling, lagian you like it udah ampir out a while ago. . " " gimana comfort day it, delicious kan? " tambahnya " oh super-duper, thank you dude. . but. . there less here. . desserts! " sebuah button kute to lock my room. and i interesting kristo to my lap. kulumat the lip that still wet with my sperm water and forcely my the shirt has pulled to on so that i immediately can menyusu in the bipple that ossify and tempt that. " wow, daddy calm down. . " respons-. dengan coarse i open the trousers up to sepaha and begin memasturbasi stick kelelakian. i perfoming my tongue in skin aperture fulup- that make him menggelinjang uncontrollably. then kuangkat the body up to the back nudges my work table. " show time dady" pinta. kedua the thigh that still bound by trousers not yet free thoroughly that me boost up towards the breast. now kuaklah the comfort hole that seen to glance and tempt my passion. " oh baby you are gutter some really nice ass. . " tanpa my command is direct menjilati the comfort hole that kucukur up to artless clean on the previous evening. obvious kristo clever restrain hole just for my individual comfort. " ahh, elder brother, delicious sekalihh. . " tidak half-hearted, three direct my fat fingers thrusts and move to heat casing dish whom i look forward to. " come on kang now. . " ular my brave dragon return to achieve steady position to kuperguna in game furthermore. dalam one death poke, entire that penis sticks is success steps into narrow hole nan elastic that. then i change to relax. i hush that foreign thing in anus my darling. i enjoy warm ring muscles game envelop and coddle libido- this. obvious slowly my penis stick admit of to bloom maximal in that lover cave. " ahh. . ohh. . still to expand kang. . ahh. delicious likely anget. . crowded. . " " pity, only you tau its way make that thing happen. . " timpal without concoct. then we smooch intimate without furthermore movement existence. mata sudden bulge out to like last night when does that my genitals base come along to expand and sea tear the anus aperture wall. pity, even so he has wanted to bawl the mouth kubungkam with my lip. " sorry, that one ga can i am control" i apologize while smile. dengan slow i begin to move out enter from the body. sometimes heard, sorry, flatus voice from the hole panting ask air from outside because very narrow and narrow size manner keperkasaan my vital tool. kristo-pun begin seen to relax and very enjoy my game. he is memejam when does my tongue nudge bebuluan soft although dense in the armpit. " damn, you smell good baby. . " " and you acres so big father, i am ga ever felt as taste as this. . " ketika my game begins to turn into coarse, kristo likely weak again hold back hujaman. " father, i'm gonna cum. . gonna cum. . gonna. . ahh. . hh. . hh. . " kristo pour out entire the manliness fruits contents in condom sempat i sandwich previous (to watch over kerapihan and bersihan office). he is mengelinjang repeatedly along with every crenellated the sperm outburst by that patron rubber. orgasme dasyat he is natural can kurasa also in clips anus that begin to give suck me with remarkable passion. kurasa that bendunganku-pun broken down in count several second this. sebelum all happen me drop entire my body loads in kristo above the thigh lipat to on. meagrely body twitch, the calmly (like within reason pass little) i ejaculate warm comfort liquid in my darling anus. almost two minutes muncratan by muncratan warm itupun still not finished (technique blessing prolongs orgasm whom i study at indians) so that now that liquid begins asa meleleh in my penis fruit exhaustion. lima minute expires up to my energy returns recover and slow i get up from on my darling body. " thanks. . what a great way to enjoy lunch? " " lunch? i am kirain udah menner all sangking the big! " timpal kristo with sweet the smile. perlahan kucabut my penis that begin melemas from that warm hole. oh, obvious the tomato head stills rather difficult out from the shackles. plop. heard head sound penis leave taste prison a while ago. a soon squat and watch closely hole anus that still megap after raping insident incredible just now that. then kubersih leavings spilled out from hole aperture still not close that with my finger. " . . sorry here, you ga father kan? the exercise umm, hole anus this is kok still to standagape like this yes, i can ngeliat sampe kedalem-dalem gini lho. . can nutup ga yes? " " hmm, ga tau also deh, but kemaren malem kan same also, only udah dark aja you ga ngeliat. sampe last morning i like it catch a cold from there gitu. . " " lho emang can yes? " " udah ga take care mempikirin, flutter penis super- that, may be i so napsuan gini. . finished mempake you like it there tuh empty so, want it to loaded then canal same you. . " " ah bener? " " iya beneran! " dengan permission extra that me soon implant stick kelelakian which actually admit of developed with interest maximal again. sperm liquid that still thick there work to like lubricant liquid my penis stick trip comfort increase in hole nan dark that. without mengindah kerapihan and office cleanliness again i feeled sperm remainder accommodated in anus a while ago begin spilled out my friction consequence. now i am ready for fired again. kuraih second slit the foot that still prepacked that the office trousers and kudekap in my arms tight as this second round my sperm water torpedo launching handle. " owaahh. . hh. . hh. . " semburan famous my sperm incredible many and thick that is sea menyisa empty space in second my relocation egg. my knee begins asa weak and i am fallen down in my chair with penis that still seen steady smeared with thick white liquid that joins in to wet areal feather jembut curly and solid that. penis kristo also melemah. the elastic buttocks bergelantungan at the end of my table begins to littered floor with my warm sperm drop that flows to like snow that melt from the comfort hole. " hey i am forgot my is desserts! " iakku few minutes then. a enjoy devoting taste sauce kristo from condom kukena to him a while ago. pemirsa, after several our connection months intertwins, so new this is in life i, i find a pair that can balance passion keperkasaan i. and not only that, besides he can enjoy it, may be i must admit that my darling one this obvious maniacer from myself.

anto that success climb dock then run up at we have tried to plunge us return. we are a moment bertatapan and hell grin kristo reappear. we are both now perform counter-attack with run up at anto now even startled and run to turn around direction. " byur! ! " anto success we" eliminate" . " hahaa. . " mungkin bobody being the wiser at that moment that i reply warm gaze kristo that survives up to almost two second. i am direct admires the beautiful body clean white only is coverred a lef of wet white trousers. sangking the thin that trousers, bebuluan black that be clear visible the bird nest under line penis doesn't lose to interesting from trousers the wet printed material a while ago. saya then membali body because felt rish self and soon wear gift cover elena afraid later estimated bonsensical by another guests. eh, is not expected, kristo now present menyampingku, hug the right hand in my shoulder. both we stared humans pretend jaim a while ago which actually now sensation self with passionate it warm sea and clear that. " bro, sorry a while ago, i am caw guesses your bathing trunk future bener free gitu. . here. . " without uncomfortable he takes bathing trunk mini-cooper i that from dock floor and give it in me. " well, isn't that is what you wanted anyway? " answer me to smile to the direction. the face then redden and he hurries to jump down to water again. sete ke-jaim-an each lost, evening that is us contents with karaoke (although our voice is by the skin of one's teeth, except voice kristo soft hear)ed, continued to play card with punishment drinks for that lose. karena kristo not yet familiar with card rule of the game" local" , very often we expressly make new regulations so that he must lose. two clocks then seen that he begin to speak and laugh sekena, mortallyest from between we are all. permainan" truth or dare" then spreaded out. that question is final falls to kristo. " truth or dare. you ga is daring to say feeling you as honest as it in one who you taksir! " menace roy. " dare! " answer kristo. " okay try! who and your plan whats? " ask jessica. kristo with totter stand. return elegant minimalis, alias only wear trousers capri, elastic the body and sweat that bergelimangan torchlight whom we flame. tawa they menggelegar return when watching kristo that halfshot that try to stand and merapih the shirt (actually not he impose)s. " okay listen to this, i am the person. . engg. . engga like berbel. . it-belit, direct aja yes: joko! (rest a moment) since first i am your tough at jakarta a while ago, i have begun naksir same you! ! " then he roars mengaharap welcome noisy from guests. tetapi what menyana? room turns into quiet lonely. like thunder that finish one village, heard only cricket voice. maklum beholder, at openness period likes this time, permanent matters likes this may be still assumed taboo. even also assumed such by class elite educated abroad likes friends elena this. " eh, you mabok kristo? " pull elena up to kristo almost fallen down in that wooden floor. " crazy you yes? joko that is totally straight! last month he is just broken off from the darling. i invite it to this place expecting him to can a little relax and release the idea load. now apa-apaan you this is embarrassinging your self, and also embarrassing myself in front of other friends? " semua quiet immovable. " and since when you turn into gay like this? what flutter lecture at london? " " not elena, i really from formerly like this, you aja caw notice! i'm your is best shopping buddy remember? i am understand your is style, i am know your is colors. which there cowo other intention nemenin you are expense until for hours out enter boutique? " " but still i am ga willing. . i am your willing caw soes like this kristo. . i am thought you acres one of my is best friends. . " " i am general still. . " answer kristo lemah waduh, i so to felt ngga delicious with this insident and prima facie, i felt pity with kristo definitive felt to judged in this points. " guys. . guys. . please let the poor guy calm himself first lah. . " cut me. " gini, i am that be" victim" here ripe ngga interrogated the opinion? " . mereka begin to smile little, only that elena and kristo. " okay, first, honest aja i felted a little geer with welcome kristo a while ago. like this, if cowo aja sampe felt interested with me, kan doesn't close possibility if also may be felt and so do women. " " oh shut up, base playboy class kakap! " reply ana while help to liquefy atmosphere. " lho. . lho not so ana. . gini deh, makasih on honesty kristo. lagian kan a while ago we played truth or dare. maybe that's the truth which during the time narrow haunt kristo, kan we are ngga tau. or may be alcohol dominate the cognizance? but a little tip make kristo aja here, next time, before" nembak" adain back-ground check formerly k'nape? " " hahaha. . " they return on course relax. " yes udah. . we are udah tired, udah malem eh udah this morning, may be now we are rest formerly time yes? " " now i am want ngomong mano-a-mano with kristo like it is stilling shock gitu. wanda you please tenangin elena formerly yes. okay other may break up. kristo you come along me now. . " ketika rumour begins heard. " eh, don't berpikiran not formerly! i am promise kristo ga i gebukin kok. . and definitive ga i shall rape! " mereka return to laugh and a pillow flies in my face. kami perambulate coast. kristo now seen bot at all drunk walk slow at half i. " i am know that is you weren't drunk dude. . " i begin. " how do you know? " he asks balik " i am sempat work voluntir in foundation that take care of alcoholism in adolescent. i am know the signs and the symptoms. and definitive i tau capacity drank you certain far more many than you tenggak a while ago, true kan? " " iya sih. " " then why do you pretend mabok? so that they will want to forgive you tomorrow morning? " " well, yea. . that's part of the plan. . " " okay, i am gutter three words for you" " well done buddy! " " lho? " " great plan. tomorrow morning you will apologize to them and also to me in front of they are because you are drunk and can not controls your mouth self" " but. . that is was the truth! " " i am know! has you mistaken me for a fool? " " so? " " ga there necessary tau your condition is actually. at least there is no between we this is necessary tau. " " then you self? " " the purpose? " ask saya " yes gimana your response towards my statement a while ago? " " oh that. . sorry here man, but i'm musical note gay. " ia then stop the step. only wave pounding voice heard. moon light illumines soft sand item asa soft at our foot. " lho why? what do you expect? " ask me. " no, it's your is right, i am made a mistake i am guess" timpal weak. kemudian i turn body face it. my hand wipes hair that cover the brow. he is bug eyed see that my treatment. then i am mengalungi with my arm. " dude, i don't know what i am felt today. actually i also interested same you although i am never feel this matter is previous towards man fellow. may be god has given you to console me which is just died secretly get married by woman fuck that" " oh. shit. sorry, i am mendn't know that" " of course, there acres a lot of things you mendn't know about me. then why can you naksir i? " " like it you are good the person, wise and tongkrongan that, gimana yes. . , like yuppies abis. like it successful in your effort. well, definitive sih ehm, your style is that gimana yes, macho abis, like pure indonesia man and gahar that can make pregnant cewe one village! " " gelo unlucky emang you want to so one of them? " " mm. . " he smile little. " and your is menck man, it was like soo huge man! " " ssh, later kedengeran same other! " waktu expire a few moments when do we hush. " and. . ehm, you self also cute so kok. . very nice ass. hehe. . " . ctar! ! hard clap in the buttocks heard splits loneliness evening. then warm kiss and full love kububuh in thin the lip and sexy that. keeso morning it true, he apologizes on" confusion" he is perbuat at evening previous. and as according to his my request denies all the words self and decide that for unnecessary there that know conditon actually. but on the contrary, he actually is not knowing that he being approached a sheep hairy wolf (that would be me). karena size and maniac passion seks- big, only several womans that can genuinely enjoy game handal. may be from that me later berpikiran to look for somebody genuinely can appreciate me to what existence and definitive he must can reply keperkasaan. is it possible that that man kristo? dari situ our friendship is both at begins.

actually our meeting not intentional. i am invited by former my lecture friend to relaxes last night at a the family individual island at archipelago area one thousand. kami berdelapan (with four woman)s and a dog papillon little quarrelsome named tania, then promise to meet at slip marina ancol on saturday morning that. teman i am elena, then come with the loyal assistant (that wants us reliability test cook it) to along with one person supercute previous obvious sempat" mengacak" the tuft likes delon in indonesian idol. pria that is berwajah oriental and dress up neat like within reason member new york city that want to go on vacation and relax at exclusive region the hamptons or long island. " joko, this is kenalin adek my class is time stills sma. . " " hello, kristo. . " he said short while introduce the name. " hi, joko. . lecture friend elena formerly at dc" i am menjawab gaya fresh once kristo this. clean white face with winsome smile. " joko, because you patientest. . i ask you later many nemenin the kristo this yes. . know ten years at london and just return to the ground water, so the indonesia language must be trained to return yes. . " said elena kecentilan with style socialite young jakarta within reason. entah why do i not take exeption to to get that noble task. separuh guest that invited that not yet i know. and as usual i guess, friends elena this is of course come from influential families at bilantika this capital (okay, may be belong myself also sih). perjalanan to island that consume time around four this clocks us contents with jokes laughter and catching up with friends by accident long hasn't meet. kristo apparently rather confused follow our beginning discussion because limitedness bahasa-, the brow shrinks each time he finds sentence not so he comprehends. furthermore we decide to continue discussion in language mixes (alias mix indo-english) so that crispy permanent discussion but permanent can be followed by kristo. setengah trip expires kristo then get up and move to abaft yacht little that. bervously he holds patron fence while visible difficulty breathes. " you okay kris? " i decide to accompany it after a few moments pay attention it from area sit. " um, musical note really, i am gutter sea sick so easily. . is that the term. . seasick? " " oh i guess you ngga can swim so that fear pale your cutting so. . " ia try to smile sour hold back the sick taste. " a moment i get medicine yes. . " " okay. . " kemudian i extradite medicine and our finger touches a moment when does that cold water glass change hands. he smile little that make me wriggle with aura he transmits. damn, is the purpose that? untung he not sempat vomit because when do we huddle at island only loaded one bungalow that. the face soon beam because the suffering has finished. ma day chicken burns soybean sauce so so taste presented by mbak yusi interlarded wave swing and music lounge that decorate space relaxes bungalow that. we decide to berleyeh-leyehan during two clocks with play cards before decide to swim at clear water that clear blue coloured. atmosphere very calm without disturbed voice motorboat from manapun also. tiba-tiba my opinion is patri in kristo that approaches me with only wear a white coloured thin basketball trousers (likes america adolescent bathing trunk). ow, talk at random my idea. why seen sexy once he? clean white the body with sweat that makes the stomach six-pack that is sun light lustrous. dan when is he waving his arms up at where am i fishing that dock end, cigarette that hang at my lip end almost fallen down. bebuluan dark black dense is seen very contrast in the body very white that. ah, that young rose colored the bipple is sea ready i dine as casing dish. (yes forgiveness, give me strength to bertahan) tiba-tiba the face changes naughty, i know that the wolf grin purpose. just when do i ready for stand, he is then run to strike hard my back, mengalung second lenggan from my back and with the body load swings us both free fall from wood dock. " unfortunate kristoo! ! " i bawl startled. untung purse and hp- i lived in bungalow a while ago. another guests comed to run up at my place fishes a while ago and they now pingkal-pingkal watching scene a while ago that make me now reside in that calm sea with the cute (but unfortunate) kristo. tidak how long then i feel somebody embraces my waist and try drown i. oh, unfinished apparently shock kristo a while ago? want to play physical, okay lah i reply now. beberapa minute expires by ear kecipak crowded water because we try mutual drown one same another until ourselves runs breath. another guests have begun to smear sun-screen in body" dewa-dewi" they as insurence from sengatan sun that can botch" beauty" they. " look at them. . " i aim opinion kristo " he said going to island but ga there that want wet, gimana sih? " my advanced. kristo then approach me and (once again) embrace me while whisper at my ear, " okay how if we ambush they and we throw them to water? " wajah almost menempel in my face. the breath blowing that still panting wipe my cheek skin. i only can smile look at that sweet face. " okay, we are pretend relax swim to those dock ladder. . " " rise and then we surprise them? " the advanced ask. ketika i want to move to swim up at dock, the embrace not yet want him get out of this my wet body. " wait. . sehabis that is we'll make them. . " he returns membisiki my ear. but wait a minute. what is that? i feel the penis stick begins to ossify in my left thigh surface. even less with ombang-ambingnya we in water level that causes our body must mutual scour. " okay, prey, now? " i begin uncomfortable in our body nearness i don't know why likely very tempt my passion. " okay go! " he pushes me. sialan (once again). the right hand obvious sempat holds my bathing trunk from hind so that when do i leave for to go away. free bathing trunk speedo in the style of cowo japonaise really only as wide as leaf kelor that. sumpah, between shy and want easy-going. i now am not wearing a lef of benangpun at that clear waters! kristo soon swim to go away while melambai-lambai speedo i am as the victory sign. this matter is of course is enjoyed carefully especially by women pretend jaim. they will begin to stand at dock edge watches what i and or kristo will do furthermore. " ok, if this is he wants. let it be dah! " said me at heart. dengan relax me devolve my trip up to to that wood dock. i have feeled entire stare has undressed my body (really naked that) now try to climb ladder. mungkin my body is kecoklatan and may membilang solid this be seen to like sea god son incarnation so that that spy bug eyed and bot to stir a pag from my body. dengan relax me walk up at they. i feel my penis head as big as that tomato (although stills" asleep" ) swing along my step up at they. and when do i come up with area they sit in the sun that, (such as those which i intended), entire opinions centrally in area kelelakian i. " okay, satisfied? " ask me in them while widen second arm likes the jack in film titanic. " wow, joko, umm, i am mendn't know yours acres soo. . ehm, big" reply wanda, the owner tania also come along to stare my naked body. " ow, jeng, ell emang old fashion. ripe ga ever denger sih tentang " legend joko" strong whole jakarta that? " timpal ana, my friend is other. " lho emang you udah ever sleep with joko? " ask wanda " ow base kuper, joko this is playboy class one the hobby takes model darling or stewardess jeng. . " " shh. . whoa. . whoa. . ! the person stills here udah menggosipin. base mothers arisan! " shout me. mereka all guffaw the low noisy. slowly opinion man guests begins to move from my body and they begin to continue the discussion each. may be there that be feel inferior after enjoy beautiful view" size does matter" a while ago. " base proud you knockout. . here, pake. . let ga catch a cold. . " violent elena while throw a sheet of cover up at i. tiba-tiba kristo stand behind they and at the same moment give code to me to begin to push those lazy guests up at water. " waa" that dock is so crowded until finished them we push all to sea. " sukurin loe in! ! " shout me. " sorry guys, this is his idea! " advanced kristo bawl while indicate to my direction. " delicious aja loe! ! " i try to push kristo step into sea again.

sunday day that, i don't have activity little, want out lazy because so city heat surabaya that make me to dislike to sit in the sun under iknya sun. so i kill times me race my friend telephone that be my intimate friend and between we there is no secret again necessary have been hidden because we each detect siapakah our self each, although so then bright aja we are never make that exceed besides only chat with not there juntrung from ngalor until ngidul and return again, because we too intimate and we can mutual feel curhat we one between another. " hi race, gimana your news? then bright aja i am today again lazy out, so us chat it telephonic aja yaa" " ok, " then continue it again, " oh yaa yesterday i am acquaitance same child only several blocks aja from my house, and he is apparently newcomer, because still not yet many the friends" " may not i know the name and the telephone number" akhir race mentions a name and that name johny alongs with with all the telephone number. " try you call him who knows him welcome ama you" " ok, trims deh, " then terminate my discussion daytime that with race. dengan taste will doubt will contact johny or not, same approximately ten my minutes cogitates, final kuberani myself pressed bew number was given by race a while ago. " hi, of whom this? " kudengar voice enough friendly and there is no proud impression absolutely, more make to embolden self speaks prolonging with him. until final pembibaraan begin menjurus up at that smell sek, and obvious mengapun also receive it although not seberani i. cap it all out my pronunciation. " may not i kerumah you? " " when? " jawabnya " now yaa" " don't now, i still not yet ready for get your arrival, " refuse it softly. " then when again, " timpal. " yeah at some time aja, khan still many times" akhir kuakhiri our discussion is with promise in a moment i am akn contact it toes. ***** sete via two week time, i am final remember to contact it to return. " hi, address here? " answer it. " i. . " answer me sekena. " oh you anyway, " the advanced. " still inget what not? " ask me. " yes bright still inget" dan final our discussion begins menghangat again until approximately almost half hour the long, until my ear asa hot hit handset telephone. but so sale items more menghangat still kuterus. " john, mine stand here hear your story" " ah ripe gitu aja make you stand, " ask it. " iya here, " my advanced, " enable me kerumah yaa, this time" " ok, but on condition that we only chats aja lho, " then the advanced, " i am not want if we play, i am not yet ready" " ok, deh, " answer me, " but not know lho if keterusan yaa, " tempt it. sete telephone kututup, akupun soon take my motor soon kupacu up at the house not how does far from my house may be approximately around 5 km, kutempuh not too long. sete close to address that given, my heart soes deg-degan because during the time although often telephonic contact but we are never meets. when kuketuk the door, obvious that appear a corporeal boy enough tall because really the body doesn't expire big, smile cordially. " come on, enter" " thanks, " kataku sete take seat meruang the guest only named a carpet so that we are both sit according to lesehan aja, and that exactly make me to relax without having to posed formal hadapnya. kami chat here there and mutual submit question from our self each really not yet known, until final not know me expressly or not kutepuk the shoulder by accident he sitting membelakangki. there startled taste in self, but there is no comment or tone protests secretory from the mouth. while previous i have promised to hasn't step farther besides only chat. sampai final kuelus soft the back from on down, he quiet permanent. and kuulangi again, even baughtier my hand again that is with infiltrate into the singlet neck up at tenguk. he appears menggelinjang and even begin to enjoy every my touch mendaerah the ear ear lobe. and kudengan hiss voice out from the mouth and end. . " ow, brother. . i am not hold back here! " " come on kekamar aja" sambil he begins to get up to stand from position place aims up at the room kuikuti from the hind. and without his command is direct menggeletak menempat sleep it while sprawling with eye that is closed and mouth menggangga expect my attack. akhir kusergap he is that sprawling and kuciumi begin from backside the ear ear lobe, the hind part neck up at the nose and a moment fight nose with nose and then go down up at the lip, kuterus down again up at the chin former shaved so that kurasa delicious coarse my passion increase to mecumbu more again. then i go down again keleher while he is then mendesis-desis like snake. " sss. . oohh, ow brother" " ahh. . ooohh, sstt" sambil kujulur my tongue merayapi the breast, my hand begins to open one after another singlet button mengenakannya and all kuangkat that singlet passes the neck while then kudengar the groan that ill defined. then and then down aims left the milk bipple and right and kedada part middle then decrease until kepusar, and kupermain a moment the navel hole with my tongue not henti-henti mejilat kekanan and kekiri. sete satisfied play mempusarnya so my hand feeled selakangan i feeled ossify since a while ago so asa jut mendadaku a while ago but i am out for ignore it because i want to give flattery maximal to it and doesn't want to pressforward with direct sexual contact. kuremas slowly that gibbosity is by hand my left and also out for open the blue colour jeans trousers button that is worn daytime that, after success free the button eats my right hand begins to interesting down the trousers zipper until kulihat real meat gibbosity as big as banana ambon that and then kulorot the trousers until loose, live celdal white coloured that stills remained. although so i don't want hurry to soon enjoy banana ambon that. kutelusuri the thigh with my tongue lick from right thigh and left thigh final my lick anchors melipatan the thigh segaris with fold celdal, kujilati left fold and right by turns, until kurasa his arms seize by the hair my hair intimate feeling and guide my head to soon anchor menonjolannya that. akhir kubuka also celdal that white colour and kulihat a bar of penis with red the head colour kecoklatan fungoid merang that developings berdenyut-denyut. and without fritter time soon my tongue aims border between head and batangya i am taste sensitiveest. kurasa he is menggelinjang, and lick more go down down up at the penis fruit poke two seed that and then go down down again up at border with the hole. dan " aaauuhh. . , delicious brother, come on then brother" " aaahh. . ssstt" " come on brother, i am not hold back, fast input yours to my hole" lalu kuambil my saliva to wet mine really since a while ago stand tense and kulihat mengujung penis there [are] clear liquid. then slow kumasu my stick into the hole and kudengar breath bated to a moment and kuhenti for so that he can feel illness disappear. kemudian kupacu enter out and progress to retreat while his arms shake penis self. " aaahh. . ow brother, i want out here" " sorry yaa, i am out ahe, " he said. " enggak pa, i also want until here, " my word. " aaahh, " crut crut crut spilled the sperm water on the stomach and not how long again. " ohhaahh" kutarik fast penis and i am face downward embrace it while kupancar my comfort water on also so that the sperm water and my sperm water mixes to be one while kugesek-gese and still kurasa leavings that comfort our bew obtains almost concurrent. sete finished and mutual mengelus breast each, i am final run kekamar bathe to clean body from sweat asa sticky and after finished mengapun also kekamar bathe same also to clean the body smeared with pejuh we that. sete he dresses to return us final sit meruang the guest while interlarded light sale items, apparently after he bathed didn't wear the jeans trousers again but change with white colour shorts from interrupts selakangan seen the white colour underwear a while ago. apparently naughty my hand can not hold peace to see scenery likes, then begin kuelus-elus the thigh menumbuhi hair not how does dense and then to on again aim the thigh fold region and kudengara fizz it to return. " aaahh, oohh" dan kuraba selakangan, obvious penis twist to get up again and kurasa more and more stiff. impressing makim make me bouncy to then flatter it again and i find a lot of sensitive pointss menubuhnya that makes it more angsang. while sometimes he smile amenity with eye that closed. akhir kubuka again the short trousers and kulihat stick penis so ngaceng ossify curved approach the navel. kugapai and kumasu in my mouth really since a while ago not ever want mengem that. kumasu the head that blossom and kukulum, kukenyot benjolan the head and final kumasuk release with definitive rhythm. " aaaoohh, aauuhh" " opo iki yoo sing mengarani surgo donyo yaa" a quiet, while then continue my activity that still unfinished up to final. " oohh brother, i want out here" makin my spirit is mengulum until kurasa denyut-denyutan from penis kuhisap and there warm taste, salty, sweet, putrid but all that is kusukai and kutelan all gone. when kudongak my head to see the reaction, only kulihat a smile with lick li and he whispers word, " from which you learn all this" " you koq pinter make me satisfied, while during the time if i fiddle around with my my pair not seterangsang this, because usually i always mobile mencumbui my pair and sometimes i felt bored and i also pengin mencumbui like you a while ago and pengin enterred also" " trims yaa, you make me have to get what kuangan-angan during the time" " hmm, " only guman that answer all the comment. " john, you not repentant yaa, because i have denied my promise to hasn't play sex with you in the early our meeting" kulihat only the smile that reply my question, and i can guess it that he very enjoy with game just now we do. what moment then i take leave same he. " ok john, i go home formerly yaa! " kataku " may not i repeating it again, " my advanced. " yeah easy if i am again pengin with your game style, i shall contact you again, " with special the smile. dalam my trip goed me still to haunt pamainan with johny a while ago and my word at heart. " in a moment later i shall give surprise will make you with my game violenter again" walaupun at heart i haven't wanted has johny as my pair because i have known him has permanent pair so loyal and also pencemburu. only as interlude insides fill wearisome days and asa so long to passed alone. tapi if the name backstreet certain delicious and leave an impression, tull what not? apakah i this belong tempter type or what yaa?

pole smile sweet and guide kevin get up. menghadiahinya the mouth with warm kiss. then he whispers soft at ear kevin. . " suck my breast yes, pity. " tanpa must be asked twice kevin juxtapose the face to pole breast and menghisap-hisap the bipple left side mencuat tense that. the colour kecoklatan fresh make kevin more desire to suck it. powerfully menghisapnya pole left breast, temporary his arms memilin-milin breast the other one again. smoothly pole whispers again to kevin. . " pinch pity, pinch hard, " pinta. " aah! " scream pole bated when kevin genuinely pinch the breast. sekarang change the bipple right side that be mouth target kevin. this is kevin doesn't suck it but only menjilati and memulas-mulas pole right breast while once in a while menggigit-gigit little. second pole valve is bigger, hard, and red after kevin finished work on it. pole returns to give kevin with soft kiss at lip. " brother knows not what very i am idam-idam from brother body during the time? " ask kevin " say pity, " pole word while kiss lip kevin. kevin tuck the radius into pole armpit fold that sweat then menjilati radius. pole startled because doesn't expected there guy that like the armpit aroma. kevin then tuck the finger into liapatan pole armpit and menjilati. " you like my armpit smell pity? you not disgusting? " ask pole. " not brother! i your armpit aroma so much. i want always can do this. " pole lifts second the arm and second fullfiedged the armpit is seen. " enjoy pity, " he said while hand the armpit to face kevin. kevin doesn't muff pole offer. membenamkannya the face in pole armpit fold. menghirupnya pole armpit aroma semaksimal may be. the smell really male and intoxicate. menjilatinya that armpit, likely salty and sour, the plume makes tongue kevin asa kasap, sometimes menggigitnya also that plume. " then pity, go on enjoy my armpit, " pole groans while meracau because comfort mengalaminya. " come on mother! mother likes father armpit khan? " " yes father, mother likes once father armpit. section once father armpit, " kevin answer also while meracau. puas with one armpit, kevin move to other armpit. sensation incredible return mengalaminya. final because not hold back again pole pushes body kevin so that fall to iron bed. fiercely menerkamnya and menyobeknya clothes and trousers that worn kevin so that now kevin lying naked without a sheet of thread even also cling at the body. the face merona red realize naked self before the ideal man. pole self soon remove the trousers. now he also artless naked before kevin. tubuh big pole overbears cute body kevin. they are bercium-ciuman swop tongue and saliva. pole crawlss to go down menciumi and menjilati second thigh kevin slender and white. kevin fondle pole head. after satisfied enjoy thigh kevin, pole body beringsut rise to return then menciumi lip and cheek kevin. " brother, i want to say a certain but i am shy, " word kevin suddenly. " say pity, why shy? " pole says while then menciumi the darling cheek. " emm. . like this brother. i know me doesn't has breast like your wife, but i want to fancy at this my breast there a pair breast that wants kupersembah to you, " said kevin pussyfoot. pole chuckls to hear words kevin. " of course pity. without feign even also i like your breast. " lalu smoothly mengulumnya milk bipples kevin. eye kevin until pejam-pejam because the taste sensation mengalaminya. he is felting to like a wife that is presentsing the property most beautiful to beloved husband. " ehmm. . so taste netek at mother breast likes this, " pole praise. kevin wipe then kiss pole head hears that praise. thick pole tongue, warm, and wet asa soft membuai the breast bipples. " eeh my father pity, " kevin wheeze continuous. he feels the milk bipples ossifies and bigger than at first. " lie down face downward pity, " pole word then. kevin follow. tiang menciumi neck and ear backside kevin then move to go down menciumi the back. body kevin menggelinjang get treatment in such a manner. when come up with buttocks part kevin, pole fumbles and meremas-remas beforehand second buttocks hunk kevin before menciumi. " produce a little your buttocks pity! " pole command. kevin follow. dicium and menggigitinya second buttocks hunk kevin. the radius traces the buttocks split. kevin yell little when pole radius menusuk-nusuk the buttocks. " ill yes pity? under arrest yes! " dimasukkan again the radius into hole anus kevin tight because still that virgin. buttocks kevin wiggle to hold back ill taste and taste that concurrent. pole then perfoming the radius in buttocks kevin. once in a while menjilatnya the radius. " emm. . piquant, " mumble it. kemudian pole mementang second bungkahan buttocks kevin so that opened the buttocks split. the hole that contract young rose colored. menjulurkannya the tongue menjilati wall and hole anus the darling. liquid anal membanjir out from within hole anus kevin. pole sucks to finished liquid. " emm. . the taste your taste hole liquid taste pity, " say pole without one second even also stop the deed menjilati anus kevin. kevin can not answer except with menggoyang-goyang his sign buttocks enjoy this treatment. sete satisfied menjilati buttocks kevin, pole holds and mengocok-ngocok the penis stick self. he baste it with liquid precum that wet hole urinate it. memposisikannya the penis in buttocks split kevin. before he continues pole the deed whispers words at ear kevin. . " now pity, i want menunai my task as a husband. siapkah you? " kevin nod and answer. . " kuserah my virginity in you brother, take! i am ready menunai my task as a wife. " tiang aim the penis in hole mouth anus kevin, then slowly but certain menghentakkannya the hip so that entire that penis sticks is melesak enters, sink into hole anus kevin. bles! " auff! ! " scream kevin hold back ill. batang pole penis menembus hole defense anus like to want to split it to be two. so ill really. pole lets kevin attune self with the penis existence in the buttocks. he doesn't do anything besides menciumi cheek kevin and console it. . " hold back yes pity! really ill initially, but sometime later you accustomed even like it. " dan really little by little that pain taste peters. pole holds hip kevin and begin to move the hip self maju-mundur. stick peler move in and out buttocks kevin. friction between pole penis and wall anus kevin evoke comfort sensation incomparable. because kevin still virgin, movement in and out pole penis in the buttocks rather sendat-sendat cause mending-dindingnya pinch strong pole penis. but exactly matter that's that evoke taste taste. " hgghh! so tight your hole pity! i am memerawani pity, " pole mengentot while meracau. . " want likely i am mengentoti your buttocks forever. " gera pole hip faster, he also does pirouetting so that the penis in buttocks kevin come along rolling. sound kecipak arising from liquid anal kevin and precum from pole penis wets walls anus kevin gesek-gesek. tiang mengentot while feel and knead bungkahan buttocks kevin. once in a while menaboknya bungkahan that buttocks is so that kevin mengetat muscles in the buttocks. that stroke the sound is heard loud. tar! tar! sometimes mengangkatnya second his arms so that only the hip that move maju-mundur exactly like cowboy menunggangi the horse. if like this pole will bawl, " yeehaw! " kevin self doesn't say anything during that. he doesn't want to say anything. he only memejam the eye enjoys that coition. here's the first coition. various feeling and mixed emotion in the mind. estimate kevin painfulness, pole delays the movement and then posed soft to him. merebahkannya both of them body. menciuminya cheek and lip kevin from hind. " you enjoy it pity? " " yes brother! " tiang pull the penis from buttocks kevin. kevin sempat felt dissapointed because estimate pole wants to end their lovemaking. but apparently only want to change position. memperintahkannya kevin so that recumbent, then mengangkatnya second foot kevin to on the shoulder and return memposisikannya the penis in hole mouth anus kevin and mendorongnya enter. bles! this fluenter than a while ago, but so kevin permanent feel ill although not senyeri a while ago. sete lost illness taste, pole returns mengocok-ngocok the penis in buttocks kevin. this is them copulate to confront with face. they are mutual kiss, mutual feel, and mutual pinch. pole mengentot kevin in such a manner so that body kevin guncang-guncang. sweat flows quick at their body but they don't cared it. kepala kevin angguk-angguk to left and to right follow their coition rhythm. the tongue a little sticked out out, the eye goggles so that the black part almost losts. from the mouth heard the words meracau. . " hggh! hggh! habisi i am brother! marry mother, marry this your wife! " pole increases spirit listen it. menghisapnya again breast bipples kevin. " aww father! marry mother, father pity! make pregnant mother with big father penis! " tiang do movement pump it faster. kevin felt self likes a girl middle raped by seroang man bertubuh solid. until at one time pole penis movement in buttocks kevin asa sendat-sendat. " aargh father wants out pity! " said pole haltingly. " release in father! inculcate benih-benih in my uterus. impregnate me father! " crrtt! ! gush pejuh thick from pole penis end likes volcano vomits up lava. likely warm and sticky fulfil buttocks hole kevin. at the same time kevin even also experience orgasm. white liquid meleleh out from penis. tiang pull the penis from buttocks kevin. pejuh flow out spilled from buttocks kevin. he is merebah the body above body kevin, the breath sengal-sengal. kevin lying shadow pole sperm cells berenang-renang enter the body. if he is a woman that has uterus. . now kevin can feel task wt a wife in serve husband at iron bed, even less if the husband man likes pole the sex power so great. sete lost tired at their body, pole menciumi cheek and lip kevin. " you are satisfied pity? " ask pole. " very satisfied brother! brother crass brave. want likely i repeating all that. first my love affairs. i am wonderful you are man that get my virginity. " mereka lie down to embrace each other. finger kevin curved play above pole breast. " brother, will brother love me furthermore? " kevin change to ask. " of course pity! i am proud there person as pretty as merimu that give the virginity in me. " " i thirst for can pregnant and presents fruit loves us in you from my uterus. " pole laughs to hear imagination kevin. " to what end? " ask it. " in order to that call you father and call me mamma, " answer kevin coquettish and spoiled. pole doesn't answer only knead finger kevin and kiss it. any way all berawal from that curved finger. sejak moment that is kevin be" second wife" pole. pole often let pass evening, be in love with kevin at home the leased, sometimes until dua-tiga evening, and kevin serve it as should a loyal wife.

kevin a boy bleeds aged dutch 20 year. clean white the skin and cute the face augmentings winsome the smile makes it to be discussion girls at the campus. but boone between that girls is that makes kevin interested because he realizes the interest sexually exactly in class of a kind it self. tipe man that be the ideal aborigines man berkulit dark and well built tall corporeal. kevin often not can hold back self to can not do masturbation if by accident come in contact with man like that. he always shadow self is man sex object berciri physical such. suatu day, because a problem, kevin get acquainted with a policeman officer nameds pole. aged pole 32 year. the skin blackness with well built tall the body with a pair solid arm makes self soon be" imagination darling" kevin. fact that pole has keeped house and has two moppet can not decrease fantasy kevin to can be in love with pole one day later. kevin always feel the buttocks hole is itchy each time shadow naked pole at front it with the penis that sways ready menyetubuhi. kevin guess black pole penis and long that is certain wild and savage if be on duty, definitive that penis berpejuh fertile because produce two childs. sete that problem is finished, kevin often invite pole comes to the leased house enough luxurious to merely drinks or relax to watch dvd/vcd or play playstation. kevin really live in leased house because the old person that presents to live in city other. because kevin youngest child that be kesayangan second the old person, they equip leased house kevin with various facilities and freshment. but kevin averse when the old person also offered a assistant to live with it and administer the need. he felts freeer live alone and administer everything self. lebih-lebih he doesn't want the assistant suspicious if in a moment he goes to bring man spends. tiang as a policeman with salary by the skin of one's teeth felt glad on invitation kevin. he is glad can enjoy all freshment at home kevin. pole self doesn't felt there strange with invitation or attitude kevin sometimes very spoiled to it. he has considerred kevin like the younger brother self. suatu evening, when are they watching tv while drinking stout from the bottle, suddenly pole holds hand kevin smoothly. then he said. . " whew so curved your radius! never i see guy with radius as curved as this. " although startled on pole action, kevin only laugh, then he said. . " new drink several beer bottles kok had a glass to much sih brother? brother certain drunk sampe ngelantur like gitu. " pole doesn't cared words kevin, he is exactly meremas-remas hand kevin while say. . " radius as curved as this is the suitable is given kiss. " and he is genuinely menciumi radius kevin. bagai terrible electric current sting, kevin interesting his arms. pole likes aware from the deed unnatural. he stares face kevin with droopy opinion and say low. . " pregnant my wife again. " " whew! congratulation yes brother! must it happy brother with this pregnancy is! why does gloomy brother face so? " " you khan know the pregnancy age that still early make it not can menunai the task as a wife. a month this me not ngeseks with my wife, " pole complaint. kevin felt moved hear penuturan pole. moved taste, that augmenting previous pole deed, make kevin then embolden self membelai-belai pole face. pole lets curved finger kevin membelai-belai the face. he is exactly enjoy touches. kevin act braver again with put ashore kiss at forehead and pole nose. he doubts to kiss pole lip, but exactly pole head that draw away to kiss lip kevin. detik next they passionate have smooched. pole pulverizes lip kevin and crane wet the tongue explores mouth kevin. between believe and not, kevin submit to get treatment such from man that long mengidam-idamkannya that. he enjoys pole kiss in such a manner so that wheeze long. . " aah brother! " then pole whispers soft to it. . " i am most like guy berkulit bright and cute like you. i am pity you. want not you so my darling? " " want brother! oh, want once i so your darling! long i mengimpi one day be brother darling and intimate with brother likes this. " " you still virgin? " pole asks. kevin nod the head. . " i am willing presentss my property that most valuable to brother, to man kucintai. " mereka return to smooch. then kevin say. . " but i don't want if only mengentot myself. i want us play to love to like within reason a pair darling, foregone wooing that arouse. " only laugh to hear words kevin. " of course pity! we shall play to love, not merely ngentot. if you want you call me 'father and i call you 'mother will shall so us exactly wife husband. " how does the glad heart kevin hear pole words. " we are to my room brother! " he said. kevin get up to want to walk to aim the room, when suddenly he feel upraised the body. apparently pole carry it. " i felt to like recently married wants to face first night with beloved husband, brother, " word kevin while menyender the head at pole breast. " consider tonight our first night, " answer pole while membopong body kevin aim the room. they are then smooch along trip. sesampai at room, pole demotes kevin from gendongan. kevin want to lie down at when does pole call it soft. . " pity, ripe your husband kaubiar mencopoti the shirt self, help father pity! " " oh, iya, forget if now i have haved, " kevin titter tickle with the pronunciation self. satu by one melepaskannya button in pole policeman uniform. each time release one button, they smooch so that rather pole new long can remove the shirt. now pole is standing breast bareness before kevin. as in dream kevin stretch his arms fumble and membelai-belai pole breast a little hairy that. apa which during the time membayangkannya hit pole body really true. tall, well built, and berdada area, appear pole very male and brave breast bareness like that. the appearance authority increase dark the skin. but most make eye kevin bug eyed spellbound pole armpit fold which during the time never melihatnya. very section with black plume that grows dense, even less moment that is in a state of wet by sweat. kevin not again hold back self. soon he is menciumi pole breast, menjulurkannya the tongue to menjilati sweat that wet pole body. pole body aroma asa very special man: male, sharp, and strong. pole memejam the eye enjoys treatment" new wife" he is in the body while once in a while heard heavy mooing voice out from the mouth. lidah kevin then move menjilati every pole body span. now he moves to go down menjilati pole stomach although thick but flat. at pulas-pulas region around hairy pole navel while once in a while the tongue menjulur steps into pole navel hole. pole groans great each time this happen. kevin kneel before pole and immerse the face in pole genitals region. menelusurinya pole penis stick sembul and printed in tight the uniform trousers. pole tries to release to tie the waist but kevin prevent it and say. . " let me that do it brother. this is task a wife. " kevin release pole belt and open button with restleting the trousers. looked at white coloured pole underwear and appear menggembung by penis that jut at return it. pole helps kevin memerosot a little uniform trousers and depth trousers so that now the penis stick is spurted out. sway in a state of semi ngaceng in front of face kevin exactly such as those which during the time menghayalkan by it. big, long, brawny, and black coloured, appear pole penis appearance same the authoritative with the owner. the base part menumbuhi dense by curly black plume. secretory aroma from there makes kevin drunk kepayang. dijulurkan the tongue menjilati pole penis head part that circumcised and coloured keunguan. menyapu-sapukannya the tongue in hole urinates at that penis head end. then menjilatinya that penis stick is to the base part. menciuminya rerimbunan feather jembut pole sometime later likely want to sip to finished the manliness aroma. kemudian menggenggamnya that penis and mengangkatnya a little so that now pole penis seed as big as tennis ball is seed in front it. membukanya wide the mouth likely want menelannya overall pole penis seed. but as wide as whatever kevin open the mouth, that penis seed is permanent out of proportion to accessible into the mouth entire. final he only menjilati while mengocok-kocoknya penis that stay in his arms grip. tiang only moo and groan by ear heavy during the time. now suddenly he is wild. at hold on it head kevin so that permanent in place, then slow but certain mendorongnya enter the penis stick into mouth kevin. apparently impossible if overall big penis stick and long that accessible into mouth kevin, but that's that. pole let kevin a moment so that can attune self with the penis in the mouth, then slowly the hip draws away and retreat so that the penis stick out enter in mouth kevin. kevin must open wide the mouth so that can mengakomodasi entire pole penis sticks if he doesn't want to choke. tiang begin to speed up the hip movement mengentot mouth kevin. maju-mundur, in and out, sometimes memputarnya the hip so that the penis joins in rolling in mouth kevin. the penis seed strikes hard chin kevin each time the stick thrusts to enter. tongue and ceiling kevin crushed to finished by pole penis even until almost nudge the gullet wall. semakin long pole movement faster. even sometimes head kevin come along menggerakkannya progress and retreat impressing want to get all comforts that can memperolehnya with mengentoti that the darling mouth. sampai in a moment kevin vomit up pole penis from within the mouth. he not able again gulp it. cheek muscles and the mouth until asa ill because must strive. he guesses now the mouth is wideer several centimeter consequence mengentot by that the ideal man.

" who says to so that artist is delicious? if person not endure it self, not ever will know actually! " . itu word a friend at one time via email mengirimkannya in me. at first, i am sempat greatly amazed read it, kupikir he is just jest. in my amazement, i am even also reply it with tuck a question short that want a answer very long and sejelas-jelas: " why? " tiga day then he sends a piece reply email that make me perangah in front of computer, i am even until not blink even if when read it word per word. that time, sea i can shadow that i self that stay in story that be that the heart precipitation. i am actually want to cry, if can. but i try to controls my emotion moment that, even less i reside in warnet by accident crowded visitor evening that. andy (=nama camouflage) a penpal from jakarta i know via illusion world, internet. he time first sends a piece email to me few days after one of [the] my stories is held at this site. by accident, my friend one this a cover boy at one of [the] adolescent magazine various, and also advertisement star and sempat play in a few sinetron adolescent. the cutting certain not foreign again with face oriental special and appear cute, even less among the teenagers. yang follow the heart precipitation self, based on what can kutangkap from the story. he admits me composed it to be a article at this site, on condition that doesn't touch a little even also about identity and everything special in self that make readers direct can identified it. and, as a good friend, i menepati my promise to shall watch over this secret. so, i hope unnecessary readers ask about to me" , siapakah he? " therefore will be one of [the] question not kujawab. please quess self, or may be he is one who sit at elbow you and read this story together with you. bothing;there is no the wrong also, once in a while suspicious in friend, iya kan? ok, better i say: " congratulation read! " , good you like with the story. ***** langit capital stills florid appear moment that, bot to mention when am i new out from studio x for syuting advertisement a package drink product. very gl likely after all day long, i must in action in front of camera and endure syuting repeatedly enough menguras my energy moment that. bot to mention, last night i go home to dissolve and new sleep clock 1 early morning after syuting sinetron. almost every day like this, even likely be a rutinitas daily. at one side, i like this my job because here's my obsession since childhood, i want to be a entertainer professional. but, who can to survive, if obvious must endure it laboriously a kind of this, temporary children other of the age of me can amuse outside there and spend time with their friends. terkadang i think if i this actually belong to kuper alias less association, only not many people that realize it. majority one would will think on the contrary because my profession as" celebrity" . honest, actually i am not so glad given celebrity nick name. for me, that a big responsibility only my load increase, because a celebrity, want or doesn't want, like or doesn't like, certain will be a public figure that be many people spotlight. automatic, a undue celebrity to has defect disgrace a little even also in self expecting him to can be role model both for many people. how can i can be a true celebrity with my conditon now? i am really undue to am a leader. petang that is actually still too day to go home, moreover rarely i go home syuting clock segitu. most go home afternoon just for bathe, afterwards return again to location syuting and new go home lateness. but that day difference, evening it i am really bothing;there is no time-table syuting. so, i have time to merely refresh brain while stroll evening that. but, with whom? that is that com into question next. i am laziest if stroll alone, at least must with friends smu- formerly. i miss with their laughter, after not meet during 2 weekly lately. sete return home and bathe, i am even also try to phone one of the my friend, justin, to invite it to stroll evening that. lama once telephone not lifted, so that i am even also then decide to contact number hp-. " i am again at thamrin. ok, a moment i call on to your place! " shout justin before he closes the telephone. i am not yet sempat ask, he is with who moment that, but clear he is not alone because i hear somebody voice at telephone. most he is with denny or ricky, think me. jam half seven, suddenly kudengar horn voice in front of my house. a black jaguar sedan correct parking in front of my house fence, clear that not car justin. unlikely jeep 80-an turn into jaguar in this two week during i am not comes justin, think me to kill time. " dy, kenalin, this is boni! " " andy! " my word while crane hand. " yeah, of course. how do i not identified you? " shout boni. i only smile to hear it, i am not want conceited and felt so famous at many people eye. but obvious hat and glasses kupakai can not hide my identity at eye boni, he stills to identified my face. " we want where? " ask me then after take place at hind seat. " to ps! but, we eat formerly. boni want to treat here! " joke justin while clap eyes on up at boni. named boni that actually not the same age we, the age 26 year, older 5 year from we. but the cutting reasonable also, clean the face and berpostur atletis even if not as handsome as jerry yan, but he's good looking. even more, clear appear if he is person child tajir. tak long then, justin melaju car boni aim one of [the] cafe customer boni not far from public square senayan. finished to cafe, we still sempat wash eye at public square senayan and go around city. we are bertiga spend time while stroll far into the night, and almost clock 12 evening when do we decide to go home. namun, suddenly boni coquet in justin. i have no idea of to what the purpose, apparently boni remind a certain in justin. because thereafter justin direct twist to return the car. " want where again? " ask me to have no idea of. " calm. only a moment kok! " shout justin while grimace. ternyata, justin bring us to one of [the]" snacks centre" at jakarta centre, sex transaction place that be one of [the] place that still crowded in the middle of evening like moment that. not how long, car is stopped at trotoar edge and a elegant appearance man approaches our car. i only quiet moment that, matter like that really not my part, i am even not ever dabble to via this place in the night because i hear this place really worn as place mangkal gigolo capital. tidak long, boni involved drive a bargain with that man. because apparently boni final ready to pay rate 3 million mempatok by that man. and short story, boni" bring" aged man approximately 24 annual that. that man is seated at half me, at hind seat. myself choose to memojok to near door, while shift my opinion from man at half me that. but, obvious that man repeatedly is doing to look at to my direction impressing watch closely me. then, he emboldens self holds my shoulder and ask" , you andy that advertisement star is yeah? " jantung likely direct want to dislodged when hear that question. i ignore to how must answer it. i am unlikely lies. long i only quiet, pretend not hear. but, permanent that man persists with question. final, i am even also nod. afterwards, we are even also meet and new kuketahui if the name ryan. about the profession, clear unnecessary kutanya again, i am lazy berbasa-basi if i have known. malam that, obvious they are bertiga want to stay at apartment boni. at first, i ask to deliverred to go home when do they invite me to stay with. but, justin and boni even push me then, even justin persist to bring me to apartment boni, he drives the car absolutely not aim my house direction. final i am even also capitulate also, moreover kupikir anyway tommorow i shall begin syuting rather siangan will so me can if stay at home boni tonight. but what they will do with a gigolo at apartment boni later, i am not dare to shadow it. clear, tonight certain will happen violent battle in apartment room boni. benar, at arrival in apartment room boni luxurious. boni direct take four condoms from table drawer at elbow the iron bed, he distribute it in we are bertiga. " not, coupon. sorry, i am not come along you! " my word moment boni hand condom to me. a return to return that condom to hand boni, but boni even seize my hand and force me to accept it. " wear. you never tau the taste kan? " word boni while nyengir. saat that, really wrestling very heavy in my mind. i am ever swear to not want to do it again since uncle james (=baca article: obsession the model) leave me some years ago. boni and justin really not ever know my connection event with uncle james, they know only i am a successful model, unknowingly who is exist in return my success and lift me from poverty ravine to a place that be many people fantasy. they expected if i am a religious youngster and not capricious like them, so menganggapnya i am not experienced for that wild game affair. thank god, if they consider me like that. but for me, impressing i live in hypocrisy moment that. i am parable a cemetary white painted outside, but full bonees and rot in it. habis that, boni begin to launch the action (new kuketahui if boni obvious a gay hiperseks), he is menghantar ryan aim the love iron bed. over there, ryan lulled in supine position and then boni begin mempreteli clothes ryan one per one until that boy only wears the blue underwear. first body part is assaulted boni sure something that appears to jut at the opposite of cd very section, that is not other penis ryan that big enough. boni direct snap up it with the mouth and suck it from underwear exterior ryan. once in a while the tongue dallies around navel and second groin ryan menumbuhi soft plume dense black coloured. that boy is really belong to hairy man section. sementara that, i and justin that sit at sofa near only memelototi action boni and ryan that is not blink, a show live free. justin even menggesek-gesek his arms at the genitals, unsatisfied from exterior, he is even also begin to put into his arms into the trousers interrupts. sempat kulirik a moment when justin put into that arms, he is likely very enjoy that the single game to stimulates the libido self. tapi suddenly outdoor guess, justin hold my hand and guide it to come along to hold the genitals that full erection moment that. " open, dy. i am horny banget! " pinta justin so that i open restsleting the trousers. dengan rather nervous, i am even also follow. don't know why, i am as robot moment that, may be because i even also angsang once moment that. even less kulihat, ryan and boni roll above iron bed while mutual pulverize one another without dress again, both stark naked! a help justin open restsleting the trousers and also the coat button. afterwards kupelorot the trousers, so that he only wear opened coat and underwear. then without kontrol again, i am direct puts first my kiss to lip justin section. meanwhile, my hand bergerilya around the breast and the genitals according to by turns. kuselip my hand to return the shirt and then kuremas-remas second the milk bipple, while once in a while escorted remasan in waist part and death touches to entire the breast parts that area. meanwhile, my hand one again meremas-remas head backside justin. we are both mutual suck, mutual pulverize, mutual bite and play tongue. kurasa desahan breath justin that make me more angsang to then enjoy the body, he is once in a while squirming above sofa while embrace me tautly. justin then put into his arms into my trousers, he has fumbled my penis that tense and wet by liquid precum moment that. he is then meremas-remas passionately, before final he is even also open my trousers and make me panthless moment that. sete finished pulverized game pulverizes, justin squat at in front of me and begin lumatan bew that is pulverize my penis. as hunted blaze desire, justin then perfoming my penis at the mouth, he suck it out enter and menjilati likely is enjoying ice-cream cone. once in a while he shake it. " argh! " when is taste taste not authority again to kutahan. kurasa when does my guided missile wrapper skin bergese with mouth hole justin. even less when does he bring it out enter the mouth. come up with when does liquid kelelakian begin to spray and bertumpahan fulfil the mouth. i choked direct moment that is along with mengendur tendons in my penis. sebagai a gigolo professional that has clock has flied high, ryan even also not lose wild compared boni. he tries to satisfy that the customer with jurus the death. in a state of stark naked above bed, ryan then overbear thigh boni while hold secangkir lemon juice at his arms. driblet by driblet, he spilled it at breast and stomach boni, and thereafter he stoops and menjilati from body boni. boni even also seen menggelinjang-gelinjang and hiss not authority holds back tickle taste mixes taste moment that. ryan then bergerilya around breast and stomach boni with the tongue. then, again ryan overbear body boni, they are mutual pulverize again with their lip, temporary their penis is mutual menggesek-gesekkan at part under there. selanjut not a lot can kucerita about evening that, i am not so remember all. clear, evening that is me even also sempat enjoy game a gigolo, and that is for the things first time and latest for me. honest, i am not able balance ones game a kind of ryan and boni too hiperseks. but other the things of with justin, i am glad plays with him. because since evening that, we still often repeating it and spend time with. justin even also now be be bf-, and bothing;there is no a even also at around we are suspicious when do we road with, because they are average has known if we are amicable since long. so them think, we only a pair crony, yeah kuharap permanent like that! because want or not, like or not, one would permanent call me" celebrity" , so me must always appear to come up either in in front of their eye. only if may submit request in this time, i only want to ask one matter" , don't call me celebrity! " tujuan unfold all this is small things or to look for sensation, because i am my taste unnecessary again has looked for fame and sensation because all kudapat and that is bot worth while for me. but, i am just want to remind you that if want to be a celebrity, prepare way of thinking enough so that in less than fall to to matters should unnecessary happen, because celebrity life not merely speak about fame, keglamoran and luxury, but also will speak about a challenge very complicated that make you direct memperhadapkan in choice: alive or die, crushed or crush, and other as it. ***** salam for all friends in all archipelago, i love you all. greetings - andy.

cia, actually abbreviation from cheque in aje. joke acronym usually kusebut, when do i aim to canalize passion desire with somebody kuingin, at a hotel. berikut this several cheque story pieces in ever i do. a sometimes still often ask self, belong in am i this group, with interest inclination berkelamin kind fellow. in several well-being columns, i always read article that peel that exercise. but, the review usually only a little. therefore, can not fulfil desire keingintahuan, about odd world kugeluti. so that, final, i read book have a title well-being treatment shamelessly, essay from charles moser, phd, md, translated from the original title health care without shame. tak expressly i find book, at rack shows off bookstore gramedia, in end year 2000-an this. one again, book have a title gay: class world homofil, edition grafiti press, jakarta year 1987, kuangap as cikal future spirit livelihood reference. kini i am more confidence in face of alive at world margin. kusebut such, because from study result literature, i find myself belongs to in group that called as bisex. a can also feel comfort sensation berkelamin with kind fellow. although according to parameter, quantity sex intercourse- more many with other kind, but according to meaning and quality, satisfaction more many kudapat from connection result of a kind. this matter, then kuanggap, be also my luck, to cover conditon truthfully, who is myself actually. a, actually, iuckier from them, genuinely doesn't has choice other – as aktulisasi self – come up in such a way what existence passes hero solds out, voice hero, and or the clothing hero everyday. so that, only with in a flash looks at, knowable sexual orientation concerned. but, in social association order, bot rarely that fact is then is rectified or disputed by concerned, when present in society communities hetero, when needed with conduct press confrence. untuk reason watches over reputation, presumably understandable and understood attitude, remember general habit that still menabu such exercise. that's odd world life, in a condition of meanness and hypocrisy. hardly seen or heard mengejauhan kudengar song oscillation" this world, legitimate theater. . , rapidly shifting the story. . " buat, absorbing in berkelamin of a kind, when are we wrestling, flatter and admire manliness tool anatomy beauty. mutual lick and trace hollow body or sip the natural aroma. belong in it apply terms like body contact, blowjob, felatio, rimming, cumshots, also anal intercourse that be operational definition and familiar in sex fan society communities of a kind. bagi bew comer, initially will feel clumsiness – shy correct – in will connected sex of a kind. but, usually, feeling that is gradually gone, manakala desire has creeped to entire body alcoves; breath snort that begin irregular and heartbeat faster. sight even also begin to change to demand a penuntasan. such as those which happen dal story follows. pada at one time i, adam and sony – a hetero – decide to relax menyuatu karaoke. by accident we are really glad sing. because the following day free time the day so we decide stay up at one of [the] hotel at city mother. dari adam, i know if sony love to drink. therefore, before cheque in we call on formerly to geray drink to buy several drink bottles with snack. di hotel room, we chat usually while drink. i help meracik also light cigarette to sony. kulihat adam totter, on that account i let him to sleep. temporary, sony, still rigid permanent and passionate tell the job exercise as account officer d one of [the] bank at capital. bau alcohol spouts from mouth sony. terus bright, that aroma make me angsang. suddenly i embrace body sony and soon pulverize the lip. initially he startled appear with that sudden insident. i am really only a moment pulverize it. only kumaksud merely as shock therapy make it. furthermore we posed likely there is no anything. a astonished with stamina sony drink alcohol. conceive, two and a half bottles dry gin pure spent self. while, at karaoke a while ago he also drink. on that account, bo wonder, when sony then ng-joprak – vomits. whew, forced i rouse adam from lelap sleep it, to help to lift body sony berdimensi 175/70 that. we clean the vomit sony spilled at carpet. then move body sony gelatak at floor to on divan. sony half seas over. dengan accomodation adam, i open shirt and slacks sony. so that he balmier lie down it. then, kulihat sony only live to wear underwear. above divan golek male figure sony, with a big gibbosity appears to turned underwear utility. didasari keingintahuan see that latent something that so i remove all underwear sony. golly, i am almost yelled startled, watching genitals form sony big, menyeruak from black hillock pubic- dense. moment that, i can not hold back self again to fail to do something. tanpa throw away time again i am soon facedown face above groin sony. kissed fragrant man manliness aroma menebar from that area, more make my passion melambung. perlahan kujulur my tongue to lick and mengulum genitals sony, while meremas-remas pubic- that dense curly. a few moment later, the genitals begins seen to stretch and menampa its for more bewitcher. i am crazy maked it. wildly mouth and my tongue crosses entire hollow groin sony. sayup-sayup kudengar sony begin to moo, wheeze with meracau" . . enyak. . sshss. . ogh. . gglek. . " while twist to shake the hip. furthermore, interrupted to tremble and gelinjang the body kulihat sony menekuk the foot knee and a little menggangkat that sturdy the buttocks hunk. so my tongue swimmingly explore lingkar rectum- that seen clear surrounded pubic. that flattery is apparently makes sensation aloof for self. pada moment same adam also menelungkup above body sony. the tongue bergerilya sweep entire hollow body on and face sony. sometimes suck and bite bipple sony. bot rarely sweep part under arm sony menumbuhi that dense feather. snort three our breaths is more makes hazy pronunciation clarity sony. a baste hole rectum- with gel vaginal lubricant k-y, kubeli at previous dispensary. demikian also with stick and head penis sony. i want -insert by it. adam is pulverizing lip sony, while knead second breast sony, when do i aim hole rectum- to penis sony upright stand that. kemudian, with once jerk entire sticks penis sony sink in cengkraman my comfort hole. i experience remarkable comfort moment genitals stick sony asa flies away to trace my body hole. dari penuturan sony afterwards, i hear that he feel warmth and great sensation, when penis crossing tunnel ass-hole. betapa he felts there something that memilin, seize with suck stick and head penis. evoke beat taste and senut strange but absorbing. apalagi when later he has vomitted up erupsi love hot lava that flare up at head penis. that is why, i a while ago expressly – although have consequences risk make me – didn't use condom so that sony feel directly sensation persentuhan the sex organ with part in my body. ia not angry to me. even berucap thank has got remarkable experience. although in his latest sentence not expressly says that thing. namun, the eye opinion has said more than what want him say verbally. body language. yes, body language. same like moment he wishes for to return coition or that flattery. unnecessary with word or sentence. his manner stares and the body movement has spoken when he has asked to add. i can catch language isyarat-. a few moment later we have wrestled to return. mutual embrace and pagut spin passion desire menggelora. a the things of with adam, he is friend baikku. we usually have shared to love – three some. at this rate, besides do our coition also can mutual see and stimulate. follow me to be in love bertiga more give comfort. because we can mutual help one another. sesudah that wrestling, we hold good usually as does class hetero another. sony has girl, such also i and also adam. all walk natural. percintaan and coition of a kind bertalian with body organ top secret, of course this matter is very very individual. sometimes we don't pay attention this matter just because felts to come from gender same. so that consider trifling body cleanliness problem. pengalaman prove, one of [the] because fail it connection intensiveer because body cleanliness problem. therefore, importantest always watch over body sanitation so that hygienic permanent and ready saji. because, just because problem can appetite direct somebody lost. namun can also happen, attitude too watch over cleanliness exercise image and appearance makes figure kelakian somebody is to lost. seorang man is to appear more woman from woman. actually. matter likes this, usually not too liked by penikmat man. one of [the] reason bes with man fellow because expect sensation sensualitas a man. not woman. karena that, posed to like a woman to decoy a man, actually, even botch essence ke-gay-an itself. be a man your axis is acres a man. that be because man feminim not too like to be in love with feminim also. lost sensation kelakian mendamba. rambut best neat proportioned and watched over don't until musty smell. ear so that often cleaned so that is not seen leaf side dirt or thicken at ear hole. kebersihan tooth and mouth necessary get attention. so that not menebar strange aroma. armpit feather best watched over the cleanliness and doesn't use deodorant artificial smell to nettle, even more will make body aroma becoming not karuan. lebih good watch over body cleanliness and clothes than cover it with product deodorant camouflage. of course, better when does aroma outside and in same fragrant and clean. apabila your genitals is not circumcised so glans penis properly often washed. to throw away smegma that accumulate at lingkar glans. such also with feather pubic also demand treatment and attention. mean, always mengeramas so that not smell because moist. accustom to wash scrotum and rectum until clean with soap. if necessary rinsed also with solution menyenfektan a kind of dettol. foot is watched over the cleanliness so that odourless. such also with the nail. terakhir give body protection with vaccine gift counters hepatitis b, when do you not yet have it. use condom and 'selective not origin wants same whoever. particularly when do you a recipient or bottom type. kecenderungan that in this communities flits pair berkelamin (promiscuity). that is valid. but, should, is not done carelessly. will remember consequence will end that be underwrited later. for example, tular venereal disease or skin. scarier hitted hiv. disini i only want to share experience and erudition. not also i aim menggurui. predominantly this story is attributed to all sex fan communities bew comer of a kind. a ever experience feeling and fear same to ask to sex orientation anomaly sundry event another person. usually, dignity exercise and self honour. even less vast society stills to consider this matter as something that nyleneh, correcter called sebagi shame or disgrace. hence must be coverred. such, at least, follow me, has share in form our communities is hypocrite. ada again experience other, with aldi. i must berterima affection to it. when does he remind me skin disease event mengindapnya. my the beginning doesn't know, if he doesn't tell 'itchiness taste exercise at the thigh fold region. so that when shall i felatio (blow job) to it he prevent. " no. . deh i am again itchy. . " my the luck is sempat hears that the pronunciation. kemudian i flamed lamp a while ago kupadam. in the middle of lamp luminescence flame kulihat body twiggy aldi golek naked with goodly the genitals. glans- shine menyeruak from the foreskin skin not at circumcisi. white the body complexion gives contrast good with pubic coloured soot. a menelungkup again up at selangkanga to see bearer. kulihat there lesi primary skin shaped clear liquid full little blisters and group – the medical term vesikel – exist in around stick base penis. for aldi, likely itchy and hot like on fire. dari literature, i am to know if that disease herpes simpleks, can also menularkan by contact orogenital. follow me, body condition aldi moment that is improper to a body connection. karena i cancel unilateral. the luck, aldi approve also. for this matter, i am indebted in aldi that resque me from tular disease herpes- that. evening that, final we don't do anything. sesudah date that – but even i am syukuri – that me meng-copy- literature disease exercise with give prevention suggestion and convalescence – belong medicine for the convalescence. god praise, the disease now recover and aldi well to return. lain again my story with juan, also a hetero. besides invite it to my my house with adam also usually do to date with him at hotel. really from cost aspect is high cost. but that costliness is square when compared with privacy that got. bagaimanapun i must protect also good name and honour juan at the associate friend eye. that he permanent a that known naughty, easy-going and far from mother child impression like most streotype penikmat sex of a kind i meet. kami same has need canalize sex desire menggebu. a kind of symbiosis connection mutualisma, that's that be beginning commitment from this communication. juan direct merebah the body in place sleep, so we are chek-in at a hotel. when do i and adam put off and his the trousers is permanent poseds co-operative. so that we don't experience difficulty that mean. benar, when does depth trousers kulepas visible the genitals menegang hard likely wanted to say say hi to me. i have licked glans- that red shine that. juan smile. wouw, the opinion very invite. a soon get up and remove all clothes that cling at my bodies, such also adam, so that juan and we are same naked. but we haven't want soon play although we known juan wish for it. dia lie down supine with menyilang second his arms behind the head. very the appearance section in position like that. clean white the body skin – typical ethnic skin across – at colours with armpit feather black colour application that grows dense like fibre of palmtree broom grip with feather line pubic that creep from under navel fulfils episentrum at the thigh base. amazing. terus bright, i am most like once sip armpit feather aroma. make me armpit aroma juan so terrible so that can to burn hormone testoteron-. kehebatan juan him will not need deodorant artificial even will make sick myself. luck once, body aroma juan belong 'polite sehinga unnecessary -kamuflase with body deodorant wiper. akupun be free cross without afraid hitted allergy perfume contamination and of a kind it. a must berterima affection to adam, many help me in all matter. belong in affair bes. without he, i am overwhelmed to finish that flirtation. harus admitted, adam player loves great. in self is united totality, strength and strategy bes. with adam, i can free do three some, mutual shoulder to shoulder, make patner our sex achieves coition satisfaction of a kind. coba deh, kebayang caw sih, the taste, when do you mencumbui by two or three person all at once during concurrent. at the (time) of your milk bipple menghisap-hisap, penis also feel straw loves same, and asshole- -insert or -rimming. semua will give passion beat effect will not with words, except invite you to prove it self. sony, aldi, also juan, only sekian from several names from them ever venture on to love with us. till now and further even also you will not ever know their who is the real. seperti that also we shall protect privacy you when be with us. such code etik we run. so, be in love of a kind, who is afraid? you dare to get challenge?

tonight i am genuinely siksa with my desire more menggebu. i begin mempreteli my clothes self then sprawling above place sleep me with unfold second my hand, so that my property 14 cm can move free. i am memejam eye while slow mendesis-desis mention a name, yusuf. long i have separated from he. why? myself doesn't know certain, only from gossip kudengar people say he is mengejar-ngejar the imagination to get guy is not circumcised alias uncut alias still has foreskin or what else the term. i don't care. clear i have been widower from my man self and tonight i am alone with my desire more culminate to want to get warmth from a man. oh, brother yusuf, look at me honey. i miss you, brother. and usually with conditon like this i am new can asleep after shake it and vomit up lava not as taste as at moment memadu affection both formerly. pagi that is me new get up seven o'clock. sunday luck. leased house kutempati rather remote from home vinicity. with still stark naked, i am indolently get up to stand to approach remote television, light bews that almost end. yes, i am accustomed at home with only wear underwear or shorts. that is because my desire very tall. even i still has hope if suddenly there thief enters or person will get all i invite it to shall do sex. crazy really. and shadow yusuf always present at every my house corner that chockablock the photos and my photo. a light gas burner, heat water to drink. then indolently i lie down again above bed. remote television kupencet-pencet then without will know which that kutonton. most of all television station presents children cartoon. uh. . brother yusuf. until when must i membayang-bayangi love you, brother. i want to love another person again. i reaches pen then kutulis above a sheet of paper hvs. when will i feel your menck in my ass again? return me quixotic enjoy television broadcast. without care coldness morning, i still naked permanent above bed. then i turn around to stare room ceiling white painted. " kring. . " dering telephone membuyar my reverie. i reaches it. " who? " ask me indolently. " hey, man. you again why sih? new get up, yes? " voice across the heard while laughs. " what's so funny? jeering. who here? " i grumble. " ow, time forgets man. i am bambang. " " oh, sir. sorry. mengirain who. sorry once, sir. what happened telpon with the lark. " i change position sits above bed. " ngga father kok. this morning i want ngajak you stroll. there programme ngga? " " stroll. . , " i think a moment, " what clock, sir? " " now. " " now? ow, how here sir. i. . i. . " " ok, like this, until when must i wait in front of your house door? " " oh my is god! " i bawl, " a moment, sir. " tanpa think long, i throw telephone handle. then reaches towel that hang at nail, then wrap it at my body sekena. hurry me approach street door. " sorry, sir. enter. why not knock at? " a mempersila sir bambang sit. he only smile while approach chair in front of. calmly he stare me that still to hold door handle and breast bareness. " you are whatting, man? " ask it while permanent let loose smile. " euh. . sorry. " a aware new close door and sit at direct chair deals with sir bambang. he that is actually my neighbour that live it several houses from here and work at a bumn. he is by accident still single blessedness at the age almost achieve 40. subconsciously i sit with open my foot rather wide so that clearly he can watching my little bird sang at morning that. " euu. . you. . is bathing, kan? " he asked nervous while once in a while leer up at my bird a while ago, but i don't pay attention it. " not. is watching television, sir. " " eu. . then. . ah, not. forget, yes. " mata now can not deflect again with the gaze immovable in that my bird. i aware new. but swiftly, present my ugly idea. i want to show it. so slowly bird in that my towel begins to ossify and mengacung-acung. i am memerhati the reaction. " sir. want to invite me stroll where sih? " a now open wideer again my foot. " jigger. . i. . sa. . ow. . why sih? " dalam my heart laughs tickle. sir bambang appear hold back the saliva water. but suddenly he stands and approach me, then sit at side me. " you. . please open your towel. " hah! sir bambang order me to open it? i stare it to cling unconvinced. he replies to stare me, but then he is exactly seize by the hair my towel and fling down it above floor up to i am now i am naked returns. although startled, but i am exactly mempertonton my sex stick brother word yusuf very beautiful. " oh. . " dia huddle the body to my body. his arms reaches the right foot temporary my genitals stick menyilangkan above my foot. i am now genuinely in the rein. perfume aroma likely membius to then serve him. tiba-tiba, " sir! " my hand holds back his arms want to reaches my stick. " does purpose all this? " i stare it. " i want to enjoy it, man. " tegu clear the saliva water is seen. " sorry, sir. i don't want to do it if bot because of love. " a boastful sell expensive. while i know self if during the time has guy fantasy as wicked as whatever kuperboleh enjoy continuous solitude taste consequence my body. " you know my purpose invite you to stroll? " a shake. he juxtaposes the face at my face. " i want to say a certain. i. . love you long, man. " a now is soing to bowed. must kukata what else? " gimana, man? please. i am very madly in love same you. " a return to recollect efforts approach him to me during the time. why does he always treat me to have lunch moment rest clock. by accident really direct adjacent my office with the office. he also often invites road with merely watch or shoping or also enjoy the delight likes me play gamete at sun. i smile. then stare it meaningful. he is seen to turn on face that make me to be moved. my hand feeled the groin apparently menegang from a while ago. " sir bambang love me? " dia nod. without asked me put ashore my sweet kiss at the lip. he is almost bawl glad then hug me and embrace me tight. " makasih, man. i have hankerred after to like this but always fail. and one, i am never do sex with whom even also. " a ignore my clear the gossip enjoys the embrace always kukhayal and kudamba. " wuing. . " water teapot sound above my gas stove. " ow, sir. i ripe water. a moment, i make coffee formerly, yes! " dengan his lazy releases the embrace and say, " yes, ok. but ngga take care the coffee. " a get up to approach my towel, but after kupegang, i decide for naked go to stove lethal kitchen. i make segelas coffee and present light food always available at my house. oh, my is god. i bug eyed watching sir bambang that stark naked has approached door and lock it. moment he turns me more bug eyed watching the beautiful the body. luck coffee not until fall. i put it above table. suddenly he is menerkam like person thirst sex. " man. better suguhi i am with love you. " dia embrace me while stand. without mengomando again i am direct pounces the lip that decorated dense moustache at on it. i am memagut kidly so also sir bambang. but his movement impresses forcible and i understand for intensity size sex that still nil. he returns to explore my body with his arms ignorant. the body fragrant fragrant make me more angsang awfully. with breath panting, he look at me comfort full droopy. " man, sleep yuk? " pinta while stare spoiled. " carry, brother. " answer me. a begin to dare to call it brother, impressing so intimate. once rengkuh, i am membopongnya approach place sleep me that still in disorder and television stills to present child cartoon. he is the lethal. " last night finished why, pity? " ask it. dia begin to overbear me. my hand reachess the breast area then mengusap-usap entire breasts and the stomach. " i am last night sleep naked, brother. want raped. " said me admitedly. dia smile. then emphasized the manliness weapon that measure giant and i am very like it. slow my body moves to enjoy the weapon pressure asa taste. " man. although never do but i often watch pornographic film gay. may i do same you? " pinta while stare me with face facial expression requests. a nod head while immerse my face at the breast that kissed so fragrant. slow he gets up. then begin menciumi temporary my body his arms menjalari my body part sensitiveest. after satisfied, he approaches my lip. return him pulverize it kidly. but moment that is my hand hasn't holded back to reaches the effective weapon always kuidam. moment that, he leers up at telpon menyampingnya found paper hvs with article big enough. when will i feel your menck in my ass again? " you want now, pity? " he whisper it. a stare it doesn't understand. he reachess that paper, and then new i smile. " later, brother. i still to want raped. " dia now juxtapose the manliness at my mouth. i am efficiently reaches it then devour it. enough busy also, sex stick that measure as big as that kumasuk up to asa so difficult breathe. also busy begin to shake my sex self. he mooes long dance with joy so erotic. long i am mengemut and menyedot-nyedot the weapon up to i felt satisfied and begin to push the body. i get up to stand and push him fall down above place sleep me. i bestride upright magnitude weapon stands and begin to open my foot so that the sex stick can enter at anus. swiftly i reaches lotion image and kulumuri the goods, so also door anus. then slow i aim the manliness stick to anus. " oh. . " i have mooed moment the stick has begun to enter anus that not virgin again. ternyata doesn't can off hand launch the effective weapon to enters, even asa ill. slow again and again up to now half it that enter. sir bambang memegangi my body so that not confused. i pause to enjoy the manliness stick presence at anus. oh, so beautiful. return me depress my buttocks goes up to has initiative to depress it all at once. " awww. . uh. . oh. . " i have screamed moment the weapon has enterred all up to the base end. besar also so that asa narrow anus. my hand explores the breast area and my buttocks begins kugera fluctuate slow. " ah. . beautiful. taste pity. then. . " he is meracau. a begin to speed up my swinging up to rise me rather tall. " uhh. . " i return to moo again enjoy comfort incomparable never kudapat even from yusuf even if. tiba-tiba second hand sir bambang memegangi my buttocks then menaik-turun that my buttocks is up to asa that comfort is to crown of head. my sex that very tense enjoy the taste love. sir bambang begin asa berdenyut-denyut and i shall know moment that's i shall achieve comfort top. along with more the faster movement that made hand sir bambang so also my sex more concentrated for ejaculation of semen. hingga final, " ahh father. . brother. . bambang. . oh. . " a merebah my body rear moment outburst by outburst bermuntahan above body sir bambang up to kulihat there until the hair. apparently sir bambang know if moment that me can not reside in on again because weak again, so without pull it from anus, he changes position menelantang my body above bed, temporary he shakes the hip progresses to retreat with spann second my foot. the swinging faster while meracau. " fuck harder. . fuck. . oohh. . " dia more bouncyer moment see my effort to shake buttocks and smile to see it. while do movement progresses to retreat faster he whispers a certain, " man. i am keluarin in or outside? " " in, brother. i want to feel it. " " ok. here you go. . " dia pump it getting louder. and moment that me feel the body sweat has flooded the body. breathlessly, at swingings end, he contorts while emphasized the buttocks in into anus. " aahh. . hilman. . oohh. . pity me. " he bawls stringent. a feel and enjoy comfort outburst that vomitted up in anus. asa very many and may be will overflow up to out. " ohh. . oh. . oh. . " the swishing. terengah-engah he bestrides my body. tremble his arms hold back heavy the body so that doesn't overbear me. but i am exactly interesting it, up to now very meeting and really heavy with the manliness stick still in anus. i enjoy it and asa the sticky sperm kusembur a while ago at the body now also decorate my body. lama i and he enjoy it up to he is final overthrow the body at side me without release weapon love it from anus. i am that prohibit it. he embrace me tight. then mebisik words loves. " hilman. experience indahku and first ever kunikmati. i formerly only can shake or same bolster while watch film gay. thanks yes. " dia mengecup intimate. i embrace it. " brother bambang. actually i still trauma after broken off same my darling formerly. i am brother afraid bambang leave me the same as with him. " " don't think so pity. i don't like that. you know me why still not yet marry? or i don't do with particular guy? because i am exactly look for one who genuinely as according to my will. you are its proof. i am love you, honey. " a more tighten my embrace. temporary his genitals stick is that mengecil return asa get out of anus. there a kind of vacancy now a while ago content with the effective goods. and moment that me whisper to enjoy second round that wants kunikmati violenter from a while ago. i decide to order pizza as have lunch than must out from space sleep me. that day, i and sir bambang do sex up to four times until midnight. like to have lunch, have dinner even also we are message same. pizza. sejak moment that is every day we do sex with willing each menggebu. i am love sir bambang so much. and now shadow yusuf that look for guy not yet circumcised to begin to lost. i don't want to know again, has he now get it or not yet. i don't care.

evening more dissolve when kurebah my body in the middle of clash evening. slow kurasa darkness muffles around me when does second my eye sheath closed. kubiar my day-dream flies, wander menembus limit between real world with illusion world. my idea menerawang menembus time road that walk slow but full certainty. kurasa cool-air merasuk to when kudengar bamboo leaves bergesek. the rhythm mengalun slow menyenandung symphoni menggugah heart. my day-dream then wander without aim direction. final my day-dream anchors in a face painting. kusungging seulas sweet smile stares that painting. somebody face that long decorate my heart alcoves. face scratch always present in my solitary. face sketch always kucumbu in my imaginary. hati likely sliced when kulihat dimly there a hand merengkuh that painting. i only can wheeze to hold back one million discontented. my eye menerawang far stare the departure. will this means i lose him forever and ever? perlahan-lahan kubuka my eye. kutatap my room ceiling. dark. kulihat around me. thick. kulangkah my foot aims place never kukenal previous. a jungle very vast nan lonely not berujung base. i am then step. tiba-tiba loneliness asa haunt every my step. kurasa my nape feather stands. more longer kurasa heavy my foot to steps. more kupaksa more my foot averse it. my step even also suddenly asa more hiccough and final my foot asa choked. kutatap moon that shine bright bright. kupasrah myself by what will happen in me. my fear begins disappeared when my eye stares a vast pasturage stretchess at front me. i agape and stunned. tampak by me a grass ocean nan thick carpet basin vast outspre verdant. kutegak my body and kulempar opinion to around me. i astonished not guessed. incredible. i try to menapaki green ocean vast stretchess. return me step to trace evening. sudden my step delayed when kudengar trot out horse approach me. kupasang my ear well and kudengar horse step more approach me. longer more clearer can be heard. tak long then at in front of me visible steady stands a white coloured colt brave. kuamati that horse is carefully and final my eye opinion is goed to in the horseman. kuamati he is from foot to the body until final land at the face. a handsome boy the face very kukenal. a face only shaped painting. kulihat he throws seulas sweet smile. i am even also washeded away by that special the smile. kuberi he is seulas smile manisku. kutatap viscid sharp the eye stares to my direction. perlahan-lahan he alights from on the horse and walk to moored the horse. i stand stunned watching the presence. kudengar grass bergesek when does he step to approach me. moonlight spouts with brightness rushes the face very handsome. kutatap the face and my opinion is goed to in part on lip and coloured the chin part kebiruan because former is shaved. i only can gulp when does he the strongly approach me. straight off i commemorate the presence. likely he is even also very miss me to like me miss it. kupeluk tight the neck to unfold taste yearn me, and he is even also embrace my waist the tightly also. kutengadah my head and kulihat he juxtaposes the face to my face. without wait command, my lip and the lip even also meet. i and he is then mutual pagut. kubiar my lip is pulverized to finished by it. kurasa tickle mix taste incredible when former moustache shavings and the chin nudges lip and my chin. i am even also final doesn't hold peace. kulumat the lip kidly while kusedot-sedot the tongue in my mouth hole. kurasa there something that menyodok-nyodok penis that mengejang. we are then berpagut while once in a while he pats and mengelus-elus my buttocks. sete felt satisfied pulverize my lip, he releases the embrace. while embrace each other intimate i and he is even also step. i am then step to follow the step rhythm while lean my head to the shoulder very steady. when free station slopes, he flings down sturdy the body above turf rather wet by dew. he is even also loll while sprawling, i am even also then merebah my body at the side. kusandar my head above the breast area. both, we are washeded away in romance evening. my life spirit asa fly moment my eye menerawang stare sky while count star. kutatap clean the face siram moon light. kubelai the cheek intimately and he is even also fondle my hair amourously pity. suddenly kurasa fragrant the breath serasa rush my face. kupejam my eye and kurasa my lip touches by the lip. melumatnya my lip and memainkannya the tongue at my mouth hole. kubuka my eye and kuatur my position so that i overbear it. while then berpagut, his arms embrace tight pinggangg. i am even also embrace the neck tautly also. kami then berpagut while berguling-gulingan in the middle of field bermandi moonlight. we are then berguling-gulingan while his arms busy want to remove my singlet. final he is success remove my singlet up to i am 1/2 naked now. i am even also not want to lose, and final i am success remove singlet menempel at the body. ia release when kurasa there heavy burden overbear me. he overbear me in a state of 1/2 naked. my nape feather stands when the lip nudges my ear leaf and kurasa penis hard depress penis. he is then kiss and lick my ear leaf with desire that flare up. my desire even also more menggelegak. my nape feather more uprighter stand when he moves the target up at my neck. i only menggelinjang while wheeze slow. oughh. . he is then mengecup my neck while once in a while menjilati. the lip more savageer when he begins to lick and suck second my bipple according to by turns. i only can menggelinjang-gelinjang hold back one million desires, while second my hand mengelus-elus wet the back by dew. my desire more menggelora and apparently he is even also experience same thing. bibir more naughtyer and the desire more menggelegak when does he mengecup and menjilati every my body points. after satisfied, he is even also put ashore the lip above my navel. he is then menjilati my navel considerably desire while monkey soft plume that grows at my navel region, while his arms busy want to remove my trousers button. tak long then free my trousers, so that i only live to wear underwear. with desire more flare up him begin menjilati trousers my in me. kurasa penis more menegang, so that the head a little peep from return trousers my in me. longer gibbosity at trousers my in me more biger. he begins mengelus-elus penis while the lip lands at my thigh. i only can menggelinjang hold back taste. akhir he is even also remove trousers my in me, so that i stark naked. straight off he takes position squats and raise second my foot to on the shoulder steady. kurasa asshole- menjilati by it. naughty the tongue menjilati asshole-. he is then tickle asshole- with the tongue. i groan while second my hand holds onto tight in grass that grow there. he is more wilder menjilati asshole- and once in a while bite soft plume that decorates asshole- intimately. final he stops menjilati asshole- and kulihat he wets his arms with the saliva and then kurasa there something that menusuk-nusuk asshole-. a groan painfulness. long then the finger accessible to asshole-, then with his rhythmic movement begins memaju-mundur the finger. i feel ill but also taste incredible. i only can groan and menggelinjang. long too long ill taste itupun turns into taste. he is then menggerak-gerak the finger while once in a while lick hairy my penis fruit. kurasa he is mengulum my penis fruit while his arms oscillate at asshole-. longer faster he is menusuk-nusuk asshole- and gain strength him mengulum and suck my penis fruit. i only can grimace. ia then take outside the finger while demote my foot from the shoulder. final he is even also reaches my manliness stick more ossify. slow mengocoknya penis. kurasa the tongue begins menjilati head penis that expand and shine. a few moment later head penis enter all to the mouth hole. he is then shake temporary busy the mouth mengenyot and suck penis. slow he shake it, temporary the left hand mengelus-elus my penis fruit. he is then mengenyot. . suck. . shake and mengelus. i am more struggle and menggelinjang while my hand meremas-remas thick black the hair. kulihat he twists the body position so that form position 69. he is then shake. . mengulum and menyedot-nyedot penis. temporary i am busy opens trousers button jeans- and final i am even also success memelorot the trousers. at moment's notice i am memelorot depth trousers, so that appear by me penis beukuran big with dense hair hangs correct at my face. serta merta i reaches the manliness stick and kukocok slow and kumasuk to my mouth. my mouth asa full. i am then shake slow while my left hand meremas-remas solid the buttocks. final my left finger finds asshole-. my left finger begins out enter asshole- temporary he is menggoyang-goyang the buttocks consecutively. i am then shake and mengenyot penis. kurasa penis berdenyut-denyut and my thigh muscle mengejang. final, crett. . crett. . crett. . spilled my sperm ruah at the mouth. he is then mengulum penis while then shake it slowly. i am even also moo long, " oughh yess. . ! " kemudian melepaskannya kenyotan and slowly menjilatinya head penis smeared sperm. warm and rancid. after clean, he is even also roll, so that now i am that overbear brave the body. i am then shake it and i begin menjilati dense plume that grows above penis. then i am menjilati stick penis muscular big and final head penis red and expand to come into my mouth successfully. kupercepat my agitation and kuperkuat straw and kenyotan when kurasa penis berdenyut-denyut. kudengar he groans while second his arms hold onto tight in my waist. faster i shake and mengenyot, getting louder also he mooes. ougghh. . i am then shake it and mengenyot while my left hand mengelus-elus the penis fruit and downy the thigh. akhir, crott. . crott. . crott. . white coloured thick liquid with smells rancid that even also spurt and spilled ruah at my mouth. kudengar he mooes long. " oughh yess. . ! " kutelan all the sperms, and slowly i have shaken penis that begin to decrease the strains. kemudian kulepas kuluman and i begin menjilati head penis smeared sperm likes to lick comfortable ice-cream at world. kemudian kurebah my body beside the body. intimately he kisses my brow, then go down to my lip. i and he is even also return berpagut while mutual embrace each other tight and warm. final he is even also loll sprawling and i lean my head to the arm steady. kupandangi sky adorned with month and bertaburan star. i have smiled to stare the goddess evening that have come to witness for me. kulihat moon even also serasa come along to smile to enjoy permain with him. a romantic experience may be only stays in fantasy. love affairs menggelora in the middle of grassland nan stretches vast with menyirami by bright bright moon light. angin even also sea not authority is giving cold taste in two body figures that memadu is loving with desire menggelora. kulihat he has asleeped well-sleep because exhaustion. kupandangi the face and the artless body clean white is poured moon light with sweat soft items that wet appear the body shines to befalled moon light. kupeluk tight the body and kusandar my head at the breast fullfiedged area. kupejam my eye and kuresapi the body smell masculine. tangan not henti-henti touch entire hairy the bodies points. kuraba again fullfiedged the stomach, then go down to dense plume that grows above penis. kumain my radius at those black feather interrupts. then my hand feels and mengelus-elus the penis fruit, then kupindah my target to penis that return to size at first. i only smile while monkey penis. kukecup the breast and kucium special the sweat smell a man. without asa i am even also asleep at the breast while my hand embraces penis. a frighten startled when kurasa there light that blind to hit my eye sheath. kubuka my eye slowly and kupicing my eye up at that iight source. obvious that sunlight morning that enter to break through my room window. at the same moment i am frighten and kupandangi around me. empty. where gerangan go it the my prince? kurasa trousers my in me wet and kupegang penis obvious wet by my sperm. kupegang that liquid is asa sticky and kissed by me sperm smell special rancid smell. i aware new if obvious i only dream. " unfortunate. . ! " think me.

this story is my sex experience the time first with a man child. formerly moment i am class 1 sma, i have many friends, from older until younger the age. i have a friend that named andi, don't know why i am very interested to it. really since i am smp i like once masturbation until climax. and andi even also is narateding that until now even also he is like masturbation (each time if is bathing, he said). we make friends sufficiently long. and i always keep feeling like that. awal the beginning like this, we are both enter a organization (not prohibitive organization), and held programme at school, we are all stay at school. that programme is held in the evening. and at the (time) of want to sleep, i and andi can not sleep. we chat and joke at room half rather far from the other children cubicle. don't know why my property long thing at that time stands upright then. andi even also ask about what kupikir so that my genitals stands upright. he is even also feel it, although i still to wear complete coat. i also feel the guided missile that still prepacked the short trousers. at that moment i unconscious that is andi even also a gay. he is even also begin discussion about sex and another. he asks so that i show my long thing that stands upright that to it. and surprisingly, i am menuruti the will. di that dark room, i am even also open my coat singly, begin from singlet and my short trousers. and andi even also begin to open all the clothes and obvious he stark naked with genitals stick half tense. the genitals feather at that time seen to begin dense. moment that is me not yet open trousers my in me, and my manliness stick has stood very the straighten of because menambahnya naked body scenery andi. lalu andi even also fossilize me to open trousers my in me. he kneels in front of my stick that ossify. andi a little laugh to see up at my manliness stick, because he doesn't see genitals feather existence around my heritage thing, because really yesterday my the day expressly shave it until finished. thereby looked at big my manliness stick. stand upright finely until a little throb. really moment that is enthusiasticer andi, because i am expressly quiet to see the reaction. obvious sadist once that scenery. lalu he is even also direct order me to sit at chair and he is even also mengulum my manliness stick, and whew. . so taste. andi perfoming my weapon with the tongue in the mouth and more tasteer i feel it. menyedotnya my bird the strongly, and i only can be closed to feel the taste kuluman andi. approximately 15 my genitals minutes is perfominged andi. i even also will feel that i will achieve the top. then andi take outside my manliness stick from the mouth and he shakes to return my guided missile with his arms and, " crrott. . crott. . ! " out thick white liquid from within my genitals and i feel remarkable comfort. ternyata andi not satisfied off hand. he is menjilati entire spilled my sperms to stomach and my breast with him also menciumi i am so that we are mutual flirt with position andi sit at my lap. i am even also only submit and menuruti what andi want. then he order me to stand and face downward above table. obvious he begins to put into goodly the genitals that into anus. awal i suffer decease caused by thing as big as that step into hole anus narrow. but slowly that ill taste losts, and andi even also begin in action after enter all the manliness sticks into anus. i am even also feel there that flow in anus, and obvious that the sperm andi. sete we are both felt tired, we are even also end that taste game. i have begun to clothe coat to andi because he is in sight very tired. afterwards andi even also clothe me coat. first my singlet, eh obvious he not direct clothe me underwear, kulihat he even mengulum my genitals that choked a while ago until begin to stand upright return. see that thing i let, and i return to achieve the top for second the time. afterwards he is new clothes all my clothes. kebiasaan not only stop until there, because myself now be a gay always miss man genitals the name. my life furthermore experience several beautiful experiences likes insident moment i am class 2 sma. similar matter also happen menyaat our organization holds programme for school holiday. akhir, moment kutunggu-tunggu arrive, that is class increase holiday. luck i rise class 3. and this holiday is very long. in mid july month will be held programme retret that done by my organization. this programme goes on during 3 days 2 evening at region cipanas. because long the time holiday, so me ikutan go. one week before departure, held meeting and all entrants must come along for notification everything that must be brought moment that. in that meeting, obvious andi even also come and he also obvious ikutan goes. at heart i felt very gl if he that ikutan, even less if later i can sekamar with him. akhir departure day even also arrive, and we all go with pleasure without having to think about school again. we arrive at location in the evening. after arrive there, we are even also take a rest a moment and room distribution even also begun. where is entrant that present there 30 person and one only loaded 3 person room (so that if want to sleep not noisy). dengan happy taste, obvious i am sekamar with andi and he is seen happy also. our friend is the other one nameds champion. he also sekelas with andi in one school. programme by our programme passes by with, and arrive to sleep evening. final all entrants even also step into the room each and lock it. pada evening that, i, andi, and champion can not sleep. we only mengabis time with play cards, joke and chat so that we can sleep later. really word andi if this champion likes ngomong as delicious as it, but always true, alias like to speak uninhibitedly. i and andi rather a little peevish maked it, but we can not angry, this champion the problem is funny the person. so i and andi unanimous to ngerjain he (not to matter gituan lho. . ). kami even also run our plan both. because andi the body bigger than champion and i, so it i order him to memegangi champion. i am mengelitiki he is until exhaustion laughs and beg someone's pardon to us both. because see choked because majority laugh, andi even also order me to undress it and only can struggle champion, but what power. then swiftly i undress champion until there is no one thread even also menempel at the body. so from that looked at little champion body, white and rather thin that, also seen little genitals stick and still in a condition sleep. i am even also rotation memegangi champion with andi. yang kulihat exactly andi open all the coats until naked, i am sih only quiet, because i know to what the purpose and also i see genitals stick andi that begin tense. but champion hasn't know that andi naked, because the face kututupi with pillow. andi even also begin membelai-belai soft champion genitals stick, and with at the same moment be tense the white guided missile. i am that see it to be very desire, for no one genitals feather even also seen (not yet grow) and i felt that my secret weapon begins to move ever greater. andi even also direct menciumi champion, begin from the mouth and then to entire the bodies and seen champion very enjoy it. sete seen to begin doesn't struggle, i am even also remove my handle. i sit a moment see action andi. obvious i don't hold back again, and i open all my clothes until i also stark naked. my genitals stick tense from a while ago and stringent. moment that is me shave entire my genitals feathers so that seen slippery, in a flash is seen equal to belong to champion. a even also come along in game. champion even also we stand, andi and i am then menciumi champion and feel it until he felts taste. andi begin to aim the manliness stick to putted into into anus champion, and i begin mengulum the white guided missile. final andi even also achieve the orgasm after then shake the manliness stick in anus champion. and spilled sperm andi into anus champion. because i shall see that champion will come the orgasm, i stop mengulum the guided missile stick. andi even also begin to take outside the stick that begin choked from anus champion. champion genitals stick kutuntun to come into anus. and andi even also mengulum my genitals stick with the desire. coba conceive, my genitals stick mengulum and champion mnyodomi, the comfort hasn't been conceived again. final all my bodies mengejang and likely want out. at the same time, champion sperm even also spilled into anus. and a time g not long, my sperm even also out wet face and mouth andi. wow. . incredible deh the delicious. so that i weak stands again. lalu slow champion manliness stick begins taked, and andi even also begin to clean all spilled my sperms to the face and a little to my body. i even also only can loll at floor because felt very tired. because champion felts doesn't accept my deed hadapnya, so he is direct kisses me with desire and kubiar my body menciumi champion also followed andi. i only quiet, up to satisfied both of them fiddles body and my genitals stick. my manliness stick formerly begin melemas, they are force to stand upright again. and kulihat, both of them genitals begins to stand also. a even also begin mengulum the guided missile andi, and final we are mutual mengulum friend guided missile. i don't know what devil is there, andi direct put into to return the manliness stick to anus, and forced also kumasuk to anus champion, so that we are mutual menyodomi. my hand begins to shake champion manliness stick smaller than ours both. feel that manliness stick andi taked from anus, i am even also come along to take outside my guided missile from anus champion. we are bertiga mutual embrace each other and shake the other genitals. final we come up with the climax, and our sperm is bertiga wets entire our bodies. and moment that is us mutual smooch. untung room bathe it in in room, so that we are unnecessary out with sperm full body conditon and a little sticky gitu. the exercise if found out can misfortune. kami bertiga even also mutual clean our body from sperm menempel at our body. we are mutual mengelap our body is from face until foot and doesn't forget our genitals. but what power, feel our genitals stick each mengelus-elus friend, so stand again lah our genitals. and we mutual is laughing to see genitals each that is standing tense. but we not mutual connected body again, because felt very tired after 2 climax times. akhir we are even also go to sleep and rest. and we are bertiga set mind on to sleep without clothing. we are bertiga sleep mutual embrace each other with champion resides in midst and mutual hold the other genitals.

my name andi. this my first experience in does connection gay sex, where does this story berawal when does my friend the name joko, ask my aid repairs the computer that broken. he comes to my house with a guy clean white the face and the eye rather slanting up to seen that he chinese breed member. " andi defin this sir alex, he is leadership in place i teach computer course" said joko introduce. " oh, sir alex" address me. i am startled see it so handsome, be my fantasy guy during the time. " please enter sir" invite me. sete several the long several hours, final i am finished repair computer joko. before go home sir alex menawarkanu to teach in place the course because according to him i am may be can also to teach all at once be computer technician. since then i always haunt face sir alex. at heart i ask is it possible that sir alex can i have? beberapa day then joko phone me say that if want, tommorow i shall be be asked sir alex will come to will teach computer course in place and orderred to make a working paper example to teach. semalaman i am out for makes working paper as good as may be so that good the working paper. keesok blow the day 9.30 i leave, distance between course place actually not so far from my house, most 5 minutes until. upon arriving there i am direct steps into building. when enterring me direct meeting sir alex that passionate reading newspaper at administration office. " good morning sir" address me. " morning, sit down please, gimana you have made the working paper? " ask sir alex. " sir, this" answer me while i extradite working paper. " good, gimana if afternoon later you begin to teach, ready not yet? " ask sir alex while read working paper. " what sir clock? " ask me. " clock 4.30 until 8.00, gimana? " " okay, i am ready sir" " okay, congratulation unite, if gitu afternoon later you come again to this place" pinta. sebelum go home me get acquainted with teachers there, obvious teacher total here there 4 person, one guy (that is my friend joko) and three womans, sometimes sir alex also come along to teach when there a teacher can not enter. sekitar clock 4.00 afternoon i course free station. i shall be be asked sir alex will wait because the pupil that be trained not yet will come all. while will sit at my chair will read working paper that i shall teach. correct blow 4.30 final all pupils has come and i am even also begin to teach. initially i am rather embarrassed know this be my time first experience teaches computer and final all that can i eliminate. pukul 6.00 my evening is finished teaches. all pupils final go home. atmosphere moment that is enough lonely only live me and sir alex while another teachers has goed. after teach me sit to relax at administration space. suddenly sir alex sit at near me while offered his food holds my thigh while scrub it. i am very startled, that thing melakukannya repeatedly. i am quiet at the time. after a few moments around 6.30 there that student to learns. final i begin to teach again up to clock 8.00 evening. ketika i'll be home sir alex will offered to deliver me will toes. the first i averse because he is my leadership, but final i am deliverred sir alex go home with drive motorcycle. at trip aims house, sir alex return to hold my thigh while scrub it. evening that me can not sleep because think what done sir alex, i ask at heart what may be sir alex also a gay. if he really a gay so he will be my ideal guy during the time that will make my fantasy during the time will be fact. i prefer aged man 40 annual or berwajah fatherhood. sete my few days teach, precisely in saturday night, as usual sir alex always deliver me. when shall we'll be home, motor sir alex doesn't want alive, although even also we have tried to repair it up to our hand is black, while weather moment that will go rain up to final sir alex invite me to will stay in place course. initially i averse, but because i am pity see sir alex because the house really enough far from situ around 30 new minutes to the house and also this be to chance good for me to prove to what sir alex also a gay, final we stay there. sete put into motor into, sir alex ask me to bathe to clean dirt former motor, but i only clean it with soap, so also sir alex. final we sit at chair while chat. in that sale items me has asked to sir alex what him has darling, but sir alex only shake head. sir alex will tell that formerly at the (time) of he will still his lecture ever will like a woman but that woman frowns upon sir alex up to final up to now sir alex above the ground self. at heart i still to ask kok person as handsome as sir alex up to now this there is no that want, besides from his economy aspect more than enough, know him china breed member more like to open effort. tidak asa final clock has demoed blow 11.00 evening, final we decide to sleep. before sleep sir alex release slacks and the shirt coat up to he only dress undershirt and shorts up to appear arm and florid white the thigh and menumbuhi thin feather at arm and the foot up to make me angsang, especially at the groin part that seen to jut. although the age 42 annual, but he stills to appear young and strong. " not feel cold sir, outside kan torrential rains lho? " ask me. " not, usually if want to sleep really like this let cooler" he said. pak alex sleep above rattan chair and i sleep be chair with beralas chair foam. moment that me can not sleep. while lie down me gaze at sir alex from under chair. when am i new memejam eye suddenly sir alex get up from chair and he is memegangi my thigh returns while mengelus. see me only quiet, final sir alex then in action feel my breast till to my bird. i am initially only quiet now begin to feel comfort, up to i am even also reply deed sir alex gropingly buttocks sir alex so elastic. see my reaction like that, sir alex even also increase desire up to he is menciumi my lip that way soft, i am even also reply it. kami even also mutual perfoming tongue and mutual suck up to few minutes, unsatisfied with that thing sir alex release coat and my trousers up to i am not again wear a lef of cloth even also. he is even also direct devour my bird, menjilatinya while knead the seed, then in position stands me even also memajumundur my buttocks up to sometimes all my birds comes into mouth sir alex up to to the base until i felt so taste. besides my hand even also come along to react with open coat and trousers sir alex up to stark naked. sesuatu at full kulihat in front of my eye for first the time, size big enough with head that shine that flanked by two seed goodly big at vinicities up to appear the tendon. this my first experience but my instinct guide me to can do it. first time kujilati from neck to breast to the bird, now is changing me menyantap bird sir alex. kujilati elastic the hat with man special aroma with salty taste caused by is mixed sweat and precum secretory. kuurut the seed, kukocok to such a degree tense and big, once in a while knead the buttocks and interlarded with bite the breast bipple. sir alex even also felt comfort. " oooh. . , then andi, delicious banget, ahh. . , your lick is steady" the swishing. kami even also final sleep menyamping with position 69 so that we can mutual mengoral so that feel comfort with. sufficiently long also we do this matter, so that from head to foot we are wet by sweats and saliva increase more tasteer. afterwards sir alex stop and ask me to stab my bird to the buttocks. kami even also migrate, sir alex loll above table while lift second the foot to my shoulder. the buttocks so white and anus redden ready greet me. first time he order me to stab my finger to the buttocks, initially one finger and then two fingers. according to him this is to avoid wound that be beginning heating. after felt enough ready, then i stab my bird to buttocks sir alex with give a little saliva as lubricant. initially very difficult but slow final my bird can also menembus buttocks sir alex, slow i begin to shake my buttocks. " delicious baget sir, ahh. . father buttocks so tight! " my swishing. karena likely more deliciouser, not asa my swinging faster, my hand even also come along to react with shake bird sir alex. once in a while i bite breast bipple sir alex up to red interlarded with my kiss to the lip. asa this alive is very beautiful fully sensation. although outside rain very quick we are not felting to feel cold. " sir alex, ow, ahh, delicious banget! " my swishing again. sete a few moments, we change position. sir alex turn around to stoop from hind direction and i lance buttocks sir alex. asa buttocks sir alex smaller again, stronger pinches my bird up to swiftly i am majumundur my buttocks so that comfort incomparable kurasa up to to entire my bodies and make sir alex suffer decease to mix taste. akhir out warm my sperm water in anus sir alex up to several times. not yet sempat i restore energy, sir alex ask me to mengoral the bird almost approach the top. after some minute final sir alex even also fired the sperm water to my face up to wet my face by sperm, then sir alex menjilati entire the sperm water-logged my faces up to clean. final we are even also smooch up to i feel to how likely sperm so thick with salty taste and sticky in mouth sir alex. we are even also final droop choked. " sir alex, super-duper" said me. " andi, you not only memilki skill in computer but also skill in sex up to make father felts satisfied, father very pity in you" timpal. " i also pity father" answer me while smile and gaze at face sir alex that still to sweat. akhir we are even also sleep by using cover while embrace each other because air evening that begin asa cold caused rain more quicker espoused thunder, up to we can mutual feel warmth one another. the following day morning it we get up clock 6.00, where when bathe us do oral sex return although only a moment caused by usually before clock 8.00 pupil that learn computer a lot come. final this activity often we do if we are mutual want warmth and comfort with. ***** demikian story from me. to friends that read this story me has apologized if this article not so good and good in writing and word, because this be my first article, please you give suggestion and criticism to my email. previous i say to accept

i am my father an only child. since long time, we only alive both. my mamma long bercerai from my father since i have stilled sd class 1. i am not ever want to know why they are bercerai. after the t that, i shack up with my father. that my father so handsome. although the age now almost is achieving 50, he stills ageless visible. the hair really rather grizzled, but not too jut. creasing really begin visible at that the handsome face but not as much as creasing at face kebanyak aged man 50an. the body really not atletis, meagrely fat at stomach part. but, as a whole, he is not fat visible absolutely. kami near once, always share joy and sadness. short word, that my father is best father the whole world. i am very love it, so that sometimes i have estimated me fall in love to him. myself ignore to how feeling my father hadapku. kutahu that he very-very love me to like a father loves the child. although we are near once, our permanent good manners norms guard. i am not ever even if see the penis, only often see the breast because he likes to walk naked wear underwear. myself very timid, i am not want my father see my body. probably because i am self unsure with my body form rather too slim. but all soon will change, correct at evening repeat year me ke-18. malam that, i decide to sleep earlier. sekujur my body so tired after physical practice at school morning a while ago. i always hate sport lesson, because i am not too like tired. but the good side, i am sleepy fast and want to sleep more morning. as usual, i melolosi all my clothes, and lie down stark naked comfortably. even i am not want a lef of cover even also cover my body. likely so pleasant can free from clothes shackle that must kukena from morning until evening. dengan fast, i am lelap, not realize that sesosok slow shadow enters my room and stand beside my iron bed. my naked body is the eye principal menu. i aware new when he pats my cheek and wake up me. so second matau opened, kulihat my father stands to stare my nakedness. although conditon at blurred my room, but selfexplanatory to see everything. so shy, hurry kututupi my penis half ngaceng with my hand. 'golly, how long he has seen my naked body? ' think me, redden my face likes boiled crab. " unnecessary shy, my child, " he said, sit beside iron bed. satu-satu clothes that cling at only depth trousers rather seen worn out. visible yellowness pockmarked at where the penis begin to push to want out. golly, erection my father see my body! " you so sharp-looking, my child, " he said again, his arms begin membelai-belai my shoulder. " come on, don't you close over your genitals. let father see it. come on. " dengan soft, he tries to remove my hand so that my penis is exposed. i ignore what to do besides let it. " father child big, yeah, " the comment moment see my penis begins ngaceng. " the plume so dense, " add it again moment see that base my penis is coverred feather jembut leafy like forest amazon. saya is knowing what my father is doing. he wants to flatter me. he wants to invite me to sleep dengn. he wants to copulate with me! ! rather hesitant, i say, " pa, no, pa. " kurasa his arms coarse membelai-belai my penis. " kumohon, pa. no, " my request again. sebagian myself really thirst for to be in love with him, but a part again prohibit. incest that is wrong and sin, even less incest one this involve kind fellow connection. my moral instinct force me to averse my father persuasion. " don't be afraid, my child. father not hurt you. only want with you father. if you know how self it father during through years. " shout it with sad tone that deepens. " father reason not married woman other because father pity in you. father expressly wait, until you of age. now you aged 18 year, my child. " kulihat clock weker at little table situated correct beside my iron bed. that clock shows blow 12 via 45. that mean, 45 my the long minutes is aged 18tahun. i full grown! " has a anniversary present to you, my child. " dengan that, he stands. then, without shy, my father begins to release depth trousers. i only can stare the penis with opinion not blink, astonished once. my father penis so beautiful. length almost 20 cm, hard like steel, and the penis head size monstrous. feather jembut not as dense as mine, may be kebanyak fall of. " pa, why does father show father stick in me? " ask me amazement. seharus i deflect my face, but not kulaku. my eye immovable in the penis that rise out tingi at in front of me. i want to see my father penis! don't know why, kurasa passion that seethe in myself. subconsciously, my hand reachess forwards and hold the penis. aaahh. . likely warm and hard. that penis is asa very alive, berdenyut-denyut with passion desire. " come on, hold on, my child. this is father present to you. you now full grown. father not want you fall to in free sex. father knows you may be want to know many about sex. father will teach all that father will know. oh my child, father whats in you. " kedua his arms big and coarse fumble my back. then, they change in my breast. the beginning, my father meremas-remas slowly, but more longer, remasan be more stronger. my hand ynag formerly busy mengusap-ngusap my father penis, now begin mengocok-ngocok, will hope my father 'out' as soon as may be. desire begins to dominate us both. desahan breath memburu-buru fulfil my room. we are mutual bertatapan, mutual detect our idea each. tiba-tiba, my father embrace me. the body very big compared my body. actually if he wants fitness, the body not lose with body owen mckibbin, one of [the] cover men's health almost coeval with my father. with the body, my father overbear me and we are fallen down to on soft my iron bed. we are mutual bertatapan, look for sanctions from each side. " my child, do you menginginka father teach you sex? " ask it, the eye stare me hopeful, hope me say 'yes'. " yes, father. teach me. i want to know how to to satisfy you, pa. teach me. i am ready, pa, " answer me. benteng my defense collapses. really not easy averse father persuasion self! overbeared like that, i can feel degup my father heart. likely so tight. the penis self menempel in anus, related my father a little higher from me. papa get up and release the pressure. then he stands beside my iron bed while hand the penis now begin wet with liquid precum. in distance sedekat that, final i can see my father penis clearly. the penis same like my penis, not yet circumcised. but because tense incredible, the penis head keburu menyembul out from the circumcision skin shackles. conceitedly, that penis head is berdenyut-denyut at in front of me, lustrous with precum. " first lesson, " my father word, " oral sex. now is trying you are sucking this your father penis. slow. angap this penis likes candy. suck in your mouth and koid your tooth. then suck then while menjilat-jilat. then do that until father ngecret. " " good, pa. " dengan obedient, i sit, hold the penis and then put into it into my mouth. hardly seen or heard heard desahan the taste moment warm my mouth muffles the penis head. although new first time a bar of penis nestings in my mouth, but my instinct train me to how manner satisfies penis. kuikuti my father suggestion; kuhisap-hisap the penis head and kujilati that head. my father mengerang-ngerang like painfulness person. i am even more bouncyer. first time, as honest as it, that penis taste is rather strange, difficult to describe it. likely rather salty mix sweet. the smell even also a little pesing and sharp. i so recall trousers smell my in me self. but lama-kelaman, all asa delicious. tanpa forgiveness, kusedot my father penis sekuat-kuat. my mouth has changed function has been vacum cleaner. kubayang i am sucking coconut juice by using straw curious. suddenly salty taste assaults my tongue. slippery liquid begins to flood my tongue, flow out from within the penis hole. i know what liquid is that. that precum. i often see it when i am passionate mencoli my penis self. my father more enthusiasticer, the body a little guncang because the taste my inhaling. his arms return to fumble back and my breast. my father really know the fact manner stimulates man fellow. " . . hhhoohh. . suck then, sonny. . ooohh. . yyyeess. . suck father penis. . aaahh. . penis formerly make you. . uuugghh. . father pity you. . hhoohh. . " erangan-erangan longer more indistinct heard. more heard voice deruan heavy the breath. " . . hhoohh. . uuugghh. . hhhoosshh. . aaahh. . " terlalu passionate sucked by mulu, father apparently want to take rein. is sharing mengentot, the penis mendorong-dorong come into my mouth. sometimes my father penis enters too in until almost close my gullet. repeatedly i almost choke but always can kutahan. along dnegan time, desire is smeakin big, push the sperm out. with hard howl, my father emphasizeds the penis in, his arms mengcengkeram strong my head. next, the penis broken down. ccroott! ! ccroott! ! ccrrott! ! " . . aaaaarrgghh. . ! ! " bagai sump, pejuh lunge to enter and go down to my gullet. bothing;there is no time to avoid, apalgi my father holds my head. there is no choice other. forced kutelan all the sperm waters. likely salty and strange. i am not ever taste to whatever with strange taste like that. but bairpun strange, follow me likely reasonable delicious. so, without protest, i gulp all, finished not remain. meanwhile my father body stills mengejang-ngejang, menuntas the orgasm. " aarrghh! ! uugghh! ! oohh! ! aahh. . uuhh. . " so all finished, my father interestings the penis out. saya rather dissapointed because i still to want again. visible my father so tired, sweat springs up from the pore. " pa, i like nyedot father penis. delicious, sih, " shout me, smile filthy. driblet pejuh visible flow out from the aspect of my lip. " good. father hopes you like with father present, " answer my father, embrace me. ah, the embrace so warm and full love. i felt safe once in his arms. want likely time stops forever so that my father and i can permanent berpeluk like that. " father stills has present other to you, my child, " he said while release the embrace. dengan full love, my father lay out me above my iron bed. my pillow is put correct be my hip. thereby, my buttocks is exposed, very sensitive to mengerjain. that brave my father is then climbs on iron bed and kneel in front of my foot. " father wants to give you best present, sonny. your buttocks contents father with father mannish liquid. you want, 'kan? " i am menganguk-ngangguk, countenance. " the beginning ill, but you hold back, yeah. you 'kan aged 18 year now. momentarily you lecture. you must learn to get suffering in your alive so that you are strong endure this alive. so, you must able hold back this ill taste, okay? " saya return to nod, prepare myself to get the penis. my father spann second my foot and open it wide. " aaahh. . section your buttocks hole once, sonny. father jabs, yes? " return me nod. sete get my permission, direct my father implants the penis head in anus. the beginning rather difficult, yapi he is permanent forces and push. " ooohh. . pa, jab my buttocks, pa. . ooohh. . come on, pa. . i not have holded back again. . ooohh. . " saya then commanded to 'ngeden so that anus opened. although confused, i follow. so i am 'ngeden, suddenly direct big father penis lodges to enter. " aarrgghh. . ! ! " iakku, illness really beyond meaure. anus serasa wide open, asa clear friction between the penis with wall in my buttocks. so father penis head enters by ear plup! my hole closes and strangle father penis stick. i am direct felts cramfull; father penis asa in my stomach. anus still berkedut-kedut with ill taste likes singe, but until as far as that is me still able survive. " this is father child new. proud father in you, sonny. you are able gets this big father penis. now father genjot, yes. you must survive, ok? " papa menciumi then return to concentrate on the penis. so father begins menggerak-gerak the hip, i begin to groan painfulness. likely anus torn, not able accommodate father penis. " . . ooohh. . pa, so ill likely. . aaahh. . i am not strong. . " mata flow tear, i cry to sob while hold back perih. but my father not mengindahkan. he is permanent pushes my buttocks. so pity anus. meanwhile, my painfulness groan more becoming worse. i try to meronta-ronta, but fail. i also try to keep away my father penis, but second his arms hold tight my foot. meanwhile, see my opposition, my father even be more desire. kontol be pushed to enter as hard as may be so that i estimate him will burrow my stomach. asa once the penis fumbles my intestines. then suddenly all begin to change taste. i ignore why, but there a taste wave menguras my energy. my body menggelinjang keenak impressing i orgasm. ill taste stills immanent, but closed over by taste taste that double folded. napas my father more memburu-buru. sweat begins berjatuhan from the face and wet my stomach. the opinion so serious, impress a little iurid. " . . hhhooh. . hhoohh. . your buttocks so tight. . aaahh. . delicious. . aaarrgghh. . father genjot stronger again yes? uuugghh. . hhoosshh. . " our body is guncang-guncang so that my iron bed berderak-derak. i shall worry my iron bed rubuh, related my father energy monstrous. " . . ooohh. . sonny, father closed to. . hhhoohh. . aaahh. . " saya will understand true what will happen furthermore. my father ngecret! to stimulate it, i begin berkata-kata dirty. " . . uugghh. . come on, pa. . ngentotin this your child buttocks. . hhhohh. . big father penis so. . ooohh. . ngentotin i, pa. . uuuhh. . " usaha success because father more bouncyer. rythm ngentot so fast and powerful. anus trashed completely, ruthlessly a little even also. i am not expected that my father so male. i shadow how the busy my mamma formerly because must serve this stud horse desire. who estimates that my father mengentotin will like in this time. " . . aarrgghh. . ! ! father is. . cccccuumminngg! ! " iaknya, pretend wear english. ccrrott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! pejuh as hot as lava lunge to enter, 'burn' my buttocks contents. each time the penis fired sperm, my father mooes to like buffalo. " uugghh. . ! ! uugghh! ! uugghh! ! hhoohh. . " tubuh kelojotan, permanent hold onto tight in second my foot entang wide. " uugghh. . " the swishing moment drop pejuh latest drip out from the penis hole. papa lying choked, befall my body. hot the breath whips my face. before i am sempat ebrkata anything, father suddenly turn the body while embrace me. so now father lies be i reside in on the body bersimbah sweat. " your turn, my child. sit above father stomach and shake your penis. father wants to see pejuh spurted out. come on, sonny. by father. want 'kan? " flatter it, membelai-belai my hair. " of course, pa. " saya sit temporary father penis stills to nesting in my buttocks. father really great. although ngecret twice, the penis stills tense. i cower and watching how ngaceng that my penis. coloured my penis head rather purplish that is berdenyut-denyut, smeared precum. unashamedly, i hold my penis and begin to shake it. my penis then kukocok, fluctuate, fluctuate, fluctuate. . " ooohh. . hhhoohh. . hhhoosshh. . aaahh. . uuuhh. . " detak my heart faster and my breath more hunt. a moment, my penis even also vomit up pejuh. " hhoohh. . pa, i am ngecret. . ooohh. . " ccrroott! ! ccrrott! ! ccrroott! ! " aarrggh. . ! ! ppaappaa. . ! ! " groan me, my body mengejang-ngejang. untung second strong my father hand hold me so that i am not fallen down. orgasm dominate me and membuta all. i think only orgasm and ejaculation of semen. pejuh far emitted hits my father face. more menembakkan, the distance on the wane. sekujur my father body full of my sperm stains. " . . aaarrgghh. . " when all end. " oh, sweet my child, " my father speaks. tangan interesting my body so that i am even also fall to overbear big my father body. the bipple always tight mengosok-gosok my breast. my sperm menempel in our body is both. from a distance, we are more resemble two breads bargains that smeared with mayonnaise. " happy birthday ke-18, my child, " continue it, " this is father present to you. " " thank, pa, " reply me, " i like once with this present. " kucium my father intimately. " father loves in you, my child. father wants so that we are always together, indivisible. father watch over you forever, sonny. only ask to love you as the reply. " " unnecessary father asks that thing. i also love father. i am touched father even also think same thing. i am pity father, " my word, hug it tight. air happy eye flows, wet my cheek. i am is opinion society, moral and religion about connection incest this homosexual. kutahu my father and i am mutual love. there's nothing can get in the way us. our days is furthermore always loaded with sex, sex, and skes. we are sea not ever satisfied. what a pity not all fathers and child thinks same thing with us think. they have ignored what they have passed!

time s be fun time, reputedly. follow me, may be true. at time that's, i have a time to know a sir good teacher. the name juventius, english teacher at a s at jakarta centre. the age may be almost 30 when am i new enter s. he also chinese same like me. actually the face usually, berkacamata and short hirsute and thin. but i am glad resides in bearness. kami all call it sir juve. he is good teacher, even too good, so that many stubborn pupils shakes to listen it at class. i am rather pity with him, because i like it. english really my favorite lesson, so i am very enjoy the presence at class. sir juve has a 'unique habit'. sewaktu teach in front of class, he likes once memegang-megang tie the waist and sometimes the stomach. for me, that thing very sensual. my penis often ngaceng see it so. our connection is even also very good because i belong pupil kesayangan. one day, he invite me to the house. " father wants your aid to puts repetition values to value book, " he said, smile sweet in me. saya not objection because sir juve ready to prepare transportation. sir juve rise motor, so i have a time to embrace the waist. aahh. . so taste. along trip, my penis ngaceng heavy, shadow to be in love with him. precum wet trousers my in me, so wet. sesampai we are at the house, sir juve invite me to sit at his temporary sofa changes clothes. rather nervous, i am menuruti. meanwhile benjolan at my grey slacks monstrous. sir juve see it in a flash and only smile, but i felt very shy. when sit, that gibbosity stills seen. forced kututupi by hand. but without expressly, i am even causes liquid precum, wet trousers my in me, menembus to my grey trousers. maka visible wet pockmarkeds so contrast with my trousers. sir juve out few minutes then and i only with open mouth. how not with open mouth? he is out only with a lef of towel at waist! he doesn't dress absolutely. i gulp saliva moment sir juve kucintai that sit at side me. secretly, i steal to look at and enjoy beautiful view menyuguhkannya. sir juve only a man usually, the body usually. but the breast appears very section with brown bipple that stands. want likely kuremas that the breast. for a few moment, we are both only sit without speak. " you are unnecessary covers that gibbosity, " he said suddenly, while memegangi my hand. of course i am startled but also all at once glad. " you are shy unnecessary same father. besides, also man. father often tense also. that is normal matter. " then smoothly, he moves my hand and singkaplah that my gibbosity. sir juve only chuckl to see it. " whew, look you yach sweltry? " i am bowed, so shy. suddenly, matter beyond belief happen again. sir juve mengelus-ngelus that my gibbosity. golly, he likes penis. " father knows you often see father at class. also often see you father. but new in this time, father dares to spilled father heart contents to you, endy. father likes you. father pity you. " jantung berdegup tight mendnegar that the honest acknowledgement. want likely i kiss it, but moment it not yet correct. kupandang the face and kukata admitedly about my feeling. " sir juve, i also pity ama father. i want to be in love with father. " tanpa answer, sir juve direct embrace me and mengelus-ngelus my body. the lip mencium-cium my face. kurasa warm the breath lands at my face. i don't want answer, i know the feeling. sir juve also wish for me as big as i wish for it. " aahh. . aahh. . " my swishing, kuelus-elus naked the back. ah, so warm the body. " sir. . i am love you. . " whisper me, kiss it to return. " oohh. . i am love you, too, endy. . aahh. . you are section. . oohh. . " pak juve begin to undress me. while kiss me, second his arms creep to my uniform and open my shirt button. after opened, i am soon release it and throw it to room corner. now opened my breast and sir juve can enjoy it. like hungry baby, he assaults my bipple and kidly he is menjilat-jilat. i am melenguh-lenguh keenak while menggeliat-gelait. my bipple really very sensitive. slurp! slurp! the tongue voice sound. second direct my bipple menegang, section once. once in a while sir juve bite smoothly second my bipple, make me more wilder. " aahh. . oohh. . delicious banget. . aahh. . lick then. . aahh. . " groan me while embrace the head. " aahh. . " tongue licks sir juve genuinely make me kelojotan. saya must hold onto to him so that i must not fall from sofa. know that sensitive my bipple, sir juve even more wilder. " aahh. . aahh. . aahh. . " my body menggelepar-gelepar like fish runs water. taste taste ultra electrifies my body. puas mengerjai my bipple, sir juve move to go down. the tongue likes mop sweeps my skin surface. also not loose from the intimate lick, leave former saliva. the tongue then move to my long trousers. smartly, sir juve remove my long trousers. i cooperate with him so that that trousers looses entire less than one minute. trousers my in me belepotan precum also come along to removed so that i stark naked has have liked bew baby has borned. my penis rises out tall in front of face sir juve. " penis you are beautiful, endy. father likes, " the comment. " father most like penis, " he said again. lalu sir juve gulp my penis berdenyut-denyut. ruthlessly, my penis mengemut finished and menjilati. i only can mengerang-ngerang while meremas-remas the back skin. slurp! slurp! sir juve very enjoy my penis. the foreskin covers my penis head is pulled downwards and the mouth mengerjai my penis head very sensitive that. i am mengejang-ngejang, hold back taste. " aahh. . oohh. . sir. . almost spurt. . aahh. . " i groan and twist. tak there quip to describe taste taste he gives to me. powerful the inhaling and great the tongue fly me to atmosphere. when do i almost spurt, sir juve retreat and release the inhaling. i am panting, tranquilize myself. i am not want ngecret before principal programme is begun. posisi we swop. now sir juve sit at my temporary sofa kneels in front of the penis. towel a while ago meliliti the waist was removed. penis sir juve incredible tense so that lustrous the penis head. the foreskin interested downwards. that sparkling penis head stare me with the penis hole. direct kujilati penis sir juve fluctuate to like to lick candy stick. sir juve only mengerang-ngerang bated while meremas-remas my hair. " hhoohh. . hhoohh. . hhoohh. . " the swishing. the eye ball climbs on and then the eye is closed tightfitting. his arms guide my head so that i can give satisfaction more in the penis. bosan lick, i am ready mengulum. my mouth kubuka selebar-lebar and the penis even also enter. mm. . super-duper. my mouth full of the penis so that visible menggembung. i begin to suck that penis and menyodomi my mouth self. my mouth moves to fluctuate penis stick sir juve, make it to groan full comfort. " aahh. . aahh. . suck then. . hhoosshh. . oohh. . suck father penis. . aahh. . " suddenly the penis explodes! " aarrgghh! ! " iaknya. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! because startled, i release the penis. i am rather than disgusting to gulp sperm, but i am not yet ready. if kupaksa, i am certain choke. penis sir juve ejaculate pejuh wildly like water interval uncontrollably. the warm sperm smears my face. aahh. . taste and warm. a part that reside in my lip, kujilati finished. " aarrgghh! ! aarrgghh! ! aarrgghh! ! " sir juve then groan and let the penis menguras finished the sperm contents. ccroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ketika all finished, i felt to like 'cum pig. cum pig that mean pig pejuh word used to denote homo man that loves the face or the body menciprati pejuh. whitish visible my face because pejuh sir juve, but sya felt section once. i am glad can satisfy the desire. sir juve really choked but he has stilled to desire. saya layed out above sofa secondly wide upraised foot. anus perjaka berkedut-kedut full desire. i expect moment beautiful that. sir juve smile filthy at the (time) of big the penis begins expedition aims my deliverance hole. " aargghh! ! " groan me, so ill. lubang anus asa like to bribed. taste perih burn anus moment that penis moves more into. strange feeling as if i shall defecate to fulfil my idea. i know that thing caused by anus not accustomed to a bar of penis in it. " aarrgghh! ! " groan me again, tear begins out. i try to hold back ill but i am not can. " aahh. . aahh. . " swishing sir juve keenak. " hold back, endy. . aahh. . later also delicious, kok. . oohh. . hold back yach, pity. . aahh. . father pity you. . aahh. . " sir juve membelai-belai my face. saya felt peace once caressed by it. my ill taste begins to decrease along walk it time. sir juve still then pump my hole vehemently. the sweat berjatuhan above my naked body. i felt very 'naked at front it, with the penis menyodomi anus. " aahh. . your hole super-duper. . aahh. . tight. . oohh. . " because saking the desire, the penis looses. while sigh dissapointed, sir juve return to intend to stab the penis comes into anus. " hhohh. . hhoohh. . hhoohh. . " i am mendesah-desah, hold back ill. saya felt that wheeze while mengentotin that very help to decrease ill taste. can kurasa penis sir juve move to enter to return centi by centi and final that stick enter all. for minutes, i am let to take a rest and attune self with that the penis. my penis self ngaceng heavy, upright rise out, and continual take outside precum. kukocok-kocok a moment and sir juve even also humping the body to give me a kiss pity. " you so sharp-looking, endy. . and your buttocks. . aahh. . narrow banget. . aarrggh. . fuck! " the comment, half grimace to hold back taste. second his arms explore my breast. when do they find my bipple, ruthlessly, my bipple is monkeyed. " aarggh. . aahh. . oohh. . aahh. . " my swishing, menggelinjang-gelinjang. my bipple really very-very sensitive. to a moment, sir juve is estimating me painfulness, but later he understands. " aahh. . sir juve. . mainin my bipple. . aahh. . pull aja. . aargghh. . roll. . uugghh. . i am horny banget. . aarrgghh. . fuck me again. . " subconsciously, i say it. i ask it to mengentotin that penis thirsty my buttocks. pak juve only smile filthy while mencubiti second bouncy hard my bipple. " ok, i mengentotin this delicious your buttocks, this is comfortable hole ever father ngentotin. . aahh. . " then with that, the my idol teacher even also return to push my buttocks. " aarrgghh. . oohh. . aarrgghh. . " the penis returns to burrow my buttocks likes drill. ruthlessly, the penis assaults to enter and out swiftly. the hip pounding so powerful so that the sofa berderit-derit like door brokens. the sweat drips to go down, wet face and my body also not lose to sweat. seperti gimcrack bitch, i am mengerang-ngerang amenity. my body is shoved away by the penis pounding. " aarrggh. . aarrgghh. . fuck me. . aahh. . ngentotin i am sir. . aahh. . feel at home again. . yyaahh. . aarrgghh. . deeper. . aahh. . delicious banget. . aarrgghh. . " each time that penis enters hole anus, the head strikes hard my prostate. likely beyond conception. taste taste dominates my body and my penis even also continual channel precum in number very incredible. " aarrggh. . yyeeaahh. . ngentotin then, sir. . aarrgghh. . yyeeaahh. . ngentot. . aarrgghh. . " pressures in my prostate very incredible, force pejuh to spurt out without kusentuh. " aarrgghh. . aarrgghh. . " groan me while mengejang-ngejang. can kurasa that my orgasm will arrive momentarily. " aarrgghh. . sir. . want ngecret. . aarrgghh. . " " uugghh. . release aja, endy. . aahh. . let father see. . oohh. . your penis ngecret. . aahh. . release sja. . come on, endy. . aahh. . by sir juve you love. . aahh. . release now. . " crowd sir juve, still merem-melek mengentotin. the breath asa heavy and memburu-buru. " aarrgghh. . good, sir. . aarrgghh. . ngecret. . aarrgghh! ! " with a mooing basin long groan a cow, i am even also berejakulasi. ccrroott! ! ccrrott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrreett! ! pejuh spurt berhamburan to many places. a large part land to return to on my body; a part again littered body sir juve. taste taste menggucang entire my bodies. my body mengejang-ngejang like person krasu, but sir juve overbear it and help me to enjoy my orgasm. " aarggh! ! aarrgghh! ! aarrgghh! ! aarrgghh! ! " groan me, follow my penis ejaculation of semen rythm. so fantastic can ngecret without nudge penis! sir juve really top, can give me orgasm. aahh. . he is really man really male, meksipun appearance outside it not mengindikasi that thing. " aarrgghh! ! father until, endy. . aarrgghh. . accept. . uugghh. . accept pejuh father. . aarrgghh. . you are my property, endy. . aaaarrgghh. . ! ! " and sir juve even also final berejakulasi also. sudden the penis expands then fired avalanche the manliness liquid. " aarrgghh! ! oohh! ! aarrgghh! ! aarrgghh. . " groan it, menggelinjang-gelinjang. my body soes to come along guncang because sir juve berejakulasi in my body. if man can pregnant, i am honest menghamilin by sir juve. " aarggh! ! oohh! ! " groan it equine that still wild. the penis stills busy atomize pejuh into my exile hole. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! i only can moo amenity, feel warmth in my body moment pejuh sir juve flood me. " aahh. . " the swishing after all end. slow, the penis is pulled out. pejuh come along to flow out, wet sofa. " sir, i love ama father, " my word suddenly. kupandangi the face that handsome is lovingly, expect so that he agrees to reply to love me. and beyond belief, sir juve greet me. the lip returns to embeddinged in my lip and we are even also smooch intimate for minutes. return, our tongue fightings and our saliva is even also mutual bertukaran. oh, i only want to have it. sete smooch, sir juve say. " also pity ama you father. if not, make to what father wants mengentotin you just now? later, you nginap here, yach? we can be in love again tonight. father wants you are father alive pair. want 'kan? " " sir juve. . " cry me, very happy. kupeluk the naked body bersimbah sweat and kucium-cium the breast. ah, final my fantasy to has self reached. . sir juve, i am love you. . ***** kudengar now sir juventius at america is bing manager a restaurant. until when even also, sir juve permanent be my idol english teacher.

pernahkah you have a crush on your teacher self? certain ever! come on, nga, unnecessary pussyfoot: ) myself ever. this story happens when in the year latest smu-. at that time, there a new headmaster that tevenss as teacher. and by accident once, my class is salah-satu from a little class mempegangnya. the name joko, without hind name supplement. he is really original javanese and dialect jawa- so thick. certain you shadow a ugly man berkumis. big wrong! : ) sir joko that is handsome once, absolutely unseen. and the body even also solid cover model basin men's health. the age stills said young, around tigapuluhan. he is really doesn't take care moustache, but around the chin found thin whiskers. that thin whiskers makes it seen section once! follow bird news (who come the bird? ), sir joko that still single, alias not yet married. tiap his time teaches at my class, i am not ever tired look at it. aura keseksian so tempt. kusuka from it the habit not ever wear singlet or sleeveless undershirt. shirt often utility even also berbahan thin so that i can almost see the body. frequently, second the bipple menegang clear printed at the opposite of that the shirt. without shy, second that bipple shows their self. hollow brawny the breast even also comes printed. luck for me because i sit at front table: ) i have felted have a crush on sir joko. i thirst for memadu affection denga, although for once. lalu a crazy idea infiltrates to come into filthy my brain. i take a leaf of paper and begin to write a anonymous love letter. kupikir, that's only manner so that the handsome sir joko realize that he has a secret fan. my mail sounds: untuk beloved my teacher, sir joko. saya one of [the] your pupil that fall in love in you. but i am man. although so, i am naksir father. father body so tempt me, so that i not can concentration learn, especially breast and father bipple. i want to fumble it, meremas-remas, menjilati. i want fun father. i am even vouchsafe my buttocks that still eprjaka by father sexual satisfaction. i shall bring father to sky seventh, provided father agrees to love me. only father that can kupikir day and night. i want with you, sir, meksipun only last night. ciuman intimate, your secret fan. tak difficult to tuck that mail into the book stack because i often menugasinya to help it toes the books to the office. while feign to settle, my hand tucks that mail. i shall ignore to what him will find that mail or not. but at least, i have tried. selama day after day, there's nothing happen. attitude sir joko even also usually. come up with one day, suddenly he call me to look out on it. i am really ignore in order to what him want to meet with me. so see me to enter, sir joko- that handsome invite me to sits. that room is really situated bearby teacher space, but related i am called in the middle of period. that teacher room is empty absolutely. so me can a little relax, without having to worry there teachers ynag hobby menguping. " endy, can you explain this? " ask it with authoritative the voice. dia hand a leaf of visible paper very familiar. angered, i am memngambil and. . golly! that is mail love me unntuk sir joko! " that mail is your that write it 'kan? " ask it. " father knows right your hand article. so you are unnecessary lies. " sekujur trembling my body. 'golly, what kuperbuat? why wear my hand article? why not wear typewriter? ' think me, cold sweat descends my face. but i know that bot worth while to lie. so, with face is bowed, i admit all. " true, sir. that mail me that write it. i. . i fall in love in you. . i know me wrong. so me only can submit. i am siapjika father wants mengelaurkan daris eko this, " choked my word. pak joko get up and memutari place sit me. kurasa second his arms that steady lands above second my shoulder. " who says if father take outside you? father must confess, father likes once with that your mail. although short, your mail so erotic. father until ngaceng read it. " tentu i am startled hear it. kubalik my body and kulihat sir joko is smiling friendly in me. second his arms begin to creep to alight from my shoulder aims my breast. i am not oppose and or hold back it. i want that thing happen! the touch so tempt, i am mendesah-desah moment second his arms busy fumble my breast. " . . hhohh. . ooohh. . sir. . sir super-duper. . aahh. . " drowsy, i embrace his arms and begin to kiss it. tiba-tiba sir joko order me to stand. so i stand, sir joko soon strip my uniform. there's nothing remained at my body; all free my clothes. one minute then, i have stood at front it stark naked. sir joko even also, eagerly, undress th. and for first the time, i can see unobstructed the body. genuinely such as those which kubayang in my filthy imagination. body sir joko at full! the body very proposional and the muscle even also enough (not too swollen like hulk). area the breast once, menumbuhi soft plume. my blood fizzs melhat the breast feather. ooohh. . so male. between that hairy the breast, a pair brownish bipple menyembul out. that plume grows almost at sekujur the body, descend the stomach boxes and end at bush around the penis place presents. penis sir joko reasonable big, hang there, still to asleep. bagai hypnosis, i drop be the foot and direct mengulum the penis. i do it spontaneously, know that sir joko also expect it. for a few moment, i felt to like subordinate man bitch, will starve for penis, but i not can deny it. i am really want and worship penis. penis man true strength symbol, and also organ most section. sir joko only can mendesah-desah keenak, the body squirmings, hold back taste taste that is feeled the penis. while poke the penis into my mouth, sir joko memegangi my head. my hair meremas-remas, show in me how does he very enjoy my straw. be fed up with my hair, second his arms menjalari my back and mencakari. of course kuku-kuku short all. man macho true doesn't lengthen the nail likes woman. scratches sir joko asa blunt, but able pump my spirit so that i suck harder the penis. " . . hhhoohh. . ooohh. . lick father penis. . aaahh. . make father ngecret. . hhhoohh. . " groan sir joko. dan i am even also more bouncyer suck entire penis contents sir joko very kucintai that. once in a while kuremas-remas seed peler will hope pejuh easier will spurt out. i often have imbibed pejuh self. usually i shake my penis and ngecret at my hand palm, then pejuh kujilati finished. i am never imbibe pejuh another person. pejuh sir joko menajdi pejuh first from another person kucicipi. " . . hhhoohh. . uuuhh. . aaahh. . hhoosshh. . " tiba-tiba penis sir joko expand in my mouth. apparently the penis head menggembung, girded to fired pejuh. sir joko push the penis into hard my mouth and that penis is even also explodes. ccrroott! ! ccroot! ! ccrroot! ! tubuh sir joko naked that is menggeliat-gelait and mengejang-ngejang. each time the body mengejang, he will groan, " uuggh! ! aahh! ! uuhh! ! " napas memburu-buru, the stomach muscle ebrkontraksi, and sweat begins to wet sekujur the body. " aahh. . uuhh. . hhoohh. . " the swishing moment latest drop pejuh slides down to go down to my gullet. ccroott! ! dengan greedy, kutelan all. aaahh. . the delicious. sweet and rather salty. i am like taste pejuh so much. tubuh sir joko brawny that is even also choked at the same moment. smoothly, he embraces my body and guide me to lie down above the work table. previous, with his arms solid, he drops entire goods that reside in the tables. now clean the table and can kutiduri. i am sadr what make cool sir joko, and i give it conveniently! whatever to it, provided he is glad. " hhoohh. . father loves you. father wants mmemasu father penis into your body. you want 'kan? " of course i approve it. dengan sensual, sir joko spann my foot selebar-lebar. tight my buttocks hole berkedut-kedut at front it. during a few moments, sir joko only memain-main ontol at gateway anus. i am mengerang-ngerang full desire, emohon untuyk soon lance me. but sir joko not take notice me. he waits until my hole enough slippery with precum. and then, after satisfied baste my deliverance hole, sir joko then implant the penis, far into my body. " aarrgghh! ! " groan me, painfulness. untung soundproof the room so that there's nothing can hear our filthy groan. " . . hhohh. . hhhohh. . so ill. . hhohh. . sir. . hhohh. . " my complaint. " patient yes. let father ngentotin you. promise father, you will felt satisfied, okay? " sir joko try to convince me. bagaimana i can averse it? sir joko even also begin to push my buttocks. aarrgghh! ! perih once. my hole asa cramfull and lip anus serasa torn. then sir joko stab the penis enters. aarggh! ! ill but taste. love me so big in sir joko mmbuat survive in that painfulness. i am roomy sir joko glad with my body. i want him wear continual my body and throw away pejuh in my body because i am created just for serve it. " hhhooh. . hhhoohh. . tight. . hhhoosshh. . narrow. . aaahh. . father likes your buttocks. . hhhohh. . " comment sir joko at interrupts naps. sambil mengentot, sir joko humping the body and begin menciumi vehemently. our body slurrs in that kiss, and also in our coition. we are unified by love and our passion desire. " hhhooh. . father likes you. . ooohh. . hhhoohh. . fuck! father ngentotin you. . ooohh. . until we are satisfied. . hhhohh. . aaahh. . " kini taste taste begins to approach me. obvious homo stories kubaca at various situ-situs true pornographic whats existence, that is mengentotin that penis is delicious. my body its proof begins menggelepar-gelepar like fish runs water. so taste penis size sir joko, even less he is mengentotin vehemently and love. " hhhoohh. . sir joko. . hhhohhshh. . then sir. . hhohh. . negntotin saay. . aaahh. . come on sir. . harder. . hhhoohh. . father. . uuuhh. . " groan me, my body guncang-guncang. even table whom we wear to ngentot ikutan berderak-derak. i rather will worry if that table rubuh. but sir joko not take notice it. he is permanent passionate trash my buttocks with the super penis. " aarrgghh! ! " groan me. seks we are more hoter and enthusiastic. sir joko decide to wear my body as the load practice. with hold onto in my hip, he lift me. afraid fall, i am soon my arm second circle in the neck steady not forgets, second my foot kupakai to embrace the waist. crucially, sir joko bring my body to wall at in front of it. the penis stills permanent stuck dlam my buttocks, still permanent menyodomi. i only can panting. ill taste and taste that given the penis is double folded. at arrival we are at that wall, sir joko push my body to wall and begin mengentotin wildly. " hoohh. . hhhoohh. . father ngentotin you. . hhhoohh. . until you ngecret. . aaahh. . father penis wants deliverance. . aaahh. . hhhoohh. . " sir joko crass male! karena not authority holds back taste taste that whips body and the penis, sir joko bite my neck. influenced, i am even also reply to bite it. we are mutual bite and dribble saliva to our body. our sex is very wild and enthusiastic! we are like a pair wild animal that ngeseks of a kind! tiba-tiba penis sir joko begin to developing and berkedut-kedut. then. . ccrroott! ! ccrrott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! dengan uncontrollably, penis the that teacher is even also fired the penis according to avalanche. part in my body menyemprotnya dnegan pejuh bergalon-galon. and pejuh that not just any pejuh. but pejuh sir joko! " aarrgghh. . ! ! " groan it, the body kelojotan. " aarrggh! ! uugghh! ! oohh! ! aahh! ! hhoohh! ! " crucially, he tries to watch over so that my body not loose and fall. selama that sex, penis ngaceng continual take outside precum snare between our stomach both. stomach sir joko asa like washboard menggosok-gosok my penis crudely, every his time moves to mengetotin. eventually, my penis gets servis coli most top from it. when does body sir joko mengejang-ngejang because orgasm, my penis influenced and begin to ejaculate sperm. " aarrgghh! ! " iakku. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! pejuh gush to flood my stomach and mneggenangi my navel. because our body is both guncang orgasm, pool pejuh fall to drip to on floor. naked foot sir joko without expressly menginjak-nginjak that pool is so that makes the office floor is more dirtyer. " uugghh! ! aarrgghh! ! oohh! ! aahh! ! hhoosshh! ! uuhh! ! " groan me until orgasm leaves myself. we are mutual smooch intimate when all finished. dengan be careful, sir joko demote my body. sengal-sengal kupandangi the face. although the face is seen tired, he stills handsome. the penis muali wrinkle with pejuh that still to hang at the penis head. when shall i hustle to step into class, sir joko hold back me. he says, " father 'kan also tevens as headmaster here. father will say in your class guardian that father will want your aid. we both will spend time berduaan at home father. " saya smile and return kucium the face that handsome. while kiss, i take the opportunity to meremas-remas the breast as hard as that stone.

after my penis melemas, he lifts his arms belepotan my sperm and menjilati-jilati. " mmm. . pejuh first one quality, " the comment, " super-duper. " saya begin to breathe roomy, glad that my test end. but moment my head stays in breast sir hektor hard that, don't know why my desire rises again. i like once with the breast and also the bipple. slow my penis menegang again. " oh, what is going on? why does my stick stand? " ask me quandary. saya try to demote it, but has the idea self, and he averses to sleep. " don't opposed. let your homosexuality side hug you. let free your desire and free. let merimu taste my body. don't be afraid. i guide you, " he said, so soft. untuk a moment i am sihir intoxicate wine basin soft the gossip. " oh my affection, i thirst for to taste your body. father thirsts for to put into father penis into your mouth and also into your buttocks. father wants to be in love with you. " sekujur fear stiff my body hears honest acknowledgement the that depraved take lessons teacher. sir hektor want menyodomi! with fear full opinion, kulihat sir hektor mengocok-ngocok that big the penis and aim it to my buttocks! what kulaku to can prevent myself from it? ! pak hektor return to say, " don't be afraid, father not hurt you. believe with father. menyodomi that super-duper, loh. but previous, father wants to taste your penis formerly. " sehabis say such, sir hektor direct kneel at in front of me and begin to put into my penis belepotan sperm into the mouth. bothing;there is no disgust even if at the face. even apparently he is likes pejuh so much. kidly, leavings pejuh menempel at my penis head menjilatinya until finished. and so hot the tongue sweeps my penis skin surface, i am mengerang-erang keenak, almost run out of breath. really i am never menyepong. not ever i shall estimate that menyepong guy so will arouse. sir hektor, teacher les-, is sucking my penis! beberapa my body time squirmings consequence sensitivitas over do from my penis. but sir hektor not ever want to release my penis, sea my penis is treasure karun. " . . hhohh. . aaahh. . sir. . hhhohh. . likely delicious. . aaahh. . suck then, sir. . hhhoohh. . " tanpa aware, i am melenguh-lenguh keenak, enjoy servis in the style of male homosexual memberikannya. " . . hhhohh. . hhhososhh. . aaahh. . aaahh. . " tak know must seize to what, second my hand memegangi the back. but moment comfort whips sekujur my body, not authority hold back it, i scratch back sir hektor. sir hektor not objection, even he is more angsang. the horse penis is more menegang. drop precum from that penis hole littered my room floor, muddy everywhere. sedotan sir hektor longer asa more deliciouser. push to ngecret return to emerge. along with the straw, that push springs up ever greater. " . . hhhoohh. . aaahh. . oohh. . hhhoohh. . " kupegangi strong the head and girded to ngecret. " . . aaarrgghh! ! " tapi fit at the (time) of i ngecret, sir hektor depress correct channel at part under strong my penis. that channel is berdenyut-denyut and also berkedut-kedut membabi blind in mouth sir hektor. orgasm mengguncang my body, but strange, bothing;there is no secretory sperm. really there leak out, but not as much as in ejaculation of semen usually. " uuuhh! ! " saya is experiencing dry orgasm! that mean, i am berorgasme but not ejaculation of semen. " aaahh. . " desah and sekujur my body melemas. not kusangka dry orgasm also can menguras energy. " father hopes you like. father a while ago depress your urethra and memblok exit pejuh you. the result, orgasm meet you without ejaculation of semen. delicious 'kan? " ask sir hektor, return to stand. kedua his arms direct fumble my breast again. too tired, i only can mengangguk-ngangguk weak. " father hopes, you even also want to do oral sex in father penis, " he said. saya be more melemas listen it. shadow penis sir hektor in my mouth make me serasa want to vomit. but he is not give me choice. smoothly, he depresses my head downwards, force me to kneel at in front of it. then second tanagan demote my jaw and make wide opened my mouth. furthermore, the penis is putted into without obstacle that mean. and surprisingly, during he makes that thing, i am not authority oppose it, as if entire obedient my bodies to him. saat the penis final nesting in my mouth, i begin to felt sick. want likely i vomit up that penis out. liquid precum he stills meleleh out from that penis also flood my mouth. the salty taste so delicious and menyihir. sudden my sick taste even also losts don't know why. feeling other come to replace it. now i miss that penis and thirst for to suck it. without can kutahan, my tongue begins to oscillate friskily, muffle that penis head with my tongue game. once in a while penis hole sir hektor kutusuk-tusuk with my tongue. my saliva water mixes with precum secretory from that penis. sir hektor genuinely enjoy oral sex kuberi. uninterruptedly he groans, " . . ooohh. . good. . yaahh. . suck father penis. . aaahh. . suck then. . uuuhh. . hhhoosshh. . eeennaakk. . aaahahh. . " sesekali, sir hektor brought emotion and menyodok-nyodok the penis into my mouth. several times i choke and my face blanches. likely difficult to breathe. fortunately sir hektor give me several second rest before return to poke my mouth. swiftly, i adaptable and try to mengakomodasi the penis with interest expert. my mouth menggelembung every that penis head time pokes to enter. i am until overwhelmed suck it. don't know why, i so addicted to precum sir hektor and try for the redden from that penis. mmm. . slurp! slurp! slurp! really taste precum! " . . hhhohh. . suck then. . aaahh. . father almost. . until. . hhhoohh. . accept pejuh father. . hhohh. . " with that, sir hektor stab the penis in dan " crott. . croott. . croott. . " pejuh hot and direct fresh spurts into hungry my mouth. without a thought, i am direct gulps all. mmm. . likely far easier membanding precum. pejuh sir hektor so thick until i can bite it. aaahh. . really taste pejuh a man. meanwhile sir hektor continual mengerang-ngerang while menghentak-hentak the hip. ! moo long, sir hektor even also melemas and complete all. dengan full love, sir hektor lift my body and help me to stand. so our face is mutual meets, he is then give a big kiss as affection receipt. the lip asa so warm, soft, and wet. i am very enjoy it so that i kiss it to return. so we are both even also busy mutual smooch bibir-ke-bibir and lidah-ke-lidah. don't know why now i begin to like it, begin from the face, the personality, come up with brawny solid the body. i love teacher les-! is this influence hipnosis or really come from within myself? but kutahu certain that i want to do everything only to it. dan likely he can read my idea, he is even also say. " you ready to do everything to me? how if father ask keperjakaan. sudikah you give it? " dengan sensual, the right hand crosses to go down to my buttocks. hole anus tight menggelitik-gelitik and then menusuk-tusuk. aaahh. . sir hektor menyodomi my buttocks with his arms radius. " . . hhhohh. . aaahh. . i ready sir. . hhhohh. . whatever father origin. . uuugghh. . glad. . ngentotin my buttocks. . aaahh. . wear my body. . ooohh. . " saya memasrah my body to his arms. kuingin just for in pleasure and the penis. i want to serve it with my body therefore he wants. " good. father not hesitant to mengentotin. " mata look at me viscid, membara-bara with desire fire. vehemently, sir hektor turn my body. to make easy mengentot, my body a little mencondongkan forwards. thereby, my buttocks hole even also exposed. " mmm. . hole anus very beautiful. father likes, and sure father that father enjoy it. " sete pat my buttocks a moment, sir hektor begin to position the penis in front of my hole. pejuh that still menempel in the penis head menggosok-gosokkan in my hole. i so drowsy and begin to enjoy to massage anus that done by penis sir hektor but suddenly. . plop! " aarrgghh! ! " penis sir hektor even also sink, far come into my exile channel. anus that still perjaka forced to widen selebar-leba. i felt cramfull. that penis is berdenyut-denyut, likely alive, and distribute warmth. although i am then grimace painfulness, but i felt tentram once, likely i present apda where i present place. i have felted go home to return to my house, return in my fate as pemuas man desire. sir hektor mengusap-ngusap my back, tranquilize me. kemudian, i begin to feel that horse penis begin to go backward. to a moment, i felt vacancy fills my body. " . . aaahh. . " i wheeze dissapointed. namun that penis is final returns to enter my body. the warmth begins to fill my body returns. aahh. . so taste. " . . aarrgghh. . " groan me, ill all at once taste. meskipun new first time this is me mengentotin, i adaptable. hole anus not menegang so that simplify penis penetration sir hektor remarkable that. myself amazed why i can controls muscle anus sebegitu good, while i am not experienced mengentotin. but important, i enjoy the penis poke. erangan echo in my room, and bounce back to return in the form of echo. my body guncang-guncang along with the penis poke rhythm. but sir hektor then memegangi my body, hold back it so that don't until fall. seseklai tanganya kaut meremas-remas my breast. not forget, my bipple mempelintir-pelintirnya ruthlessly. his arms one again move to go down and circle around my penis stick and then shake it. so taste. my buttocks menyodok-sodok my penis temporary penis mengocok-kocok. " . . aaahh. . " moo me, immerse in comfort. bagai at heaven, we are both, stark naked, coiled passion desire. sekujur our body is menegang, flowed passion. our penis is ngaceng once, continual take outside precum. our breath is memburu-buru, very quickly. our face is meringis-ringis, at limit between ill taste and comfort. we are mutual groan, and mmenggeliat. our body slurrs, unified with penis sir hektor planted in my body. " sir. . i want kelaur. . aaahh. . sir. . not hold back again. . " groan me, tanga kuputar rear to meremas-remas the hip then menerus menghentak-hentak. orgasm marking more medekat. i am sure that i soon ngecret. " . . oohh. . aaahh. . uugghh. . " " . . ooohh. . delicious your buttocks so. . ooohh. . also father. . hhhoohh. . want ngecret. . aaahh. . ooohh. . aaahh. . aaarrgghh. . " pak hektor even more speed up movement ngentot. i am until overwhelmed hold back rapid the penis, but likely even more tasteer. gain strength the penis poke, more stimulation my body. even less that the penis always bumps a certain in my body that send taste wave indefinable. " . . aaahh. . uuugghh. . ohh. . aahh. . " without preventable, penis sir hektor menegang and swell then spurt pejuh. pejuh direct enter to flood part in my body. orgasme sir hektor my orgasm trigger, even less his arms mencoli my penis. cash, i am even also arrive in klimaks-, without can kuhalangi. my penis bergetar-getar harder than usually. my penis hole standagapes wide and let current pejuh flow out like lava white that spurt from fire crater. a pair hand sir hektor strong and brawny then loyal hold back my body and wait me until i am finished berorgasme. and" . . aaahh. . " my breath stills panting, so tired. be my foot, pool pejuh keputihan visible stagnated. pak hektor turn my body returns, we are mutual face. suddenly i have felted empty because penis sir hektor leave me. but pejuh still asa menetes-netes out from anus. can kulihat love at the eye. sir hektor then embrace me and we are even also return to smooch. love to begin to spring in my heart. and i want permanent with it forever. depraved the action by violate me really wrong. but if he doesn't violate me, i not can find my homosexuality, and also love me. setahun expire, now i have enterred lecture. my connection with sir hektor permanent move along meksipun he hasn't train me again. my parents estimates us only make friends intimate. while, we both have come to a pair homo darling. i only hope that love us can go along way, forever. .

actually i have no simpathy with my parents decision to look for me a take lessons teacher. my purpose, i have felted full grown and doesn't want take lessons teacher. but follow my parents, pass test s so difficult and i must be helped. although grumble, i accept also their 'offer'. namun moment teacher les- arrive, i change mind. the name sir hektor. the age almost achieve 40, but still strong visible and strong. even, solid visible the body with muscle. pakain so neat, related he also works at a privat enterprise at part accounting. sehabis go home office, he is direct comes to teach me. i shall take the affability, the joke, and may be also the face, meksipun i am never think that may be i am a homo. pak hektor still not yet get married, with reason that he get married 2 times and fail. so him bored to try it again. really pity he, while he is very handsome and macho. approximately a month since he teach me, i see character sir hektor original. saat that, he train me biology about human reproduction tool. this topic is my favorite topic because relates to sex, although not vulgar/pornographic. in front of we pampang man manliness organ draft more knowledgeable with penis. patiently, sir hektor help me to memorize every man organ part. i don't realize that sir hektor begin to posed strange, the eye opinion serasa want to gulp me. " . . from channel here's later sperm will be syringed out at the (time) of penis berejakulasi, " he said. " how? you have understood? " saya menggeleng-geleng my head. " actually i still rather a little confused. my purpose, i am difficulty memorizes ejaculation of semen phases. the process too complex, " my complaint, my eye immovable in penis profile at that my biology book. " like this, " word sir hektor, the eye berbinar-binar. " how if practised. may be later you will get. you ever ngocok? " " ngocok? apaan tuh sir? " ask me quandary very hardly. new this is me hear term 'ngocok. know, i am taciturn child. " that is loh, masturbation, " clear sir hektor while demonstrate scene ngocok secondly his arms. muka direct berse red. likely not ethical talk about problem as individual as that with him, but by my my value answer it admitedly. " ever, sih, sir. even often. but i am never pay attention the process. my purpose, after ejaculation of semen, then do not, finished. " tiba-tiba i felt a little not pleasant moment sir hektor put his arms at my neck and bring me to the breast. " father help you will toes ejaculation of semen process, " mumble it, while mencium-cium which is just my hair ku-shampoo. " sir, why does father embrace me like this? " ask me, begin fear. tapi i don't have courage to oppose it because bigger the body is compared my body, that crystal clear is sir hektor often spend the free time with takes. moment i am mempeluknya, kurasa the breast muscles so hard want to crumble my face. i am afraid if i rebel, he strike me. suddenly, good take lessons teacher figure now turns into a artisan rapes homo. the misfortune, second my parents is going. i am snare both with him! " sir, don't be like that, ah. father make me afraid, " say me, as polite as may be. " don't be afraid. only want to help you father. you want to pass 'kan if you want to pass, let father help you. " pak hektor not want melepasan, even the action more becoming worse. his arms begin to creep downwards my singlet and, with once pounding, my singlet even also loose. i see to chance gold and hustle to get up to stand from seat and intend to run as tight as may be up at door, but sir hektor keburu catch me ahe. " ehh, going to which you? only want to help you father. calm. unlikely father hurt you. " pak hektor stare me quizzically. the eye bot at all visible like criminal eye, but more is resembling to like eye a man that kasmaran. 'golly! what may be sir hektor fall in love in me? ' entah why, more longer i see the eye, my body more chokeder. sir hektor then stare me in, sea is enterring myself. i am at the end of one's rope oppose it. one of [the] his arms begin to creep to go down and decrease my short trousers. moment my trousers falls to floor, i felt my world collapses. my penis that still to sleep visible so beautiful at eye sir hektor. kulihat he is menjilati the lip. i repentant once not sempat wear trousers my in me. but even so kupakai, sir hektor even also release it. sambil embrace me with one his arms, sir hektor begin to undress th. i amazed with its way melolosi the clothes by using only one hand. in the first place free the work shirt and fall to floor. for first my the time can see solid the breast and brawny. really, the body not as big as hulk or ade rai, but belong to big for man standards size. don't know why, my eye even immovable in a pair brownish the bipple. menyekeliling second that bipple is soft hairs visible grow. pertunju streaptease sir hektor continue with fall it length trousers alongs with depth trousers. golly, body sir hektor really crass beautiful, as beautiful as greek statue carving. my eye changes to go down and immovable in the penis stick that hang. really big the size. i not can mebayang the size moment that penis achieve the full erection. kubayang length certain equal long ruler plastic 30cm my property. " we same naked, and glad father can share intimacy with you, " he said, break my reverie. " believe or not, you have homo side that stills to asleep. father knows you during the time never angsang sexually if see girl, true kan? " tubuh become cold. what mengucapkannya really true. but whence he detect it? " you are afraid unnecessary unutk relates to your homo side. bothing;there is no the wrong to be homo provided we are wicked bo action. father help you will toes your homo side. you will see, after this, your reproduction biology science will increase and you even also will be a true homo. " dengan that, sir hektor force upon a kiss in my lip. moment the lip tries to mengusai, kurasa penis sir hektor big that begin menegang, menegang, and then menegang. the penis so tense and menusuk-nusuk part under me, fighting with my penis that still half choked and half tense. saya so startled moment realize that i at the end of one's rope oppose the words. i want to rebel and run but my body immovable there. lip sir hektor melumat-lumat my mouth and the tongue menjulur enter to like snake. sir hektor rape me and change me to be a homo. bagaiamna this? longer he kiss me, i am more confuseder because sekujur my body begins to like the pornographic treatment. my body that stark naked serasa tremble with comfort moment sir hektor fumble it. his arms coarse stimulate every span from my skin. " you are my property. tahukah you, father has falled in you first time father see you. father wants to have you. request father, let father bes dengn. let father shows how besarn love me this in you. " pak hektor return menciumi. acknowledgement love it very surprise me, but what can kuperbuat? hand sir hektor begin mengocok-ngocok my penis. slow but certain, my penis menegang and final 100% ngaceng. i am stunned see be the influence. " while be in love with you, father will teach biology in you. this stage is called stimulus stage (excitemant phase). father hand success stimulate your penis, force pump blood into penis hole so that your penis gets up to stand. " tangan then begin mengerjain my penis faster. without can kucegah, precum flow out, baste my penis head and simplify masturbation. my idea bawls that i not want mencoli sir hektor, but i not can prevent it. i am out for think miscellaneous that can make my penis melemas, but that appear even sederet bayanganan body sir hektor naked. and eventually my penis is more ngaceng. astaga, does he also restrain also my idea? now i am genuinely fear with sir hektor. he is sepeti mutant in film x-men, able manipulate idea. but i must admit that mencoli'in sir hektor, likely so taste. " . . hhhoohh. . aaahh. . " tanpa can kutahan, desahan taste escape from my lip trembling. " . . hhhoohh. . hhhoosshh. . uuuhh. . aaahh. . " pak hektor only smile filthy, see me to begin to enjoy servis. precum more and more flow out from my penis, wet hand sir hektor. " congratulation, you have enterred phase second, stable phase (plateau phase). this phase is marked with out it liquid precum. aaahh. . certain this your liquid is delicious. " dia stop to shake me and wipe precum- with the finger. of course a part menempel in the finger. kulihat dengab dilated eye moment he brings the finger comes into the mouth and mengulum-ngulum like candy lollipop. " super-duper. father likes, " the comment, filthy. kembali his arms continue masturbation process in my penis. and i am even also return mengerang-ngerang keenak. although i hate pornographic manner he uses, but i see daylight ejaculation of semen process because he train me clearly once. " . . hhhoohh. . hhhoohh. . " suddenly i shall felt that my orgasm soon will arrive. pak hektor realize kegelisah because i begin to squirming and my face begins meringis-ringis. " . . aaahh. . sir. . i. . ejaculation of semen. . ooohh. . not can kutahan. . aaahh. . sir. . please sya. . " " calm, release pejuh. let your sperm sprays out. if semrot so you have just passed by orgasm phase (orgasmic phase) where sperm been atomized out. taste taste that you will feel to differ from ejaculation of semen because both of them is different matter, but happen almost concurrent. " pak hektor more speed up his arms movement. i begin melenguh-lenguh like buffalo. without care anything, sir hektor kupeluk to underpin my body. " . . hhhooh. . aaahh. . i. . hhhooh. . want kkeelluuaarr. . aaarghh! ! " orgasme genuinely mengguncnag-guncang my body, dismember my idea, and bring me to fly to sky ke-7. my ejaculation of semen greater than usually kualami. this ejaculation of semen, jumm secretory sperm very many. my sperm is spurted forwards and land to floor. the wild beats makes my breath panting. sir hektor laugh full victory moment i droop choked in the embrace. " and now you are enterring calm stage (resolution phase) where your body making normal and your penis begins melemas. a beautiful trip aims comfort top has just finished, " word sir hektor soft while membelai-belai my body.

i know sex with man during sma, that is even also at the (time) of i am class 2 until 3 sma. because i am closed the person this problem so it during will enter my my willing lecture seat will contain. even less at the environment my place (campus and house) homophobia! rasa bored also if every finished ball practice (practice every saturday afternoon) i must put into a cage self at boarding room or go to warnet, the exercise between sekian our ball club member, may be only i am never go to date. while other in has pair, girl! i am sih not doesn't want, really not interested. umur 23 year, tall 172 cm, heavy 65 kg, i like once play football at hobby my campus group (at holy region, bandung). between friends practise me, i have close friend 2 person, the name deni and gugun. they are same has girl. my intimacy with both provided because i like them. deni tallly 175 cm, solid the body and tight with berwajah handsome. gugun height 170 cm, also solid and brawny, dangan appearance rather innocent, with physical practice and also interlarded with swimming 2 weeks once. very often i shadow can get one of the from this my friend as" friend plus" , but likely not may be, kurasa they don't have indication to love to guy. for me, gugun and deni often seen so intimate, know them formerly one sma, before step into this private college, that's that make me rather jealous towards they. so it i always menempel they, where even also they road to look for to know to what them bisex, except to moment they are apple with each the girl. setiap time kuperhati, permanent their intimacy doesn't show indication bisex. ever sih i am mancing to invite them nginap in place kost- (the two all at once), yeah. . permanent the result zero big. ever a my time opens sale items with topic bisex, but they only smiles, even inclined meleceh, make me to be down. nah. . in march 2001, where does my angered taste answered like this the story. hari that is practice not long run field around. after finished, as usual after chat there here, i take leave to want to go home, and one of the second my friend asks with tone ridicules, " san. . loe kagak ever ngapel time sih loe, kagak interest ama girls bandung? " i don't care for, actually perih once menanya like that, only i try to cover it with reply, " ah bosen ah ama girl. . again nyari guy niih. . ! " timpal sekena. second my friend even also only laugh, by accident i am differ direction goes secondly that my friend, direct i take leave and aim house direction kost-. feeling lonely return to haunt me, only i am direct berpikiran, tolerable i am evening weekly at warnet. yaah. . only warnet that can make my heart rather comforted, usually most i am chat or surfing see site x. sesampai i am to boarding place, i add to grimace boarding friends the exercise in return to the village. waah tired! i am more lackluster even i so lazy to warnet, then i am while rest watch television at room. after a few times there mengetok door, i think most the boarding mother that want nitip the exercise the house key usually he is saturday likes out city, but if not wrong mother kost- that go from a while ago. hmm, so to who yes, still with ball clothes (the exercise a while ago practice not so heavy so didn't make dirty my coat) i aim door and kubuka. obvious. . gugun and deni mengetok still with practice uniform that still clean that. " eh. . kirain who, come on enter. " invite me. " kok not so to go home? you not ready ngapel gitu? " ask me. deni answer, " again lazy here. . " " lagian i also not bring oneself to tough loe alone malem week like this. . " while they release shoe and direct enter. " laen in where san? " ask gugun. " tau tuh in return to the village, also not there boarding mother, " answer me pretend firm. " eh tuh kalo want to drink in place usually, also usually the glass. . " akhir really true, both of them genuinely doesn't go ngapel, even chat at my room ngalor ngidul. i am at that moment there is no kepikiran a little even also up at sex, know, formerly i ready for bete alone, eh even menemenin same two guys kusuka. yeah, sale items even also expire so aja so that dark, around 7: 30 evening. because i felt sultry, i am then ready bathe. but the gugun hold back me so that doesn't bathe, his word, that guy sweat smell can make horny. " trus what the connection? " ask me. " gini. . loe khan unconvinced? want proof not. . ? " ask it again. deg! i am direct berpikiran bonsensical, and i am meagrely fish. okay. . now we are looking for to know to who smell keringet make horny. both direct agree, and suddenly deni and gugun direct open the singlet. " come on san, open the coat, " their word. penis direct menegang when challenged so. see them open the singlet each, i am perforcedly and taste wants to know then kubuka my singlet. deni open this game, then gugun close and lock my room door. we are bertiga mutual close to one another, and i am more horny see their body rather shines because sweat remainder and a little sticky, augmenting man aroma so male. oh i am more uncertain. degh. . degh. . degh. . first we are bertiga mutual hold shoulder side right left. " now loe that at test san. . " said deni while nyengir, then he kisses my armpit. not long, " hmm. . delicious the smell loe san. . " followed with gugun do same thing, only he is while a little menjilati my armpit. " now turn loe san, loe so jury, which between i and gugun most smell section keringet. " lalu i bow to armpit deni. " oooh the smell very enaak. . make me to want to lick it. . " even less i am sempat leer up at bipple the deni that ossify that. not yet sempat i am mengetes armpit gugun, from hind direction gugun embrace me while menciumi my back and gibbosity at the opposite of the trousers menggesek-gesek side my buttocks, augmenting sticky the skin touch make me more meledak-ledak. see that, direct kulumat bipple deni and he is mengerang-erang, " usin san! " he said. while he releases the ball trousers. wow. . penis which during the time kuidam-idam that is out from return the ball trousers, from my the bipple is direct moves to penis deni and gugun try to release entire my clothes then he open the clothes self. final we are bertiga stark naked, with leavings sweat sehabis ball practice afternoon a while ago. sete rather long, i move to gugun and i am direct kisses the lip. kupegang stick penis biggest and long between we. with position kneels and face, i and gugun mutual smooch, then deni stand and from direction side he aims penis that to our mouth. " oooh super-duper. . " augmenting with sweat aroma very stimulate, i am so that the greedyly suck penis deni. see me busy with my new toy. gugun direct stand and smooch with deni, afterwards gugun humiliate the body position to near buttocks deni. i still busy suck penis deni salty and delicious that. tidak how long kamudian, foot deni begin to straddle and i see clearly gugun dally around buttocks deni. for me play at buttocks region a bew matter. then i approach gugun and we are mutual smooch again. then deni direct nungging. " come on san, loe want to try buttocks the deni not? " ask gugun. a that angsang so great, without a thought again i am direct menciumi buttocks deni and menjilati anus. " delicious not san? " ask gugun. " delicious. . " answer me. lalu gugun offered again, " loe want nyoba easier? " " apaan gun? " ask me. " a while ago kan buttocks the deni udah i basahin ahe, so the aroma rather decrease. " " here, cobain my buttocks. " shout it. mendengar that is me rather hesitant and deni direct get up, " come on saan. . delicious lhoo. . " a see the gugun nungging and deni menciumi my bipple. then, true after i juxtapose my face to buttocks the gugun, special aroma is kissed by me, i am more horny so kiss that aroma then i am direct menjilati anus the gugun. he groans amenity. after satisfied, i stop. deni and gugun even also embrace from left and right. " loe want to licked san? " ask gugun with face tempts. " i want ngerasain buttocks loe. . " a nervous direct, " euuh. . i am never den. . not ah. . " " ayolaah. . " flatter it. akhir with a few touch from them i capitulate and both of them mutual scrambling menjilati my buttocks. once in a while put into finger to anus. " oowww. . nikmaat. . " i don't hold back final i look for and get buttocks deni, i am direct lick it while gugun permanent enjoy buttocks dish virgin from hind. and. . afterwards deni direct turn the body with opened foot and rather lifted. " guun masukin doong. . honeey. . " pinta. dengan efficient gugun approach deni and suck penis deni, while the finger out enter anus. i am very astonished to see this scenery, my hand is pulled by deni and he reacheds for penis and aim to the mouth. " come on guun. . masukin sayaang. . " he said. and. . " bless. . " penis gugun gone to gulped buttocks deni, membarengi with swinging penis gugun out enter, and deni even also more activeer suck penis. i try to change position is 69 but gugun so to shut, so only deni that can permanent suck penis, once in a while he perfomings the finger at anus, then menjilati anus. at in front of me penis gugun permanent out enter buttocks deni. then i am while shake penis deni, i feel tongue deni menembus anus. i am mendongak up at gugun. " guun. . i also. . masukin! " i have requested while see the handsome face that wetted with sweat. " okay pity. . " he said. " but previous loe ahe masukin to my buttocks is san! pleasee. . " he said. lalu he sleeps supine, constructively deni final penis also step into buttocks gugun. foot gugun bated at my shoulder. then not long deni even also begin to touch my buttocks with the radius, saking the delicious i stop. " den masukin has loe. . deni pity. . " while kulebar my groin, final deni success juxtapose head penis to anus, then slowly (because has deni not so big but long) and final enter stick penis deni to my buttocks. " ooohh. . " i feel taste incomparable, at in front of me feel buttocks the gugun and the handsome face, and from my hind lanced by the deni, genuinely make us bertiga bathe sweat, especially i and deni. beberapa moment then, deni will begin to felt the defense broken down and he is membisi a certain, " pity. . mengeluarinnya at dalem yaa? " while he kisses my neck. " iyaa. . " answer me and, " phoey. . aauugghh. . oohh. . " deni launch the sperm into my buttocks, asa warm and gush. while interesting slow, deni perfoming my bipple and i am more felt to climb top. i bow to kiss gugun. " guun. . i also at dalem yes mengeluarinnya. . " " iya sayaang. . masukin aja all. . " pinta and until final deni put into the finger into my buttocks, i am more doesn't hold back and final, " oohh. . nikmaat. . " kukeluar all my sperms into buttocks gugun while i interesting hand deni from my buttocks because asa pain. after out all, kutarik penis and i am direct embraces gugun from left direction, and deni embrace gugun from right side. i whisper in gugun, " come on gun, now loe keluarin. . " then i begin movement shakes penis gugun that rather big, augmenting deni suck the bipple and, " san please i, pakek finger loe say. . " word gugun, and he is direct shakes penis self and i follow. i begin to move my finger progresses to retreat, and faster gugun shake penis until final he is even also spray the sperm. my bed counterpane until wet by sweat mixture and sperm gugun. " oooh. . so beautiful sewaktu sperm gugun spout from hole penis. . " then we are mutual embrace each other and mutual fondle, rather long. sete our energy is rather recover, then we get up to aim bathroom that reside in room kost-. while bathe both of them tells, obvious they during the time often do this matter, between deni and gugun. after see me always self and never date with girl, they have conclusion that i this there possibility likes also guy, so them plan this matter is previous wants variation increase he said, and of course i like once, i don't want to lose both of them, and thank god them also doesn't want to lose me and their girl is during the time, to what end yes? den, gun, thanks yes. . if bot because of you two, i am not may be experience this matter. gool. . final i am penetration also.

day when do i out from sea, scenery under sea astonishing with umbu beautiful cliff and motley fish chases away my tired from white-collar that boring. several this months me has moved task to mataram, mataram. . . city never in previous my brain. although provincial capital but mataram enough little compared cities at java, and clear at mataram bothing that stopped the name as in jakarta or bandung. besides many tour objects that interesting here, like hobbi bew, snorkeling at gili trawangan. sejenak kurebah my body at white sand clean, i let soft sand item menempel menubuhku and kupejam eye enjoy it. " ary! ! ? ? ! ! " , i am startled when suddenly there person speak to me. kubuka my eye and kulihat sesosok foot steady, containing thigh, tontolan at big thigh base is bandaged bathing trunk very mini, printed stomach, area breast and full with skin bule pangang, all make my heart berdekup tight and my genitals stick soon react, but my hand doesn't lose fast, soon take coat at half me to kututup in my thigh base, afraid found out. kuperhati the face a little menumbuhi beard, whiskers and moustache, sharp nose, eyebrow tata good and the brown eye mengoda and the charisma increase rearward wet hair. " ary khan! ? ! ? " , return him call my name, i am soon aware. " frans! ! ? ? how acres you? ! " , furthermore we are soon involved violent conversation. frans. . , a origin boy french, may be the age equal to i. i know him time at aeroplane from jakarta to mataram first time, by accident at that time he sits at half me and we are same stay at hotel same, a hotel at road number sriwijaya. singkat story, frans then offered so that i stay at home stay- because by accident he lives self and by accident also i am not yet order place stays. because day begins dark, we walk beriring aim home stay frans. through the street we are involved conversation that still violent while my eye sweeps scenery around that begin meremang, belong tourists that walk to back and forth breast bareness and dress seada exhibit body they are hhmm! sesampai at home stay frans i am soon to bathroom to clean my body that begin itchy, temporary frans take a rest in place sleep to wait turn bathes. soon kubasuh my body with water and kugosok with liquid soap, but my bodies some part asa perih (certain because scratched cliff a while ago). meagrely hiss to hold back perih i scrub entire my bodies, but suddenly. . . " there that can i help? ? ! ! " a startled because suddenly frans reside in my hind. apparently i bathe without close room's door bathe, and my habit since long (reader certain know) so that frans can enter bathroom. " not. . . i heard you a while ago hiss. . . there ill. . . ? ? " , advanced frans. " iya here my body a little perih. . . hit cliff like it a while ago! ! " , answer me short. dengan liquid soap frans soon mengosok my back, hind my neck then go down to buttocks and my foot base. because that the touch is direct my genitals stick stands, i try to cover it with try to overshadow it. but touch frans more softer make desahan more mengebu, formerly because perih now is mixing with desahan comfort. mendengar desahan more desire, frans more dare, he begins mengosok my body frontage. mempeluknya my body from hind with his arms begin to perfoming second my bipple and my stomach! soon kubalik my body, and kudapati frans stark naked with genitals stick that stand upright, florid the genitals colour make me more desires! kucium lip frans, frans reply eagerly, he begins mengulum my lip and perfoming the tongue, we are mutual embrace each other and smooch be water splash. frans merekuh myself and pulverize my lip, the lip asa warm and taste, the tongue dances at my mouth hole. " oohh. . . eehh. . . sshh. . . so taste, " swishing frans. sambil smooch kutelusuri entire hollow the body atletis from breast, back, stomach, waist, buttocks and the thigh. and so it is with frans, he fondles entire hollow my body, sometimes with soft caress, sometimes with his arms massage. kemudian lip frans begin to go down to change to second my bipple, menjilati and menggigit-gigit little my bipple. " oohh. . . " i twist comfort. a scream slow when frans begin to kiss my stomach dengann once in a while mengigit slow, menjilatinya thin my genitals feather because finisheds me cut. furthermore frans squat in front of my weapon that upright since a while ago, then frans begin menjilati my genitals head, menjilatinya my genitals hole. " oohh. . . eehh. . . sshh. . . ! ! " . segera sucked and mengulum goodly my weapon with once in a while mengocoknya. frans enjoy my weapon vehemently. i groan, twist to enjoy the inhaling. frans menjilati my genitals stick, from his big the head moves to surround my genitals stick turun-naik a few moments, then he changes to thigh fold region and my penis fruit. my penis fruit is sucked, pulverized and perfominged with the tongue. " aagghh. . . " i am more menggelinjang and stretch while kuremas the hair. menjilati entire my genitals sticks, sucked hardly and forcible step into the mouth with gulp it. " mmhh. . sshh. . aacchh. . mmhh. . " i hiss and moo comfort. " oogghh. . . oocchh. . . sstt. . . " kuangkat a little my buttocks and my foot stretches because the taste. frans then suck smoothly, put into and take outside my genitals stick from the mouth, longer faster. then frans guide me to make position 69 at bathroom floor, now florid the genitals stick resides in in front of me, eagerly kujilati thigh, fold region delivers thigh and then to the penis fruit, kurasa man special smell more stimulates my passion. kupegang and kujilati genitals frans, begin from big the head, kumain my tongue at the genitals hole, frans stretch, the buttocks muscle ossifies. kulanjut my lick then downwards trace the stick until the penis fruit poke. the genitals stick more expand and tense, soon kuhisap in and kurasa hard the tendon beat but soft, begin kukocok in and out from my mouth. frans balance me with shake to fluctuate the buttocks. meanwhile frans also busy is sucking my genitals stick. " oocchh. . . " i feel feeling sensation difficult kutulis, my body meriang. all go on with rhythm faster espoused comfort groans. " oohh. . . i want out. . . " iakku. " i also. . . " reply frans. a more speed up my movement, and so do frans and. . " oocchh. . . " , croot. . . croot. . . croot. . . we are almost concurrent moo long espoused our sperm outburst white and thick, sekujur my body fees, tremble and tense before final melemas slow. i see sperm frans spurt to stomach and the breast area. " i am love you. . . " whisper frans while mengecup my lip. kamipun final bathe both with mutual mengosok with soap. selesai bathe akupun soon out bathroom and mengosok my body with towel, but still not yet dry my body. . . frans embrace my body from hind. at kiss it my neck and hind my ear, memainkann the tongue at my ear, semantara his arms begin to perfoming bipple and my stomach. sejurus then we mutual have smooched while roll at room bed! all return to make us return to desire! " oogghh. . . fuck me. . fuck me. . please. . . " pinta frans. frans then shifted the body to iron bed edge and lift second the foot. i am soon go down and stand at iron bed edge, slowly kubimbing my genitals stick to hole anus frans and direct kusodok. " aacchh. . . sstt, " frans wheeze. a stop over, after kurasa muscle anus frans saggy return, i am soon push my genitals stick and final that my big genitals stick breaks to hole anus frans. i begin to interesting and push slow and faster, frans balance me with shake the buttocks, with his arms then shake the genitals stick self. " oogghh. . . sstt. . . " we are both moo taste by turns. dengan my genitals stick that still at anus, we ride on bed. frans with supine position in place sleeps, raised the foot at my shoulder, i still then interesting and push swiftly, while then i flatter it with kiss and my lick at lip or at the bipple. kami both groan comfort with breath more hunt. a few moments then we change position. i sleep supine and frans squat above my genitals stick. " aagghh. . . oocchh. . . " we moo concurrent, kurasa hole anus warm, pinch and knead my genitals stick, temporary frans grimace comfort. rhythmically frans move to fluctuate while shake and twist the buttocks. " aagghh. . . sstt. . . aacchh. . . " i groan and hiss comfort. my hand a while ago hold waist frans now help it is toes big the genitals stick. selanjut i poke frans from hind, with position sleeps sloping frans lift the right foot a little and i poke it from hind, while i am ciumi the hind part neck and i shake stick kemalua from hind. several long we are mutual wheeze and groan with rhythm more face. " oohh. . . i want out. . . " iakku. " i also. . . " reply frans. a more speed up my movement and frans also shake the genitals stick faster and " oocchh. . . croot. . . croot. . . croot. . . " we are almost concurrent moo long espoused our sperm outburst white and thick, sekujur my body fees, tremble and tense. we embrace each other tight, our body is menegang before final melemas slow. i see my sperm meleleh out from anus and sperm frans spurt to bed. " i am love you. . . " whisper frans. " i am love you too. . . " reply me while kukecup the neck. kami even also sleep to embrace each other a few moments, temporary my genitals stick still in hole anus. recana my holiday at first just for week end, final i lengthen one week with put in for leave from office. and we spend beautiful days at gili trawangan. frans now return to the country, live me here with beautiful memories and wait the arrival in summer next. ***** terima affection ats you and i wait your comment, i'm looking for a friends, and maybe more.

first time i see jack moment swim morning. the body so proportional, tall 185 cm heavy around 80 kg. the breast so content, bice arm and trisep so fresh overripe also six boxes so clear, even moment he is sitting. my eye not free look at that body sewaktu he rises from swimming pool and aim place washes. by accident opened and look out on to swimming pool. i try to see sedekat may be. balutan that tight trilateral remind me in film baywatch famous that. although he not bule but almost not difference wrongly one that coast guard characterization. my the body is perfect score. actually i am shy perhaps swimming friend other is see me memelototi a guy. i am true man, but i am envious with the body, i want to have it. nama koko, age 27 th, has a girl fiance and next year we are berencana get married. i am really routine swim, even we have a kind of walkway at swimming pool. since little i hanker after big body but because job and time so that i am not yet sempat to gym up to in this time. although swim but my body not formed also. this month me determined for routine to fitnes centre, one week twice. ***** meski i am third time to gym meno but i am not yet enough knows all that in situ. gym this is really enough crowded both for new also old ones. the facilities enough complete although can not membilang new, but that interesting the price enough sloping. and surely for beginner that try and not yet sure serious. there are some good friend wants to train me to use all existing tools there. jantung flutter faster bot because of finished to do treadmill but because guy at that swimming pool also obvious fitnes in place this. yes, the jack fitness here also. even less now is using sock fitnes tight is signalizing the breast muscle and exhibit exponent result barbel in the arm. those muscles is so formed. that is new on it not yet part under it. " new here, brother? " ask jack first time moment we begin that introduction. semenjak that is me practise be guidance jack and as my the reply often treats him eat bakso or other after practice. my my time-table is fox so that as according to time-table jack. we are more intimateer but strange exactly my desire same he is rather decrease, because i consider us amicable. even outside practice even also we begin often pay a visit. ***** tiga month since our first meeting genuinely have been friend. our hobby is much the same to that is ventures on, at some time i shall tell violent adventures with jack. only both lost during ten days. our friendship is likes in general friendship. not darling! jack normal man also, only he is rather timid towards woman. the age stills 26, one year younger from me. a thanked in jack because work result during the time begin seen. i am more pede. i begin to like to wear tight sock, my body bigger. at gym i also not hesitant again wear sleeveless undershirt sock or tight trousers. my heavy rise from 60 kg so 67 kg, still my stomach hasn't expand because all fat reservists been changed to so mass muscle, either in breast, also thigh. malam this is gym we get to chance to so onlooker at arm wrestling race degree that held one of [the] private television. postprandial we have gatherred at studio, while new the programme menayangkan directly will begin clock 23.30 wib. mean presentation not for children, like this story also. evening that is my eye so fresh, besides see also girl, at around me also many brawny ones. good also brawny onlooker although a lot wears thick jacket by coldness ac at studio. then bright several times i am konak because see those ones muscles the sections. i unconscious if jack obvious watch closely me during that. pukul 1 our early morning is new returns from eat bread burns in front of television studio. evening after arm wrestling race degree that's this story is begun. " knockout, i sleep ell place aja yes. . i am afraid teases house person. " a bod to agree aja. but like you also, road direct my dirty idea. during my trip is less konsen drives. i only smile moment jack offered to drive motor replace me. sesampai at home i am direct menyetandar motor and carefully and almost boiselessly we enter room. i am tired and so sleepy, then bright i am really not usually sleep evening. other with jack that still seen fresh. i open jacket and trousers jins. without replaced sock or wear my shorts is direct steps into bed. think me, jack kan several times to this place so know toilets or drinking water glass place if really he need it. " jack, i sleep ahe" my word while menengkurap body and embrace bolster. sebenar i want direct sleep but don't know why even in place sleep this is difficult my eye memejam. while time waited bread a while ago i repeatedly steamed. but i am shy because take leave with jack so me play possum. jack put bag and open also the jacket. then he adjusts television and memindah-mindah canel. then drink and see television again. shift about canel again, then bersiap to sleep. his the beginning sleeps be at thin bed. moment i am almost lelap i felt there warm body at half me. i so awaken because startled. may be jack feel cold also and want to share cover with me. kulurus body to share place with him. several times he drag breaths likes one who depressed. i so can not soundly asleep. kucoba turn body and pay attention it at keremangan my room. yes he is not yet genuinely asleep. our bed is asa narrow for our body is big ones this. at singlet visible clotheshorse and slacks training jack impose a while ago, also the jacket. i so to flutter and want to know. kugerak my hand to know what jack impose be my cover. obvious he only wear underwear g-string aja. my heart beat more tighter and my blood likes berdesir-desir. lalu i try to embrace it correct above the breast. i feel that skilled breast thickness. jack quiet, while i am his sure is not yet sleeps. i am sleepy but my breast berdegub so tight, until i am afraid if jack hear it. embrace kukencang and a little kugoncang and he keeps he, not awaken or show reaction other. half-joking kubelai the breast then caress kuturun up at the stomach. i so startled because before i am to my depth trousers antuk hard meat clod and warm. moment gone beyond, i return again to that lump and i have known that penis jack that menegang and out from underwear. soon kutarik my hand because i am so startled. a sit and i am afraid if this dream. clock stills to show clock 2 less. moment i visit face jack seen smile a little at the face, the eye rather ajar. " startled yes, sukurin. . ell sih annoying his arms! " word jack slow. then the eye is closed again. " crazy lo jack. ell ngerjain cave yaa. . but has big ell also likely. " my word to menangkal my embarrassed taste. " iya lah. . i am kan there blood bule" i consider that the answer jokes. sekarang i so can not sleep beneran. beside i am there jack temen which is on my the beginning admires the body. " jack why does ell horny so? " ask me memecah loneliness between we. " want mengelus again time" answer it so confused. " ell ngebayangin what sih? " my angered taste not can be dammed again. " bayangin ell again em el ama that ell candidate" . " impolite here child! " , think me. daripada many bacot i embrace again aja tuh child. " tuh kan ell angsang again ama cave" he said pretend tau. a doesn't care the pronunciation again. soon my hand goes to the thigh, asa very warm and kuelus-elus that tight thigh. at thigh base kutemu several jembut new coarse grows. " uh uh uh. . " jack groan, but i know him not serious absolutely. tapi i surprise him let i touch entire the bodies. my courage soes to increase. not hold back also soon i hold and mengelus penis jack kudamba since long. " jack, ell angsang because ell shadow or because this my hand? " ask me moment i hold goodly the penis. kalau mine 15 cm diameter 3 cm so has he is certain around 18 cm diameter 3,5 or 4 cm. that penis throbs at my hand. jack doesn't answer my question, even put into the right hand into trousers my in me. found out, that i also tense is finisheding. " if whose ell, knockout? " he asks to return. kontol jack begin kukocok slow without i answer that question. hand jack even also move to knead my penis and soon position has slept us face. this is me not hesitant again. kupandang the face amenity. the eye half opened and heard fizz and the breath mooing. so section looks. i feel the warm remasan jack at that sensitive my stick. we are same circumcision, i feel from benjolan former sewing work at elbow penis head jack. tak long we genuinely berbugil. my singlet, our underwear and cover not kupeduli again. we mutual mengelus good cheek, breast and back, buttocks and other parts. i only want satisfaction from the body. jack also such. we are mutual embrace tight and menggosok-gosok our penis is one with other. sekarang kukulum second lip jack, uhh asa sweet. kupegang the head and kujambak the hair. then kuselusuri with the breast my lip area with thick breast muscle and bigitu tight. once in a while kujilat the bipple, ahh he is risibility. i am glad see the reaction. tempat my favorite the stomach, so section and boxes. moment that is penis jack of course asa very warm at brawny my breast also. once in a while kugeser-geser my breast to watch over so that penis jack permanent get delicious sensation and tense permanent. bot to mention my nose end passes navel, my chin antuk warm thing that berdenyut-denyut. kugeser bearded my chin a little to right and left. jack moo long comfort. i so glad. kulalu a moment principal portions. a change to the thigh. ah. . he is obvious guy type that like to shave feather under it. proved the shavings so neat and flat. oh yes he is kan also often this swimming is certain by good manners. kuhisap and kujilat special manliness smell around selakangan. ball jack also kupermain. also kugigit soft give shock for him[s, proved he pays what kulaku at part under it. i am menciumi thigh jack also big like soccer player, and kuberi sign a correct love-bite be selakangan. of course jack amenity likes to hit to electrize him he is he. . jack sit, apparently he also very desire. once my penis hand pulling at has pulled to juxtaposed to the lip. ahh so taste! i am half stand with my knee, head jack in front of my stomach. hmm i don't hold back to hold the head hair, kuikuti the head movement sometimes progress, retreat, to right, to left and up at other to give comfort in penis that full tense and want mengulum. jack kiss it, menjilati from base up to head end, hmm ahh. . the delicious up to to sky. menggigitnya former my circumcision and mengitarinya my penis head base, my body tremble not can hold back fluctuation so taste. slupp my penis losts in mouth wet hole jack. long my weapon gets, sure jack feel the salty mazi. i have feeled comfort even less jack begin to suck hm. . so taste. while hold two my buttocks also full he begin mengeluarmasuk my penis. the sensation uhh delicious, that vibration flows from my penis up to to head crown of head ahh sometimes kulihat a part my penis stick that shine by saliva but not ever kulihat that purple end. woow! a want jack also feel it. our position soes 69. i felt must standagape full to put into penis jack into my mouth. i am not able gulp all. penis jack so big. i know highest sensation in the penis head so i work more many at that region. favorite movement that is liked jack moment i am my tongue circle at the penis head. he is until stop menghisapi my penis to merely enjoy it. " jack watch out loh jack, i am uhh almost jack. . bener uhh! " kuperingat jack. seperti exactly he gather way to mengeluar insert my penis and suck it. ahh uhh uhh uhh! i try to balance what jack do in my penis with suck penis jack stronger again. taste and that moment is so taste. not again that can be rememberred besides that comfort. aghh! tiba-tiba asa salty and warm at tongue and my gullet. ah easy-going aja! exactly i gain strength to suck it. so also jack and finally croott my sperm spurts at mouth jack. he is even also gulp it also, even menghisapnya again until genuinely clean. penis jack return mengkerut, and so do i am my penis taste. kubaring my body beside jack. kucium the cheek, " thanks jack! ell emang my friend! " and jack smile. lalu menariknya cover to cover our body naked. jack embrace me and i let it. from the mouth so close to my nose stills to kissed leavings my sperm. kukulum lip so that is, not reply but i feel the penis that nudge my thigh throbs again expand.

noldy, again those guy flighties strange to interesting class children attention 3b. but this melakukannya very too, even until is making all students by accident in in class at the (time) of that rest clock is bawling hysterical. " crazy you, dy! " mumble me when kusaksi self noldy show the courage at first only kuanggap just strum. obvious noldy really suitable with nick name" determined guy" given to it by member gank freeman during the time. di day heat so nettle that, likely shamelessly a little even also, the star noldy open restleting the grey trousers above one of [the] table while let loose sengiran naughty. not enough there, he then hold the genitals that ossify as big as banana ambon that and then take outside it from within the bird cage, a underwear g-string white coloured. and of course, free show moment that second rest clock is direct sucks attention and direct make class atmosphere is uproar at the same moment with hysterical scream several student persons and scream" huu. . " sesomnate almost together in all class room, containing class room a group famous student because" ill way of thinking" -. pertunju that is not long, only around 3 minutes. and moment that, sempat kulihat noldy mengelus-elus stick penis while jeering, impressing he is so so proud with" younger brother" - that florid coloured, more again because he felted success beat us in bet yesterday afternoon. bet that motorred by a reason, " defend prestige! " even less noldy during the time really known as daredevil guy, even enough dare to do a certain crazy such as those which melakukannya day that. kontol not less than 15 cm length, and that big enough for child size s as we, bot to mention mengameternya not less than 3 cm. by accident i can see it considerably clear because i sit at bearness moment that. noldy stand correct mendepanku, so that i can free gaze at that the penis from under, scenery really incredible! has noldy still bigger crystal clear than mine, bot to mention jembut-jembut dense appear so that increase keseksian. how likely pulverize penis as big as that? certain so taste! think me moment that. i am genuinely angsang watching it moment that, so that" guided missile" - even also always a follower menegang and ossify at the opposite of trousers my in me that wet with liquid precum that. namun unfortunately, that scenery is not goes on long. perhaps, noldy afraid also if later must deal with school side because that the pornographic action. the that swimming star is even also then puts to return the penis into bird cage and lock it tightfitting with restleting. " how does my action? " ask noldy half whisper at elbow my ear. " reasonable! " shout me to feign easy-going. " reasonable gimana? you not yet sure dare to do it! " firm noldy. a only pout to the direction merely to tempt it, but a few moments then i am even also smile while pat that my friend shoulder. " okay, i pass under the yoke. you can to clock house 5 later to take the cassete! " noldy laugh wide hear it, even less long he has wanted to borrow cassete bf- that since i, noldy and several friends from gank freeman watch it together a month ago when does just kubeli. noldy appear very gl, aglow the face when he stands in front of fence door in front of my house. he has come half hour before five o'clock, and by accident moment that bothing;there is no a even also at my house except bi inah that is sweeping yard in front of and he also that open door to noldy. tanpa orderred bi inah, noldy even also direct nyelonong enter off hand to my room at floor on such as those which usually melakukannya. he also then has waked up me from sleep day me that rather too that. that day really day very tire, that is kurasa. even less tired taste after administerred parting programme preparation last morning still still not yet lost. moment tired like that, for me bothing;there is no activity funer besides accompany my bolster pillow all day long in room while enjoy dreamland swing. sebuah whack is aimed to hit my buttocks, not doubtful that bolster stroke is direct make me to awake at the same moment. i try to open my eye that still asa heavy to see what is going on, kupikir my house roof is collapsing to hitted torpedo and then the ruins falls to befall me. but so kulihat around me, there's nothing special except face noldy that jeering to like lunatic at side me. " get up, idler! clock segini still to sleep! " " want to what you here? ! ? " ask me semiconcious. " which the cassete? bf gay at that time! " pinta noldy snappish while mengguncang-guncang my body so that i am soon get up. dengan forced, i am even also get up and then sit above bed while rely on wall, my eye genuinely still heavy, " look for self under spring bed! wear broom! " noldy even also soon look for it be spring bed appropriate command. really place that's kurasa most safe of so much many hideaway exist in my house to keep secret goods a kind of cassete bf. not long look for, noldy find it! " where ortu-? kok lonely banget? " " not know. may be they honeymoon at borth pole! " " whew, passionate! like it, your old person often honeymoon yeah! " " yes such! they that not ever aware if yean five! " shout me origin. noldy laugh outright to hear it. he knows certain if that only joke because he know if i am an only child, only memanja by second my old person. noldy still to hold that naked man pictorial cassete, he is menimang-nimang while memelototi once in a while, he apparently snappish again, " fer, my the cassete is roll here aja yeah! " pinta noldy then. " you like also cassete like that? you gay yeah? " ask me with ceplas ceplos like my habit. " gimana yeah, difficult answer it! but honest, i am angered! delicious not sih? " shout it light. " want to try? " challange me very frankly. a few moments noldy only cenung, he stare me with questions a thousand and one at the brain. seen from creasing at the forehead that he startled and confused with my challenge just now. " your purpose? " " yeah. . we try to know the delicious! " " where? " a even also direct beringsut approach noldy and without speak as broken as word again, i am then interesting tabuh to overbear my body above bed. the body reasonable heavy also, noldy really not fat, but he is atletis and full the body. but i am bonchalant, we only busy mutual pulverize one another while roll above bed, follow desire rhythm more blazeer atmosphere increase at that my individual room is more hoter. kurasa be there begin meledak-ledak follow our game rhythm impressing ready for melesak out, so the warm bergese with my guided missile self. noldy not want to release the kiss from my lip until approximately ten minutes expires, he puts the wild kisses to my lip while once in a while we perfoming our tongue one another. noldy more wilder, he likes person thirst which is just find spring. usai kissing, we continue with necking. how does the taste, menciumi neck noldy pure white and that section, with a little beauty spot on the right that is the special characteristic. meanwhile during concurrent, our hand is even also not holds, kurasa hand noldy so the wild fumble and touch by turns around breast and penis that ossify since a few moments ago, once in a while he is meremas-remas basin pumps so that braveer again. sementara that, my hand self begin kuselip step into tight jeans trousers interrupts that are worn noldy after i am not enough felt satisfied only with feel it from outside. swiftly kulonggar a little iron belt that worn noldy, and after my hand success come into cd noldy, is beginning kurasa my hand is touching according to king sized penis that full erection. who guesses if penis last noon only can kulihat and sempat make me tempted, now reside in my grip. without mengomando, i am even also begin meremas-remas while once in a while shake it also. " argh! " noldy squirming while sprawling at under me when kukocok the penis more and more fast. namun once in a while i stop to shake, so that the sperm not fast out before we are satisfied enjoys our game. at one particular chance me stop, kutanggal trousers noldy entire, even t-shirt and cd utility until stark naked that handsome guy in front of my eye without seutas thread even also that bandages the body again. noldy only contort to watching my action undress it, perhaps this the first experience is undressed by another person. usai undress, kudekat my face to around breast noldy area with menumbuhi a little pinfeather that march to around the genitals. then soon kulumat second milk bipple noldy that florid coloured is according to by turns, afterwards new kujelajahi entire breasts and stomach noldy with my tongue game. once in a while noldy twist while mengerang-erang hold back tickle sensation mixes taste slow merayapi sekujur the body and move more downwards. kini my tongue has reached around navel, where a little membawahnya begin menumbuhi by jembut dark coloured soft that begin dense appear and grow wild mengitari genitals stick that stand steady executes tower that lighthouse. at that part also appear complexion trilateral formed whiter, as according to form cd. appearance noldy genuinely section moment that, and of course arouse for who passion passion even also that see it like that. " suck again, fer! " pinta noldy after sekian long i only bengong self watching the body that section. a even also then put into to return penis noldy that more melemas that into my mouth, kujilat from end to base penis, and then kusedot out enter in my mouth. enjoy it, likely make me to fly to clouds and i am likely not want soon stop. sufficiently long i am mengoral penis noldy until we are both felt satisfied. " argh, taste! go on fer! i almost out! " noldy then bite lip under it hold back comfort merasakannya moment that, meanwhile, i am according to by turns shake and mengoral penis noldy with movement more faster along with beat my breath more menggelora and not karuan moment that. tak long then, three warm sperm syringes gushes in my mouth hole. saking the strong and also because the happening of so suddenly so that make me direct choke by sperm noldy that step into my gullet. noldy panting, he is appear so tired and enjoy this game. while mengelap sweat, he whispers slow at elbow my ear, " this is my first experience, you're very great! " the praise. " i also never try it before. it's nice to share it with you! " tiba-tiba noldy turn around and overbear me while embrace me tight. by ear slow and a little hesitant, he submits a stumper, " you want to so boyfriend-? ! ? i'm a gay! " sungguh guess outdoor acknowledgement, during the time i am not expected if noldy gay because the appearance absolutely unsuited with my shadow about feature gay during the time. previous my opinion that is gay that always comes up kemayu and womanish obvious big wrong. but surprisingly, why can i berpikiran like that without mengaca in myself self, because i am even also a" hunter" man although not appear kemayu like what be my shadow. selama a few moments i only hush, i am how answer it confused. feeling this is actually which during the time be my heavy wrestling, i am really tend to to cover it and try to forget it. but what else now existing menghadapanku, correct in front of my nose stick. a gay menawari to be the darling? namun suddenly, i come up with my decision really not ever kusesali up this moment until now. i shake and throw a short answer, " i'm sorry! " perlahan-lahan, noldy release the embrace and then lie down at my side. he only quiet for a few moment, dissapointed appear, but is appearing is thinking a certain also. " it's better if we are be a friend or brother more than your axis is just spoke! " said me then while hold tight hand noldy. " ok, i am think so! never mind! " shout noldy while try to smile to return. " you know, your is smile is steal! " my joke while interesting the nose. afternoon that is even also we pass the time us more many to chat after we twist vcd bf that at my room. experience that day even also finished. satu important matter, bothing that wiser in life besides than when can we take correct decision at the (time) of correct and in one who correct, before all a certain it late. cerita this only just part from my trip vagaries kupersembah to all readers. such as those which previous, about true or the fictitious this story, please you that evaluate it, because all a certain it still permanent be mysterious and mysterious really still unsolved. believe, still there so much mysterious in my alive kurasa necessary kutuang in a few article again until you genuinely realize siapakah i am truthfully. i know not many from you kukenal, but i am sure almost from you all certain identified me when my mysterious success will be solved.

yanto glowingly aim to board with dani located in jakarta centre. both of them meets three months ago and braid connection afterwards. yanto aged 29 year, berkulit white and berwajah handsome with dimple and florid lip, the body rather slim, but said enough proportional. dani aged 26 year, solid corporeal, berkulit dark and seen very macho. tall the body 178 cm make it seen adulter from yanto that abg at that the age. actually dani not berwajah handsome, even several persons consider it spooky, but yanto like it because friendly the attitude and kind-hearted. sete yanto knock at several times dani open doors. yanto enter and merebah self at bed enjoys the cool ac and its softeness iron bed after cross city heat jakarta. dani only smile to see behavior yanto funny that, then approach yanto and lie down at side it then wipe hair yanto smoothly and put ashore kiss at white brow and still to decorated clear sweat little grain grain. " bathe formerly yes? " word yanto while get up to aim bathroom. " not take care" , answer dani. " bathe it later aja, lo pour aja ell body lets cooler, ntar majority bathe lo so like the white paper, ha ha ha. " " base lo, pantes lo black gitu, lazy bathes yes" yanto step into bathroom and pour the body with water shower cool refresh. " kok he is not nyusul enter yes? " think yanto amazed, usually dani is not like to throw away time kalo he at bathroom. sesaat then after dry the body, with only wear shorts and breast bareness yanto out from bathroom. obvious dani wait with only wear trousers in and without give to chance to interesting yanto to solid the body embrace and pulverize to finished lip yanto red merekah. " mmmhh, mm" , yanto in a dither get that surprise attack, even less kiss dani not half-hearted make yanto difficult breathe, augmenting solid the body embrace tight body yanto that can membilang slim, except goodly the breast formed. dani give to chance yanto breathe and invite it to aim bed. here that terrible kiss continues, but yanto ready and serve well, lip dani blackness sucks florid lip and the tongue sweeps ceiling and tongue yanto that reply with inhaling that make both fly in comfort. hand dani explore neck, back and pure white waist, make yanto wheeze to enjoy soft stroke from brawny solid hand at the sensitive regions. other hand meremas-remas buttocks yanto solid membukit, push it so that genitals yanto depress upright the genitals menyembul from returns depth trousers. dani continue the kiss to neck yanto pure, sweep the tongue smoothly to ear backside yanto and then smoothly bite and suck ear ear lobe yanto. " ssshh, ahh, aagghh. . " yanto wheeze to feel sensation very menyukainya that while circle his arms at head and neck dani. sementara hand dani cross two twin hills that has top that is muffled young brown. " auwhh. . " yanto yelled little when suddenly dani memilin the milk bipple with rather strong, but taste kejutnya soon lost by kiss taste taste and warm tongue wiper at the neck base, sea evoke electric current in all the body. kemudian dani cower, wipe the tongue end to breast yanto, make circle spiral movement more mengecil until final mengulum and suck milk bipple yanto upright ossify by that stimulus. dani scour the tongue to bipple head and suck it powerfully, release it then suck again powerfully and once in a while bite smoothly comfort hilltop yanto that. yanto made nervous with behavior dani that, various feeling sensation berkecamuk in self, at the (time) of dani suck powerfully the milk bipple, impressing there a certain in self that come along out fly, make yanto can not stand again well, so that self likely luruh in hug dani strong. little screams yanto even makes dani more angsang and increase the attack to second milk bipple yanto, really be one part of the the favorite body. dani new stop the activity after second milk bipple yanto florid coloured and rather a little expand because sucked powerfully repeatedly. dani return to kiss lip yanto panting by the action a while ago, and enjoy the softness without reply, because yanto submit to let the lip mengulum and only embrace tight body dani and when dani mengecup the neck yanto whisper, " you acres my is man, oohh. . " yanto release the trousers and underwear dani, then launch counterattack to breast dani area with blackness dark the skin, send out light manliness aloof. body aroma dani give stimulus can not and two twin hills memilikinya likely two hard stone hills and black coloured the bipple aims to side under outside every the breast part. yanto kiss and suck every breast part dani and bite soft the bipple. then slow go down and see upright genitals stands, seen black shine because strong erection, with florid circle at elbow head penis. that manliness stick is upright stands along 16 cm and the head diameter that achieve 8 cm make yanto very like it, even less its for that resemble ice cream cone, make it more tasteer to held and mengulum. yanto mengulum head penis dani big that and suck precum existing then sweep the hole with the tongue end and then sweep head end penis that with the tongue, make dani wheeze to feel taste at the manliness stick. when yanto put into entire that genitals heads into the mouth, soft warmth sensation overpowers dani, enjoy it with eye is closed and second his arms wipe head yanto smoothly. sete feel comfort oral sex and achieve maximum erection level, dani lay out yanto at iron bed and menyibak the foot so that looked at narrow comfort hole in front of the eye. dani soon juxtapose the lip to florid hole and pure without that hair then crane the tongue to stimulate it so that can get big the genitals stick. yanto gelinjang every tongue time dani sticked out to push into the comfort hole, make circle movement and menembus into the hole. after a few moments, dani unbottle gel pelicin to that hole and stab the finger into to wet depth part. perlahan dani aim the genitals to hole that ready get and give softness and the warmth. foot yanto wide straddle menyandarkannya to shoulder and genitals stick that wear that condom little by little has pushed in comfort hole that begin to throb that. yanto grimace to hold back ill when head penis big that push then to hole anus, and when entire that heads, both feel muscle clips rektum that close to return after a great deal of head penis that pass it to give taste sensation and likely that hole sucks penis to depth. without throw away time again dani embedded entire the sticks into body yanto, groan little when that beginning penetration goes on. soon after warmth covers entire the genitals sticks, dani cower and mengulum lip yanto to shift it from ill taste by push penis, although several times they have done, permanent moment beginning penetration yanto feel ill because really size penis big and strong erection makes penetration very asa by it. kemudian dani make movement progresses to retreat soft, and once in a while twist the hip to pump yanto that begin can enjoy foreign thing presence in the comfort hole. after a few moments do swinging and memaju back into penis, dani embedded the genitals stick powerfully into hole yanto, push it and twist the hip to get penetration maximal. yanto until gelinjang strong by this penetration. " ahh, in once, eghh" , hand yanto seize arm dani and the head dongak because feel warm and pain in the stomach at the stomach. dani release foot yanto and overbear body yanto with solid the body, second his arms circle at body yanto and embrace it tight, while mengulum lip merekah and stimulate that. " mmmh, egghh, mmhh" , yanto overwhelmed is serving desire dani that blaze that, second his arms seize shoulder dani and sometimes sometimes subconsciously scratch it because dani not yet loosen the penetration and stronger shakes the hip to push into the hole. hip circle movement dani that makes tense the genitals stick and strong in self yanto move to push to all direction, and that make remarkable sensation that makes warm feeling, pain in the stomach, taste and fly very great feeled by yanto. sete dani loosen the pressure and move penis smoothly, yanto wheeze and whisper, " ell incredible, pity" dani doesn't answer, only mengulum soft lip yanto and explore again neck and the breast, give double stimulus to yanto. afterwards dani slow take outside penis, guide yanto to bathroom, then ask yanto overshadow it. penis even also memasukkannya return and dani embrace yanto from hind, ready give top sensation to this the darling. with lip stimulus and hand augmentings swinging and genitals push at the hole, yanto feel remarkable comfort, make it serasa fly at clouds. dan after a few moments yanto wheeze, " cave wants out and. . " dani then hold and shake genitals yanto, kiss and mengulum neck and ear yanto and one his arms hold waist yanto to hold back it because he is menggelinjang powerfully reached for the passion comfort top. " arrghh, hh, hh, ahh. " yanto even also ejaculate the sperm, in such a way strong until achieve bathroom wall, and dani feel beat very strong massage the genitals, and when is he trying memaju backing into the genitals asa difficult because clips very strong from hole yanto that reacheding for orgasm. denyutan that give warm massage that makes nerve dani not can again hold back comfort approach and after a while dani send out light the sperm in body yanto and penis throb strong, give comfort addition for yanto that can feel clearly that the pair genitals stick beat. dani embrace it tight, and both of them enjoys orgasm together. sete that is both of them cleans self and bathe, wrap up sperm containing condom dani in tissue, paper and plastic pocket, then throw away it in place rubbish. " cave brings to go home aja, make souvenir" joke yanto. " crazy lo, ntar affection cave again, not take care to bring like that" , sergah dani. " ha ha, joke again" , word yanto. lalu both of them lies and take a rest activity having taken ste very tire but very fun also that. yanto lelap at embrace dani that smile to look at face" cute" at that the hug.

defin, i am robert fullerton, photographer that experienced. from outside, i am seen to like man straight. neat my cutting, my style okay, and my job so successful as photographer men's health america. bothing;there is no a even also that know that i doyan guy! except, mans ever kuajak berhomoseks. my habit in take a picture really unique. good done indoor also outdoor, i don't want disturbed, alias only i and model may reside in photography location. when menanya why, i have occasion to that thereby i am new can consentrate. not ever there that put suspicious. on that account i always can spatially flatter man models to berhomoseks with me! i know, i am really depraved; ) saya recall in my first 'victim'. the name jim buol. model one this is visible very fresh and bouncy. from physical aspect, he not differ from another man model: bertubuh solid and full muscle. definitive, jim can stimulate my penis. so difficult to doesn't shadow the taste be in love with him. i remember to how his the section moment first time steps to enter only wear fist trousers. the area breast looks from side secondly bipple that jut. moment he smile in me, likely i want to faint. really winsome heart. i try to think manner to snare it. keuntungan be model photographer fitness me can has section man model photos from all corner. jim buol really fantastik. without clumsy, he poses for, exhibit the breast. desirable breast by all homo mans, belong me. so obedient, jim menuruti all my commands to pose for. he bot at all will realize that i will like the body homoly. i order it to exhibit the bice muscle, back, breast, foot, and even gibbosity at the opposite of the trousers. i am not knowing to what that gibbosity because he ngaceng or because the penis really big. and i intend to look for to know. " magnificent, jim, " my praise, replaced my camera film contents with newly. " now we shall try different matter. kepala editorial staff ask me to will gather several man section photoes that be used for sex article. do you want to pose for a little braver, " ask me, elicit it. " of course. my task to pose for in front of camera. i only will hope that editorial staff head like me and i shall be called to memfoto will return, " answer it, smile. golly, that the smile is very section. my penis more ngaceng! " ok. now free your fist trousers, " my command, feign inaudible too enthusiastic see it naked. tanpa hesitant a little even also, jim soon memerosot the trousers. and what kusaksi really mmebuat greatly amazed. the penis ngaceng from a while ago! he is obvious ngaceng heavy during photography time. my camera catches pockmarkeds precum menempel at the penis head that circumcised. but jim visible easy-going and passionate pose for with the style self pornographic model basin. dengan sensual, he is mempertonton the penis and the buttocks hole. i so suspicious with jim buol. his time will think men's health will hold the photos with pose hot like that? but i am glad because apparently jim also homo same like me. penis ngaceng that smeared precum say all. " know not? " word jim suddenly while memilin-milin the bipple. " you are section once, also handsome. " jim turn the body and exhibit the back muscle. second visible full the buttocks split likes two ball splits. " you like my body? " ask it, sensual. saya unnecessary elicit it again. i sure the homosexuality. kutinggal my camera and i begin to undress myself. jim buol stare me vehemently. the eye follows every my hand movement moment i am busy releases shirt and my trousers. without shy, i also mempertonton my penis to it. kontol ngaceng from a while ago and smeared precum, snappish wants mengentotin. i am really a bottom. i am out for looks for man that want mengentotin. likely jim buol conveniently will implant the penis into my body because he busy visible menjilat-jilat the lip moment will see my naked body. jim progress a moment then interesting me forwards camera. there, jim menciumi fully desire. there's only pure passion desire, bothing;there is no love. everyone of we are really wish for one night stand, and rather than continuous love affair. kupegangi the head while kulumat the lip. oohh. . lip jim. to a moment, i heavy jealous with the wife. kubayang both of them always spend evening they are with hot sex. jim return to kiss me, but this is his arms creep downwards second. one second then, kurasa his arms passionate mencoli my penis. " aahh. . oohh. . aahh. . " my swishing moment his arms coarse scour my penis scalp. jim release my lip then squat to look out on my penis. i know what want him do next. without get in the way that the good intention, i hand my penis bercita sperm taste. jim direct open wide the mouth and gulp my penis. " aahh. . " groan me moment my penis head is wrapped up warm the mouth and wet. sedotan jim powerful and hard. really taste. likely jim ever menyepong previous penis, because sepongan asa very professional. don't, jim berprofesi double, as model fitness and homo pornographic star, think me. " aahh. . " groan me again moment tongue jim tickle part under that my penis head. kontol throb getting louder and almost spurt. i am not want berejakulasi formerly, so jim kudorong until quit of my penis the mouth. jim dissapointed but soon kuhibur with suck to return the penis. now he is that stand temporary i am busy menyepong the penis while squat. ah, the taste be photographer. rather than proud, but i always success meniduri by all my man models; ) yes, true: meniduri, and not meniduri. remember, i am 'kan homo bottom (want mengentot and not mengentot). and the luck, clever they were all watches over secret so that editorial staff men's health never dismiss me. " mm. . mm. . " slurp! slurp! penis jim genuinely asa delicious at my mouth. harus kuakui, all has tastes same. but penis jim differ. i am more activeer suck the penis, try to interesting the sperm out. jim must ngecret! kulihat second bipple jim bouncy above my head is out of job. by accident here, think me. direct kupelintir-pelintir second that the bipple. jim groan painfulness and the body squirmings, but he doesn't deprecate my action. even he is visible enjoys. ruthlessly, the bipple kutarik then kuputar. pull and outar again. " aarrgghh! ! " groan it. wide the breast and that area is angkat-angkat, try to sip more many airs. " aahh. . oohh. . delicious banget. . aahh. . pelintir then. . aahh. . sepong my penis. . aahh. . " tiba-tiba kuperhati that is ball second peler slow upraised and jim visible run out of breath. i shall know what will happen with him. he berorgasme. " aarrgghh! ! " moo it. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! flood pejuh invade to enter my gullet. direct kutelan fully taste thanks god. jim then mengerang-ngerang while memegangi hard my head. he wants the penis enters profusely so that the orgasm tasteer. ccrroott! " aarrgghh! ! uugghh! ! aahh! ! aarrgghh! ! " groan it, the body kelojotan until points pejuh end. jim rather totter, so tired. so kubiar he takes a moment. jim lying exhaustion above photography studio floor. camera lamps that equiped reflection umbrella stills to illuminate our body begins to make us heating very hardly. but more we sweat, more we are angsang return. kulihat body jim sparkling with that sweat. ah, section once. the breast stills busy fluctuate. saya fumble the breast returns and kurasa tick the heart of. jim groan keenak moment kuremas the breast. that handsome man is direct sits to stand and menciumi vehemently. good, he 'on has returned and ready in action. " entotin my buttocks, " my word, keep scratching the breast. " i want penis and only loe that can give it. come on, guy macho. prove your manliness. entotin i, " crowd me. dan jim buol even also responsive it glowingly. like hunger lion, he pushes my body rear and i am even also lying at the end of one's rope at front it. jim touch entire my bodies. busy the tongue menjilat-jilat every my body part. aahh. . his arms also busy mencubiti my skin. i am more angsang. apparently jim buol glad run wild. i am most like coarse man type (bad boy) the way he did. " oohh. . aahh. . oohh. . " groan me. sebelum i am realize what he is doing, second my foot is residing in the back. jim snappish again apparently. of course i am glad see the penis that positioned correct in front of my exile hole. and with once push, plop! penis jim even also enter! know, hole anus really often poked penis until myself hasn't remember how many man ever menyodomi. but, definitive a lot of. " aarrgghh! ! " groan me moment jim direct tancap gas and push my buttocks not karuan. " uugghh. . oohh. . aahh. . oohh. . aahh. . " big the penis is pumped in and out, permanent rhythmical. wajah jim meringis-ringis, visible amenity. hot the breath serasa burns my face. " aahh. . aahh. . aahh. . " the swishing, the lip trembles to hold back comfort. penis head jim bergesek-gesek with my intestines wall. " aahh. . i like anus loe. . aahh, still tight. . oohh. . i am ngentotin loe. . aahh. . buttocks loe my property. . aarrgghh. . " the sweat has fallen menetes-netes to on my body also sweat. " aahh. . " jim angsang see tense my penis stands. baik once, jim help me to mencoli my penis. is soing me is getting servis double: mengentotin big the penis and all at once mencoliin. " aarrgghh. . " saya even also megap, take breath. likely unbearable. my orgasm approaches swiftly once. " aarrgghh! ! " iakku. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! final i am ngecret also. pejuh spurted to on like fountain, hit my body and also body jim. likely rather hot moment pejuh that land at my skin. my body menggelepar-gelepar and meronta-ronta. moment my penis throbs not karuan, hole anus come along to throb. and beat anus that is orgasm trigger jim buol. " uugghh! ! " jim groan, push the hip forwards. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! the property heavenly liquid even also is syringed into my body. swiftly, pejuh jim fulfil every my body hole, warm up me. " aarrgghh! ! oohh! ! uugghh! ! aahh! ! " kontol berdenyut-denyut and every the beat dpat kurasa considerably clear. aahh, really so erotic. that is because it i am most like penis! ! ccroott! ! ccrroott! ! jim drop the body to on my body. big the breast and hard befall my breast. hard the bipple asa menggesek-gesek my bipple. we only lie down there during bermenit-menit while pant. pejuh we littered studio floor, muddy everywhere. moment we are both recover, jim get up and menciumi again. " thanx, " he said. sejak moment that is jim kumasuk in my homo model list. when even also i itchy to mengentotin, jim ready to come and 'cure me'. and when even also he want warmth anus man, i ready give it. jim buol and i am near once after the t that, although we only homosexual partner. only model men's health that can equal keseksian jim gregg avedon. but i am new narated it later, ok? ; )

i know this world moment my age stills very very young. my name andi, this is berawal moment my age 12 year. after i am finished sd in the year 1994 i intend to continue to sltp. but because at remote the place my village at province floats not found sltp, i am forced school in place my elder brother at little city that nameds earth city. actually can i am school direct at port float in place other my elder brother, know us number 7 bersaudara and by accident i am youngest child. but i don't know why shall i have presentiment that say that if i school at my earth city find happiness. after get home my elder brother, i am introduced to child lift it automatically nephew lift me self. he is man child that named anto the age 3 year older from me, but because he is late enters enter school so him new class 2 or precisely my class elder brother. by accident we are one school and also i am one room with him. we are both intimate fast and always together every moment and every time happyly. our connection is very very tight more than brother. he always accompany me, console me menyaat i am sad, and so also on the contrary. so that not seldom we are menggosipkan not, good that is at school or at our place environment lives, but we only consider that thing as wind then, and persist activity as usual. karena at earth city if water difficult dry season, so we are not seldom bathe at river. often we are bedua bathe naked and always pay attention our genitals each. although the genitals stick in a state of not tense but big enough. long too long there taste likes in myself to it and apparently he even also so but we only can hide taste like us. so that if we sleep me often tempt it by fish it to talk about matters that stimulate, and that thing really success, because often kulihat he enjoy it. and not seldom the genitals stick menegang and he is even guide my hand to fondle the genitals stick really big enough. we also often smooch and mutual feel and hold our genitals stick according to contrary to. even i have begun to dare to kiss the genitals stick but still disgusting to do oral. that thing often we do every evening it but only limit of feel and smooch, because moment that is may be we are same not yet aware if we are both gay and also augmenting with keluguan we are doesn't detect manner connecteds to deliver man fellow. tak asa 3 year i have lived in there and i also finish level my school sltp. i must to port float to continue level school s. after the t that is me seldom to earth city because i am busy with task and bew my activity. but at the (time) of my age 17 year that is beginning march year 1999 i am asked to accompany my father to earth city. at arrival there, i am startled see anto because obvious he grows to be strong man and handsome. my heart berdegub moment i shall know if i shall sleep with him evening that. when has day showed blow 20: 00 wib i enter room ahe to sleep ahe because trip enough panjng make me tired and sleepy. but i am difficult to memejam eye because i am then recall to it and then think it. not how long then anto enter and close door. my heart more berdegub tight. he is then put-off the light so that that appear only darkness. not how long then he lies at side me. then he takes as broken as word, " tonight cold yes, " he said. i only quiet. but not how long then kurasa his arms hold my hand and guide me to hold the genitals stick which actually he not berbusana again. i caress long the genitals stick and big, he is even also groan amenity. then he has released entire my clothes afterwards he is direct overbear me so that our genitals sticks that same tense bersenggolan. he kisses my mouth, my ear, and all wet my body member because menjilatnya. i first do it amazed as savage as that but in my heart depth innermost i am really glad. kami same groan amenity. even less moment the mouth mengulum my genitals, the head movement that progress to retreat to make me to felt comfort incomparable. when do i out all my sperms menyedotnya but not menelannya but menumpahkannya to the genitals stick and a part to mengusapkannya kepantat then finger middle it step into my buttocks hole so that hole anus slippery. i understand the purpose then i get up and sit above the stomach kutuntun my genitals stick steps into hole anus. when begin to enter me groan painfulness and will want will get up but he prevent me. then slowly i begin to demote my buttocks. although ill kutahan and only until half the genitals stick that enter, i begin ascending and demote that movement my buttocks kulaku recurrents although i feel ill taste but long too long the mentioned make me accustomed and begin usually enjoy it. and not how long then he ask me to speed up my movement. i shall understand if he out, true not how long then he out and i can feel spilled the sperm in anus. afterwards i lie down at side it. a then take cover and kusuruh he steps into my cover. we sleep in a state of naked in one cover. the following day my the day returns to port floats. at arrival i am at port floats me then recall and always shadow it. taste yearn me so big not refraction kutahan. on saturday sepulang my school is to earth city. ketika i am until, amazed my elder brother because not usually i am to earth city seseriang that, moreover distance between earth city with port float enough far that is must be goed with 3 trip clocks. but with various my reason answer it and kaka can accept it. evening the day before sleep me watch television with anto, he whispers to me, " you miss same i, " tempt it. i only quiet hide moluccas taste. " don't be shy, i also miss kok, " whisper it again. i greet with happy smile. unthought-of by me obvious he also like me. when evening dissolve us enter room. in that room is without courtesy again i am direct interestings tangn and then kiss the mouth and release the clothes. " patient at! " whisper it. but that thing not i bother. he is even also menuruti even fiercely reply my kiss. while then smooch him release my clothes. after we are same naked, kucium neck, the breast area, he is even also groan amenity and order me to then do it. then kukulum the genitals stick and occasionally kukocok. he groans amenity while then guide me so that to bed. anto seize by the hair my hair, " then at! i want out here. . " groan it. kupercepat my movement recurrents. so that he is out and the sperm spurts to my mouth. i don't gulp it only kubiar spill at my mouth without there spilled at floor. then i move to befall the body, kutumpah sperm exist in my mouth to the mouth. he is even also gulp to finished sperm exist in my mouth. then i ask it to menungging he is even also do it, kulumuri my genitals stick with saliva and kujilat anus so that wet and slippery. then kutuntun my genitals stick steps into anus although he is painfulness appear but he groans amenity. longer movement progresses to retreat me faster then i release my sperm in anus. after we are same tired we sleep while embrace each other happy. that be beautiful memories for me and not kulupa coeval my alive. i don't know why does that be ahir i meet with him, because after i return to port floats him go to jakarta to the elder brother place for lecture. i hope him can read this story and can contact me because i still to expect it and i hope him want to return to me. i have tried to look for the address but not success. and for reader that want to make friends, compare notes with me, please you send e-mail, you certain i shall reply. didi_1982@indonet. com

my name ari. i am class student 3 s at city t. and in this time i am residing in school canteen. moment that is crowded canteen, i and several my girl friends is eating bakso. at that moment i see guy kecengan that named jimmy come with the guy friends. " hey see tuh, the effeminate again eat! " one of the the friend says hard. a know that that meant me, but i am offish. then they laugh, belong jimmy. after finished eat, i and friends goes to aim class. but jimmy and his is gank follow us and then ridicule me. although so, i am permanent likes same jimmy. he is class child 3 also, basketball child, tall, white, cute banget deh. " udah easy-going aja, important you are caw gitu kan? " my friend says. sepulang school, i walk self aim bookstore near my school. moment that is a car bmw z4 bot intentionally menyerempet. i want angry, but my anger gones so know jimmy that drive it. then that car window pane is opened and i see jimmy with cute the face. " sory! you are caw pa kan? " jimmy say. " not sih, but be careful" i answer. " yes udah, i am anter go home yuk? " deg! i direct feels. jimmy invite me to go home with! " udah, enter aja" invite it. i am not authority averses the invitation. then i enter and he closes the car window. " but to my house is bentar yes, deket kok from here" he says. kami even also melaju with speed. i only quiet, not can say anything saking the glad. " a while ago sorry yes my friends ngejek you, " jimmy say. " ga pa kok, " i say. then we are quiet again. a few moment later we reach in front of a house very-very luxurious and big. " this is my house, yuk enter, " invite jimmy. kami alight from car and i am invited to the room. within doors that is full of various expensive goods. we climb floor two and step into room jimmy vast, complete with bathroom, a set of television 29" , vcd, dvd, and laser menyc also ps2. " bentar yes ri, i change coat formerly. " a will think him will replaced the coat at bathroom, but obvious correct at front me. i am that sit in place sleep it very enjoy this show. he is direct opens entire the uniforms and now only is wearing tight underwear section. pure white the body and enough brawny make me choked. he walks to the clothes cupboard and wear jersey and jeans trousers. " yuk we are to your house, " he says after finished. jimmy deliver me to go home but he can not call on formerly caused by programme. he is even also ask about telephone number hp and my house. " at some time i am your telephone is caw pa kan? " sungguh this is dream that so fact. after few days expire us so close friend and often road with berduaan. jimmy very good and attention. longer we are closer. then at one particular afternoon jimmy ask me to stay at the house, he said he is again long. i am direct menyanggupi. i am very gl. sore that is me come to the house, but the assistant is saying that jimmy out a moment and i am memintanya wait at the room. i step into the room up to a few moments then i want to urinate. i step into bathroom and direct fulfil that nature calling. saat want out, i see a magazine geletak above wash basin. i am shock! obvious that magazine gay naked mans its contents and pose for very sexy. i want to read it but kudengar voice jimmy enter room. moment i want out, kudapati jimmy sprawling while is watching bf. all guy the players cute. one of [the] hand jimmy come into the trousers. moment that is jimmy really still to dress complete. " jim? " jimmy appear very startled up to direct sit and lethal television. " sorry, i am caw aims. . " i say. jimmy stare me sharp, look very angry all at once shy. " yeah, you udah tough all, and actually i want ngomong a certain ama you, " jimmy say and approach me. " what. . " a not able finish my question because jimmy embedding the red lip to my lip. the tongue forces to come into deeper my mouth again. very taste! " wait jim, you why? " perforcedly i end that the death kiss. " actually long i have liked ama you ri, i love banget ama you. " a like to pounced thunder hears that thing up to i am not able say again. " ari, i like ama you. you are good banget ama i, i am love u. want your caw soes my darling? " i only hush. " come on ri, want kan so my darling? " " ok jim, we are derived. actually i also long like banget ama you. " answer me while smile. jimmy smile and direct embrace my body warmly. he is menciumi blindly. i am not want to lose. he is direct shows the naked body and the" younger brother" very tense. we smooch again after we stark naked. jimmy sprawling above bed and ask me to embrace it. and furthermore i overbear it up to our sword fights. i am menciumi the white breast area up to jimmy groans taste. " oh ari, my wrong caw asks you so my darling! then ri! " a menciumi entire the bodies and i am direct aims to the comfort centre. kukulum finished the penis ngaceng heavy. penis white of the size standard but terrible that is kujilat and kugigit once in a while. kulihat face jimmy and appear he is very enjoy it. the penis fruit even also not kulewat. asa warm and taste. jimmy begin in action. he embraces tight my body and we smooch again. so taste! the tongue likely has idea self. and he begins to enjoy my bird. " jimmy. . oh. . jimmy. . don't be whoa honey" jimmy so clever perfoming this lovemaking. then he ask me to berposisi doggy style. " jim, i am never. " " i also ri, i want to remove keperjakaan ama you. ready kan? " " ok" jimmy begin mengelus-elus the bird to my buttocks hole. and he is the insert slowly. ah ill but delicious! inikah misery the name brings taste? jimmy begin to take outside jurus. slow first, but then very fast until i felt not strong again. but really this is during the time kuingin. i wish for jimmy! " trus jim. . trus. . " the body begins to sweat, and i am menjilati that taste the sweat. " gimana ri? delicious kan? " " delicious banget. trus jim. . " sete long likely jimmy push my buttocks, i not hold back again hold back my sperm water since a while ago struggle to want out. " jim, i am out here" " hold back say, we are out with" jimmy pull the weapon and kiss my lip while gasp and pant. i shake penis and he shakes penis. " ah. . jim. . out here" " yes say. . i also" our sperm fights and meet moment he holds my hand. " ri, makasih yes. i love you. " " i also. " beberapa day then jimmy phone to hp-. " say, malem this is there caw programme? " " not, emang why? " " i want ngajak road, can kan? " " can, make you what sih caw can? " " ok, i meet clock 7 yes? " " ok, love u honey. " " love u too. " tepat at 7 jimmy come to house. the suit make me limp. " you are sharp-looking banget malem this is jim" , said me. " makasih, you also. we leave? " kami step into the car. he is then hold my hand. so romantic. " say, may ga i ask to kiss? " jimmy say. without answer me direct confront our lip. " thanks yes" lalu he brings us to a expensive restaurant. usually crowded, but moment that is not appear a even also. " jim, sure we are to this place? " " sure honey. yuk enter. " tanpa shy jimmy pull my hand, while in place general. moment i step into that restaurant, i am not see a waitress even also. inste, there's only a table and two chairs in the middle of that vast room. the lamp deadens, and there hundreds candle that illumine that place. red rose bertebaran at floor. candle light menner! " this make you pity. " a direct embrace jimmy and kiss it. we are direct has aimed table that available and begin menyantap have dinner while escorted romantic song. after finished eat, jimmy invite me to dance. " calm pity, i am booking this place makes us both. will so caw there whoes here. " we dance slow and i embrace jimmy tautly. " makasih jim, it's so beautiful. " " i am pity ama you. " " i also, likely i want meluk you then and caw wants to remove it. " " iya pity. we are kan mutual has. " " ironic yes say, formerly we are musuhan, but now pacaran. " " udah, don't inget formerly again. oh iya i have a certain make you. " kami stop to dance, and jimmy take outside a little box from the pocket, obvious a pair ring. " this is proof love me, i want so that we are forever with. " jimmy clothe one of [the] that ring at my finger, and one again at the finger. " i am love u forever honey, " jimmy whisper. dia kiss my lip intimately and begin to launch the action. and henceforth of course you know what we do. .

i have getted ready since blow 6 afternoon, because aeroplane that bring me to jakarta from balinese will leave at 9 evening later. i am then bathe and afterwards close my trunk, i am room's door key kost-, and also take leave to boarding mother. " want to leave, tom? " , ask boarding ma in me. " udah, ma" , answer me short. " later setiba at jakarta, entrust my greetings in your mother is yes tom" , pinta boarding ma in me. " yuk. . , my ma goes formerly" , said me request takes in boarding mother. after menyetop taxi, akupun direct go to aim to airport, at arrival at airport, by accident i am berpapasan with car that deliver steward and aeroplane stewardess that i shall board, i am sempat see a steward really handsome, soft the face and body- solid bandaged with long shirt mengenakannya, really make my heart flutters. sete get boarding pass, i am then walk along around space waits, while look around store souvenir in a row, and i then see steward a while ago sempat make my heart flutterred, he apparently busy is investigating the agenda, direct i draw near that steward. " whew. . , busy yes brother? " , ask me to open conversation. " you who yes? " , ask the easy-going steward. " i am tommy, introduce" , said me while crane my hand. " oh. . , i am anton" , answer the steward while berjabat hand with me. " you later have a duty at aeroplane sa701? " , ask me in anton. " iya. . , you want to rise that aviation also? " , anton reply to ask. final kamipun involved violent conversation from job problem, hobby, etc more memperat our connection. ketika reside in in aeroplane, anton ask about chair number as described at boarding pass-, then akupun tell my chair number. " best you sit behind yes. . , more lonely, so us can chats again" , invite anton, and of course i don't averse to chance gold to be more close to anton. antonpun then choose a chair at elbow door that deal with cabin crew chair. when will aeroplane will take-off, anton sit at chair exist in in front of me, so that we are mutual face to face. i am then leer up at anton, the eye very sharp look at to my direction, so that make me startled and akupun ask around at heart, what anton a gay also like me? but i am sure certain anton a gay from manner look at it. kami hush, seat at hindmost very lonely there's only we are both. i am really desire to see body and face anton, he is really handsome, aroma parfum- really masculine, because doesn't hold back, my my foot lifts and kutaruh above place region penis nesting, kuelus-elus my foot above region, and anton also doesn't protest and or startled when i make such, even apparently he is very enjoy servis kuberi, i can feel penis anton, and follow me penis anton big enough, although still in a state of half stand. final password belt lamp even also deaden, and my direct my foot lifts from region xx anton. " tom, wait me finished task yes? " , whisper anton at my ear, akupun so amazed what planned anton hadapku. after i enjoy dish, anton return to appear. " tom, come along me yuk? " , pinta anton. " where is ton? " , ask me amazed. " udah. . , the main come along aja! " , invite anton while reaches my hand. akupun can not averse, and obvious anton invite me to aeroplane toilet, i very startled such cepatkah i must serve this colt, ask me at heart with gladful heart. after we are both reside in in aeroplane toilet yg narrow that, antonpun soon lock it. because my desire that hasn't defenced, akupun begin men-servis anton, i kiss lip anton, kujilat-jilat the lip and mengapun reply kiss to my lip, i am then begin to remove the shirt button and then slowly kuangkat depth singlet, anton half naked now. i am then open coat and my trousers so that i only wear underwear. " fast tom, free my trousers" , said anton not sabaran. hurry kubuka trousers anton so that appear now only cd the trilateral at the genitals head part rather wet, probably because precum. i impatient again i pelorot cd-, so that penis anton that want free that jump to on and berdenyut-denyut also. akupun begin in action i lick and suck penis anton, and he is appear groans risibility. " aahh. . , taste tom. . , hisaapp. . , ahh" , command anton, and direct i suck penis anton i play my tongue at head penis-, make anton be to groan comfort, i sucks fruit peler, kukulum-kulum stick penis, final antonpun will begin to show marking out the sperm, tendons penis ossify, i am direct stops scene oral this sex, slow i am then remove cd-, and sit at urinoir, then kupengang penis anton and kuarah step into my buttocks hole. . , ahh. . , really taste likely, and rather ill also, because my buttocks long hasn't been enterred, anton begin to groan comfort again, his the eye closed, i am then suck the milk bipple, i lick neck and the face handsome, the arm kunaik, i am also see the armpit feather very dense then i suck and lick that armpit, anton will begin menaik-turun the buttocks very quickly i shall know him ejaculation of semen, likely really taste when anton lance my buttocks, to hold back my ill taste pulls tissue toilet, so that tissue that is bertebaran, i also join in to shake penis, final. . , crot. . , crot. . anton time first atomizes the sperm at my buttocks while bawl satisfaction that deepen, really a lot of and likely sperm anton achieve intestines my in me, final akupun join in ejaculation of semen, anton be choked, the face sweats and full satisfaction, also i am that join in choked, final we wear our clothes, and i am then give my address at jakarta and at balinese to anton, and he is apparently really very gl, final we often do connection 'gase (gay sex) with anton. voloe_much@airforce. net

we only mutual look at, with meaningful opinion. yes i have haved pacarpelatih. then slowly uncle ferdy embrace myself, membelainya my hair with sesekalimendarat kiss at my cheek until final i asleep well-sleep in his arms. after insident at evening beautiful that is uncle ferdy add attention same i. if formerly i leave alone school now not again caused by uncle ferdy always loyal deliver me and meet me if i go home school. even sometimes he give me money to merely buy snacks or textbook, will know momentarily momentarily i ebtanas shall so me must active learn to beside practice must not kutinggal. even he puts me keprimagama for preparation ebtanas. even less if finished my payday menraktirnya eats at restaurant that be the favorite, then i am at invite to mall to buy kinds actually i don't want. finished that then we are chek-in at hotel. although we are very very intimate but my family not put suspicious kinds, because my family knows kalauom ferdy that kan my instructor. lagian he also my father alter ego, so suitable if my family has belonged father never suspicious little if i have been" wife" uncle ferdy affectionate. the main we are both pass by these beautiful days without disturbed and harry job other, for example practice. walaupun i relate to uncle ferdy, permanent my practice doesn't reduced even i often manambah practice portions at the house. like evening that me manambah my practice portions at home uncle leased ferdy really live alone. after i am finished practise us sit to relax at room middle. i lean my head in uncle breast ferdy that area. " uncle may be i don't come along championship, " my word opens discussion. " why? " ask it. " i am not delicious uncle body, " answer me. memang recently i am not delicious body. probably because beside i must practise kerasa also must serve that my instructor wildness. what else recently uncle ferdy always ask quotum more. originally 3 times a day, now be 5 times a day. really i confess uncle ferdy really man very male and brave. so not only the body that make my passion rises, but the game okay always make me so addicted to. i don't know he is pakaiobat strong or not i am less know. while 2 days again i must come along competition. " aldy you must come along this competition pity! " he said while fondle my hair. " i am not delicious uncle body, " bantah spoiled. " aldy origin knows yes, only you only uncle hope in this competition. " " kan still a lot uncle another? there good, heru, agus and rudy, " my word again. " you right al, but good and heru kan dispute while agus and rudy still tired. lagian technique both not as good as you lho. " " don't too admire later not i am quotum affection lho, " menace me to strum. " oh yes, if uncle maksa how? " " yes doesn't want. " " if maksa then. " itu words endly. because a moment then his arms solid and brawny that fondle my hair considerably intimate. then his arms many menumbuhi dense that is mengelu-elus my brow, then warm kiss lands at my brow, " oh the taste uncle kiss ferdy this, " think me that time, even less that thin the moustache time is a little lances that soft my skin, " i am love you, " whisper me. without mengirau my words again uncle ferdy direct mengecup my lip with import taste. our lip is even also mutual fights, mutual memberidan get with mutual mengulum tongue. oh, so warm i am when does the saliva that mix that my saliva kutelan. while his arms busy open resliting my short trousers. sete he is success open it, he is direct looks for" stick" my long that tense from a while ago. not so long he held dzakar that mengeluarka prescum. then one the finger perfomings puncture exist in end dzakar that, karuan prescumkutambah many out and i am manggelinjang not karuan. while the lip in action at my lip. repeatedly he has gulped my saliva that mix with the saliva. apparently he has been obsessed blaze desire, up to he is direct mempreteli clothing whom i wear, up to i am as baby ready for bathed. get treatment like that, i am even also doesn't hold peace, kugusur clothes utility up to unimpaired by a lef of thread even also. oh. . how does strong and macho- this my prince. the breast area at tumbuhi plume yangagak dense with equiped chequered stomach. and so do the thigh at tumbuhibulu-bulu very dense with dzakar hang rather big follows asian size, with at tumbuhi dense plume also. kulabuh myself in breast that area and kurasa peacefulness with warmth not tiara. while uncle ferdy begin labih bringas. after satisfied pulverize my lip then at suck my armpit in, both for left also right gets turn all according to by turns. after satisfied suck his my armpit is direct mengulum my milk and twist the bipple both for right also left along its for. " oh. . the warm, " my swishing, take outside taste taste buried in breast. apalagi that warm the saliva time floods my milk bipple, oh. . so taste. then uncle ferdy trace hollow my body begins navel, stomach up to thigh, not little gone beyond by it. until he presented correct at dzakar that begin menegang since a while ago. but mengatidak direct mengulum my genitals that many mengeluara many perscum, but he only perfoming fruit dzakar. mengelus-elusnya fruit dzakar that, then so spoiled he is menarik-narik hair dzakar. then secondly his arms holds thing exist in around dzakar that. get that terrible super treatment, i am menggelinjang not karuan, i am menggelinjang all out, until the counterpane not karuan its for. " oh. . suck uncle! i don't hold back here! " whine me. but he is my whimper unmindful, while i really weak, even with enjoi he is menggosok-gosok thing around dzakar secondly his arms, karuan i add wriggle and prescum add many out. because i weak again so akupun circle my foot at the waist considerably meeting once. and mengapun apparently understand my purpose, then he turns the body dengankaki above and be head. and we are even also do style" 69" . i insert all dzakar rather big and long that is to uncle mouth ferdy begin end until base without remained. such also uncle ferdy, he puts dzakar big that begin end until base. seperti usually if first my connection felts to choke with uncle the penis ferdy big that, but i know final all these import comfort incomparable. after kamiagak long mutual mengulum, reciprocate and mutual get so, " crott. . crott. . crott. . " we are out almost concurrent. then we gulp other sperm. afterwards bothing;there is no secretory words from our mouth is both. because we know only heart language that can to unfold kebahagian and our which is just comfort feels. only sweat that flow and our breath swishing is that is dumb witness loves us both at evening that. akhir with suggestion and uncle advice ferdy that rage and untiring, i am even also come along kompetsi year that, and our guess outdoor the result is all, because account final gymnastics race year this. i am really very happy, until i dribble tear. because between my friends that fight in that race only i am that is kampium. all anggotatim even also greet it exultantly. and to greet this my victory club holds programme tasyakuran. after programme tasyakuran finished i and uncle ferdy continue party at starry hotel. not little sempat rushed by in my brain, uncle possibility ferdy leave me if the contract with club end. this matter caused by uncle ferdy promise sehidup semati seia sekata. ever once kegamangan suddenly shake my heart, but soon i parry to remember uncle attention ferdy sanagt honest and sincere. kurasa approximately 5 year happiness muffles my alive. but now suddenly conditon has tugged at to finished my happiness, fling down me up to flaky, not secuilpun sisamasa-masa beautiful formerly kulewati with uncle ferdy. all hazy, all dark vitriform window former uncle leased house ferdy almost one month forgets to cleaned. uncle ferdy that be hopes pillar and mimpi-mimpi now go. and painfuler my heart, uncle departure ferdy to return to the yard village (at provinsi" l" )tidak said then bright in me. so that at least i can prepare everything good the need at road or will prepare feeling that soon be died to go this. saat go formerly uncle ferdy only say only go to city" t" caused by job affair. but after almost 3 weeks there is no news about uncle ferdy. i try to ask to leadership club. as thunder that pounce coconut tip of a leaf, so also my feeling that time. final kuketahui if uncle ferdy go home to the yard village. during several my weeks cries to abuse my destiny bonalignment again in me. uncle ferdy, uncle ferdy bring oneself to it kamumeninggal myself puruk alone, fall to sprawl to like coconut leaf sheets forced collapse to earth at the end of one's rope. evening more darker, bat once in a while pass in front of uncle contracted house window pane ferdy formerly. city" l" , where did i gived to have come to closed silhouette by cloud. and without i realize me confined at room usually we wear to be in love formerly. at this room me channels tear likes previous days. my breast fluctuates by sweet memory with uncle ferdy. long i confined in illiquidity mengharu. but suddenly a strength has aroused me, " i must bangkitkembali. must! " think me. uncle departure ferdy may not smash time in front of me. i still young and still has secercah premising future. tommorow i meniggal city" l" to menghilangh dark memories with uncle ferdy. and i must continue lecture unfinished flutter love my blind in uncle ferdy. om ferdy, may you read story loves us both this. and i always pray mudah-mudahn you are happy there, beside people who loves and loved. and my hope, is readers sensible want to replace uncle positions ferdy. if there one of [the] daripembaca serious can reader call

story really real this is me natural approximately in the year 1996, when do i still age 16 year and i still to sit at class 3 smp at my city. at that time i have jointed one of [the] gymnastics club really be one of [the] children favorite sport of the age of me, besides football and badminton of course. myself doesn't know why i am putted into to gymnastics club, kok not the other, because i enter bot because of my wish but kehendakorangtua and myself can not defy and dispute, because beside me must obedient same parents and lagian i know if every parents certain choose best for the son. tiap day sehabis go home my school musti practice well and active, because if not practice one day, so my parents certain mendanprat completely and day after i certain will get punishment from my instructor. begin to orderred push up, set up, scot jump and others. but education result so hard and tire that enough good, proved we always sent to village level good championship, district or regency even province level even also ever we feel. and that is all not get out of construction system at club body whom i occupy. bayang each lot (1 group consists of 10 has 1 palatih of course very professional and bo doubt again the ability. and i am even also along with 9 another childs, also trained by a professional instructor. uncle ferdy so usually he is at call. while name wholy *** (edited). he is a man approximately age 32 year, bertubuh well built tall, rather sturdy, fullfiedged either in breast, hand and the armpit. although the face usually but doesn't decrease ke-macho-an and keperkasaan. even less stare and the smile, i am sure can demolish all girls at these worlds. although he is rather cold but good the heart and so polite. even sometimes he likes joke. hence many childrens that want melatihnya. probably because he is my father close friend so that i am very luck trained by uncle ferdy. a handsome instructor, strong, macho and professional of course. in the begining i ignore all that. let him macho kek, handsome kek i am bot give a dam, anyway he is my man is even also man really want to what to think me that time. probably because my age factor that still children and not yet know world kinds, up to i am not interested little to him. akhir i only practise, practise and practise. and uncle ferdy i consider to be my father self, because he is so pity and attention in me than in the other. waktuitu i don't understand why he is impressing menganak-emas i and always bearer in myself than in the other children. so that it is not strange if many envious my friends see uncle the attentions ferdy in me melampui limit. up to one day when are we practice, " aldy, the foot less straight! " when do i less perfect in do trampoline technique (one of [the] technique in gymnastics with foot position above dankepala at under). a moment then with ketelatenan he straightens my foot. but this the tension asa strange sekal. he not only hold my calf necessary straightened but also always a follower held and rather mengelus-elus region that stimulate that, up to final i am not concentration again and direct my position brokens, because felt so tickle fumbled so aspect. " lho kok stop, come on do over, " he said. without menugguperintah second my the time is even also repeatings trampoline technique. but this is wrong again he said, i am even also try it again but wrong again, so further up to i repeating this technique by tens time but always failure whom i get. a self doesn't know why wrong my technique then he said, while for me true and bothing that wrong. " aldy, later you dispute, " he said. " but i not yet can uncle, " bantah. " okay, because the time has finished you may rest. but oh yes later you bolehke my house for practice portions increase, as which want? " " hmm. . okay, " answer me light. memang i often practice portions increase even less if there technique not yet i master, without menyuruhpun i am certain my practice portions increase at home uncle ferdy. and really, at home the leased there special room for practice portions increase. sete i am farewell same parents, approximately clock 19: 00 wib i go to uncle house ferdy. at arrival there i surprise, existing kok only i am which the other? think me. because if that practice portions increase is usually same friends one group. but this is kok i am alone. but final i don't care about this conditon. may be uncle ferdy want memberiteori special in meruku, think me that time. " okay, change coat and soon we begin, " he said. i am even also direct change coat (only pakali shorts and naked breast). but surprisingly that sharp the eye always stare me as bald eagle that wants to catch the prey. " crazy! why does he? " grumble me at heart. but i am not care for all that. " okay we begin al! " order it. with movement very nimble as my swallow bird is even also demonstrates one by one technique whom i study. begin trampoline technique, pommel horse and others. " try you do over technique trampilon! " order it. without ba-bi-bu i am even also repeating that technique. " his arms less straight! " " like this uncle? " " not, like this lho. . " dia memegangi my hand to straightened. but surprisingly he doesn't straighten my hand even mengelus-elus hand that still in that upright position, up to make me not concentration again and i am lose balance if not there solid hand and warm catch my waist. obvious warm hand and solid a while ago that arms is uncle ferdy, unexpectedly membopong. " uncle thank. " " acres you welcome. " " degrade me uncle! " pinta, because i am shy membopong sometime later with only wear shorts and bare breasted. tapi not answer whom i accept but a soft kiss and hanagat once tiba-tibamendarat mengeningku. " is purpose uncle? " " later you will know, " he said, while bring me to place sleep it. entah why do i not struggle at that time. while i want to averse but as myself hypnosis follows when am i brought to room so fragrant and filled guy pictures. smoothly once he lays out me along kiss that land mengeningku considerably so intimate. oh the taste kiss that make me drowsy, think me that time. i don't know why do i want to treated more than merely kiss from man that be this my instructor. then that warm the lip kisses my cheek the wildly, with once in a while menjilati my cheek that still overripe that. a moment then the lip memagut my lip. oh. . how does the taste meeting two that lips, make me drunk kepayang. what else when does he order to take outside my tongue, then tongue whom i stick out that menyedotnya in meaningful one million taste. while uncle hand ferdy not hold peace. with his the experience is mengelus-elus pahakuyang soft and soft that is considerably so intimate. membelainya that fresh my thigh, hinggamembuat my young blood swishes not karuan. after satisfied menjilati and mengecup my face, now my armpit turn that get lick and kiss very warm by the tongue once in a while mengeluarkannya. good right armpit and left not loose from the target. then my milk that get turn next. sometimes sucked, sometimes pulled, sometimes bited and kadangdengan his the tongue twiddles unidirectional my milk bipple its for. " oh. . enaak. . " moan me. " you like aldy, " he said, while his arms release shorts and cd i wear. " go on uncle! " pinta. medapat request like that direct he hunts stomach and my navel that stimulate once. myself even also is not holding peace. feel uncle ferdy monkey my passion, with my experience that belong to minimum, kupreteli all clothings that cling in the body. may be he understands i want up to he doesn't rebel when kulepas clothing utility. sempat startled i have seen dzakar that challenge before very eyes. " wow monstrous. " " you certain like, try! " " not ah i can not uncle. " " try formerly! " dengan rather force him order me to mengoral the penis belepotan prescum that. rather choke when does penis that measure approximately 21 cm that step into my mouth until the base. while with his the experience tries to help me with memaju-mundur that big the genitals. oh. . enaak once likely. while my hand even also not tinggaldiam. by hand my left, kupermain the penis fruit rather reddish that. kuelus carefully once and apprehensive, then existing thing that the egg me pulls slowly. " oh enaak go on al! " whine it, while menggelinjang not karuan. sedang my right hand kuguna to shaked my penis self that stand daritadi. apparently he is really experience once, proved if i speed up kuluman padadzakar he speed up the movement, so also on the contrary when do i delay his my movement even also delay the movement. " oh enaak. . " rancau, when does my tongue perfoming puncture that reside in thing end elastic that. i am memeng most like to monkey that puncture. " hmm. . lezaat. . " may be so think me that time. after rather long i am mengulumpisang ambon uncle ferdy, apparently he is dominated by passion desire unbearable, up to that clean the face is more and more redden crab basin at boiled. " i want out al. . " moan it, along with the fast uncle movement ferdy and final, " crott. . crott. . crott. . " we take outside sperm almost beesamaan. kutelan all sprema uncle ferdy although rather salty that is but so taste, then kujilati the side. so also he, menjilatinya my sperm that spurt kemna-mana, at jilati one by one, begin sperm exist in my penis, then at pahakusampai at tile even also at the greedy finished. there is no words from out from mouth kamiberdua, because comfort and kebahagian and comfort whom we feel can not be described with words.

and breast more groan to moan. his arms massage mijat coarse my buttocks and his the waist presses to press to on try more in put into deeper the genitals again to my mouth. although not probably because entire the genitals sticks enterred my throat. breast hand more wilder at my buttocks so also movement fluctuates the waist. the genitals poke poke at my throat asa so taste. but his arms now aimed to also asa my buttocks hole so strange. . and more and more clear that is now bot merely my mouth that feel hungry and thirsty but also my buttocks hole. . maka i also reply breast hand finger finger poke at my buttocks hole with my waist movement that twist mutar. this make breast more desire. so breast swiftly and gesa demote my trousers. and he moves to change position with lie down menyamping. hard the genitals su he is shovel shovel into his temporary my mouth is now bites to bite my buttocks hunk and wet my buttocks hole with the saliva. i am more belingsatan with taste taste sensation insides my body. mulut busy and growl dangan every poke breast genitals gives, temporary wild roll rolling my waist because hot touch touch breast gives. " ohh aj. . aj. . i shall put my genitals at your buttocks hole yes? ohh aj. . beautiful your buttocks hole and so soft. . aj. . aj. . let me menyetubuhi womanly yes? my monastery makes you are pretty my woman and i am praise. . ohh ajj. . i want menyetubuhi. . ajj. . " and breast interestings the genitals from my mouth. ohh. . wet the genitals and berkilap so beautiful. . wet by taste mucus mucus from my mouth. . i want breast genitals returns to enter my mouth and try to reaches it. . but breast depresses my body that lie down telungkup with my buttocks on. dada then lie down above my body. hard the genitals and tense poke nyodok when does he try to regulate the position on my body. i still not yet understand true by what purpose breast that he want menyetubuhi womanly. . but when does he wet my buttocks hole with the saliva and aim the genitals head above my buttocks hole, i begin aware. . ohh. . not may be. . not may be future. . i am panic. and afraid because big the genitals and i am not yet know to what that is coition. . tapi honest, the genitals hot taste at my buttocks asa so taste, but. . i still afraid, so me struggle. and breast genitals slips. but breast then depress my body with big the body and strong. . temporary tense permanent the genitals and hard membaja poke nyodok my thigh split looks for the target. . lama breast tries to depress to enter the genitals to my buttocks hole without result, because each time the genitals head a little enter, i feel ill and struggle so that breast genitals returns to slip. my long long and wet breast by sweat. my buttocks asa wet and slippery by sweat and also by breast genitals liquid meleleh a lot because of desire, without success immerse the genitals in in at my buttocks hole that still so tight. but because longer my buttocks hole and breast genitals more weter and slippery. . slow breast tune success find the target. . and depress down strong strong my body. " akh! ! , " i scream strong when breast genitals head success enter menembus principal hindrance. and breast grimaces taste and upturned the face to on, stare syurga. see this me try to hold back ill taste. but when does breast depress the waist and the genitals melesak enter menembus my buttocks narrow hole, i weak" akhh. . care of. . breast. . sakkiitt. . addhhuhh. . adhhuhh. . care of. . keluarin. . keluarin care of. . akhh. . akhh. . akhh. . daa. . " i scream strong and mengepal ngepal when does breast without hear my complaint then depress the genitals enter until testicles and the genitals feather nudges my buttocks skin. " ahh. . ohh. . ajj. . so taste. . so taste your buttocks hole. . ohh. . sempitt. . hangatt. . dann. . ohh ajj. . ohh ajj. . " breast merebah the body on my body. the back stoops to like shrimp feels taste sunk the genitals in melubang young my buttocks and narrow. long quiet breast in position likes this. his arms embrace me strong. biri menciumi my face. and strong the breast and wet by sweat clings at my back. temporary pinngang. . depress down up at my buttocks tries mebidik more dalamm. . lebihh dalamm again. . lalu slow menariknya the waist to on" akhh. . " i return to groan, feel perih at my buttocks hole now asa narrow, so narrow jejal the adult genitals big. . " ohh ajj. . i am never felt nikmatt like this. . ohh. . you hebatt. . you hebatt. . ohh ajj. . ohh ajj. . " and breast now swiftly ascending degrade the buttocks mengeluar insert the genitals melubang my buttocks. . poke nyodok in my stomach wall wall. . and i try strong hold back narrow taste melubang my buttocks by the narrow breast genitals. gradually my buttocks hole soes slippery and muddy by clear liquid from breast genitals and also by natural liquid from my hole wall wall now begins asa taste. . " aj. . ohh aj. . super-duper. . ohh super-duper. . you now i shall make girl kesayangan. . and aj. . i shall fulfil your taste my hardly every moment. . ohh ajj. . ajj. . " breast now at loose ends the gossip. at countersink it in in the genitals melobang my buttocks, at scour to scour it, memputar the roll. . membenamkannya dalamm dalamm. . " ohh breast. . breast. . " i begin to felt to fly to sky. taste. so taste likely magnitude genitals friction friction in my buttocks hole. and my buttocks hole more muddyer wag tongue decak. breast now change position with me straddle and second my foot is put on the shoulder. then slow mengarahkannya the genitals head up at my buttocks hole, and when does the genitals head nudge the target, breast depresses strong strong, " bless. . ss. . sseekk" " akh. . akhh. . dadaa. . " i scream taste ill ill. second my foot goes circle at breast waist and breast now fall down on my body. digoyang i, swinged to sway, temporary the genitals not ever stop to scour to scour my buttocks hole wall wall nikmatt. . nikmaatt once. . " ohh breast. . " i bite the neck. and breast seizes my hair. " brett brett brett. . " strange voice voice soes our passion rhythm music. i haven't feeled ill absolutely at my buttocks hole. existing only taste. . warm. . and breast genitals hard falsies melobangku. . ohh. . so taste. . so taste. . dan breast getting louder lunge nerjang the genitals insides my body. tanga passionate and tight seize my hair. the lip bites to bite my neck, my cheek, before final pulverize wet my lip and coarse. " ohh ajj. . aj i am pity. . so taste hole paramex you. . ohh. . i love paramex you. . ohh. . aj. . aj. . paramex this is my property. . and i menyumpal paramex this deliciously my genitals every evening. . every time. . ahh aj. . i love paramex you. . nikmatt. . ohh ajj. . " and breast returns to poke nyodok the genitals into my buttocks hole. . but i am only mengernyit forehead. . paramex breast says? what is that? " ohh aj. . paramex you super-duper. . oohh. . ajj. . pa ntat you true true true ra sa me mex. . ohh aj. . i love paramex you. . taste buttocks memex. . ohh. . ohh. . ajj. . „ hi hi hi. . i laugh tickle hear that all, paramex, paramex, kirain apaan. . obvious taste buttocks memex. but i can not long laugh tickle. because then breast so brutal menghujam hujam the genitals into paramex i. until the voice asa so noise. " aj. . i want out. . i want keluarr aj. . ohh. . i want out in hole paramex you. . i want to make hole paramex you are flood by my man man liquid aj. . ohh. . ohh. . ohh. . ajj. . ! ! " dan breast jerks to jerk so strong. make tense hard the genitals menonjok nonjok my taste hole wet and slippery. so taste. so taste. . and. . ohh. . then asa breast genitals head berkejat kejat insides my taste hole and explode. . ohh. . so hangatt. . so nikmatt. . " aj. . " and with latest mooing. limp breast on my body. wet we are both by sweat. and wet my groin by the sperm. when does breast genitals out from my buttocks hole, " plop" so the sound. and breast wipes genitals and wet my buttocks hole with the cover. then menciumnya the cover. " aj. . true true your buttocks hole paramex. . so taste pinch my genitals pincers. . and clean! ! see this cover. . only wet by sperm without dirt other. . true true your buttocks paramex super aj. . " then breast embrace me and kiss intimate my lip. his arms return to slink up at my buttocks. and 2 fingers tanga slipping to enter. joke with my hole now asa wide and solitude. but not long. because then come other boy boy and breast goes down meets them and somebody climbs on. ruga! ! so whenever other under busy burn sweet potato and speak, soon i greet ruga with my mouth and ruga reply it glad. tidak long genitals ruga there memulutku, because i am soon lie down to overshadow it menyamping and lift one my foot to on and genitals insert ruga in at my buttocks hole. ruga a little amazed with my behaviour, but so the genitals menembus my buttocks hole ruga soon draw away to retreat to poke nyodok the genitals. this is ruga play long long with the genitals in my body until other boy boy climbs on and sleep at one and other side, genitals ruga still sunk in at my taste hole. conditon on reasonable dark, so, only with bertutup cover, there will be no that know and suspicious. because they are accustomed see me sleep insides embrace one of them. cuma breast may be a little suspicious. or because may be he wants me sleep in the hug so breast takes place and lie down at in front of me and ruga. when is breast quiet likely asleep, ruga return mengeluar insert the genitals progresses to retreat at my buttocks hole, until ruga hiss and my buttocks hole return can taste full warm liquid syringe. sete slow ruga clean genitals and pantatke with my the cover is pretension twists and move up at breast. with his arms, breast ask me to overshadow it. his arms direct up at my buttocks and when does the finger feel taste liquid ruga flow there, breast pinches me there and bite hard my neck while then aims the genitals kelobang my buttocks and direct melesak entire the sticks into. i have felted a little invulnerable there so me only answer with try menungging deeper my buttocks, so that kemalua quicker breast sinks to the base. and evening that is breast embrace me tight tight until morning. and the genitals. . never get out of my hole although several times ruga signal so that i come to the hugs. sejak evening that, because breast crosses with evening same i divide my taste hole with ruga, breast narateds the taste paramex i am to several boys other, and on evening second since hole paramex taken and menggunakkan for breast comfort and ruga, i must also serve parma, seda, and several boys other. even several father fathers if get patrol quotum wants also get me in the hug. sekarang every there boy that approach me and whisper paramex, i must ready demote my trousers and enjoy their manliness menghujam in at my buttocks split. and i am ready, always ready serve it. lobang my buttocks may be really destined to so paramex. because surprisingly, my hole enjoys man man genitals poke poke in such a way in. and man man ever poke me certain addicted to. not only village person. but then i am to city. even out country and enjoy multifarious kind man man poke at my buttocks split. tapi my age more ripeer, i am now get married with a pretty girl and young and love me. i don't love it but. . ahh, he doesn't want man man other and happy be my property soes. . i want to how? a now actually is falling with kurd man man that leave the country because policies reason. and this kurd man man love me also. especially my buttocks hole ready attacked by genitals turki-kurdi he is terrible. but. . he also afraid found out likes to poke my buttocks. so. . we are heart heart once and meet 1 month once. ohh, hungry my mouth wants to poked man man genitals in in. and ohh. . also thirsty want to enterred many true man mans.

i am man man, but from little i have well-fed body, soft skin and clean, with red lip merekah likes woman. although i am not kebanci bancian. between women, from little i far more have solded out between my man man friend friend. doesn't know why, but girl girl menyekitarku always direct near and not respect play, and joke with me likely process me part from them, temporary my man man friend sure always envious with my nearness with all girl girls available. ada several opened girls like me with tendency sexual. but quite a few that like me only as friend, friend, and playfellow. perasaan self towards they? doesn't know, but really there are some i like if we embrace each other, or smooch, or merely near and feel warm. but rest. . stimulus sexual like it never there so menggebu buoyant towards they. except willing to near, or berdekapan, or smooch lip, there is no again willing more that want me go on. itu may be because it also, that girl girl also like me in once and even up to now, when several from them berkeluarga. their eye shines light so see me, and they not respect embrace and tell about their secret secret, because between we are really never happen to what to what. ini lesson makes all man mans. if you want awarded and loved all womans, don't be direct think how the delicious his vagina! ! because that woman is creature with taste. ok, there moment moment crazier woman than man, because they are itchy and ngangkang and not satisfied satisfied also although we have jabed long long their vagina. . but still that is opened vagina and ask. . but in general. . all womans glad, happy, and fall in love if we can give peacefulness, warm taste, and a little love. with only embrace it warm. flatter it intimate. joke with our lip mengujung the lip split end. without hand or our genitals nudges vagina or the breast. . the woman crazy! ! crazy by love. . ! ! believe me. . ! ! my the exercise often has made woman has falled. . although actually i don't wish for it. ok. . sometimes i wish for it. . because woman sometimes really noble creature. and with woman. . our soul is tentram and. . we are opened alive refraction. tapi what power. . if i have other taste? i am man man, but i want strength, love, and passion from creature stronger than i! ! that is because it also i am not happy. . although now i have loyal colleague that loves me and. . pretty incredible. dari little, i am a little other from child child other mendesa i, because my skin is soft and clean. also because my body is well-fed and awat. sure also because my lip is sweet and red, natural. make me sometimes far more decoy from several womans. di my little city, sometimes i like to come along to joint forces with boy boy that like to gather at patrol post. they are sometimes play cards, or even hidden hidden drinks drink alcohol, until dissolve, lateness. i like between that boy boy. because most of they like to embrace me. mengelus stroke my body. and worship. they worship my skin soft. they worship my lip sexy. etc. kalau evening so to dissolve, and several from them loll. they still to like to embrace me like doll in sleep it. sometimes subconsciously or not. they are menciumi my neck is from hind, and depress nekan their genitals to my buttocks. at first i don't think to what to what. except glad because taste tickle tickle taste and because their body is warm muffles me. tapi long long, along time, and increase it age. i more will understand passion that grow menubuh i, when feel their warmth. when do they depress nekan their genitals to my buttocks, and their lip is mengigit bites my hind neck. subconsciously my long long dares to moo, and reply to depress my buttocks up at their genitals, until i feel hard and genitals magnitude in their trousers. ritual like this go on sufficiently long until one moment i don't hold back and my hand is melanglang rear and mengenggam their genitals is from returns the trousers. doesn't hold back, one moment final my hand also menyelusup come into their trousers and hold tense man man genitals, hard, hot, and. . ohh menggelora! ! tidak know why, but first time i have held man man genitals other that full grown, there new world opened menghadapan i. my blood flares up. my body is meleleh as candle. and my lip? likely so more thicker and red. . boil. make me thirsty. . thirsty. . thirsty. . dan one track to cause the loss of my thirsty taste, i dare to juxtapose my mouth to their genitals. i kiss the fragrant. i am the taste taste. i suck power pull it. until my water is meleleh and slow i am jilati the genitals head. the boy stares at and sigh unsure. then doesn't know from which that idea incoming but then, i insert genitals head the boy into my mouth, and i countersink slow tune at to dalaman taste and the wet my mouth. deeper again nudge gullet. deeper again via gullet. ohh. . i so clever regulate my breath and the genitals melesak enter all insides my mouth. until my lip is sunk at kelebatan genitals feather feather the boy. " ohh aj. . enakk sekalli. . ohh. . your mouth is crazy. . enakk. . and dalamm once. . aj. . " the boy groans, and i so more hoter immerse the genitals at to dalaman my throat. ohh, so taste likely when does the genitals head asa throb to beat at my throat wall wall. perlahan tune, the boy interestings the genitals out from gullet and my mouth. pass by tongue, and final return the genitals head nudges my lip red and wet. wow. . hard the genitals, tense, and shine wet by my mouth liquid. so strong. . so beautiful. . and ohh. . seen taste. . so taste. . without patient i return to reaches the genitals with my mouth lip and the boy growls taste. . the hip now is bowing to bow to push to obtrud the genitals into my mouth hungry, and thirsty. dengan impatient, the boy rolls and now my position membawahnya. the genitals stills to lodge in at my mouth and now with the body position on easily he is interestinging to degrade the hip and push to obtrud the genitals in my mouth. and i enjoy it. i enjoy it when the genitals in nudge my throat wall wall. i enjoy it when mouth and my throat asa narrow, full by hard the genitals stick and taste. " ohh aj. . nikmatt. . nikmatt once likely mengentot your mouth. . ohh. . you so clever aj. . hot your throat and basahh. . ohh. . so taste aj. . " the boy then menyetubuhi my mouth with tight the genitals and more harder. the movement faster. my lip is more weter and asa thick. temporary liquid in my mouth more slipperyer make easy it mengeluar insert the genitals insides my mouth. " ohh. . aj. . i am not tahann. . ohh aj. . i am keluarr. . keluarr aj. . ohh. . ohh. . ohh. . " dan the boy immerses the genitals sedalam depth at my mouth. difficult my nose breathes because the genitals feather feather depresses hard into mouth and my nose. then i feel it. . i feel to how the genitals berkejat kejat insides my mouth. then my throat asa hot. and wet. . so taste likely. . but remarkable pressure at also a little my torture. . make me likely want cough. . or vomit. . doesn't know. but i enjoy it. . so me let the boy atomizes the taste liquid insides my mouth. in. . in once at my throat until i can not feel taste from the genitals liquid. because in my throat there, too in to be able to mengetauhui what the sperm taste. . but fortunately, when the boy in the end wheeze and interesting out the genitals from within my throat passes my tongue. . still there are some sperm drop remained on my tongue for enjoy taste and the aroma. ohh taste. . nikmatt once. lalu the limp boy and asleep secondly his arms embrace me from hind as usual. and i aware new, we do that all insides patrol post! ! but patrol post the luck at our little city is tall the location around 3 meters on soil. so bobody that can see and when does the friend friend arrive to patrol post, we can clearly hear it because they must turn on ladder to the position before climb on. malam that, i am permanent sleeps lelap in embrace ruga, strong boy that enjoy the taste my throat. tommorow morning it, when do i awaken. ruga the boy, return to depress nekan the genitals to my buttocks and the lip bites to bite my neck. i return on fire and my hand slinks into the trousers enjoys warm and the hard the genitals. but because in patrol post there are some boy other, we don't dare to repeat insident last night. but ruga dare to demote the trousers so that my free the genitals genggem and play. his arms ruga doesn't hold peace. he is mengelus stroke my buttocks and in the end also menurunkannya my trousers. diselipkan the genitals in between my thigh interrupt and ruga meneken ne like my thigh split my mouth. membasahinya the genitals with the saliva and long long my thigh soes asa hot and felt me has also there comfort hole. sometimes, hard genitals ruga is inserted and nudge my buttocks hole, dann. . ohh. . i am bergidik taste. but i am not yet think to what that. cap it all ruga hiss and wet my thigh by the sperm liquid. ruga clean it with the cover. then berdri, go down, and go home. morning still dark, so also certain still locked my house. so i shift and mendempet my body up at parma. i don't know he is awaken or not, but soon also he embraces my body from hind like doll. i can not sleep because still to think of what i done with ruga, temporary parma permanent lelap although hand and the foot surrounds my body. until morning turn into bright and i get up, for school. several boys at patrol post then sleep because several from them pass sma and doesn't has what what activity. beberapa day after it i sleep merumah because school many activities. but saturday night, i return to play together boys. only ruga there is no there. so, when the other go to go around to patrol, i am at post guards with breast. he lives several houses from my house. he also pass sma, and prima facie, he often embrace me and i like strong body and length hair. for me he leaves to like america child. menyaat other normal appearance flat flat, long haired breast and coloured. at his the arm also bertato dragon. i like there in his arms. because i felt to like to win, vanguish breast that leave an impression wolf. beberapa today experience with ruga then joke in my head. and after my few days don't meet ruga and doesn't has what what activity, make me to like a little crazy. so so the other goes from post guards, i am soon approach to breast and merebah my head on the lap. breast smile. then he ignites cigarette and sprawling. my head now fall down at the stomach. i thirst for to nudge the genitals. but afraid so i am pretension sings while shake geleng my head that leaned at part stomach under it. longer i am more not hold back, and breast hand has resided in my body and wipe to stroke waist part. a on fire, so i turn around supine up at ladder that mean me overshadow it temporary my head looks the genitals! ! automatic breast hand also now not membagian my waist but on my buttocks hunk. and breast jokes with him! ! so i am more dare and my cheek now can feel the genitals warmth. i sing with tone at husky husky, up to my breath blowing blowing asa hard rush the genitals direction. longer, more asa the effect. i begin to felt the genitals more expand and menegang. and breast hand more warmer mengelus stroke my buttocks. in one moment, i dare pretension bites the genitals end part that jut clear from return the trousers and breast mooes taste and his arms seize strong my buttocks. so ohh. . i impatient. my hand reachess the genitals and mengelus stroke it. then slow my my hand sandwiches kebalik depth trousers. i stroke to stroke. ohh. . breast genitals bigger than will ruga! ! i don't hold back and i release the genitals and direct i am greedy into my mouth and breast screams taste. . " aj. . ohh. . ohh. . " breast not again voice besides groan after the genitals enters in at my mouth taste warmth. and i am soon try to enjoy breast genitals in, sedalam depth at my mouth, pass by my throat until. . ohh. . the genitals feather feather nudges my lip.

i hush for a few moment the long with telephone handle that still kugenggam tight, clear there is no who must i invite to ditto invitation to stay at the house in the country by the end of week later, a the father property remote house in the country located in lake side at a plateau at balinese. dito one of [the] neighbour near me, only berjarak not more 50 meters from place boards with kutempati now. ditto lives both at home big that together with a the woman younger brother that still to sit at class seat 6 sd, and also there a assistant and a gardener each occupied a room rear house. the father a diplomat often go around to various country. berkenalan with also happen without expressly ditto, ketidak sengajaan that beneficial. our introduction starts when at one particular morning i and ditto meets in front of house board with me. ditto obvious many know friends board with me, because in character flexible that. only i am perhaps new know it. dito self at that time new class 1 s, two year younger than i. the child berkulit brownish, round the eye, curved the eye feather, berhidung sharp, appearance cool and trendy, like to wear jeans trousers gombor and definitive the face enough handsome. but kuakui, even if ditto age younger from me, don't know why i felt rather respect when close to one another with him. likely, has strong charisma before very eyes people who faces with him, he far appear ripeer from when speak the age. dito like once fitness, so natural if the body formed good, brawny, bot to mention hollow the stomach that make it more seen section and male. new kuketahui hobby that is when first time i have a time to strum to the house at one particular day, likely fine opportunity guide me at right time. as usual, that mansion appears lonely, i am even also then press bell located in return door several times until a age womans three tens melongok the head, woman that still seen sexy with big buttocks. i know it to named bi trini, ditto assistant. bi trini invite me sit at sittingroom, he said he will call ditto at loft. but after sufficiently long wait, ditto obvious not kunjung appear also. i am even also then determined step on straircase to floor two, ditto room there there, i am thinking him in the room, may be is sleeping. i shadow to see ditto that sleep supine mengasurnya with only bercawat (about ditto habit one that, i know from friends sale items board with me ever stay at home ditto), if really such, i direct shall climb the bed, meniduri, sink in one cover with it and seize keperjakaan at the time. during the time i many have masturbated and berfantasi about he, i impatient has wanted hurry shake the penis that beyond question big that. i estimate more than 16 cm. but when do i visit into the individual room via door opened that, ditto bothing;there is no in. jika not at the room, ditto big possibility resides in space fitnes. true, at that time ditto really fitness at special room across the the room. in room that measure around 5 x 6 that meters, not less there six tool kinds fitnes i see. i am sih not so sure with tools total fitnes that, because that so my attention centre at that time only sesosok body middle sprawling above barbel set only with tight undershirt ruddles and black trousers too minimum. even because saking the minimum that the trousers, cd that worn ditto appears from second the trousers gap with pure white thigh at around it. the foot not so hairy. seputar trousers that's that be that time my attention centre, really not can kubayang how does the taste suppose jari-jemari kususup can pass by those undershorts trousers gaps and then meremas-remas ditto genitals, to then arouse the lust aims comfort top. ditto penis really is sleeping, but who not will be be trembled when will see big gibbosity solid at the opposite of that the section trousers, or not then get up the sex passion to mengulum and pulverize with enjoy it. with the exception of they are frigid of course. " loh, brother ferry. long incoming? " address ditto so see me in in that room. fantasi at the same moment scattered hence. sehabis that, ditto gets up from barbel set- then mengalung face towel at the neck. ditto mengelapi entire parts on the body with that towel, the sweat aroma near once with my smell, make me more angsang, fragrant ditto body, like pure olive smell. clear ditto not may be wear gimcrack perfume, he has money more than last for buy perfume sekelas guess or ck or even far more expensive from that. ditto releases singlet utility, exhibit the breast and that containing the stomach is correct in front of my eye, entire wet the bodies with sweat, begin from black length hair end shines to solid the calf. dito invite me sit at one of [the] existing tool in that room, dito invite me sit at one of [the] existing tool in that room, after look at to go around to look for pleasant seat, final i think why doesn't sit beside ditto. follow me, exactly place that's funest of so much many places at that room is even less that place only memadai if we huddle body one another. i am even also then sit beside ditto. sete sit menyebelahnya, i am then seize ditto towel by hand my right, meanwhile my left hand embraces the back, ditto thinks me invite it to joke. he tries to grab the towel returns, but can not, then his the face drops correct above my penis, he laughs a moment then not long that the laughter stops, ditto startled for a few moment the long be there. i am not so cared it, good he amazeds with" goods" kesayangan bew menciumnya that. sementara that is towel kupegang, i stroke to entire the bodies, mengelap entire sweats that wet that the body, slow ditto lifts again the head. ditto more coddle self, let me mengelap entire the bodies, not what once in a while operative like a assistant provided can get what be called as that comfort. really, i am genuinely drowsy enjoy it although ditto attitude stills appear so cold moment that, while i have tried to give touch stimulus to sensitive parts around neck and the breast with towel stroke, even all my final sciences in the field of usap-mengusap i have released moment that. sete sufficiently long startled, ditto lifts the head returns. suddenly the eye stares strange to my direction, may be he hypnosis by my penis, so kupikir not what if my stroke fails. " brother ferry not wear cd yeah, the bird again stand tuh! " whisper ditto at elbow my ear and then spontaneously, direct ditto hand touches and meremas-remas my penis, memijit-mijit with sex massage. a really is not wearing cd at that time, i am sometimes really doesn't wear it, especially if at is residing in house or wear rubber trousers gombor such as those which kupakai moment that. my penis more uprighter with keperkasaan full like guided missile ready slide down, i am grateful because i am not impotent and favoured penis section and big that make one who hold it will not distinguish between penis with ong bangkok. i am then demote towel kupegang slow, i feel taste sensation, with blaze passion. a twist and wheeze, menggigit-gigit lip under me. feel taste with ditto hand action more wilder meremas-remas that my genitals. i am even also more juxtapose the head to on my breast, mess up straight the hair ion that. i approach the ear and whisper to it, what do i want him perbuat furthermore, within reason a teacher that teach child mendiknya. because moment that is appear ditto stills clumsy to memelorot my trousers and see directly my manliness stick. " suck men! " that request is at the same moment out from my mouth, impel by blaze desire exist in my breast moment that, i am really not again felt respect in adolescent flog year that. saat that, i am parable a brittle dike, soon broken brought desire storm current. ditto even also move from position place, he squats between second my groin, then membukanya my trousers string node, estrange it, then interesting it swiftly, at the time direct my penis melesak out with keperkasaan. tanpa babibu again, ditto puts first the lip attack to my penis length 17 cm that, direct suck it wildly, suck it to like when enjoy orange juice, once in a while he releases the inhaling, and menjilati my penis fully passion, passion a adolescent 15 annual bew once that enjoy it. ditto wants to undo my trousers entire, i am even also follow, let it to fiddle around with the sensation self. a lift my buttocks, straddle in front of the face, so that easier ditto releases my trousers. after ditto releases all my trousers, he returns to perfoming my penis, shake and mengulum according to by turns. " argh! then men! " groan me amenity. dito more speed up the game time, he increases wild and ungovern again, ditto sucks strong my penis and then pump it to fluctuate out enter the mouth, luck the tooth not too big, if not, certain chafed my penis skin all bergese with the tooth or even can wounded. obvious ditto very expert in case sucks to suck penis, direct cock without necessary trained. a is humpinging my body above ditto back that menelungkup above around my genitals, then kuciumi entire the hind superintendent, menyibak the hair and mengecup the crown of head, then slow go down to neck, and to the back, make ditto mengerang-erang with desahan exactly i see in blue film. at first i think ditto too over do if imitate film, but not what, desahan ditto even help to defend my libido at stable top. di that violent game midst, suddenly my sperm spurts, gush in the face of ditto. i aim mengelap, but ditto even reaches my hand, seize it tight and he is even menjilati and suck my hand fingers, before he cleans my sperm with the tongue. sesudah that, i take over rein, my patience has finished to see how big and ditto genitals the section and how enjoy it via my death straw. i am then merebah overweight ditto body above barbel set, let it supine at front me such as those which i saw a while ago, of course now appear ditto more section with only wears minimum super shorts as the body casing. dito memejam the eye, meanwhile the penis more developing and fulfil that tight super the trousers, so that as if that trousers not again loes to accommodate it. i am moved see jam in ditto penis in that the trousers, i am taste really how does the good if kulepas he from within the bird cage. a even also direct overbear ditto sturdy body above barbel set that, dan begin to assault it with my death kisses to every hollow the body while my hand touch it at our body interrupts mutual overbear, cross until find goods whom i look for that is ditto penis, then kumasuk my hand to return trousers sport-, also to return cd- asa slippery that. busyet, when do i touch it, i am felting to like is holding cudgel sir security guard, it is very big size! i am gesek-gesek my hand to big ditto penis and super that section, again i luck can knead guy manliness stick as handsome as ditto. thereafter kuangkat a little the buttocks to on, with permanent position overbears the body, then i am pelorotin ditto trousers and to cd- all. counts, let unnecessary work twice. then i am the cheek kisses land and entire clean the faces and cute that is while once in a while mengecup the neck, second the milk bipple according to by turns, the stomach, around the navel, and wouw. . fit ditto stick in front of my eye now. obvious the size bigger than i guess, around 16 cm/3 cm. a gulp my saliva water so look at it, i am even also direct approach it with my lip, let that ditto manliness stick sinks in kuluman for a few long, with wild inhaling sensation, once in a while i lick end penis brown shine that, lick it to hole urinate it. " argh! don't there brother, perih! " violent ditto while then bite lip under it so my tongue menjilat-jilat around that the penis hole. cukup long also i perfoming ditto penis, and he is even also more menggelinjang amenity so that barbel set that covering rebahan almost collapse, even if heavy the heavy. i am even also then stand, kutarik ditto arm and and invite it to devolve at floor. i lay out ditto body that sweat that above red carpet, i overl again, but quicker ditto assault me with ciuman-ciuman more rage to my lip same the sensual with the lip. kami wrestle at floor sekian long, flit position, sometimes i am above, sometimes above ditto, overbear my body with the body rather heavy. almost contemporary we wrestle above floor and mutual flatter, and during that is ditto enough brave can hold back the sperm so that not out, then moment at his last minute take outside the white tune, four syringes once spurt, thick and taste. while, during that me ejaculation of semen as much as thrice. i lick to finished spilled sperm ruah above that ditto stomach, i don't want to muff it, if must wait muncratan second, at least i must wait around contemporary again. " ah, the taste! " mumble me so do ditto sperm latest lick. even that still menempel at the penis end even also, not remained also by my lick. ditto even also at once choked direct, the penis droops exhaustion. ditto stills sprawling be my body, the breath sengal-sengal and the heart of berdegup tight. kemudian i twist position is position 69. i suck again ditto penis while once in a while interlarded agitation, the main all manners that can i do so that upright ditto penis again. meanwhile, ditto that still me overl also do same thing, after taste reach it little by little recover. ditto menjilati my penis that hang correct above the lip, once in a while ditto lifts a little the head to reaches and lick also while his arms hold onto in back or my thigh. we both same wet with sweat have mixed sperm, slippery ditto thigh with sweat even my sexual passion increase, bot to mention ends jembut wet like ketetesan that dew. i am menjilati and once in a while kuhisap ditto groin from the sweat that feel salty and horny that. kuciumi second the groin split that make risibility ditto and menggelinjang, gyrate to shifted the body above carpet. then he stops rolling, lift the head, and, " aouw! " suddenly ditto pulverizes my penis with rather strong be there, i am even also scream meagrely bated. bot because of painfulness, but because ditto so sudden do it, he devolve it with mengulum my penis fruit. afterwards, my penis mengempotnya fluctuate, menjilatnya like vanilla ice-cream. sete satisfied with style 69, i am even also supine above carpet beside ditto, try to regulate my breath returns. ditto sempat mengecup repeatedly around my face while his arms meremas-remas my penis makes it to stand again. then, ditto looks at in to my direction and smile. " delicious yes, brother! ditto likes, try to know from formerly! " ditto word the simplely. i only nyengir hear it. " you can play sex at age 15 year aja, that great. should, for that still too early! " my word at heart. mulai that day ditto and i often enjoy it with, not to a commitment. but just for delight merely, to release youth passion! *****

mind after park the sedan at garage then interesting my arm to room middle and direct menciumi. i am not yet accustomed do it in place opened rather startled also. " bud. . , bud, patient. . , ntar found out person lho. . " , said me. budi only smile and say, " retake. . , this is my house is self, and i only live self here. . , not there another person besides only assistant" . while begin to open my coat. mind menciumi my neck with blaze desire. slippery the tongue and nimble that dance with joy around neck and my ear. make me direct angsang and subconsciously i groan, " ahh. . , hh. . , ss. . , bud. . , yes. . , taste bud" , tangankupun not want to lose with open button by mind shirt button. we breast bareness, i begin menciumi also mind neck. mind looks to give a chance to explore that perfect the body. a lift mind body and kubopong to bedroom room not far from space middle that. kutidur mind slowly above spring bed. then kututup room's door and kuredup the room lamp. i begin to open shoe and my jeans trousers. mind pays this my movement and also come along to open shoe and the trousers. moment i want to open trousers my in me, mind interestings my body and overbear it. apparently mind stark naked and penis so hard depress my stomach. mind gaze at me" , herry, i take a fancy to loe moment first i enter gym that! " , he said smoothly. tangan smoothly fondle my hair and wipe my face while still to overbear my body. new this is me startled, mind for minutes ago so coarse and desire, now so soft. mind then bow the head and juxtapose the mouth to my mouth. wet the lip touch make me automatic opens and meyambut with kiss. the tongue begins to cross my mouth and akupun not want to lag. we smooch the intimately and my hand wipes and feel mind back. ciuman intimate turn into blaze desire, with tug at my hair, mind menciumi my face and desire full my neck. the tongue lick so death, make me sea reside in cloud. . , fly. hot the breath blowing at my ear makes my feather stands. . , feel taste very. other mind hand with the desire meremas-remas thigh and my buttocks fruit while permanent depress nekan penis erection to penis also achieve strains stringent once. budi and i groan comfort. most of all face part and my neck has been explored by that wet the tongue end, evoke voices that stimulate. " ohh bud. . , taste bud. . , go on yeeaahh. . , hh. . , bud. . , go on bud. . " , moan me. " ohh ok retake. . , i make eloe taste ntar. . , patient. . , hh. . , yess. . , oohh" , moan mind while then menjilati my neck. mind more desire to hear my groan. kini mind lick has begun to clear away my breast. . my left bipple mengulumnya and right meremas-remasnya smoothly. mind tongue lick make me menggerinjal not karuan. . , tickle taste and taste be one. mind buttocks swinging more harder make me to add angsang. mind then menjilati my breast with mind wet tongue begins menaik-turun the face with tongue nudges my breast up at my arm. entire breasts and hairy my armpit menjilati mind with the desire. " retake. . , ahh armpit loe the smell stimulates once. . , i like. . , aa. . , hh. . , hmm. . " said mind while then menjilati my armpit left side. unsatisfied with left side, part kananpun not loose from rambahan that the tongue. i am genuinely not sangup breathe finely moment that. mind so experienced do" foreplay" . jilatan mind now begin to colonize my right bipple. meagrely mengigit my bipple that ossify that, mind more pump my desire to level outside my ability. lick by lick has made entire my nerves not befungsi with should. i only submit. mind begins to demote the head at areal that hard my stomach. the tongue lick make me to squirming not karuan. this matter makes mind more desire and tickle six boxes at that my stomach. apparently mind very angsang with flat my stomach form, solid and hard form 6 that boxes. sometimes mind menggigiti my stomach the softly. sete finished fiddle around with my stomach, mind begins menciumi gibbosity at trousers my in me not yet sempat kubuka. mind tongue friction with underwear cloth has evoked also in surface penis. taste taste menjalari from end to the base menumbuhi dense hair. mind then menjilati also with the death licks that make me meracau not karuan again. " ohh budd. . , uskaan. . , sayy. . , uss. . , enakk. . , ohh. . , hh. . " , moan me to ask mind to then do the lick. budi begin also menciumi my thigh. kiss is espoused straw that evoke tickle taste plus taste that is then begins from my groin aims downwards. i more can not think anything only comfort whom i think moment that. budi genuinely the expert stimulates person think me. so luck it guy that be the darling, mind bagitu handsome and macho bertubuh atletis and hairy with great at play sex. whoever not will averse to will be the guy. mind even mengulum my foot finger circle to the mouth and perfoming every my finger with the tongue. " ahh. . , oohh" moan me. budi then raise again the face approaches penis. with the tooth menariknya trousers my in me and in time short, akupun not change it new baby has been gived, sprawling stark naked submits. mind smile to see me in position likes now. i am memejam my eye and will submit mind action furthermore. mind apparently understand this reaction. budi take bolster and put be my buttocks so that my buttocks position a little higher from my body. then without throw away a little time, mind begins menjilati end penis that begin to shine by the saliva. taste taste genuinely fulfil brain and my brain moment that. mind mengulum penis enjoyably. mind slowly na certain begin to put into stick penis into the mouth little by little penis sink into the gullet. all sticks kotol along 7 inch sunk in the mouth. mind then take outside it again and put into slow again, more and more fast and more many the salivas that drip. " ahh. . , oohh. . , hh. . , budii. . , i am not strong again bud" , mind then demote the activity. and remove penis. mind see cement water existence (precum) secretory from hole at the end of penis. with smile menjilatnya that liquid. " herr. . , ouuhh taste so likely. " then mind begins mengulum penis again. akupun begin to shake to shake my buttocks to on and downwards to balance movement fluctuates mind mouth. a then try also hold penis mind. shake it slow. mind that realize that then aim penis to my face. without wait command, all sticks penis 7,5 inch kutelan and kubiar in my gullet penetrated mouth while kumain plays my tongue. turn mind groans, " ahh. . , ohh. . , oughh. . , herr. . , loe pinter also tuh. . , go on. . , suck then herr. . , yes. . , gituu. . , ahh" , moan mind memelas. mind begins menusuk-nusu penis beautiful full of those muscles out enters my mouth. position 69 this go on around 15 minutes and mind suddenly interesting penis from my mouth and also remove penis from the mouth. budi then order me to turn my body. with buttocks that still to overbear bolster, my buttocks position nungging to on. apparently mind really wish for this matter. the intimately mind begins menciumi my back with lick and the death kiss. the mouth decreaseds then to second my buttocks hunk. mind menggigiti my buttocks the passionately, and his arms try to nudge my buttocks hole nungging that. mind lick suddenly nudge my buttocks hole. " auuhh. . , buddii. . , what do you do say? delicious banget! " , iakku. unmindful mind this my yell. the greedyly my buttocks hole now draw fire the tongue. tongue movement fluctuates at my buttocks genuinely make sperm in penis push to ask out. i am not strong again, mind the nimblely still menjilati that my buttocks hole. " budd. . , i am mo spurt here. . " iakku. budi then stop. look at me with breath sengal-sengal kseperti abis run 100 meters. " ok say. . , we begin our game is this. " he said while alight from bed aims to drawer beside. mind then take outside a kind of pasta or jelly and return to approach me. a will understand that mind will do penetration into my buttocks. i am quiet and submit to at" fuck" by guy setampan and as solid as mind. mind takes jelly from the place and rub it to entire sticks and head penis that genuinely upright and so hard that. then he approach me and overbear me the intimately. " retake. . , i am desire banget here. . , i masukin loe may khan? " pinta mind the softly. i only nod not strong to voice saking the taste foreword game that done mind. budi begin menciumi again and now quicker aims to penis. permanently mengulum penis and fruit peler, mind begins to wipe jelly to around my buttocks hole really wait to lanced by the manliness. hand caress with jelly at my buttocks menimbulk taste taste incomparable for me, i am memejam my eye and groan to ask mind soon lance me. but more opting mind to make me relax formerly permanently fondles fruit peler and menjilati penis. suddenly one the finger end has begun to lance to my hole with very soft he puts the finger that smeared jelly to my buttocks hole. likely genuinely so taste. budipun glowingly begin mengeluar insert the finger into my buttocks. sete several second, mind begins the finger increase so that now 2 fingers that stabed to my buttocks. with still menciumi and menjilati my penis fruit, mind begins to do the stab action. until final kulihat mind hasn't holded back again. he pulls the finger and begin to overbear my body. with mind the intimate kiss begins to guide penis berdenyut-denyut and shine that up at my buttocks. kubantu with aim to lubanga. begitu end penis nudge my buttocks hole, i nod up at mind. " bud. . , udah. . , slow yes. . " pinta. mind nods and begin to move the buttocks to my direction. penis so big and shine by jelly that begin to nudge my buttocks and the greatly break through defense at my hole end. enter beautifully slide down slow leave taste frictions in all my buttocks wall. mind has groaned comfort moment half penis sunk in the warm my buttocks. " ohh. . , retake. . , taste banget buttocks loe. . , yeahh. . , yess. . , oohh" . mind then lance my buttocks the strongly. moment all penis sunk at my buttocks, mind mooes hard, " yess. . , nikmatt herryy. . , sayangkuu" . budi hush a moment feel the taste my buttocks warmth. then at begin to move that beautiful the buttocks out enters my buttocks hole. magnitude penis mind makes my buttocks hole genuinely trailing and evoke sound that stimulate. mind more speed up the movement. akupun not hold peace with ikutan ngocok penis that from a while ago want to spray sperm. mind moves the buttocks beautifully, meliuk-liuk and sometimes do taste jerks that spur on me to achieves comfort top. budi apparently also kepengin feel keperkasaan penis. mind then pull penis from my buttocks hole and smear penis with jelly and also the buttocks hole. mind then take position nungging and order me to put into penis into the buttocks. with position nungging, penis so easy enter and direct thrust until entire sunk enter and enjoy mind buttocks hole warmth. i am then begin to shake my buttocks out enter friskily. " ahh budd. . , taste banget your buttocks is this. . , so taste" , moan me. also balance my swinging with the swinging not lose to evoke taste also. while ngocok penis mind merintih-rintih. i am more speed up the movement and budipun also. " herr. . , i am pengin out at buttocks loe. . , may? " ask mind suddenly. i agree and pull penis soon. budipun take over with put into again penis to my buttocks. taste friction bump into me again. mind then the fastly merojok my buttocks and kulihat he begins meracau. a feel that mind has approached top because the movement semaik fast and beat penis at my buttocks more faster. " bud. . , we are out with yes. . " , pinta. " ok herr. . , we spurt with" , he said between the breath sengal-sengal by blaze desire. mind lifts my thigh and a little lift my buttocks climbs on with stab more menggila the fast. akupun feel that my sperm has begun to push to crowd to want out. " bud i want out here. . , you gimana? " , ask me. " herr. . , i also want out here. . , cepetan we are keluarin with" compensate. budi suddenly moo so hard and jerk to jerk the buttocks to my hole the hardly, akupun shake the fastly. moment that is my sperm slides down the fastly in stick penis, " budd. . akuu keluarr" scream me. " retake. . , i also. . , aahh" , shout mind. with latest pounding stringent, mind fired sperm a lot of in my buttocks hole and akupun spray sperm above my stomach and a part spurt to breast and my face. " ahh. . , yes. . , taste sekalii" , almost together i and mind says that word. mind stills sempat give several times stab movements before final limp choked above my body. my sperm widespread above stomach and my breast now mix with sweat at the breast. mind kiss me the intimately. " retake, thanks yes" . akupun nod. sete our few minutes hush, final mind invite me to bathe with at bathroom exist in in that room also. while embrace each other us step into bathroom and bathe with. we are mutual menggosokin body each and embrace each other. sete finished bathe and wear coat, mind suddenly embrace me and membisi words really be my fantasy, " retake, i ask eloe so my guy, want yes" . with face asks and really akupun kepengin say that words, i am menganggu head mengiyakan. direct mind laughs and menciumi again and embrace me serasa want to crumble. evening i stay at home mind. maka after the t that's i and mind always fitness with, bathe with and road wheresoever with. . , sampe now!

doesn't you see impressive model guy on page 10 at magazine fitness this? yeah, is wearing that tight bikini bathing trunk. i know it very good up to now. . , a moment, i have the photo at my purse. benar. . , here's he the that model with me at bath tub at a hotel at bandung, approximately two months ago. kucerita my meeting with him" . saat that is new my age approaches 25 year and i have promised in myself self that in these ages me must form my body, either through sport likes tennis and or fitness. i have tall body 178cm and heavy 67kg, actually enough proportional make a guy. my friends has said my body good and atletis blessing aerobik kulaku every morning before leave work. but i want has body more atletis and brawny such as those which i see in magazines fitness. so that in morning that, by accident saturday, i decide to go to fitness center near my house at region sukajadi, bandung. sete fill form and pay registration fee and kalends subscription, i am direct tries tools fitness exist in gym" la" . constructively instructor fitness good, i swiftly can use all existing tools. sete 2 months lifts load and watch over regular practice likes instructor instruction, i begin to get what kuingin, my stomach begins to show form hollowings segiempat more day more hard visible. bicep and tricep even also begin visible and another body parts show my body beauty. moment reside in cafepun, many also guy that admire my body hollowings is turned koas tight kupakai, besides my face really sharp-looking. i am more diligenter go to gym. saat i begin to enter month to 3 my practices at gym la, i see a new guy also practise. he is approximately coeval me and height same with me. see the body form is turned the singlet, can make also guy startled admire it. he is absolutely not newcomer at world fitness. he always remove the tight singlet when finished practice. see the body very atletis that akupun suddenly also admire it. he has dark black hair along shoulder and always tied moment practice. he has also soft plume around breast and the navel menerus to part under it, definitive increase dense and black. arm and the thigh surprise good and solid always then disturb my practice. even less with trousers fitness tight my practice increase soes disturbed. want likely i embrace it and feel all the body surfaces, at least try to interesting the attention. but i am his afraid one who straight. maka this buried aim me hushes then. nampak that day will be something that existence sign seriouser will happen. after one week, i pay attention it, he is apparently has practice time-table same with me. he always at my hind moment practice because always wear tool fitness after i am finished use it and move to tool other. that day friday evening blow 8 via 50 minutes, moment i finished fitness he suddenly smile to my direct my direction has replied with my smile really i waits. he begins to invite to chat. " we look same, know not, may be we can be temen fitness" , he says moment he occupies weight bench which is just i leave and lulled the back in that tool, with sprawling position and second the thigh buak wide, that guy is with practice direct the easy-going without takes my opinion that goed to in gibbosity in the middle of the groin so beautiful and solid that. a wipe sweat at brow with face towel always kubawa, and pretend to see it to lift load for a few the long minute. suddenly he stops and direct stare me. apparently he pay attention me to stare" the tool" without kusadari, while get up and stretch his arms. " mind. . , itness my place is practice at jakarta" . a direct stretch my hand" herry" , say me. " glad know with guy as sharp-looking as and seatletis you" add me while nyengir. his arms so solid and hard seize my hand. i feel strange something that. beberapa second we look at each other and measures opponent speaks each. from my feeling that suddenly, i feel a certain vibration nudges hand and direct thrust to my heart, make me to palpitate. he is genuinely handsome, impressiveer from kulihat in the distance during the time. sharp the eye with beautiful lash equips hard the face with jaw hmm. . , can make me to faint moment that. that smell from the sweat that reflect man aroma make me to add drunk. apparently i still aware, i am soon interesting my hand. mengapun also startled with my jerk, but then he smile sweet. " i also, i always pay attention loe from since first i come to this place" , while mengedip the eye. untuk avoid jazzy attention from another person that begin a little, we shift discussion to place difference fitness between la and mind place at jakarta, while sit at lifecycle. " what bring you to move to bandung bud? " , ask me again. " i guess loe can guess, company me that move to this place and i am must ngikut also. but i am seneng kog move to bandung cool the air and not stopped like jakarta" , said mind with dialect betawi thick. budi talk about about the practice at gym at jakarta and then a little touch modelling exercise. " i am not ngerti, what do you talk about modelling exercise bud" , ask me to return. " i say kalo i this a model fashion, some years. that's why am i permanent watch over body form like this, because easier dapetin work kalo bodi like gini" , ujat mind while exhibit the body beauty. " loe also possible model lho retake! " the bargain it to me. a only nyengir and we are both burst out, then moment practice time has finished us both bathe with. moment that is choose locker near mine, we are then free singlet and trousers and enter room shower concurrent. the body genuinely perfect, with area breast and downy decreaseds to stomach form with 6 hollowings segiempat hard that still menumbuhi pinfeather feather. the buttocks that be fantasy every guy gay, with full solid form and still round. budi begin to wet the body with warm water from shower and i only can look at that perfect physique without can nudge it although our distance only at the most one meter. he turns to scrub the back, and the body part that depending between the groin since a while ago i look at opened freely. fruit peler that depending bersampingan also equip that part beauty, come along to wiggle moment mind scrubs the back part. hair that grow around area that very dense, such as those which i estimate. the thigh indahpun also menumbuhi black hair menerus to under. rupa mind knows if i pay attention region and smile and permanent scrub area that carefully. we are moment that latest person person at locker room. another person out since clock 9 a while ago. akupun usually pull also if bot because of guy as sharp-looking as this mind. budi then take soap and put penis above soap and begin to scrub unidirectional with one his arms. then menggosoki area peler carefully, then into up at the buttocks hole. mind movement more be a erotic movement katimbang bathes to make me immovable. penis that not strong again see that beautiful view is direct begin to ossify swiftly. and moment mind hand achieves the buttocks hole and begin menggosok-gosok slowly, penis" upright" in the top condition. budi turn and see clearly result from" temptation" maked it and laugh, then hold and massage penis smoothly. " loe like ngeliat bodi i, yes not? hmm big also penis loe. . , i like here" . bisa bantuin scrub my back before we are finished bathes? " said mind while permanent mengelus-elus penis. a mengguman a certain moment mind hands soap to my hand, his arms to my hand sends electric current again to head penis. he is then twist to overshadow me and beautiful the buttocks so close to penis that tickles to soon menembus, and i am direct scrubs brawny the back feelingly not karuan. tangan menggosok-gosok to all back surfaces herry hard and beautiful that. then to wide the shoulder goes again to the back centre and then decreased to the buttocks hunk so tickle to at crumple up. moment my hand begins to scrub into fold between second the buttocks hunk, suddenly herry turn the body and penis that ossify 7,5 inch that touch my hand. dengan doesn't muff to chance that gold, direct i hold penis tense that and shake it smoothly that make mind mooes and meliuk-liuk amenity. my hand the other one busy direct kneads and fumble second peler also menumbuhi that hair. i squat and begin menciumi the manliness, mind more moo. " oohh. . , yeahh. . , oohh taste retake. . , uss. . , yess. . , masukin retake. . " . budi suddenly knead hair at my head and depress it more to penis. hair aroma around the groin make me more angsang to put into penis mind all to my mouth. little by little penis my mind sucks intimately. my tongue dallies mengujung penis menkilat and that pink coloured. mind more amenity, the mouth mengerang-erang not karuan. i tear away from my action. also suddenly open the eye. " why retake? kok stop? " he said with breath sengal-sengal. " bud, i am afraid there that enter and memergoki we are here, gimana kalo we move aja? " , pinta. " ok, we sit bentar at jacuzzi, and after we are relax, we move to my place aja. . , ok? " , said mind rather dissapointed. " sorry bud, i only take best road aja, khan not delicious if there that know us again ginian khan? " . lalu we finish to bathe and hurry wear coat. i am by accident really close to gym la that ask mind to deliver to go home a moment to put my goods. mind mengiya. sepanjang road aims to mind house at number sukajadi, my eye opinion and mind eye always fight and not patient to menuntas contention a while ago. hand budipun not ever get out of my thigh and so also my hand. we are mutual knead and smooch. short trip, around 10 that minutes is end moment that white colour sedan arrive at in front of luxurious house gateway. a doorman open door and extend regrets up at mind.

evening that is me awaken, " sir? " call me, is see my father menciumi my breast, mengisap-isap my breast, menarik-narik my breast bipple with the mouth. " sir, what happened? " ask me again. " sstttt! ! " say my father meleta his arms in the lip. bapak menjilati second my breast bipple by turns. " tickle sir" chuckl risibility. my father stops the game, shifted the body to the fore, man smile to see me, akupun smile to see it. " father yearns same nanang, nanang yearn same also khan father? " a nod, my father mengusap-usap my head and juxtapose the head, the mouth approaches and kiss me, pulverize my lip, i only quiet, tickle taste moment thick father moustache, curly nudge my lip. man interesting lip under me with the mouth, opened my mouth, the tongue insert direct father into my mouth, akh, the tickle. " delicious yeah? " say my father while smile, i stare it with amazement, i am the man child is kissed, flatterred, the way he did desire with woman. baru three-day ago my father goes, the arrest time 10 year finished. during that is me only live with the mbok, help it to arable land. since left me and the embok that care cassava plants at arable land. siang that is 2 policemans comes to house and catch father, i still to remember chargeable father rapes 3 underage girls, also my friend and one of them child pakde sarwo. father is punished 15 year and because the behaviour at good prison and good only 10 year he is punished. moment that is my age 6 year. pakde sarwo get m and hate us belong the other village ones. tidak hold back with village person attitude, we move to on hill far from village ones, and the luck again our place location lives close to our arable land not so vast. i and the embok endure only both alive, far from another ones, up to at the (time) of my age 12 year, siembok died, so that i am alive self, i am kelola cassava plants at arable land, my harvest result sells to market. village ones really do not know us again, may be they are glader if we are out from village. while father has been punished because the deed, but they are then hate us. all right, important i try can self-supporting alive without they were all, and during that also fluent, cassava harvest result whom i plant also lumayan bapak kiss me again. " father yearns once same nanang" say it, his arms mengelus-elus my breast area, and ah, father fumbles my penis, meremas-remas. his arms enter to into shorts whom i impose and totong at tarik-tarik. " bird nanang big also yeah" say it while smile. " father see yeah pity? " pinta, i shake head, shy also. bapak, open my trousers interesting it, up to stark naked. man smile to see my penis. " how goes the word rung? " ask to my penis, i smile shy, father leer me while smile. bapak hold my penis, knead it, and i am startled moment father gulps my penis, mengisap-isap, shake with the mouth. akhhh. . . . risibility my swishing. " tickle nang? , delicious yeah? " say father while smile. i only nod to answer question. i am never absolutely membegituin, most ngocok penis self. bapak shifted the body forwards, " delicious yeah nang? " say it again smile to look at me, while i want my penis mengisap-isap longer father again. father reachess my hand and ahh, i am startled moment nudge totong and see father stark naked and the penis has expanded tense, black and long. father ask me to mengocok-ngocok the penis, i look at it. man smile. i am menggser rearward my body, bapakpun do matter same he sits to reclining at wall. i am mengocok-ngocok the penis slowly as according to the request. big the penis and long i hold on tight, kutarik-tarik to on. father wheezes risibility. " akhhh. . . . delicious nang, tickle" say father. laki-laki wipe my head. " suck father penis likes father sucks penis nanang" pinta father again and again i listen go. kumasu stick totong father into my mouth, still stiff really, but father teach me and swiftly i understand and do it up to father mendesah-desah amenity. " tickle. . . . tickle. . . nang, again. . . go on, go on, akhhhh" the swishing. a menjilati jembut father that thrive, curly and curly. kucoba to menjilati father penis stick with father directive. " yeah, yeah, so. . go on nang, go on" say father. biji father penis that hang also i am jilati, so that he is amenity, father returns to order me mengisapi the penis stick. " akh. . . nang, risibility father, delicious nang, taste, go on, go on pity" father swishing up to bapakpun wheeze strong besertaan the body mengejang. " akhhhh. . . . . nang. . . . akhhhhhh" . a feel thick liquid nyemprot, i am hurry take outside father penis from my mouth, and still to hold it strong moment white thick sperm out from hole totong. father mengusap-usap my hair again. " akhhh. . . . delicious nang" bapak ask me to sit to replace the position, he mengisap-isap my penis, i follow and moment delicious first sih. direct father gulps my penis stick, menarik-narik with my mouth. totong growing larger and long, stand upright and hard. father gulps to finished my penis stick into the mouth, akhhh, the delicious. " sir, want out" say me. bapak more bouncyer mengocok-ngocok my penis, mengemut up to the base, father menjilati jembut-jembut that thrive above totong, and change to my penis stick again, father menjilati stick konto considerably so capable, head totong big and red get target next, father menjilati hole urinate me, long, so that i am very enjoy it, akhhh. . . . . so tickle my swishing, bite my lip. father mouth gets new target, second my penis seed menjilati, mengisapi, mengemut like candy, up to second seed totong come into the mouth. " akhhh. . . sir, tickle" say me. bapak menggesek-gese the moustache to my penis stick, and next father gulps my penis stick returns, akhhhh. . . . . and final i am incapable of hold back comfort and kegelelian very, up to my body mengejang and release my sperm while still in father mouth. father look at me, remove my penis from the mouth and smile with mouth full of my sperm liquid. " delicious, nang, delicious" say it, and approach me again and now father sits above my lap, hold totong, and yeah my penis insert father forgiveness into my buttocks hole. father depresses the buttocks downwards so that totong enter deeper. " delicious yeah, nang" say it. a nod, akhhh kurasa totong at tight pincers, and father menggoyang-goyang the buttocks, akkkkhhh. . . . the delicious my swishing. father order me mengisap-isap the breast, i follow. kuisap-isap, kujilati the breast, and my the breast plume strokes. father then menggoyang-goyang the buttocks, so that comfort increase. " delicious, nang, tickle yeah" . a nod and once in a while wheeze, akhhh. . . . . " kalo want out, say yeah pity? " say father and i nod. tubuh father fluctuates above my lap, he also takes desahan by ear strong. " akh, sir, want out" say me. bapak alight from my lap and knead my penis, mengocok-ngocok lickety split. " akhh. . . sir" my swishing, see my penis atomizes thick sperm until belepotan on-hand father. crot. . . crot. . . crottt, father smile to see me, until last my sperm memperasnya to out. " akhhh. . delicious. . . sir" say me. bapak greet me and kiss me, pulverize my lip, akupun reply it with kiss. again the moustache makes me risibility. father sits menyampingku, embrace me, memegangi my stomach, from hind that man is menciumi my neck, menjilati. " at some time father will teach again, want khan" " yeah sir" say me, addicted to also, delicious and tickle game that done father. " and in a moment father that do it yeah pity, father that menyodomi nanang, buttocks hole nanang certain still narrow" say father fumbles my buttocks hole. berarti that sodomy game yeah, think me. delicious suitable and make tickle until my sperm out many. " come on sleep" invite permanent father embraces my body. kehangatan father body makes my body increases warm, intermediate evening cold, since afternoon a while ago rain fall the densely. in a state of our stark naked sleeps to embrace each other, intimate increase between child and father and i get valuable lesson from father, so that my erudition has increased along my maturity that aged 16 year.

i look at far forwards, stare sky nan blue, blue very-very bright. the sun shines so clear. time then expire and without asa expire 2-3 year since i have knitted every one beautiful memories has been a memories intact. even myself not sure what me still to want it or not. mata return to stare sky. once in a while i suck in a single cigarette that burn exist in my lip this time. and for size one who new smoke, amaze once how can i spend at least 3 packages a day without cough even if that very day. tubuh kubaring calmly to on soil berumput that shelter trees branch. lately i am very often come to this place mewaktu my free merely to unburdens heart likely squeezed something that myself doesn't know to what that. too heavy to at eliminate. or merely to fill this heart vacancy with placidity. a narrate a little hit story has hitted myself and story love me that can at read from the beginning 'general i a gay, 1st spring, and summer breaks. well, really be moment fun at that moment. rain or shine fun that can kujadi memories. even after 2 year vacancy 'status' in the world of homo this. genuinely full 'fasting'; there is no sex, there is no pair, not ngumpul, there is no anything absolutely. well, story love me secondly former that my darling reasonable beautiful, sorry, very beautiful and leave an impression actually; and we actually can more amount of knit memories with suppose they can not go to leave me. broken off, or sejenisnya. fung, first my darling, go to leave me off hand without message whatevers. the purpose genuinely disappear likely he doesn't want me be part in the alive. i try to phone, but hp- inactive and the apartment telephone number memputus. i am to the apartment, but the building watchman has said that fung move i don't know where. kutanya to the friends, they only lift shoulder. a little strange and painful, of course. lalu i come in contact with ran after sempat vacuum during more than 6 months. we are pacaran, enjoy our beautiful times, until i detect that he obvious berselingkuh. yeah, of course, for man selingkuh that is fun and not found former it, even less if done with man fellow; the luck, there a my good friend that makes it ketangkap correct wet in front of my eye self. once chance, and ran ignore it. then i decide to leave it. anyway, ran self look not objection. glad even, if may kubilang. dan in the end, from second that connection, i impute myself self. well, if counted, i belong newcomer not yet long splash in the world of like this. i am have on the brain commitment hits troth without know that actually world likes ini-walaupun not everybody, sure saja-yang wanted just great sex, cutting, body and money. may be if may kutambah, many bed mate that can at change whenever somebody wish for it. tapi, benarkah? that is at world likes this same sekati not found what called as troth, there is no perselingkuhan, strong commitment, love and everything that like stories exist in normal world? yang clear, this insident make me toes be to change mind and close my heart. all my opinion changes, hit everything. may be meluarnya will not appear, but mendalamnya, actually i genuinely many change. ***** a wait almost fifteen minutes. but one who waited not kunjung come. i almost have left that place moment somebody speak to me. . " steve? " " yes? " i stare it from on downwards, and to on again. " oh, herry? " my word half not sure. " yup. " he stare me with eye shines. " want to sit formerly? " " direct aja. " shout me fast. " i not can sometime later. " lima compassion then we both reside in in room a hotel. herry kiss me fiercely, likely the desire never canalized for old ones time. we are both open our coat is random, finally, our coats is where in these hotel room. he naked thoroughly with the manliness that stand upright, temporary i still to wear cd-. he go away to be able to see me. the breath engah fast, full of the passion desire. herry then direct embrace me and drop me to sofa. he kiss my body parts that can menciumnya with fast movement and hot. then i feel cd- removed from my body, and final feel the mouth in my manliness. dengan movement as quick as lightning, he mergers our body both. pain taste assault me; i am not ready. that pain taste is slow, very very slow gone from my body. meanwhile herry likely doesn't realize it, begin to move the body with full strength. and i, doesn't want to botch the atmosphere, follow the game. keluhan-keluhan taste spurted from our mouth both. especially herry. likely he long hasn't bed up to like this. the hip moves in strong rhythm and hurry, likely want to race to achieve top beforehand. and in 5 minutes, i feel the body mengejang. he has achieved the comfort top. the deliverance sufficiently long; likely genuinely never be in love for old ones time. herry escape from me, droop choked menyampingku. quiet boiselessness for a few moment, until i have realized that him fall to asleep. i laugh bitter. i aim the hotel bathroom and clean self; then dress and leave it. we shall not bete again, that is certain. ***** a sit to deal with a adolescent which is just finish slta-. we both breast bareness, almost be in love, if i don't feel that is adolescent do it not with confidence. trembling the body. in this time he cowers, doesn't dare to look at me. " wear your coat again, deh. " short my word. dia wear the coat. actually, with the ability to train the body routinely at gym, he is enough fit and berbody for adolescent coeval it. " sorry, " he said remorseful. " caw pa. " i am out for smile soft tranquilize. " caw takes care to worry. a then stare it until he is finished dress. then i hold second the shoulder secondly my hand. " listen to me. " i stare it with straight opinion and sharp. " try tough i. " he stare me. " kalo you not sure with all this, my purpose not only ml- aja, but also with this world, i suggest don't enter. don't approach selangkahpun kedunia like this. because, once will enter so exit difficult nyari ntar. go home, think. remember, think good. " i release second my hand from the shoulder. " kuantar you go home. " " ok. " he said short. " glad can acquaitance ama you, hen. " i smile. he only lift shoulder. ***** a return to stare blue sky. kuhembus my breath slowly and long. thin white coloured cigarette smoke flies into the air free. i smile bitter. my heart serasa smarting returns. itu several from series insident kualami during he is year during time 'vakum'. i am on-line at cybernet, try to meet several persons, and try to do ounce with them. and the result there is no the result absolutely. i can not think to how them so enjoy with life like that pass by it easily. tidakkah they feel a certain existing vacancy menghati they, such as those which kurasa moment i do same thing likes them? and they also can enjoy sex with pair that flit, temporary i only can do it with one who kucintai with on the basis of love us both, of course. i have tried, during two year this, to be to like them. but kurasa vacancy more expand and empty. i can not be like that. belum again all risk kind future faced with change pair. such as those which we know, of course diverse pms. but for me parah all painfulness kind in my heart, because i can not force upon myself always wish for troth and love - although for connection below par to fellow lelaki-untuk be somebody. . yeah, 'as delicious as it enjoy freedom! ' dan, of course, for the man who glad do it, do they ever ask to ownself? for example question likes: 'what me felt satisfied only with sex with various person? ' or is 'whatting me is not feeling a vacancy always is want to loaded moment i in pursuance of 'free sex, what because it i feel that vacancy, and then how to fill that vacancy? ' or 'what me felt that life takes pair fits to me, and especially bring full happiness and total for myself, which once kudapat, will not kulepas again? ' bagi, will love true always there. i am kan always love, may be any person who will be my darling furthermore. but sometimes i ask about to myself self, will 'what me will open myself to will chance next, or i am enough only until here and close long copy, then begin new copy? ' egoiskah that? i can not answer it. i have loved 2 foreign mans that step into my life full my heart. but kudapat only something that doesn't mean anything feeling consequence that claps half hand. troth and love me at reply with betrayal, especially ran. a menjentik cigarette since a while ago remained the butt. my hand reachess cigarette package situated menyaku my breast and instinctively look for a bar of other. i have laughed moment realize that the package empty. butt kubuang a while ago last. must this mean that i also end everything to this end? tanpa kusadari, sebulir tear flows to fall. tear boiselessly sadness. i wipe it with my coat arm. i get up to aim my motor kuleta not far from place lie down me, and move to go.

longer this summer from usually, city temperature taipeh genuinely as in in grilled oven. kegerahan assault almost city wide, even less they are the house is not equiped by water conditioner. likely, better if can squat in refrigerator all day long. in the middle of iknya sun at daytime, correct when does sun reside in on crown of head, again f4 must finish syuting for that day, although to a prohibitive episode and only can be enjoyed by adult ones. a lei come late with the new car, he mengganti-ganti the car, life style usually has by people who genuinely money surplus. prey boy that girls alights from the car stills with the style cool, he raises the black glasses limit of forehead. the appearance to syuting this is really rather differ from usually, he is appear more impress to relax with shorts bandage and coast coat bermotif flower, and of course more section from usually with the foot plume that seen clear. really, syuting f4 this take to setting at swimming pool. kisah this tell about a lei and xi men that swim with, as according to their promise last night. they have chosen a swimming pool very exclusive at downtown taipeh. moment a lei come, xi men appear submerged underwater and swim with the back style, appear once hollow overweight the body and that section, even less the penis that jut at the opposite of light blue colour bathing trunk utility. a lei even also made to agape to look at it, he takes place at a easy chair at pojo pool at half backpack xi men present. a lei soon undo the clothes, melepasnya one per one the coat button until he can release all, the breast really not yet formed good, but at least begin appear result fitnes during three months lately. afterwards he interestings restleting the short trousers and memelorotkan off hand. he only wear a bullet model underwear. then, a lei take a certain from within backpack bag membawanya, he takes the swimming trousers from there. afterwards he is melongok there here, after ascertain bone else at that pool besides self and xi men, so he is even also then release depth trousers to replaced with that the swimming trousers, at pool edge. sete he changes trousers, a lei even also follow xi men swim. he moves to approach xi men with the free style. they meet at pool end, for a few moment they stop while submerged underwater and lean against pool lip. xi men menciprat water to face a lei with the naughty style, then replied by a lei with not lose bitter also, then both laugh outright. their behavior is sometimes really like moppet, even less if they are berempat middle gather. kadangkala they are also if orderred berakting in the much serial meteor garden that compel them bertampang serious and like parents, because to berakting like that, as if they are forced to do something that very oppose against their personality self, must be a figure very leave for hind with their inner. " lei, a moment! here your ear! " word xi men boastful impressing want to whisper to near a lei. strange also sih in place lonely that, xi men wear to whisper all. but anyway a lei innocent that juxtapose also to mouth xi men. after in such a way bearness between lip xi men and ear a lei, xi men rather than whisper, but he is direct mencipok neck a lei, again he is success mengerjai a lei. a lei even also reflexly reply it, his arms soon assault genitals xi men, he knead it. " wadaoww! lei, ill know! " violent xi men while memegangi that the manliness stick. a lei likely too knead it. that boy even has felted likely that the penis swell, i don't know swell because ill or because erection. lei pingkal-pingkal see that the friend grimaces while memegangi the penis. meanwhile xi men not again can laugh, he is soon lift the body climbs pool lip, then sit there. xi men then peep into the swimming trousers to ascertain goods kesayangan that well. because not so appear clear, he is even also then take outside penis length not less than 18 cm that from return the swimming trousers, penis that still prepacked that foreskin even also direct melesak out although stills to droop choked. the penis really seen florid, but bot because of swollen or hit remasan a lei, but because the colour really such from sono. a lei stop the laughter, he stares xi men movedly. at heart the so small, he also a little worried perhaps xi men later soes impotent because the behavior too that. " ill yeah? " ask a lei with serious face facial expression. xi men nod once. " here, i cure! " word a lei again, he is even also move more approach up at where xi men sit pool lip, even he huddle the body to pool edge. xi men have no idea of pronunciation purpose a lei just now, what be must be cured. kemudian according to suddenly a lei hold penis xi men, seize tautly then meremas-remas. cash, without mengomando again, penis at first choked that is slowly more developing and ossify on-hand a lei, urat-urat section bertonjolan out. xi men enjoy it while memejam eye and rely on second his arms menopangkan rear. a lei even also more be with remasan, he is boastful like sex therapy expert at area pijat-memijat. once in a while second massage his arms moves to around the groin, he is memijit-mijit groin xi men that is secondly his arms thumb. xi men even also more stronger with the groan, he begins to squirming. " argh! so taste! " groan xi men repeatedly. now a lei return to hold penis xi men by hand the right, temporary his the left hand thres to return the swimming trousers self, memegang-megang the penis also same full erection moment that, then meremas-remas. a lei even also begin to shake penis xi men that, slow and more and more accelerated. so penis xi men take outside liquid precum rather sticky, a lei stop the agitation. he is then lift the body climbs pool lip. xi men menyuruhnya sprawling at pool lip, and that boy is even also direct follows. he is rebahan in sprawling position be sengatan sunshine. afterwards a lei memelorot bathing trunk xi men and throw it off hand, so that now xi men round bareness in front of the eye. a lei even also then juxtapose the lip to penis xi men, more near and within call, then" slurp! " enter penis xi men into the mouth. a lei really very cock in affair mengoral, that boy is mengempot penis xi men out enters the mouth recurrents until make xi men even also fly. a lei more wilder, he is memain-main the tongue alongside penis xi men, menjilati vehemently from end to base, at solid the penis fruit and florid that. then, a lei suck it, pulverize wildly and suck it until xi men not again can berkutik saking the taste. sete satisfied play with penis xi men, a lei even also then change position, he is direct overbears body xi men at that pool hem. then he puts kisses and lumatan the lip to that boy lip, they are mutual perfoming their tongue each wildly. after sekian long mutual memagut, a lei even also begin to explore sekujur body xi men with the lip, begin from forehead, fullfaced the handsomes, neck, breast. a lei pulverize second milk bipple xi men by turns, right and left, once in a while interlarded with little bites. afterwards, a lei menciumi second armpit split xi men horny that is with the dense hairs. then go down to second the waist split and around the navel. xi men even also not lose the wild meladeni wildness a lei. after a lei satisfied explore every hollow the body, he is direct changes position. xi men lulled a lei in place a while ago. menyerangnya first time with the lip of course body part most section from a lei that is, the penis that still prepacked that bathing trunk. even if such, penis a lei apparently jam in in that the trousers, necessary aid to soon given a little fresh air that is with release it from within bird cage. xi men teared open it, he is meremas-remas part that cover penis a lei that with the mouth is interlarded little bites, like a baby with dot the milk. manliness aroma a lei kissed clear by nose xi men. bot to mention moment xi men gaze at jembut a lei secretory from the swimming trousers, really arouse. slow xi men even also begin to bite bathing trunk rubber lei, with helped by his arms, then he interesting it to go down, memelorotkan slowly so that not again there seutas thread even also that cover genitals lei, that boy is really genuinely section, it is not strange if be prey many girls. may be they only can shadow to be in love with lei above iron bed, but xi men can enjoy it directly. lei a boy with libido very tall, but the great a lei because he can to hide it at the opposite of keluguan. he is is the best partner on the bed, he's very desireable. batang manliness lei even also direct stand as upright as tower, with keperkasaan. xi men direct put into it into the mouth and treat it to like what done lei a while ago towards the penis. xi men pulverize it wildly, suck it repeatedly out enter the mouth, menjilati like when menjilati brown ice-cream. then he is menciumi and explore second groin lei, second foot lei membukanya wide until straddle to make easy xi men menyelusup the face at second groin lei that make horny that. kontol lei length around 17 cm that is then mengocoknya, while once in a while melumatnya again in the mouth. both, xi men and lei really enjoy it. lei even also hold hind head xi men that cowers in front of the penis, he pushes head xi men so that the penis more come into that boy mouth. xi men even almost choke because according to suddenly penis lei long that come into the mouth, even almost achieve the gullet. sete a few moments the long xi men play with penis lei, so not dammed again, when lei achieve the climax, he is even also direct vomit up the white lava in mouth xi men. xi men very enjoy sperm lei that gush as much as thrice that, thick and really taste. xi men even lick the rest at at end penis lei until quite finished. xi men even lick the rest at at end penis lei until quite finished, he is even also then, lift second foot lei to on, then he pushes the body huddles to buttocks lei rather upraised that. then, he regulates the penis position so that correct at hole mouth anus lei. he is really ever do it towards lei previous, but xi men genuinely addicted to thereafter. begitu penis xi men present on course correct, he is even also direct try to put into that full tense the penis enters hole anal lei, little by little, penis xi men even also sink in it. lei groan, once in a while he is menggigit-gigit lip under it hold back pain taste and taste that mix to grow into one. kedua foot lei menyandarkannya in second shoulder xi men. xi men even also then push the buttocks progresses to retreat, pump the penis to out enter hole anal lei. over and over again until xi men genuinely satisfied and not not hold back again to vomit up the sperm in hole anal lei. " argh! " violent lei bated so xi men shake it latest time concurrent with tumpahnya warm liquid from penis xi men in hole anal. penis xi men even also direct out from buttocks lei, droop choked with belepotan sperm. then xi men overbear body lei, while regulate the breath returns. usai that game, they aim bathroom located in one of [the] pojo pool. they choose a room and wash body there, a lei and xi men mutual wash body one another while once in a while their hand that stills itchy memain-main their opponent penis, shake it with liquid soap. and afterwards they are mutual berhandu. concurrent with expiry syuting to one episode meteor garden that time. ***** pembaca that want to send comment or meet via email, hope to enclose your self identity (is name, age, domisili) so that i reply. thanks. kotaro_bee@yahoo. com

dao ming se doesn't expected if the connection with san cai final strand also, not seabadi story loves romeo and juliet at english or romi and juleha at betawi, at least love a kind of that's always mengimpikannya during the time. is it possible that just because keegoisan during the time final make them not again unified, a se even also have no idea of, he quite a lot has succumbed and now he bored to do so again. dao ming se even also never think if that insident in the end menyisa trauma that deepens at the heart towards woman, he is a paranoia, and doesn't want to approached and mengejar-ngejar woman again. he is afraid love it to return to strand midway. suatu day, approach afternoon a se sits while quixotic at the house balcony porch, he begins kebiasan stupid that since he brokens off from san cai. but, at the reverie midst, suddenly eye a se catch shadow a car ferrari red that crawls to step into the house yard. of course a se very know to who that luxurious car owner. but should not hua ce lei still at taiwan afternoon this, a se even think if a lei there [are] in aeroplane that deliver it to amsterdam moment that to will go with the family during two weeks. " lei, you don't so to leave? " ask a se moment a lei stand at in front of it and then rely on void balcony. " yes such, always like this. i sometimes can not understand second my old person self. while they have bought ticket to three person and yesterday afternoon they stilled so bouncy to leave. but, why suddenly last noon my father cancel it? " complaint a lei with peevish tone. meski face a lei tousled and sullen like that, permanent doesn't decrease handsomeness a lei a little even also. even he is even add to interesting moment sullen like that, at least a se evaluate it such. i don't know why, gaze a se towards a lei differ this, he looks at that handsome boy with opinion that strange during a few moments so that a lei is to feel awkward hence. " a se, why look at me like that? you like to want menerkam! " word a lei then. suddenly dao ming se jump from the chair and approach a lei, he tickles that the friend and embrace it from hind, behavior a se like moppet. after a while he laughs to watching that the friend mengeliat-geliat because risibility. " may also, by accident i am really hunger here! " joke a se while then tickle a lei. " a se, stop! you like moppet! " pinta a lei while hold back tickle taste because a se then menerus tickle it. a se stop that the naughty action, he pinches cheek a lei. " iya, handsome my friend. off hand angry! " " we chat at my room, yuk! " invite a se then. a lei nod, they are really don't like if mrs big (mother a se) until menguping their discussion such as those which usually melakukannya. i don't know why at this world still there woman as mortally as that. luck mrs big not at home moment that, but permanent there the right hand within doors that is that must permanent be guarded. a lei follow step a se aim the individual room also in floor two that mansion. so both enter, a se direct lock the room door. and a few moments then, handphone a se sound, " a se, i and xi men is aiming to your place! " noodle word chuo swiftly after a se get the telephone. a se look around, melihatnya a lei merebah self above the bed, as usual, that boy likes once sleep. but this, is returning a se is gazing at tall body that face downward above that the spring bed with not is blinking, he gaze at it with passion. a se memelototi buttocks a lei section and full that. don't know why, during the time he is never pay attention if that the friend has physical almost perfect and arouse. then a lei turn around, see to a se. " why again you, a se? you are trance yeah? " " may be! " shout a se short. he steps to approach a lei. " i am really passion desire trance, " word a se at heart the so small. a se even also jump to on the bed, lie down beside a lei. then he is mengelus-elus hair a lei and that boy face is with his arms. " lei, you are also handsome! " praise a se then. a lei genuinely felt clumsy moment that. " apa-apaan this? really it why if i handsome? you kan also handsome, " shout a lei while permanent let jari-jemari a se crawls to one's face. at haphazard, suddenly a se put ashore the lip kiss for the things first time at lip a lei, he is even pulverize it wildly. a lei get such attack even adds addicted to, he is even also reply memagut lip a se sensual that while his arms menyibak-nyibak hair a se. a lei then overbear body a se while then face with the tongue game. a lei even also hunted desire moment that, he tries to balance a se with the wild embrace. they roll in above bed while berpagutan one another, menggelinjang and mengerang-erang amenity. a se wipe cheek a lei, menciumi that clean white the cheek, menggigit-gigit the ear wildly, mengecup the neck and almost fullfaced that boys is swept with terrible the kiss. a se genuinely ungovern again, he is wild equine. ia menyelusup his arms to return t-shirt a lei, fumble and meremas-remas second milk bipple a lei, before a se open it. a lei even also not lose wild, he is even also open singlet and trousers a se until remained depth trousers, then he is menciumi entire bodies a se that arouse with that the manliness aroma. a se put into his arms to trousers interrupts a lei, to return depth trousers, he is feeling if his arms moment that is holding manliness stick a lei that that full erection. a se even also add angered, he opens restsleting jeans trousers that worn a lei and memelorotkan, a se only menyisa tight underwear a lei. true clear before very eyes a se, penis a lei that ossify and memadati underwear that utility, as if snappish again to hurry melesak out from the bird cage. a se snap up part that jut that with the mouth, he enjoys the sensation for a few moment the long before his arms undo that white underwear. begitu underwear a lei undoed, penis along 17 cm that upright direct in front of bridge of nose a se, wiggle to like bamboo stick that breezed wind. a se reaches it with his arms, mengelus-elus and seize it by hand the right, temporary the left hand crosses to fumble thigh and groin a lei. a lei genuinely not again can to hold back comfort merasakannya, even less when does that the penis sink in mouth a se. a se menjilati with the tongue, menggigit-gigit the foreskin, pulverize the stick and suck it to progress to retreat. " achh, the taste. go on, a se! " pinta a lei spoiledly while second slit his arms seize counterpane end and the body twists to fluctuate. let a se enjoy penis a lei with the lip. dao ming se appear very shrewd perfoming it, likely he experienced. temporary a lei still new in that affair, previous he is never know such comfort. a se more brace the inhaling, he pulverize it wildly and wild. a se glad can be first person that can enjoy penis a lei that still perjaka that, perhaps darlings a lei even also there is no one even also ever enjoy it. a lei groan harder and after a while, a lei atomize the sperm several times at mouths a se, when a se seru-seru facing to pulverize and shake penis a lei according to by turns. face a se wet by sweat mixes sperm, make a se appear more section at eye a lei. a se menjilati sperm a lei around the mouth, and also leavings sperm that still menempel at penis end a lei even also not menyia-siakannya. a se very enjoy thick sperm perjaka that, he is even try to stimulate again penis a lei so that upright for the things second the time. but, for a few moment not success, penis a lei droop choked like the owner conditon. a se then merebah the body beside a lei while clean leavings sweat at the body with t-shirt utility a while ago. tiba-tiba a lei turn the body, he overbears body a se sturdy that. then a lei menciumi from head to foot a se, cross every hollow body a se that section while his arms memelorot black streaked underwear that is worn a se. a lei then shake penis a se length around 16 cm that, smaller a little compared the property. once in a while, a lei menyelusup and meremas-remas testicles and groin a se. his arms asa rather tickle when bergese with jembut a se that grow dense that, but that be sensation aloof for a lei. not how long after run the action, suddenly heard room's door a se mengetok. a se soon get up, reaches clothes sekena, and then run up at door. meanwhile a lei still round bareness, sprawling above bed while memain-main the penis self. a se peep a moment via little gap at that the room door before he open door. he knows, certain that not the mother because not may be the mother goes as soon as this from company, even less today there important meeting at that the office. " xi men and noodle chuo come! " violent a se by ear slow in a lei. a lei signal with his arms, so that second friend gank they that is direct is orderred to enter. a se even also direct open door, but xi men and noodle chou not direct enter, they are startled at the door watching a se that stand at the opposite of only with wear underwear. a se even also direct interesting them enter. " you apa-apaan, a se? " ask noodle chuo while gaze at that the friend body from head end to the foot end. " a lei, you also. what do you do? " timpal xi men have no idea of while look around up at a lei and a se by turns. noodle chuo approach a lei. he is angsang also see pure white body a lei now ahead time the eye without is bandaged seutas thread even also, during the time he doesn't dare to say it in that the friend. " we party, you want to unite? " word a lei. noodle chuo take seat beside a lei, a few moments he is memelototi body a lei from hair end to the foot end, especially the penis innocent that. tiba-tiba, without mengomando, noodle hand chuo begin to crawls at body a lei, mengusap-usap smoothly, memegang-megang penis a lei and mengelus. then noodle chuo humiliate the body, embrace a lei and pulverize that the friend lip. a lei even also reply it with that terrible the tongue game. " xi men, discharge your clothes! let me help! " word a se while open one per one coat button xi men, that boy is even also follows, he is appear likes fool. in front of the eye, noodle chuo and a lei is enjoying the game, and slow noodle clothes chuo even also from date one by one by wild hand a lei. tidak there choice for xi men except must come along stark naked like that the friends although he felt rather uncomfortable also be undressed by another person. after stark naked, a se embrace body xi men tautly, mutual huddle their body and also their penis same are achieving that the strains top. they are even also mutual face with desire. then a se squat in front of xi men and put into penis along 18 cm that into the mouth and suck it, " argh! " xi men mengerang-erang and twist to enjoy sensation that done by a se at stick kelelakian that. he is menggigit-gigit lip under it, hold back tickle taste and taste. mi chuo more terribleer with the game, he turns body a lei and overbear it, then menciumi a lei from hind. he menyibak hair a lei so that can mengecup and pulverize that boy neck, with style vampire-. then go down to back and to buttocks a lei that section. mi chuo meremas-remas buttocks a lei before he juxtaposes the face and menjilati hole anus a lei. when a lei straddle the foot, chance that worn by noodle chuo to menjilati and menciumi around groin a lei and the penis fruit, with penis a lei jam in at under it. sete satisfied with ciuman-ciuman, noodle chuo interesting body a lei until that boy nungging at in front of it. noodle chuo meremas-remas the penis self and then shake it. then he tries to put into it to hole anus a lei that open at in front of it that. he aims the guided missile 17 cm that so that correct at hole a lei. afterwards, he pushes the body forwards, along with noodle penis sinking chuo in hole anus a lei. " achh! " a lei when does noodle chuo put into that magnitude penis. noodle chuo even not care it. he is then menggerak-gerak the hip progresses to retreat, so that the penis out enter at hole anus a lei. a lei groan painfulness, but long too long he feels also the comfort. he can not want to shadow how can noodle penis chuo as big as that can menembus hole anus, but clear he is likes so much and ultra enjoy it. benteng rigidity defense xi men even also long too long collapse also, coldness attitude turns into cruelty. he stabs the manliness stick to buttocks a se and then pump it to progress to retreat with movement more faster and wild, until that the sperm is spilled ruah in hole anus a se. a se feel hole anus that asa wet and warm by liquid kelelakian xi men. body xie men bermandi sweat, but that not then make it broken spirit. he has stamina very tall with libido not lose tall also of course. xie men push body a se and throw it to on bed, then overbear it and menciumi entire bodies a se. game xi men interesting noodle attention chuo and a lei, both of them gaze at it for a few moment. then noodle chuo merangsek slow approach xi men, afterwards he overbears again body xi men and menciumi. xi men genuinely can not kontrol again, even less now jam in the body by a se be and noodle chuo at on it. a lei even also not want to lag also, f4 will not complete without self. he juxtaposes the head to thigh interrupts a se, and then suck penis a se, and once in a while interlarded with jilatan-jilatan. a lei actually thirst for to enjoy penis xi men biggest between they are berempat that, therefore so xi men sprawle the body, a lei even also direct overbear the body overshadows xi men. xi men even also put ashore kecupan-kecupan to back a lei exist in on it. then he repairs the penis position so that correct at hole anus a lei, after zero in on, a lei even also pump the body fluctuates along with out enter it penis xi men at the buttocks. " argh! so taste your buttocks, lei! " violent xie men while then shake a lei. f4 even also let pass 4 that latest clocks with tries their new game is that. clear, they are same satisfied and addicted to. so not reach situ, but they are oftentimes do it, especially at home a se when there is no mrs big. and that also, make them berempat more compacter and more stickyer. ***** kirim attention and biodata you to email- be if you want terribleer again. sorry, only containing email biodata i reply. thanks for your is attention.

i am glad by mind stare me. floodlight the eye incites love seething menggebu. at the time the face is seen very" mupeng" or " face wants" . the influence very terrible so that make me not authority turns away from the opinion and make me to want to make farther. without hesitant soon kupagut mind lip hunk merekah soon membalasnya with juluran tongue that sweep my mouth ceiling. kutangkap the tongue end and kuhisap with kukulum fully softness. tangan circle mind at my shoulder. snort and kecipak lip embrace voice mutual bersahutan. i trace neck and hind mind ear, make it menggelinjang and engah. mind hand even also not less mind bergerilya at sekujur my body, while try to remove clothes and trousers that still to cling at my body. there when does the finger caress stop in at hollow my body. bagai hungry wolf his arms slinks to try to remove belt kukena. final, tie itupun loose, after kurasa mind hand has chucked my genitals stick that swell. i stop that flattery. remove shirt and slacks that still to cling menubuh. not several long i naked or naked or stark naked. kulihat mind startled watching my genitals stick that menegang. head penis, with ruddle keunguan shine, menyembul out perfect from my genitals foreskin skin is not circumcised. a felt when does mind menggesek-gese my genitals end to the nose hole. the moustache nudges neck penis. his arms try to interesting my foreskin skin so that close head penis. but can not again. because i in erection top. mind laughs. i only smile to watching the attitude that like moppet gets new toy. mind finger mengurai pubic and then immerse the face mengerimbunan pubic that. asa by me, mind hand feels and knead sturdy my buttocks hunk. a turn body. with half stoop kusodor my buttocks hunk to the direction. kurasa mind moustache feather menggesek-gesekan to my buttocks skin. the finger asa try to open asshole i am that still latent. i move a little straddle so that easy mind achieves his something that looks for. not long i feeled the warm the tongue end has played around rectum. i moo taste. so also when does the moustache menggesek-gesekan at asshole. i wheeze and more restlesser. i turn body again again. kupagut return mind lip. kucari-cari the tongue a while ago wild tickle rectum. kuhisap powerfully that tongue is up to makes gout mind. kulirik downwards, seen head penis mind menyembul from within g string that stills utility. with once my jerk is success takes genitals stick and scrotum mind. celana decrease downwards. but still not yet loose. final with a few mind movement success release trousers. so that now free move. mind now naked also. same like myself also naked. bothing;there is no a lef of benangpun that cling. kupandang cling mind eye. there coition willing phosphorescent that spout. he smile to my direction. there dekik that because that the smile. make more sweeter and winsome. kudorong the body up at wall and kuangkat half his arms to on. seen the armpit feather dense black line sibak from the arm base. slow kusorong my nose mengendus the sensual aroma. i felt to like by what has mind, soft and natural. doesn't make me dizzy because hard the body smell that mixed with mass perfumery. kusapu under that the arm is with wet my tongue end. make it menggelinjang risibility. kutelusuri the neck stage the bitter end at keranuman the lip hunk. we are mutual pagut again, evoke voice decak and kecipak. budi ask me menungging again. and soon kurasa return the tongue bergerilya at my deliverance estuary. i bite my lip self, hold back comfort sensation kurasa flow through sekujur tubu. then also kurasa mind hand finger has fondled my genitals stick really swell. kulihat he wants to do blow job but like hesitant. " kucuci clean kok, guaranteed caw there smegma-" . said me while laugh. a understand it, because in genitals stick is not circumcised, usually, otherwise often cleaned, always menyisa white pile – smegma – smells not delicious. wash foreskin end insufficient. because urine sedimet can thicken to consist with dirt other, causing aroma not delicious. far from impression stimulates. possible even will make somebody will be to felt sick. karena that, i always wash not only my foreskin skin, but also head penis. by interesting rearward foreskin skin end. until the head sembul out. furthermore wash head and lingkar neck penis usually made place smegma gather. really rather busy. but i don't have choice by to watch over my genitals sanitation self. belum finished i laugh, mind has pulverized to finished penis. my laughter soon change with groan and desahan taste. i see mind haves to devour my genitals. once in a while mempadanginya again my genitals. he likes amazement watchings genitals is not circumcised. sambil devour my my genitals stick feels mind finger crawlss at my buttocks hunk interrupts. i am soon spann foot so that easy mind reacheds for that looked for. i begin to felt mind fingertip tickles lingkar rectum. of course, give different stimulating passion. a also see the finger end insert mind to the mouth. he wets finger and then put into that finger to my anus hole. i am menggelinjang when does the finger swing samba in my body. mind enyum sweet in me. kupegang mind shoulder and kukecup the lip end. mind opens the mouth while crane the tongue soon kusambut with juluran my tongue. our tongue is mutual berbelit. our hand is mutual kneads. pagutan clear away to go down downwards. to navel limit and then play up to then stop in at the genitals base that menegang that. kuamati mind genitals stick that measure 15/4 upright menyeruak from kelebatan pubic legam. reasonable. there points precum at end penis. kujilat. asa salty and piquant. segera kubenam my face at the groin while mengulum finished mind genitals stick. from only heard groan and desahan breath that hunt. kurasa mind hand finger fondles head and my shoulder. my passion increase gives blow job for mind. until final, mind depresses my head in so that i am sempat choke by the genitals head hunk that flutter to vomit up life water. piquant, fragrant pandanus leaf, with a little there sweet taste mixture and salty, fulfil my mouth hole. mind smile. seen sweat seeds at the brow. i take tissue and kuusap smoothly. " thank, pras" , word budi kemaluan still tense like a while ago. penis menyeruak from foreskin skin. red shine with hole ureter that like to agape. mind kneels. the finger mengelus genitals stick and my penis fruit hunk. mind tongue end mengelitik hole exist in end penis. i twist to hold back taste risibility taste sensation. kehangatan kudamba arrive moment mind begins menimbultenggelam kan my genitals stick into the mouth hole. the tongue asa wild undress my genitals. likely i don't have time again to breathe and speak. i only can to moo, wheeze, and menggelinjang. try to muffle sound kecipak blowjob from mind lip. but not can. even that choir likes to sing lovesong. sementara kurasa mind finger berkejaran like to incite sensation pointss in my body. i like bakeout in fire heat fluctuation loves. kodorong mind up at in front of so that quit of my genitals stick the embrace. kuajak mind makes. because at that bathroom me doesn't felt pleasant. permanently smooch us walk up at bed. like pair adam and adam (not eva) we berasyik enter memadu love. di on iron bed, we wrestle to do body contact, mutual press and menggese genitals stick menegang. there dither sensation and sound bustles when pubic we are mutual chat to braid love of a kind. kurasa mind genitals menegang has returned. obvious true also, my hypothesis, when has passion blaze, penuntasan must not with gender different. with fellow jenispun obvious okay also. mengayuh lust boat aims stopping place. kugapai tube ky vaginal lubricant from on toilet table. i press to take outside its contents. and soon kuoles merata to head and mind genitals stick. rest to surface rectum. i bow and let my buttocks hunk looks to on (doggy style). in this way penetration penis can easier and in. and true, without mind difficulty success has crossed my body alcove innermost. ky simplify to shake ngebor mind. while mencabutbenam the genitals at my body, kudengar mind meracau. a also not lose sensation swings to like the request. even less when kurasa mind tongue cross my back. the sensation is more incredible. until then suddenly mind seizes tight my shoulder. and kurasa in my body there a certain spurted quick like sprinkle from interval brandwir (fire extinguisher). limp mind with sweat bersimbah menyekujur the body. budi lie down supine. smile. i approach and bite soft the bipple. mind menggelinjang. his arms try mengapai my genitals. soon kusodor to the mouth and he is soon pulverize it. but with this position me felts tired. i change position with lie down. mind gets up and then stoop mengelamoti my genitals. not how long i felt must come up with a stopping place points. bagai ship shakies my body menggeletar vomit up sperm liquid at mind mouth. he is menjilatiya up to explicitly. not remain. mind then embrace me. kudengar his whisper is at my ear. " thank, yes. if true, you really great" dengan still not berbusana we sleep mutual embrace each other. i remember film teletubbies. tinky winky and po embrace each other! " ting-tong" . terdengar doorbell voice. i am beringsut stand and reaches shirt gombrong at chair. while wear it me aim to hole peeps, see to who that. oh, obvious if. so that i am unnecessary in a hurry wear trousers. only with wear shirt gombrong that can cover my genitals menjuntai, i open if door. if smile to tempt me. " how, neat kan? " , he said while memicing half eye. " this evening we are three some-an yes" , the advanced then. " sip. . " , shout mind from return cover. " so this you are purpose with fbi" , my word to if. " iya. why? you repentant? " dengan pretend berwajah sour, angry and grumble me approach if. and according to suddenly i put ashore soft kiss at the lip. " base you! " , if yell and then we are all burst out. ***** a drag roomy breath. final finished also this story. and i must soon contact my new friend, darma. the friend, a capital young stage manager, open casting for the new story characterization. people say, he almost has desperated to look for player that ready to do scene loves of a kind. who knows, i can chosen, when follow casting-.

final asa by me, day genitals stick begins to stretch and turn into ever greater and long. from at first depending weak menjuntai be upright steady bersalur tendon. at the (time) of same my ear hardly seen or heard catches mooing sound and desahan out from day lip. melatarbelakangi day voice swishing, friends coo and cicada sound afar, i am more bouncyer memajumundur my face up at his groin, while my hand by turns meremas-remas feather pubic and mengelus scrotum-. sometimes my finger end slides down to side asshole-. chat with sheet pubic that grow to straggle menyekitarnya. mulut begin crowded by stick penis asa ever greater, long and developing. once in a while i felt to like to choke when head end penis nudge door tenggorakan. final i like to get when kurasa day body oscillate. he begins memutargoyang the hip towards me, while his arms mengelus and meremas-remas my head hair. make coitus choreography seirama with swishing orchestration sound and secretory comfort mooing from day lip. puncak keterkejutan when do i feel day body suddenly mengejang with half the foot hug tight my shoulder. the genitals stick asa struggle and menggelepar-gelepar at ronga my mouth. up to then kurasa there sesesuatu quick emitted breaks to come into gullet. asa piquant, a little salty and beraroma fragrant pandanus leaf. ongoing i suck up to explicitly not remain. sete that, gradually kurasa day foot embrace begins melemah. such also with stick and head penis that begin to flexing at my mouth hole. slow i release penis that. although the size mengecil but still menampa beauty and keseksian. i am mendongak to the direction. obvious day eye stills to closed. perlahan i move half the foot at first overbear my body. carefully, i tie up to return the trousers node string. afterwards i straighten to return my body, a while ago rather kutekuk, half confined. turn around again day. he stills to snore and closed. kulihat there smile scratch stops in at the lip. kulihat also teman-taman other. all the same. they were all stills lelap. outside voice tent jangkerik still also heard bersahutan by ear snore friends. i am memejam eye. sleep. ***** dibantu by if, i tighten seatbelt. i am very clumsy. because here's saatmula i take a trip to enplane. initially, if only ask me to see off it to airport. he gets the office task to balinese. i also know if if well-traveled official to region. doesn't as usual go self, this, i don't know there what suddenly he ask me to see off it wind. a doesn't question farther. i am not indisposed for do something deliver it. toch, i also there is no bustle. after bathe and dress. we are soon go to airport. alight from bus damri that bring us to airport if ask me to wait for at chair waits. temporary he aims to chek in counter. honest, pertamakali also i come into airport. so that i am bot to know beans about if approach a aviation there procedure that called chek in before final boarding and then take off. " well, a moment kan nunggu? " , word if while hold up card boarding- to my direction. " we chat in yes? i am bete sit alone" advanced if then. " up to. make me to wait at d outside or in all the same kok" . a bot at all estimate if this be beginning from my experience enplanes. i only mengekor if that walk to precede me. at entrance kulihat he speaks to operator security while demo paper sheet boarding mempegangnya. if put handbag- above conveyor belt that aim to box x ray. then walk to aim door metal detector. i follow what done if, walk to pass door same. " if, later i am out it how? kok i must come along to enter? " , i ask to if. a worried. the paragraph, atmosphere airport really foreign make me. " why again afraid. udah deh, easy kok. you not illiterate kan? read those articles. go home via our door enterred a while ago" answer if while indicate article in information board. kemudian he chuckeds my arm. tranquilize myself. sampai here i still doesn't put suspicion towards if that, obvious, i at shall invite to take a trip to enplane. because he is never narated this plan is previous. i only estimate after if climb aeroplane so i am out room waits and go home. finished. the same as like when deliver pakde and bude go by train or city bus. i aware new that this bo joke or joke when if suddenly ask me to follow it to boarding while demo card boarding on my name, follow announcement that given by ground staff airline. a startled. how not. i don't have preparation to go far. even less come along with it to balinese. fly again. i am utterly doesn't bring provision whatevers except clothes that cling menubuhku and a little money with identity card at purse. even take leave to my parents even also not. balinese and fly foreign something that for me. " crazy you if, i am kan doesn't bring provision whatevers. clothes changes, money, with not yet take leave to my family" , my word while grumble. " forgive me please. later after until denpasar you telpon mother. say, you not direct go home but play to friend place. this evening telpon again, say if torrential rains. so can not go home. asked to spend the night, and tommorow will go, ok? gitu aja kok busy" , answer if. " hit clothes changes and others, i prepare it to you" , the advanced then. perasaan panic, worried, and glad mixed to grow into one. not yet until i take outside statement kesetujuan, if continuously interesting my arm walks up at road garbarata that connect space waits with aeroplane stomach. without has choice other, final i walk to tag it to aim to aeroplane boeing 737-400. di in front of aeroplane entrance cabin crew stand to greet occupant. make a greeting and small chat with passegers. i am menebar opinion up at chair front in a row neat. at boarding pass i a while ago in a flash saw if the chair number 13 a and 13 b. good not unlucky number. ***** " . . cabin crew. . , take off position. . " , voice from captain that pilot disenchant me that a few moments again aeroplane soon will fly into the air. tremble and aeroplane engine howl roar menembus my ear drum. i seize tight thigh if while my eye tail leers out window. until then asa aeroplane has released the stepping at land and now mengudara. terbang pertamakali give memories that mixed. i am really afraid when aeroplane experience turbulance. i tried to recollect aviation welfare instruction a while ago demonstrated cabin crew approach free base, but all my memories gones. a only pray and pray while half my hand seizes tight thigh if. if happen a certain the cause. worriedly kulirik if. he is even smile. i curse and curse at heart. " watch out yes, ngerjain i. wait my revenge" meskipun if try to flatter me to see city denpasar from height approach my landing doesn't take notice it. i still afraid. " occupant homat, welcome at airport ngurah rai, balinese. in this time time demoes correct blow 08.15. . " , stewardess voice convince me that aviation really end. a drag long breath. roomy. kutoleh if. he stills to smile. by might and main kutonjok the arm. " auw. . " , if bawl while grimace. membuat occupant other look around up at we. aware with event embarrassing a while ago we both smile with likely say to them all there is nothing happened. ***** " well, this is mind ever kucerita in you" , word if introduce that somebody to our place hotel room stays at balinese. " temporary i go, mind accompany you, ok? " " hey, how do you do? " , mind smile while hold a position my hand. a almost forget to reply to admonish to address it. i am spellbound by the face handsomeness and the body form proposional. mind apparently enough understand with situation that menghadapinya. he is direct sits without wait for again my answer on tegursapa that. " if narated about this your presence plan" , mind opens discussion while beringsut to my direction. " how does the aviation a while ago? safes aja kan? " mind continues the discussion. " yes, but i rather worried a while ago. even less, as honest as it, this the time first aviation make me. my the luck doesn't has phobia towards height. if yes, may be i still to faint or possible more than that. fuck true if, ngajak go without says" , that sentence series is suddenly slides down quick from my mouth. likely i want to tell on if to mind. " sstt. . , don't cross with if, but angry in me. because i am that ask if so that keep a secret this matter to you. " pada moment that is me direct know, may be, here's plan fbi that said if the other day. confront me with somebody very wish for love adventures of a kind. from explanation if formerly, i know if mind wants to feel blow job/fellatio/nyepong/ngenyot my genitals stick feels also how likely at make no difference by me. during the time, he has only experience with if, and not with other. kenapa must with me and not with other? later i am new knows if if want sharing experience with mind. the luck, mind stills to belong in my ideal type, so that i am has reason to averse or complain towards if. i even grateful will get experience will play with mind. dari bathroom kudengar mind calls my name. i hurry to approach him. when is open door, seen only live to wear g strings brand homme tight cling at pinggangya. section once the appearance. seen also feather sheet pubic sembul from the thigh interrupts. doesn't lo again accommodated in a leaf of genitals casing little cloth. " bathe with, yuk? " , mind word while lethal hot water tap that fills bath tub. " ehm, may" , shout me while move to come into. new several my steps walks, out of a clear sky mind has turned direction overpower me. a lose balance because startled and, then bright, i am really startled, with that sudden attack. but reflexly, mind interestings my body so that i am engkuh in his arms.

final kuputus get that offer. after i am sure that this there will be no connection absolutely with will kick to dash against world class secret official, federal beurau investigation (fbi). although kutahu, activities that be done, actually, belong in classification confidencial or secret. dari explanation if, i so to know if, meant with fbi abbreviation of fun by intimacy. mean, get delight passes intimate connection. must not with other kind. with of a kind also okay. origin know its way. because, final purpose from intimate connection sex strains deliverance menggebu. who says to connected sex of a kind can not get satisfaction or orgasm? fbi can also be interpretted fluent connected intimate. commitment from fbi connection that bot because of forcing or expect payment. but of one free will. just because want to venture on and get passion delight semata. if afterwards, there are some matter that got, that not as payment form. but, more be affection sign and appreciation. bot more and not less. fun fun fun. everything is just for fun. that's all. never think about sin or religy. it will make us does has any choice but leave it musical note. apalagi, later, i only merely enjoy flattery and service loves, ujung-ujung, toch, only as sex desire canalization semata. if want like this, man and woman there is no again the difference. even less, when has desire merasuk life spirit and wriggle passion wishes for completion. can in the form of coition (body contact), mutual masturbation and or orogenital intercourse. ejaculation of semen final coitus rite. kapan the execution. i still doesn't know. because be informed then. but, i have leaved in if, so that kerahasian at guard. i don't want another person knows. if i am ever nerima offer" play" with man fellow. shy again (i also still has merely feel small to mengekspose" anomaly" sexual inclination. up to person wants to say to what about i. hypocrite also may). menanggapi request kuaju, if doesn't answer besides menganggu head while pat my shoulder. for me, that hint more than enough, as expression kesetujuan if hadapku. a self, not hypocrite, really has big sex need push. even less at this young my age. how, actually, i also tired do artificial stimulative with masturbation or masturbation, actually, only merely to canalize sex desire menggebu. sementara to do so with bitch. then bright, i don't have gall and money to pay. pocket money kudapat only last for transpot and merely snacks haves at canteen. besides that i shall experience later not too true foreigns make me. i ever experience it formerly. dan if dare menawari to fbi also not without reason. after he sempat at one particular when memergoki masturbation at room. moment that, actually, he wants to visit. he said he" bete" so that then he stops in to place kost-. " lho, why ngloco? pity kan, fritter peju- and do you also not reach with homage 'work like that? " , warning if sempat make white-faced my face. menahan shy. when without setahu, if enter and stay in my room by accident forget me key. " here to let kubantu merimu" , advanced if while approach myself. belum lost keterkejutan, if squat and his arms reaches my genitals stick that still menegang. tanpa mengomando again, the mouth soon peel head penis and the drown in comfort ocean. my body trembles to feel coition sensation friction that between my genitals end with lip and tongue if. difference once with sensation kurasa previous, the taste friction between my hand with genitals stick. mengimbangi embrace if in my genitals stick, my hand finger soon explore hollow body while meremas-remas second my milk bipple. temporary head if then draw away to step back to my groin, mencabut-benam stick penis to ronga warm the mouth. the tongue movement asa wild tickle head penis. give taste blend effect senut, rheumatic pain and risibility, taste. a memejam eye enjoys trip oars passion. until final, i am to ascent points. my body menggeletar. my hand finger mengepal and my foot asa stiff. i can not hold back it longer again. while moo long kupancar out desire top kelakian spilled ruah into mouth if. i remember, moment that, if sempat batuk-batuk. choke by my genitals stick that flutter to vomit up love lava. asli, i am bot at all expected when, if, obvious has inclination same with me. glad also flatter man fellow. while, the appearance everyday, bot at all impressive such. usually, like stereotype class man in general. male and very masculine. until final happen event above. perhaps, here's, kumaksud with hypocrisy. admitted or not, apparently really there hypocrisy follower likes this in our society. a also remember, experience pertamakali do orogenital intercourse/fellatio/nyepong/ngenyot or mengelomoti man genitals. moment that, i still at class 1 sma. when in pursuance of camp in order to initiation. the victim, day genitals stick, my class elder brother. finished bernyanyi-nyanyi in bonfire programme, we are soon come into tent. sleep mutual at close quarters. full tent contents. i get place to sleep at elbow exit. at side me there day. a never camp, or sleep far from parents. so that i so difficult sleep. moment other friends snore, i still not yet can memicing eye. my ear admit of to distinguish friends coo mutual bersahutan. malam more dissolve. cold even also come menelusup. permanent my eye can not be closed. i am restless looks to left and to right. seen all friends lelap. sleep. moment turn away to look at up at day, sleep sloping, not expressly mengeremangan light evening, my eye tail catches a certain menyembul from return trousers gombrang batik mengenakannya. diamati from contour and texture menimbulkannya, i true sure moment that is day is not wearing underwear. seen head shadow and big printed the genitals stick as picture emerges. at the (time) of same, i don't know why suddenly my breast be berdegup hard. there strange taste swishes and slink to handcuff self. federation from various willing taste to see, nudge, wipe, kiss, and mengulum. mixed to be one. karena doesn't hold back again hold back desire and temptation (the desire and temptation) final, kuberani self for slow wipe it. " oh. . my is god" , my voice serasa septum in gullet that begin asa dry. a felt as high voltage electricity current sting. there strange sensation kurasa when does my finger end nudge something that still latent that. kulirik day eyelid, which actually still permanent closed. also still heard regular. mean, he doesn't know with just kulaku. a more dare. after sip long breath, with slow movement kubuka the trousers str that is sticked out out. so that easy move, i am a little beringsut up at under. final, i am success open overall trousers binder node string gombrong. kembali i regulate my breath haul that begin asa narrow. once in a while i look around to left and right, ascertain safe conditon and undercontrol. seen by me all still permanent lelap. slow my finger slinks and crawls to return that trousers. indra peraba nudge something that old stuff make me. surging hair sheets pile and asa rather coarse. a angered to see something that clearer stills latent. then kusiba trousers side that not bound again that. amboi, seen scenery very beautiful in it. day genitals likely menyembul from rerimbunan curly genitals hair and dense that, menjulur downwards as trunk. i gulp saliva. depress my breath snort that begin asa hunt. my body begins asa hot on fire. dengan body trembles and degup heart bertalu-talu, slow i lay out body again in sloping position half confineds. head location kuusaha correct ahead time the thigh base. my body more menggeletar hold back various desire and willing. after will convince self that any will walk well, safe and kondusif, i am soon push my face up at the genitals. shirt. . my nose mengendus manliness aroma fragrant fragrant scattereds from that groin centre. kupejam eye while sip in special aroma that arouse. perlahan my finger begins to move menyibak and menyisiri helai-demi day genitals feather sheet that grow dense that. asa menanganku the surface likes jagged. membanding with jembut kumiliki, texture jembut day property denseer and coarse. but, for me, this matter is even more arouses passion. kugesek-gese my face at iushness jembut day. there risibility sensation kurasa. kunikmati again fragrant kelakian that scattered from that groin. more kuamati from short distance, day genitals stick more show bewitch form. menjulur long, steady, and big, with tendon scratches jut. contrast with head surface penis soft because circumcised with its for oval roundish. tanpa kusadari, as my tongue snake menjulur out, menjilati-jilat (licking) end penis day. after a few times, my mouth even also more dare to standagape wide. doesn't lose the nimble mengulum and peel to finished head and that genitals stick.

i am soon take outside army uniform complete with all the accesory kusimpan at cupboard and begin kupakai one by one. this uniform is actually product one of [the] my acquaitance that has boutique effort, while my uniform actually of course there is no again. that boutique owner guy gay also. i know it because we are ever cooperation moment i win employee uniform supplying offer one of [the] oil company at riau. i only consider it as friend usually because he not my type. he is guy type 'sissy that frank very like me and always try to decoy me. but i always easy-going and pretend stupid. this uniform is even also membuatkannya freely. o yes, this uniform is very very useful and oftentimes friend plus want to see my appearance with uniform. going to be enough useful also to burn opponent desire play me up to they add 'wild and i am that so to add 'satisfied of course: ). for you that like gay sex, although you not army best has also uniform reservist, good army uniform and or just security guard uniform. kujamin certain 'useful deh make you; ). a begin to release my singlet is replaced with stripe singlet that is merged with uniform outside. then i wear another accesory. kurapi myself again in front of my room big mirror. moment i am wearing shoe roy is enterring with only is wearing g-string while menenteng vegetable oil bottle usually kuguna to merely is frying snack. appearance roy enough make my passion on fire. " may please wear this oil not? " , word roy while extradite bottle at his arms. mata doesn't blink to stare me. " may. lie down at iron bed" , my word with voice tone kubuat as natural as may be. saat that is my breath begins narrow by nasfu blaze kutahan-tahan. roy facedown the body at my iron bed up to brawny solid the back look out on me. i unbottle oil to my hand and begin mengusapkan to back roy. my stroke longer more go down till to buttocks region roy. roy look to still calm. i twist mutar my hand palm at the buttocks hill a few moments then then go down to thigh and foot. " hind ok, now is inverting your body" , my word after my stroke to the foot eye. roy turn the body look out on me. the eye is appearing menerawang i don't know where. i begin membalur oil to my favorite region that is at breast part and stomach. i am expressly twiddle my hand palm around bipple roy like movement message. roy appear very enjoy it. the eye begins droopy stare me. my hand that reside in also can feel pounding the heart of more tighter. gibbosity is turned g-string also sprout. " oh. you so strong with that your uniform" , roy rather mutter moment say that words. " ah, lie tuh" , i turn on unconvinced face. " really. i since long mengimpi uniformed friend strong has liked you" . i don't know expressly or not roy begin to open the heart contents. " if so you want to what? " , i try to challenge it. " oh. . i thirst for to embrace you. . " . roy that desire more dare to answer my challenge. " do" , my word while sit at iron bed edge. roy get up then genuinely embrace me the strongly. otot-otot big and berkilat by that vegetable oil is asa once surrounds sekujur my body. likely difference once, pleasant gitu, impressing i sink into body big that. hawa my room more filled aroma sex. moment that without mengomonginpun we have known same know if we mutual wish for. the slogan nike very asa here, just do it so approximately: ). i begin menyungsep while mendusal-dusal my face to breast roy, then move to area of around armpit roy clean slate from plume. my tongue begins to dance with joy there that make roy menggelinjang risibility. " uh. . ah we are photo formerly yes. . as long as still neat. . " , my word rather engah while smoothly escape from embrace roy delicious that. roy only menganguk. i am soon prepare camera and after get angle fit i then adjust so that camera can automaticly menjepret self 5 times. i fast fast has moved aside roy that standby. roy soon hug my shoulder and blitz fervid camera does the task. " finished yes? let advanced. . " , word roy while interesting me to iron bed again. rupa he impatient again up to hasn't seen again camera stapler result just now. " here" , word roy while seat me at the lap. saat that g string appear can not hold back cuatan the penis that big enough. i sit at lap roy while circle my hand at neck roy. roy immerse the face to my breast while interesting breath mengendus uniform that still kukena while his arms mengelus-elus my sensitive region more throbs tense. i am membarengi with kiss at head roy, then i shall begin quiet expressly will wait what be done roy furthermore. roy membopong and smoothly lay out me to iron bed, then his full comprehension full slow begins to open my uniform one by one begun from shoe, next uniform outside me. he always mencium-cium existing uniform menangannya every finished release it from my body. he appears so enjoy it up to last uniform little things: ) up to then i only wear cd. roy then climb iron bed overbear me be that big the body. his arms embrace me tautly while dance with joy at my back. i balance it with menciumi that soft the face while mobile my hand explores hollow muscle at the body. for a few long we roll mutual involve plus feel plus kiss up to conditon more memanas. then moment position roy in under i begin to escape from that strong the embrace and begin menciumi that big the breast. a more glader with perfoming the bipple with kiss and my tongue lick that expert then kusedot the bipple hem up to leave former red (love-bite). also kucupangi several times up to leave former red very contrast with that white the skins. roy very enjoy it and he is menegang-negang the breast muscle up to that big the muscle moves -gerak in front of my eye that make me to so passionate. saking the passionate then kugigit-gigit little the breast that still to move that bot left behind also the bipple. roy more wheeze to enjoy my bite. kiss, straw plus my bite to stomach region roy muscle line that that jut and then clear away to go down till to region nikmatnya. kulihat g string roy wet at elbow the penis head part. soon kutanggal g string up to penis roy upright free berdenyut-denyut challenges my desire more blazeer. penis roy although lose fat with mine but the size obvious longer with ruddle young menggemas. a moment kukagumi penis form roy the head wet slippery by liquid precum that stills then out. apparently roy has liquid precum quite a lot also. i am cash mendusal my face to groin roy bald without feather up to clear liquid precum there menempel at my face. " oh. . delicious. . bob. . ahh. . " , desahan roy more tighter moment i begin to lick then mengulum penis pocket alongs with the seed in my mouth while my hand mengocok-ngocok the stick. sete finished taste the pocket, penis head turn roy kupermain with my mouth. in the first place kujilat-jilat the penis head within reason one who is eating loli and hap. . final penis head roy come into my mouth. kumaju my head up to penis roy long enter deeper into my mouth up to achieve my gullet almost achieve the base. then while suck strong i back into my head up to remained the head part in my mouth while my tongue end perfomings hole at penis head roy then continually kumajumundur my head in the same way. " ahh. . ohh. . god. . delicious bob, akh. . " , roy wheeze swishing while his arms perfoming the bipple self. a then do it up to. . " enough, roy. . i am almost out. . now my turn. . " , word roy hoarse while get up from rebahan. rupa roy doesn't want out ahe that make me glad because this indicate if roy not egoist guy type only consider important comfort self. now turn roy that work on me. without courtesy again roy soon undo cd that still menempel. as does roy also clear of feather. kulihat there amazement light at eye roy moment see my penis. " beautiful. . " , fizz roy not visible. sama such as those which kulaku, roy begin to do similar action towards my penis. i am meram-melek feel mouth warmth roy. the straw more make me melayang-layang up to subconsciously i am mendesah-desah the incessantly while my hand seizes shoulder roy brawny hard. sete roy in action sekian long, i shall begin to feel a little sensation that indicate if i nembak not long again. i am menyetop action roy more wilder suck my penis, then we move to position 69. we begin mutual suck opponent penis while roll at vast my iron bed. taste sensation at my groin then and then menguat up to my embrace at waist roy also more mengencang. roy also berkeadaan same with me. my body mengejang and crott. . crott. . crott. . final not authority holds back longer again i am nembak ahe in mouth roy without sempat permission again because full my mouth by penis roy. kurasa mouth roy more suck my penis so greedy. crott. . croot. . , final roy nembak also several second after me. the sperm very thick and a lot of. i am as person thirst then gulp it and doesn't let it castaway setetespun also. final i lie down at half roy with satisfied smile while tranquilizes my breath that hunt. . roy also stare me with satisfied opinion and he reaches me to lie down at that vast wide the breast while embrace me. that my the time first new lies above opponent breast play me because usually i don't like bermanja-manja, besides their breast not for the width of has roy. likely enough pleasant also. sufficiently long also we are in a state of like that while my idea menerawang everywhere. a begin horny again up to my hand one begin mengelus breast roy while another hand memilin-milin the bipple. apparently bipple roy very sensitive up to he also catches fire. pounding at the breast more tighter and appear if also begin upright berdenyut-denyut. mine self moment that full tense ready any time to soon has been used. i am soon sit above stomach roy temporary roy still to lie down. i juxtapose my face to face roy and kukecup the lip with desire while my hand then perfoming the bipple. still to sit above stomach roy, i begin to shifted rather downwards. sambil lift my my buttocks begins to aim penis roy step into anus. roy only look at me fatefully. and kurasa penis roy slowly begin to sink into my buttocks hole up to to the base. my stomach rather pain in the stomach because may be penis size roy long that achieve my big intestines. moment that is my position squat/sits at groin roy. after kurasa enough i begin to raise my buttocks while menegang anus muscle. i am then ascending degrade my buttocks by same up to penis roy out enter from my hole the fluently. " ohh. . ah. . aah. . " , roy mendesah-desah enjoy my action. a self more ascending incessant degrades my buttocks along with taste sensation kurasa moment penis roy bergese with wall anus. " akh. . go on bob. . please. . " , roy rather whimper moment i stop my action and take outside penis roy from my hole. a didn't want roy out ahe because i also want to enjoy hole anus moment oral a while ago in a flash kulihat still virgin. if let out ahe so roy certain shake if i want to enjoy the buttocks hole. " later certain kulanjut pity. . but now you nungging yes roy. . " , my instruction. roy likely understand to want me and while menungging he says again, " slow yes bob. . , my the exercise is never menggituin. . " . mendengar that is my heart very glad because correct like my guess if buttocks roy obvious still virgin of course tasteer mengentot; ). pertama-tama kumasuk finger middle me to anus roy. the beginning roy grimace painfulness while menegang the anus muscle. " if i enter don't tend your anus muscle yes pity. . let not too ill. . " , i give instruction in roy. tampak roy enough obedient and doesn't tighten the anus muscle again moment i begin to move finger middle me out enter from anus roy. roy rather grimace but begin can enjoy my finger game at the hole. see roy rather calm i segela my penis spit at so that slippery and begin to aim it to hole roy. my penis head slowly begin to step into hole roy narrow. roy begin to grimace and menegang the anus muscle again moment feel my penis head enters the hole. i am soon stop my action and from hind my hand begins to perfoming breast and bipple roy expecting him to calmer. " akh. . ill. . " , roy begin to groan moment i begin to return my action a while ago. " calm pity. . later certain taste deh. . " , my word while menyetop again my action puts my penis. dengan soft i am then start whoa up to consume time more less half hour new my penis enters up to to the base. during that is me permanent perfoming sensitive bipple roy expecting him to 'high. i let a moment sunk my penis at hole roy expecting him to more accustomed again. " begin bob. . " , say roy. rupa he is enough angered also. hear that without doubtful i am soon interesting my penis then pump it to enter again. initially roy mengaduh-aduh painfulness while mengencang-ngencang the anus muscle that make my penis serasa mempijat-pijat strong and surrounded by warm ring. really that's likely hole that still virgin, narrow and taste. . ; ). tidak long then roy begin to enjoy entotan and groan voice nikmatpun begin out from mouth roy. " auh. . delicious. . oh. . god. . delicious. . sshh. . truss. . ahh. . " , groan roy while his arms powerfully seize my iron bed bed-clothes that tousled. plak. . sir. . pakk. . pek. . my groin sound that hurtle against buttocks roy mengombinasikan with groan roy be simphoni very melodious at my ear up to my swinging more faster, strong and bouncy. my breath then hunt and sweat has flooded my body, up to a few moments then. . " oohh. . i want out roy. . " , almost bawl me more jerk to lance buttocks roy the incessantly. untung my room mempasangi silencer enough up to unnecessary has worried there that hear it. " truss. . bob. . truss. . ahh. . " . roy still to devolve the taste groan. " ooohh. . crott. . crott. . croott" , i howl satisfaction is espoused with my sperm shooting in anus roy. a out a lot of. . oooh. . i am feel so high. . ; ). kukecup back roy then my turn menungging. roy soon put into the penis that too 'excited into anus again and soon begin to pump swiftly once. my turn that groan comfort feels penis intensity roy. " auh. . uss. . uss roy. . " , groan me. lama also roy mengentoti my buttocks and during that is me feel several times little shootings menghangat in anus. i ever read if there one who get the whip hand of up to the climax not yet be achieved although sempat fired several times. may be roy dominate that technique think me. i am more amazed same roy. " hosh. . hoshh. . ahh. . " , breath voice roy more memberat espoused desahan the taste more clearer heard at my ear and final. . " aaakh. . crott. . crett. . crrott. . " , roy bawl to moo satisfied long and this sperm menembaknya very a lot of and asa flow warm in anus creat taste sensation kusuka. rupa he has achieved the satisfaction top points. we are same flinged down at iron bed with penis roy still to lodge in my buttocks. our position moment that me is lying down menyamping is overshadowing roy roy intimately embrace me from hind. " thank bob. . i so satisfied. . " , whisper roy at my ear. " i also roy, your game so great. . " , answer me by ear mutter. sesat then we are same asleep well-sleep with satisfaction smile decorate face each. ***** keeso morning it then we have chance to see camera stapler result that open opportunity the happening of gay sex last night. we are same laugh to see our expression in those photo is very funny because clear appears our face full desire sex with gibbosity at our groin is each. final roy will take 2 photoes to it while the rest kusimpan well in cupboard later kusatu with other my photo 'collection'. roy take leave to go home and afterwards we are sempat several times meet and repeating gay sex at my house. but pity because holiday roy finished and he must return to jakarta. i give it several cut collection cd that accepted conveniently by roy. roy also leave address and the telephone number at jakarta and we are mutual promise to do so if there chance another. i bot at all deliver moment roy go to airport because he has been accompanied by the family up to may be even can be suspected if i do it. i only send sms good bye to it. and. . hari-hari even also return as usual, of course while wait adventures more absorbed in fan gay sex another: ).

okay, in will chance this me will narated my experience in present my figure. previous stories are insident moment i am sma or moment i still army. while i am present has wrestled at entrepreneur area with berbisnis small-scale and has house and vehicle self although not too luxurious. i now begin can get gay- i so that not prohibition ngesex again with guy fellow kusenangi of course during the guy wanted, bot many demand and commitment unattached or kusebut term temanan plus: ). gimana the story? like this. . ***** kejadian this happen approximately one year ago, precisely in place fitness kukunjungi routinely to take care my body condition. o yes, as information makes you that want gay sex, if you want to look for pair so place fitness or gym be place with tall chance. why such? the exercise gym be place gather it ones (guy of course) that like/wish for proportional section body so that the possibility between they are gay monstrous and can be invited to connected if with approach correct. so. . rajin-rajin fitness because besides make you also can pair date; ). i dare to say this because majority 'friend plus i am got there. ok, return to this story. moment that at gym i have exchanged my clothes with singlet without arm and trousers boxer. moment in pursuance of my heating is see there a guy big the body that passionate is lifting barbel. he is breast bareness and only wear shorts. arm muscles and the breast menggelembung big every he lifts barbel. if menaksir-taksir may membilang only difference a little with ade rai often kulihat at that television. clean white the skin with hair cepak. handsome the face with thick eyebrow. " whew, there newcomer here. . " , my mind moment that is because i am absolutely never see it at gym that. saat that is me only a little flutter and also only throb a moment then normal again my the exercise can restrain it. i can do it because he absolutely not type that make me 'wild and erection finisheds. type that can make me such guy with type body can not far difference with me that is that has basin muscle binaragawan but the big must like swimmer or kusebut as body combination type perenang-binaragawan. a begin easy-going again and take barbel existing then lie down at seat and begin to do 'bench press. after do it as much as 2 set i do sit-up and 'crunch. practice kusebut a while ago be my favorite because form muscle also be my favorite: ). sete that is my successive trains my thigh muscle then back muscle by using existing device, then push up and many again another movement. at one time bot intentionally i saw if guy kucerita a while ago pay attention me. moment that is is residing in on treadmill. he appears rather feel awkward and hurry shift the attention from me. may be afraid found out, he is then move rather far take dumbbell. from feeling that sharp: ) i felt if he is certain gay. " whew. . like it he is gay here. . " , i smile in heart then pretend doesn't know, easy-going and then continue my practice. tiba-tiba rushed by membenakku to make it as 'friend plus i. " like it passionate here. . try body as big as that" , my mind moment that. memang i am never do gay sex with guy berbody as big as that, because usually i always look for minimal type approached ideal terms kusebut a while ago. singkat story, begin me launch jurus 'menebar enchantment. jurus first i begin to undo my singlet while pretend mengelap sweat that wet my face merely exhibit my body muscles. moment that is from my my eye tail knows if he is secretly always steal a sight of. parable it naive song, he always steal to left. . steal to right. . : ) heh. . heeh. . heh. . sorry, just joking. hope u don't mind; ). jurus second i don't wear to return my singlet and begin practice lifts load again. from my eye tail kulihat if he begins restless and. . he is then move again to treadmill. may be so that freeer steal to look at to my direction. sial, apparently show me not only watchinged by big guy kutaksir a while ago. there guy other that look at me according to frank with wild eye desires. body rather thin because likely he is just be member at gym that. i am new several times see it there and also not first his the time see me vehemently. i so angry and stare at to show ketidaksenangan. apparently he is rather afraid also and hustle to go away from there. pembaca all, sorry yes, i am absolutely doesn't look at humble self or felt myself more perfect membanding guy krempeng a while ago. ketidaksenangan more caused by the eye opinion menjilat-jilat that make me impressing melecehkan. the story other if the krempeng a while ago see me by 'politeer. i am individual always principled to doesn't do something that smells 'desire sex in another person not want/not wish for it. if i do it to mean me do pelecehan sex and that's bad. . kembali to story, my action luck stares at angry is not known by big guy that is my target because his position and guy krempeng a while ago berseberangan. it is the time for i launch jurus my death while hope. . : ) moment that is me still to fall down at seat while do 'bench press. suddenly i pretend difficulty lifts barbell exist in on my breast. see that is big guy a while ago hurry approached and help me to lift barbell and put it at the buffer. " hit. . deh" , my mind moment that. " thanks yes. . your luck help me, the exercise a while ago suddenly felt choked gitu" , i say while menebar smile to him. " never mind. this practice really want sparing partner menyampingmu up to can help you at all time. why not look for one? " , that big guy word is polite. " whew, good idea also. my name bobby" , i say while stretch my hand. " i am roy" , he holds my hand with steady grip. dari near new appear if this guy obvious ok also. clean the face kelimis and enough likeable. big the body muscles menyembul menyana-sini and shine because wet by the sweat. my heart begins to pound again soon kukendali. dari my sale items furthermore with roy kuketahui if obvious roy originally live in jakarta. he is kin from owner gym this. by accident he holiday to pekanbaru. roy still enough young. the age moment that only 24 year and still student university. he is one of the body building athlete and ever follow several body building championships at jakarta and although not his first champion ever is favorite champion. roy appear 'excited moment detect if i am former army. roy very flexible big townsman special the person up to our sale items is asa more intimateer that is interlarded to joke laughter. kusuka from roy the laughter voice that follow me very section. moment that is my attitude stills usually, doesn't show if i begin desire with him. final i end our sale items and before go home me leave address and number hp- to him. " tonight may to your house here. . " , word roy fully smile. " may. tonight i also not everywhere kok. i also want to know more about body building championship whom you follow" , my word and secretly my heart so glad. " whew. . by accident here, i bring photos moment championship. later all kubawa" , word roy enthusiastically. " ok, that's a deal. see you later" . a then move out from gym to soon go home and 'prepare' evening that; ). ******* suara car heard enter my house yard. " ting barrel. . " . my house bell sounds a few moment later moment clock shows more less blow 8.30 evening. dari door hole appears apparently roy that. " please enter, difficult yes look for my house? " , i open door while invite it to come into. " difficult also sih, my the exercise is kan enough foreign with pekanbaru. my luck asks alongside road up to doesn't get lost" , roy say while enter. kissed fragrant the perfume masculine moment he rushes by at in front of me. wah, doesn't disturb here" , word roy again while the eye sweeps seisi my house. " ah. . not, my the exercise lives alone. calm down aja" , my word again. malam that is appearance roy follow me enough section with wear tight jeans that is merged with singlet playboy tight again ngetrend moment that. body crowded with clear printed those big muscle at the singlet. " well please if want to sit or what aja. consider aja like house self" . " here. . photos kujanji" , word roy fling down self to sofa while extradite a photo album. " drink and the light food in hind refrigerator there. take self. don't pussyfoot yes" , my word while get that photo album. " okay deh. . " . roy soon expire rear. saat roy is returning me passionate membolak-balik the photo album. more seen obvious body big like roy that obvious interesting also. " gimana. . what do you say to myself in comparison with entrant other existing? " , ask roy want to know. " ehm. . for me you appear most ok kok" , i say as honest as it because really that kurasa. " really? " , eye roy appear rather berbinar. " really. if the championship will be be held at pekanbaru i certain will present to be your supporter" , my word while stare it. " thanks yes. . " . roy look very very gl hear my pronunciation. " o yes. . enable me see your photos moment still army? " , ask roy full hope. " may. come on come along me to room" , answer me short while move to aim my room. " whew vast your room yes? broader from sittingroom" , comment roy while sit at my iron bed edge berkasur soft. " here" , my word while extradite a big photo album. roy soon membolak-balik. " whew, so strong. . " , roy can not hide the amazement see my photos moment army formerly. " like yes? " , i begin to give question that lure into a trap. " yes. . , oh. . eh. . my my purpose with your appearance so much" , roy rather feel awkward when answer my question. " really? gimana if now i am wearing army uniform, by accident i still has" , i am more fish it. " whew. . really here, sure i am very very gl. if may i want photo with, my the exercise is since long thirsts for photo with same army" , roy can not hide the joy. di my room corner really there camera polaroid pair above tripod. that camera is really usually kuguna to menjepret friend photo plus and moment that actually in a state of standby because kupersiap previous with a view to menjepret picture roy of course. " but i am not army again lho. . " , my word again. " not anything tuh, important can photo same uniformed" . roy look more 'excited aja. " whew, this is guy apparently obsession in uniformed army apparently" , my mind moment that. " you what also bring your uniform? " , ask me kalem. " your purpose? " . roy rather marveled with my question. " i also thirst for photo with binaragawan. gimana if we prepare our uniform each? later we are photo with" , i answer while open my clothes cupboard. " okay deh. uniform binaragawan kan only simple aja. g-string only also ok. but you have oil not? " , ask roy. " oil? to what end? " , ask me amazed. " lho. . he said we wear uniform each. oil one of [the] uniform binaragawan lho. to dabed to body up to clearer muscle appears" , clear roy detailed. " existing only vegetable oil. at kitchen there. what? " , he asks. " may also. i take soon" , word roy while move out aim to kitchen. " whew, shall violent here" , glad my mind moment that.

far at mount latmos, at caria, visible a peggembala is taking be trees. that shepherd not shepherd usually, because he is very handsome once. really handsome mans bertebaran in greek mythology story. but there's only 2 mans that admitted as handsome and section. they are endymion and adonis. reputasi endymion famous at whole greek, and get remarkable response from homo mans. every day, always there man that approach it to connected body of a kind. but, finally endymion be satisfied and he is even also decide to change profession is a shepherd, far from townee furore. at grassland, he gets placidity mencarinya. sebagai a shepherd, clothes endymion very simple once. opened the breast part absolutely, mempertonton hard the breast muscles. temporary, part under it only coverred a sheet of shee that sewed in such a manner, resemble property penis slip cover tarzan. shepherd clothes really must sepraktis that so that easy be released when the shepherd want bermasturbasi and or ngentot. pada moment that, zeuz is acrossing sky is looking for new prey. zeuz formerly always look for pretty woman to is raped and impregnated. but, since he tastes body ganymede and rape it (to read: aquarius and homo), zeuz will be addicted to man body. and moment that's the eye is finding the handsome endymion that is asleeping lelap. " golly! handsome once that shepherd. don't he is endymion, that famous shepherd. even far more handsome membanding ganymede- unlucky. " , think zeuz. zeus sad visible remembers tragic destiny ganymede. ganymede really not, but the body incarnates to be constellation aquarius. " but i must then step, " zeuz mind. moment he see downwards, a benjolan visible big piles up at the opposite of the penis slip cover. " hhohh. . aahh. . " taste the swishing when he is meremas-remas penis very membanggakannya that. " i don't hold back again. i must get endymion and menyodomi the buttocks. ahh. . certain tight and taste. " and the that god is even also goes to earth. si that handsome man is awaken when does he felt the penis menyedot-sedot. when does he open the eye, he is see a man half old handsome once passionate menjilati the penis. endymion of course not averse; he really is want great lick. " hhohh. . lick then, hhoohh. . suck this my penis. . hhoohh. . make me ngecret. . aahh. . oohh. . " groan endymion. endymion very worship breast and man bipple. so melihatnya zeuz breast area, complete with a pair bouncy bipple, he crazy direct with desire. soon meremas-remasnya breast the god while memain-main the bipple. zeuz not objection, he is even more angsang and brace the straw. bored sucked, endymion even also according to pro-aktif, poke the penis into zeuz mouth. ah. . both of them very enjoy oral that sex. and arrive moment most menunggu-tunggu. endymion ngecret. " hhooh. . aahh. . i. . out. . hhohh. . " selesai speak, sekujur the body mengejang and berkontraksi. the hip oscillates to like wild horse hip and spurt pejuh the handsome into zeuz mouth. ccrroot! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! along with outburst pejuh, endymion menjerit-jerit full comfort. " aarrgghh! ! uugghh! ! oohh! ! aarrgghh! ! " zeuz greedyly spend every drop from penis endymion. bayang. the highest god from mount olympus busy cleans penis a human usually! endymion geletak at the end of one's rope, sengal-sengal, enjoy leavings that orgasm. never a man even also suck konotl as great as that. when does he detect that zeus- which is just mengulum the penis, endymion sit, startled very hardly. " don't be afraid, endymion. you not make wrong anything. i only want to ask your buttocks. i give you comfort, and kukira fair if now you give me your buttocks. how? i mengentotin your buttocks until hole anus shall standagape wide, " zeuz bersabda, sit without a lef of clothes even also at elbow endymion. tampak the coquetish character begin to appear because zeuz not can hold back self to membelai-belai body endymion naked and brawny that. " ok, zeuz. i am at one's feet of your willing. wear your optional my body. ngentotin i and make me groan painfulness. i ready you wear as a means of pemuas your homo desire, " answer endymion. " but sehabis that, enable me ask a certain from you? " " everything you want, endymion? i, zeuz, grant it, " answer that god while menciumi cheek endymion. dari cheek, the lip creeps to look for lip endymion. so found, direct zeuz menciumi that shepherd is with desire in a blaze. endymion kiss to return and second circle his arms at around brawny zeuz waist. both of them then mutual roll at that prairie, memadu affection and release homo desire. not far from they, visible a pair property sheep endymion mutual ngentot, mengembek-ngembek the noisyly. zeuz more angsang see that scene! zeus embrace body endymion solid from hind. tense the penis and wet in arms. endymion self snappish to feel that brave zeuz penis. without order, suddenly zeuz stabs the penis. anus endymion really often worn man so that begin melonggar, but zeuz penis forces anus to widen until almost torn. endymion even also berteriak-teriak. " aarrggh! ! aarrggh! ! ssaakiit. . oohh! ! aamppunn! ! " otomatis, the body meronta-ronta, want to go away self from zeuz penis. but zeuz memegangi strong the body from hind. while roll, zeuz then mengentotin endymion with all energy. " aarrgghh. . ! ! " endymion scream again, so ill. zeus force upon the penis enters to the base, sink all! endymion return to scream and the body melemas. he returns to bawl moment feel hole anus asa bribed by big zeuz penis. capek roll, zeuz pulls the penis from hole endymion. plop! endymion estimate all end. although he is penis lover, zeuz penis too big for him[s. but, the face blanches moment zeuz returns to approach it with penis ngaceng that. with his arms big and kaut, zeuz carries endymion and memapah to a bar of tree dies geletak not far from their place ngentot. dengan be careful, he lays out naked body endymion there, and position it in such a manner. endymion, with a bar of tree underpins the back, lying with head menggelantung rear, second the foot entang wide, temporary the expenditure hole is exposed to mengerjain return. " mm. . i like hole anus, endymmion. . aahh. . so tight. . " lubang that is berkedut-kedut moment zeuz mengusap-ngusap. endymion grimace painfulness moment zeuz finger lunges to enter and mengorek-ngorek the expenditure hole. radius other begin to enter and fulfil hole anus endymion. suddenly, endymion feel that the hole is pulled to widen by that radius. " aarrgghh. . ! ! " scream it again. endymion not will hold ill taste that is evoked by zeuz hand. apparently zeuz want to open that hole so that that magnitude penis can enter. so that hole is opened, direct zeuz implants the penis in there. " aarrgghh! ! " endymion return to bawl. zeus angsang once see ill taste that is painted clear at face endymion. really, everyone, good also woman, always menjerit-jerit moment zeuz penis will fill hole ngentot they. although painfulness, but penis endymion even more ngaceng and berdenyut-denyut not karuan. zeuz stills to immerse the penis melubang anus endymion, until endymion stop to bawl. when endymion stop, zeuz begins to interesting the penis until the head then direct menghujamkan return to enter again until endymion return to scream. untuk balance movement ngentot zeuz, endymion interesting correct breath when that god interestings the penis, and throw away when does that penis menghujamkan return to the anus. consequence ill taste is trashed slow zeuz penis losts and replaced taste feeling when that penis nestings in self. zeuz penis push in body endymion make the that shepherd must hold back the body so that must not tumbling forwards. tangan zeuz that hold waist endymion, slowly released. the right hand begins to crawls to right bipple endymion and twist it until that handsome man mengerang-ngerang. afterwards, that hand begins to crawls to penis endymion which actually still menegang. without words again, zeuz kneads penis endymion without desist, and still then memaju back into the penis at hole the that handsome shepherd. " aarrgghh! ! hhoohh. . your penis poke. . hhoohh. . so taste. . aahh. . then. . hhohh. . again. . " endymion mengerang-ngerang with desire very big. kontol zeuz so will fill the body so that he will estimate that penis out from the mouth. zeuz really a artisan ngentot great! back endymion begin perih the skin friction consequence with coarse tree trunk skin. sweat mengucur make lustrous naked the body likes ceramics statue. " hhoohh. . aahh. . " tiba-tiba zeuz stops remasan in penis endymion, he returns memegangi that handsome man waist. breath the god begins memburu-buru and asa hot to body endymion. endymion often watching when does mans mengentotin wanted ngecret. with one pounding, zeuz puts entire the penis to anus holes endymion sedalam may be. then spurt pejuh into anus hole endymion the quickly. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! ccrrott! ! zeuz melenguh-lenguh keenak like temporary buffalo sekujur the body mengejang-ngejang because orgasm. " aarrgghh. . ! ! uugghh. . ! ! oohh. . ! ! aarrghh. . ! ! oohh. . ! ! " super-duper! endymion only mengerang-ngerang moment he feels zeuz penis mengejang-ngejang in the body. likely section once. endymion until mengusap-ngusap the breast self, will hope that stimulus will make it ejaculation of semen. when finished, zeuz is dropping the body to breast endymion that is breathing lickety split. second foot endymion a while ago merentangkan wide, released zeuz. tanpa realized, pejuh zeuz begins meleleh out and flow to descend thigh endymion. a few moments then zeuz has interestinged the penis that choked out and cause pejuh flow more amount of at thigh endymion. then zeuz teduduk above grass secondly slit wide opened foot and lean the body to tree trunk that tumbling that, his place mengentot endymion a while ago. endymion not hold back again, he must ngecret also. at the (time) of he gets up, zeuz is perfominging that red the penis head. the that handsome man is even also pratfall at soil with body that sweats and pejuh that still to flow out from hole anus. with opinion requests, endymion ask zeuz permission to ngecret. when does zeuz nod head, endymion direct shake the penis swiftly without shift the eye from zeuz penis. tidak several long then endymion bawl. " aarrgghh. . ! ! " and spray pejuh self to face and solid the body. ccrroott! ! ccrroott! ! crcrroott! ! ccrroott! ketika not again pejuh secretory, slow endymion drop the body to on zeuz lap while permanent monkey the penis. so the head lands, the lip is greeted by zeuz penis that still smeared pejuh. without disgust (to remember, zeuz penis ever nesting at buttocks hole endymion! ), endymion menjilat-jilati that penis stick. not yet sempat endymion memejam eye, zeuz suddenly begin to kiss the mouth. and they are even also locked in a intimate kiss. " you are handsome once, endymion. i hope me can bring you to mount olympus so that you always reside in near me and can kungentotin any time. but if hera see you, you certain will kill the way he did will kill ganymede- unlucky, " zeuz word while membelai-belai short hair endymion wet with sweat. " but, zeuz, one day my handsomeness will paled. i am but a human usually. at my old day later, my solid body will disappear and replaced decrepit body. young my face and handsome will be replaced wrinkled full old face. i am not wish for that thing happen in myself, zeuz, " endymion spilled entire the heart precipitations in zeuz. " then what that can kulaku to you, endymion? " ask zeuz. " please lull me. make me asleep eternal permanently. if i asleep, my handsomeness will awake and ketuaan not can dominate me, " answer it steady. " ok if that is your wish. i have promised to grant your request. you will asleep permanently. . begin here and now. " zeus fondle face endymion handsome and the that shepherd is even also direct asleeps. zeuz returns menciumi and menjilati former sperm that syringed in that handsome boy body. so that bothing;there is no a even also that can disturb body endymion, zeuz expressly bring that boy body into a remote cave. tiap zeuz time wants coitus of a kind alias homo body connection, he will visit that cave and mengentotin buttocks endymion hardly until pejuh spurt in anus endymion. endymion self can feel the taste mengentotin zeuz in sleep it because the mouth uninterruptedly groan keenak moment zeuz penis, , , for reader that want komen or suggestion affection, , , , , , , , , , send email aja to wawans65@gmail. com or call to 088210976831 Read More...